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4,000 IMAGES

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DSC06308.jpg as i was driving away... the sunset hit the portland head light! i love this one! 19,DSCN8417.jpg DSC07250.jpg DSC00123.jpg i was trying to go high keyish... did i get that?
DSCN0573.JPG 18DSCN5583.JPG DSCN1169.JPG well, did i brake the camera? DSC00012.jpg just found this one and the one linked below which i am very excited about
DSC01369.jpg the tiny but distinct sunburst/sunrise is hard to see in this small size image from this am DSC07141.jpg can someone remove the flare? should it be? SEASMOKE SUNRISE , i froze!` P1090234.jpg Lois and I just finished the 4 day/1 night Portland Flower Show! great but tired! 2DSC04399_.jpg please comment right on the one you like best for a postcard i am doing
DSC08278.jpg DSCN0585.JPG DSC00127.jpg DSC07012.jpg
DSC04473.jpg Northeast Kingdom Vermont near St Johnsbury DSC08060.jpg some mornnings this tiny line of predawn pink explodes quickly into fire... not today... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSC09691.jpg DSC07883.jpg pre dawn magic :)
DSCN0583.JPG DSC00476.jpg  HERE COMES THE SUN  Portland Head Light sunrise maine lighthouses donald verger DSCN3958.JPG 4  49 DSC00028.jpg
KAREN MONTANARO... resting.... see the growing gallery of this world renowned mime,ballerina... at DSC04315.jpg DSC08687.jpg DSC01250.jpg
DSCN0782.JPG 44 DSC02456storepalm.jpg 0/18/21/28 DSC00348v.jpg DSC00067burtst.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE WITH DRAMA DONALD VERGER, LIGHTHOUSES, MAINE
DSCN8195.JPG DSCN8454.jpg DSC08248.jpg DSC02345towshadowboys.jpg
DSCN7148.jpg DSC09714ll.jpg DSC00138pinkphl.jpg DSC07174.jpg portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses
DSCN0035.JPG DSC04260.jpg DSC01701landing.jpg P1060806.jpg see
DSC03317airport.jpg a first take shot that led to this very high clicked shot... one of my faves DSC06146.jpg DSCN1173.JPG
DSC00438.jpg DSC00085.jpg THE ROAD TAKEN sunset near portland maine january 10 2007 DSC07733.jpg DSC07772.jpg
DSC07472.jpg DSC04941planningmyshow.jpg PLANNING MY SHOW OVER ETERIAN? LUNCH :) DSCN9736.JPG DSC09323.jpg
DSCN9353_1.JPG...62 DSCN0423.JPG DSC07085.jpg DSC07987.jpg portland head light dawn
DSCN4893.JPG P1050120mednothigh.jpg DSC07274.jpg DSC02579pinkgreen.jpg 3/15/16
DSC08616.jpg see yesterdays pad for a similar image/horizontal and... DSCN3401.JPG 11 MAN-WOMEN-PIGEON.............  waiting for the ferry..............................DSCN1024.JPG DSCN1303.JPG
DSCN7544.JPG DSC08013.jpg truckpano.jpg Angels of light visit my lunch! bowl and salt shaker in a moment of dancing light...
overlooked image... Pohnpei, Micronesia from Black Coral Island... DSC09274.jpg BIG! portland head light donald verger lighthouses lighthouse maine DSC00961.jpg THE LIGHTS OF DAWN AT PORTLAND HEAD 125DSC00478.jpg see link below to learn about Faces of Innocence and the Innocence Project
safe/connected/loved/joy/play... another quick snap at the common ground fair :) DSC08181.jpg DSC04421.jpg DSC03723.JPG 12  I have seen this barn in Grey Maine for almost 4 years... in a busy intersection
DSCN1082.JPG 127DSC08387imagebassharborlighthouse.jpg Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse- Winter Storm Acadia National Park DSCN4584.JPG DSCN0055.JPG
DSC05693sunsetracingbackformycamera-.jpg when the sky ws the best i was in P1040603.jpg see another image with my new little panosonic z18 linked below KAREN MONTANARO quiet prayers seen and felt
DSCN3342.JPG DSC08685.jpg DSC02863 MAJESTY..... WAITING MOON  for Lois who called to say someone hung the moon 23DSCN4824_1.JPG
DSCN3657.JPG DSCN4883.JPG 37/46 DSC09320.jpg DSCN9222.JPG
Mitchell Point Lighthouse port clyde maine ... raining, it seemed boring, so tried something quick DSC09150.jpg DSC00660.jpg TINY BOAT HEADS OUT FOR LOBSTER PAST THE GRAND LADY  portland head light maine change/choice/my mom's plate
DSCN9199.JPG DSC06600.jpg DSCN9709.JPG DSC05866_3flowerclose.jpg
DSC00134.jpg see these other things... Maine State Trooper medflighted out... news reports, non life threatening injuries! DSCN1212_1.JPG
my mom's plates,.. eating better, no sugar no white flour, trying DSCN5349.JPG 23DSC00153.jpg DSC07445.jpg 18clouds # 3 in a row in this gallery... please comment on the one you like best... Crawford Notch, NH
did an outdoor art show at the last minute, stunned to get first prize, left exhausted... ate here... headed home DSCN0181.JPG  hi from Maine!  exchange street! DSC00559.jpg..................... CLIFFS OF MOHER DSC09386.jpg........... 'MOON RISE OVER THE ATLANTIC .... TAKE #2
DSC00747.jpg DSC00058.jpg DSCN1174.JPG DSC06895.jpg
DSCN2868.JPG DSCN5162.JPG 72xDSC00136.jpg as happens, a surprise, MAN, DOG, DUCK not seen easily here so small here DSCN5375view from bed.jpg Carolyn,... see morning dove and your roses you left with me!
DSCN2202.JPG 60 hyd at dawn.jpg trying to make friendes with my camera! focus is a good thing DSC09129_2.jpg RAm Island lighthouse with my frined Elizabeth Fraser x252P1180488 95.shade, then a moment of sun.. :) the magic of VERMONT .... read Donald Verger Selling Art To Set People Free
Peaceful Dawn... 3 reindeer/ 3 sisters/ 3 angels... Merry Christmas/Happy Hannuka! to all! DSCN3675.JPG DSC08813_2.jpg DSC03844barnafar.jpg
DSCN4419.JPG/14 father and child... title #2 green clobs... ps each foot was in a pocket :) DSC00873i.jpg my niece, Hannah!
DSCN3332.JPG 2 1DSCN9291.JPG DSC00225_2.jpg DSCN6850.JPG
32bDSC06573fw3.jpg DSC00062jpg very low res... Please see the links below, and Lighthouse, Flower, Faces, Barns and other images DSC07922.jpg DSC06275.jpg also see
DSC05864libelia? quiet flower dance.. from portland market... my last pad was from market also DSC01724.jpg IRELAND SKY see them all at.. DSCN3084.JPG 16/17/30 DSCN4566.JPG
DSCN9500.JPG yell when i bore you... the last 4-5 pads are of this morning 148jpg.... you can see VORTEX of SEA SMOKE 5 below zero at Portland Head Light donald verger lighthouses DSCN9648.JPG DSC00581.jpg Snow Storm Portland Head LIght
DSCN9876.JPG 0DSCN9292.JPG slide toward darkness coming DSCN3946.JPG 3  35 DSCN8999.JPG
DSC00821.jpg DSC08133.jpg ah! finally got this with a flitter of butterfly or angel inhabiting the moment almost as apparition DSCN2277.JPG P1000868.jpg FEATHERS FLY! see the image linked below, it is likely my most clicked...  image ever
DSC09817.jpg DSCN1200.JPG DSC08141.jpg a snap of vermont horses and flowers for my daughter Carolyn! DSC02761.jpg
DSC00152.jpg abit overexposed... i try not to shoot overexposed... but it all happened fast, as it does DSC03991.jpg DSCN9676.JPG P1050775.jpg  the old barn see more, i will create a gallery of this now loved barn
DSCN4660.JPG DSC00154.jpg THREE NEW FRIENDS      not  a coffee advertisement  stormy maine day today DSCN3318.JPG 4
DSC04453CATHERDRAL1BIRD.jpg DSCN0445.JPG HAPPY DAY! one day at a time... one of many happy days! nature imitates woman? SIMPLE.................DSCN0855.JPG
DSC08447.jpg DSC09461.jpg distand Ram Island Lighthouse as seen from portland head light with only 5x :( LANTERN DH000064.JPG
DSCN3032.JPG 15 DSC04663.jpg which do you prefer? h or vertical... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC00034.jpg LOBSTERIN THE DAWN at Portland Head LIght a fortuitous moment and light DSC00033.jpg HANGING ON SUSPENDED ANIMATION IN THE BALANCE JAY, MAINE
DSCN1383.JPG DSC00479.jpg SEA SMOKE BLANKETS PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE donald verger maine lighthouses, frozen! DSC07439.jpg DSC09831.jpg
what all do you see...????****  SEE yesterdays picture in this gallery for the shot i was trying to take DSCN0434.JPG DSC00036.jpg DSC03841.jpg portland head light dawn
DSCN5359.JPG DSC06737.jpg DSC06641.jpg DSC04996.jpg
DSC00235.jpg DSC06961.jpg DSC03327.jpg see another at.... DSCN9735.JPG
DSC07656.jpg 131DSCN2363.JPG DSCN3310.JPG7 7 13. Karen Montanaro... Radiance
DSC06033.jpg DSCN4032.JPG/5  44 day of glory! :)... the last warmth of the sun reflects in the ocean beach sands DSC07217.jpg please see the other two in this gallery, have you a fave? i will frame one
my 512 card wont load to computer, and in camera says cant read, helP!.offtotrain 20DSC07174.jpg Pond near Lois's house, hard to get to... see more vapor images below DSCN9916.JPG DSC04938runningiwhtscossors.jpg
DSC03726yellowbarn.jpg 0 i am workikng at this shot... trying to get exposure right DSC05868.jpg... 1 women/crossed legged and 2 lions  ... dont know how to crop  out the top right successfully 101DSC08784.jpg from Cadilac Mountain Acadia National Park  Maine, a color image, but life is what it is DSC06307.jpg
DSCN8430.jpg this image was taken next after most that are here of colors/light DSC06757.jpg DSCN9484.JPG PROMTHEAN MOMENT... have you ever witnessed this brief moment of dawn? DSC08476.jpg
108DSC01322.jpg133 Portland Head Light the other day P1090983.jpg DSC08650.jpg back from dreaded massachusetts... pretty sick today... good to get back DH000094.JPG
DSC08729.jpg on the porch of my little found bandb... peacock house, lubec maine  sunlight.jpg DSC05449.jpg 'CORMORANTS MIGRATE PAST PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT SUNRISE DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC09393 my dawn today tues! eastern prom  portland maine... a few short blocks away
SERENITY... A birthday card DSCN1292.JPG DSC06533.jpg which is a better exposure DSC08048.jpg
DSC00838.jpg........OEACNSKY  at portland head light 49i live under this light!...........................................................DSCN1379.JPG DSC07843.jpg DSC03501.jpg
my lunch on the snowy day... a bit early, but i was beat, asked 4 more... melon DSCN0179.JPG DSC05708congbricks.jpg...    on the street where i live 17DSC03382.jpg
DSC07496.jpg DSCN9999.jpg see other images from this lake at dawn at Karen Montanaro... See her face to face! DSCN8206.JPG
DSC07842.jpg 14. KAREN MONTANARO... a life in the lights DSC07041.jpg DSC07191.jpg i shot these shots fast... shot it light to feel the feeling of it
6. DSC08856origfullreskhm.jpg DSCN0147.JPG the moment of dawn... yestwedays pad was clicked alot and... DSC08571.jpg DSCN9697.JPG
DSC09903.jpg just back from the portland market... see another see yesterdays PAD....DSC06515whtiemountainlaundry1?.jpg This image has caused me a lot of trouble... DSC07879.jpg DSCN9159.jpg see...........
DSC04586.jpg DSCN0873.JPG DSC06453weedseenwhilefrustratedahthelightindarkness.jpg SEE how i first saw this scene... DSCN0082.JPG 34/49
angels of light visit my lunch! DSC06852.jpg DSC06544.jpg DSC00130.jpg
DSC06441yellowflowers.jpg here in lies the yellow flowers of hope and beuaty DSC05645runningfriends.jpg DSC06688.jpg see... DSC06688flagbarngraymaine.jpg.. oh! to my surprise... TWO!!! flag barn!
DSC08229.jpg the little light angels that find there way into my new little place P1040343.jpg FEATHERS AND BRANCHES also see.... 5DSC07468.jpg you can see the context from which this image came... in this gallery DSCN3918.JPG 7  67
DSC05284ramlight.jpg DSCN7255_1 FOUR WHITE LILYS... PS ME? i reallly somehow delight in yesterdays pad DSCN9226.JPG DSC08664.jpg
DSCN9966.JPG 52 DSC07530.jpg DSCN4537.JPG 2 DSC08756.jpg new friends Ashley and Renwa! smokin!
peacewheelfocused.jpg DSC08163.jpg DSC03990 FULL MOON RISING OVER PORTLAND HEADLIGHT DSC05206.jpg   HERE COMES THE SUN just for a moment only... Ram lighthouse behind portland head light
DSC00015.jpg DSC01061.jpg DSC09100.jpg DSCN4639.JPG
DSC03512.jpg DSC06598.jpg DSC06498.jpg DSCN1660.JPG
DSCN9700.JPG DSCN9613.JPG I have this, do you? DSC05709pnaisesbothwindows.jpg SEE MY PAD= one picture a day gallery for closer view
barnwtrees.jpg DSCN0008.jpg 3DSCN9283.JPG awakening 20DSC02185.jpg
DSCN1867.JPG DSCN9196.JPG DSC09921.jpg Did you used to get letters,  and wait for them...DSCN0912.JPG
P1230944.jpg another new image made by Lois at Plaisted Road, Jay, maine DSC09790.jpg cotton candy PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE P1050065.jpg my girlfriend LOIS took this image... 1,200 clicks... in afternoon light!!!!!! DSC08004.jpg trying to reveal subtle white hanging clouds at portland head light this am and glint on ocean
DSCN3393.JPG DSC04794.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE DONALD VERGER MAINE DSCN0097.jpg DSC08674.jpg sunburts! sad, you cant see in this size the starburst of the sun in this lovely sunrise portland head light
DSC07635.jpg 389DSC06856.jpg  stopping for a latte at dunkin donuts parking lot... hand held, very windy, mostly 23DSC00031.jpg DSCN2217.JPG
DSCN7402.JPG DSC00171.jpg DSC00399.jpg DSCN3905.JPG 0
sunlight.... ps YESTERDAY'S PICURE OF THE DAY...PAD... is one i and many liked DSC07815.jpg see my profile page image today, would you crop this image??? DSC07750.jpg DSC00401.jpg just a man... see from car...
P1110950.jpg sign at seaside cottage long island maine low light.jpg DSC07273.jpg flowered curtain DSC07679.jpg portland head light donald verger  sunrise
barn.jpg 3 DSCN4663.JPG DSC08398.jpg DSCN1170.JPG
DSCN4794.JPG DSC00236.jpg P1020169.jpg ALL IMAGES  shot from here in the rain
DSCN0047.JPG DSC01231.jpg see another sky linked below... DSC07779.jpg DSCN9194.JPG
DSCN1282.JPG 27DSC00219.jpg DSCN1293.JPG DSC06992-med.jpg Maine Lupines poster available- read my story- arrested- below
DSC07686.jpg DSC08199.jpg DSCN1868.JPG frosty morn.jpg  in my gallery.... 2,000+ HITS there is a RED DOOR the everyone loves
DSCN3373.JPG 3 DSCN3031.JPG 18 DSC07729.jpg DSCN2711.JPG
DSC01179.jpg Christmas - Winter Oqunquit Maine DSC09487.jpg DSCN8454.jpg the SOURCE....  fire.. taken within a day of all these colors/light images DSCN1279.JPG
DSCN0178.JPG 36DSC09394_5.jpg The Little White Church Eaton NH a gloreous place, most shot in america DSC08109.jpg light in the dark/coverd bridge interior... pinholecamera? DSC07151.jpg this is the AMC Highland Center, NH
DSC04971HARRYABLURR.jpg FOCUS ISNT EVERYTING! SEE MY PAD FOR ANOTHER SHOT... DSC09793.jpg is this ok with the bird so close to the edge??? it happened too quickly... ????? DSC08730.jpg 27Dedicated to MARK RUTTER!!!      DSCN5529.JPG
DSCN9165.JPG DSCN3693.jpg see my newest poster, linked below, what do you think of the title, this image nikon p90 DSCN3034.JPG 15 DSCN3636.JPG 2
DSC06295charlesstreetflowersnewflowersoldbloomschanges.jpg from the market, tomorrow i will pad a new lighthouse from the series... thanks for your comments/votes! see... DSCN9664.JPG DSCN9715.JPG
DSC08616.jpg LAST FLOURISH of light, one of last 3 images after i started to leave a few times, then done well, i made it to mass and back today... and did get my shots up at the sudbury public library... Freedom DSC02423.jpg
DSCN9465 shadows.jpg DSCN4746.JPG 48 DSC08028.jpg the sky opposite the light house, but same night... i am off to vermont! DSCN9707.JPG
DSC08670.jpg sunrise over portland maine harbor a moment ago, missed the crescent moon in this moment DSC09305.jpg Fishing into the Dawn at Portland Head Light DSCN0142 athena awakens.jpg DSC04042.jpg
DSC06820.jpg 2DSCN9290.JPG DSC00474.jpg DSC00360.jpg
DSC05720_3tomatochild.jpg NEW FRIENDS OF A RAINY DAY.... TAKEN THE SAME TIME AS DSCN2082.JPG79 DSC00354.jpg DSC04724.jpg
DSC02985.jpg ....................... LOIS..... photographing flowers... amids blue... we turned back! to shoot an old boat! DSCN9760.JPG P1160715.jpg a bit of one of the two Museums i founded 25 years ago... The Science Discovery Museum DSC02925.jpg Memorial Day Peace and Innocence , Pleasant Street/Maine Street USA!
DSC00150phl.jpg DSC08267.jpg DSC04367.jpg i leave now to pick up this same car in boston!!!!! :) DSC02140.jpg SOAR into the light of dawn ... at portland head light, where else
DSCN9649.JPG DSC00584.jpg DSC07945.jpg DSCN3609.JPGxx94x102
DSC06960.jpg ABANDONED... IGNORED... bu not be me! enjoy! reminds me of.... DSC00108.jpg GREENERY! 6DSC00032.jpg DSC07425.jpg TWO BOYS GONE FISHIN... FOR NORMA!
DSC07104.jpg DSC09535.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... for me a more normal view... the one linked below is the most viewed 23#2 in a cloud series here on the pad=  1 picture a day.. taken near Mt Washington at Crawford Notch, NH DSCN9687.jpg just found from two years ago while looking for something... else
DSC07724.jpg DSCN3528.JPG 13/48 DSC08483.jpg featherpano5_2tifftojpeg.jpg .... a New Day's Dawn Greets Portland Head Light :)
DSC06948.jpg making hay.... while the sun shines DSC00146.jpg DSCN9538.JPG 13 DSC03693.jpg
DSC05169.jpg portland head light at dawn , cant make the vertical export yet DSCN9705.JPG DSC07925.jpg DSC01539.jpg
DSCN5363.JPG grace... light and shadow .jpg DSCN9731.JPG
DSC03731.JPG DSCN9894.JPG 17 DSC03475.jpg DSC06079.jpg
DSC00307.jpg DSC07178.jpg ANGEL DSC08113.jpg down the road, dirt, little covered bridge, keep going.. then ah! then the old door image nearby DSC07913.jpg
DSC00411.jpg DSCN1301.JPG DSC03340.jpg DSC06695.jpg
DSC08168.jpg DSC07873.jpg DSC00776.jpg THE words necessary........................................DSCN1026_2.JPG
DSCN2718.JPG DSC00144.jpg first shots with new sony a900 with dust! already, in the rain , of course, see my Nubble Lighthouse Poster below DSC05687mystudiospaceendsjune15.jpg DSC06174.jpg
DSCN0589.jpg DSC03851redbarn.jpg DSC00180.jpg   a bit of light on the ocean at florida dawn.... also see below DSC00132.jpg
110DSC08006.jpg Nubble Lighthouse york beach maine donald verger DSC07756.jpg DSCN9156.JPG DSC08065.jpg
DSCN9678.JPG DSC02830.jpg DSC07771.jpg DSC00794.jpg i ust found this quiet sunrise... i respond to quiet images... i like the little white bits of cloud too
DSCN4800.JPG DSCN1235.JPG ill crop this one DSC05805.jpg standing for something... symbols gathered together
DSC08129.jpg DSCN9698.JPG DSCN9970.jpg dawn of peace image at common ground fair ... see it and others. cheating a bit before leave maine for train to florida.....DSCN0019.JPG
DSC03365.jpg DSCN0140.JPG 9 DSCN3036.JPG 13 DSC08135.jpg
DSCN7314_2.jpg DSC07251.jpg Portland Headlight at sunset... which is your fave image in this gallery? also see my Calendars... 53DSC00898.jpg Portland Head Lighthouse at winter sunrise DSCN0068.JPG
DSC09879.jpg DSC06940.jpg DSC07852.jpg click nothing... then a passing moment of sun/cloud/light... and this comes to life DSC05879miniflower.jpg This lovely hybiscus graced an old fashioned gas station... :) grace!
DSCN9646_1.JPG DSCN4011.JPG DSC06214.jpg DSC09887.jpg very tired after hanging my show in this tiny town... left the little restraunt to sit down
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