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Can I see more than one person's geotagged photos at a time?
Not yet, but we plan on adding this functionality.

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"Geotagging" is the term we have adopted for assigning location data to your photos. Once a photo is geotagged, anyone who looks at your Maps page will see a marker where your photo was taken (exceptions to this statement).

The easiest way to geotag your photos is to upload your photos with the GPS information in the EXIF data. This can be done by taking your pictures with a camera that has GPS capabilities or by taking a GPS receiver along with you, synchronizing the time-stamps of your photos with your GPS log, then inserting the GPS information into the photo's EXIF data (more information on this technique). If... (more)

Click the 'Geotag your photos' button, navigate to the gallery you want to batch tag and there will be a 'batch tag' link right below the gallery title. Clicking this will bring up a marker and a balloon that can be moved around the same way a single photo is edited. Once you have positioned your photo and set the altitude/precision, click the 'batch tag' tab. Here you will see a checkbox for overwrite, which indicates if you want all the photos in the gallery to be replaced with the batch tag data... (more)

In the text field to the left of this button type the name of some PBase artist you know and click this button to see all of the photos that artist has geotagged.

Yes, this is the whole point of PBase Maps. Your Maps page can be viewed by anyone at where user is your login. If your login is 'slug' your Maps page would be Furthermore, there is a map link at the top right of any gallery that has any geotagged images. There is also a 'view map' link on any image page when that image has been geotagged.

If you are a paying user, any photos that are in a locked gallery that you geotag will not show up for anyone except yourself. If you are a trial account user, any photos that you geotag will show up for everyone. If your map behavior doesn't match this, send an email to describing the problem.

Not yet, but we plan on adding this functionality.

Unfortunately, if this feature were added PBase Maps would be too slow. If we can figure out how to implement this without losing performance we won't hesitate to do so.

If you know the image ID of the photo who's geotag you want to delete, you can go to or from click 'Geotag your photos', navigate to the appropriate gallery then click the photo who's geotag you want to delete. You will see at the bottom of the balloon that pops up 'save' and 'delete' links. Just click 'delete' and that photo will no longer be geotagged.

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