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Custom Framing FAQ
We're working on a new upload system that will allow you to have a print-only version of a photo, which will not be viewable by others, but will be used for printing. For now, you can upload high-resolution images to a password protected gallery to prevent others from accessing them.

No. With our custom framed print service, we are able to print any size image in increments of 1/8 inches.

Our printers use 44 inch wide rolls of paper, so your prints can be up to 40 inches wide and as long as necessary. Larger prints require higher resolutions.

We ensure that all of our prints at least have 100 pixels per inch.
Print Dimensions
Minimum Image Dimensions
8 x 10 800 x 1000
10 x 12 1000 x 1200
16 x 20 1600 x 2000
40 x 60 4000 x 6000

Not yet. Currently you are the only one who can purchase prints of your images.
We are working towards Phase II of the printing service, which will allow you to choose to make prints of your images available to others. This will be opt-in, and you will be able to control who has printing access on the gallery level.

The service is completely optional. Before anyone else can purchase your images, you will have to make those images available for purchase by others.

Yes! If you choose, you will be able to add your own markup to your products.

You can currently print your images with or without a frame. Framed images also include matting.

Email a detailed description of any options that you feel are missing to We will do our best to meet your needs.

Our custom giclee prints are printed on Epson models 9600 and 9800

Giclee (pronounced “gee-clay”), is a sophisticated inkjet printing process that was introduced in the late 1980s. These prints are created from high-resolution digital images, using the finest quality ink and paper stock available, resulting in color saturation and image detail capture that exceeds other types of image reproduction Our printer,, creates these giclee prints on a Epson 9600 or 9800 ink jet printer. Our printers also use Epson Ultrachrome inks, exclusively, because... (more)

Wood pulp mats are decorative matboards made of wood pulp buffered with calcium carbonate to slow the damage caused by the acid and lignin.

Rag mats are made of cotton fibers which are naturally acid-free and lignin-free. Cotton is time-tested and naturally free of any chemicals or pollutants that would degrade matboard or artwork.

PPI is a measurement used to determine the printing resolution of your images. PPI stands for “pixels per inch” or the pixel density. The number of megapixels that a digital camera has and the size at which an image was taken determine the PPI of an image.
This term is often confused with DPI, "dots per inch," which is used to determine the printing resolution of a printer.

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