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C. G. Anderson | all galleries >> Model of 1928A West Hurley and Savage M1 Thompson Submachine Gun >> Historic Images > 1928 Tommy Gun
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1928 Tommy Gun

My pride and joy, a Model of 1928 "Westy" and custom fitted violin case. And I know it has a Craftsman screwdriver included!

Olympus C-3040Z
1s f/4.0 at 8.6mm iso100 full exif

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Guest 04-Jun-2016 04:10
True fact, my father had one of these during WWII, hunted rattlesnakes with it.
Guest 30-Sep-2015 22:16
Its a beautiful ting... a friend of ours needs a violin to be played on Mulberry St, our friend got a rat problem...

-Tommy Holiday.
jd hisey 04-Nov-2014 14:59
Playing sweet music would be such a treat with this! You are a lucky man to own this beauty!
Oh,what a lucky man indeed! 04/11/14
LILDJDOLLAS 17-Sep-2012 23:57
Lisa 01-Mar-2012 15:18
To shoot or even gaze at such a lovely example of ingenuity and just plain awesomeness would make many people very happy for a very long time. And you Own it! Amendment II. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Guest 28-Jan-2012 02:07
Hi my name is Chris and I am making a Documentary about the Southgate House- the house where General Thomson (inventor of the Tommy Gun) was born. It was turned into a musical venue, but unfortunately had to close down recently due to a financial quarrel between the 2 owners. I would like to touch up on the history of the building, but I don't have any stock photography of the General or the gun. I was wondering if I may be able to use this photograph. This is a non-profit production and proper credit can be given for any available contribution. My E-mail adress is Thank you.
Michael 24-Jan-2012 16:44
Let me play you a song, on my chicago violin.
Ernie 11-Aug-2011 21:49
Whoooooo Mamma......
SeeAirA 10-Aug-2011 19:53
I just want, with all my heart, to shoot such a fine weapon.
Mikael 21-Jul-2011 16:53
Thas just FUCKING wicked :P
Ronbo 11-Jul-2011 20:33
Rock'o - nice heat'a!
kevin 26-Jun-2011 01:13
now thats a gun pure usa
oneeyedguy 26-Jun-2011 00:55
A fine example of one of the most beautiful firearms ever produced. thanks for sharing it with us.
josh 22-Jun-2011 00:34
Ok, I agree with ya, but my tommy gun don't!!
Guest 12-Jun-2011 19:34
Wonder if there on the fiddle
sam 12-Jun-2011 18:23
hit me with this..
Con 10-Jun-2011 04:13
You Lucky....Son Of a Bitch.....
Fred 08-Jun-2011 01:13
Though I may not be able to play a song with this he might be able to inspire one.
Jack 27-May-2011 17:13

Hank tha Tank 26-May-2011 19:37
i bet he kills at playin the viollin
Guest 06-Apr-2011 16:29
Beutiful...Have you ever shot it?
Axel 14-Mar-2011 15:39
This gun is so beautiful unpacked
Baz 20-Feb-2011 17:00
"Look Mr security guard, its a Stradivarius & I am taking it with me onto the plane."
Guest 17-Feb-2011 07:20
This replaced the slammed 240sx background on my phone. Gorgeous.
Guest 15-Feb-2011 03:35
Guest 03-Feb-2011 10:35
what kind of brainless moron would say this is photoshopped lol... this shit is legit and I want it!!
fajas colombianas 21-Dec-2010 16:25
gotta love the tommy gun
HerbieHancock 14-Sep-2010 20:16
Jake, that's the toolkit. Look up toolkits for ak-47's to see examples.
C. G. Anderson29-Aug-2010 23:15
Spare parts kit: extractor, springs, etc.
jake 27-Aug-2010 20:42
what is the small gold cylinder fastened near the bottom right of the violin case, next to the screwdriver?
syd 27-Aug-2010 15:14
Photoshopped or boner still has'nt ended..... As classy as the marylin monroe photo with the blowin skirt.
C. G. Anderson26-Aug-2010 00:07
Photo-shopped? To Hell you say!
Guest 25-Aug-2010 13:51
Photo shopped
Guest 23-Aug-2010 05:51
Oh, and we're touring the country side.. that's why you're not invited...

- Remy Dionysus... again..
Guest 23-Aug-2010 05:50
When I saw it, I said "Huhn... what?"
Then I scrolled down and fell in love.
I know that one day, this Tommy gun and I are going to get married.
On top of a mountain.
And there will be flutes playing.
And trombones.
And garlands of fresh.. herbs.
And we will dance.
Until the sun rises.
And then our children will form a family band.
And YOU won't be invited! >:C

- Remy Dionysus. :3
Guest 23-Aug-2010 00:14
I'll bet that's a suprisingly heavy violin!
Zod 22-Aug-2010 00:59
I would love to have that violin. I could play such a beautiful ballad with it.
Scott 05-Jun-2010 03:02
This picture is truly epic.
DatGuy 17-May-2010 20:00
I always wanted to play the violin!
mapdude 08-May-2010 16:53
How long does it take to load and then empty a clip?
C. G. Anderson24-Apr-2010 23:11
Yes, it is fully functional. I have modified its rate of fire with the addition of 1921 parts. Assembly isn't really quick as the foregrip has to me screwed on. I'd say ready to play in a few minutes. It spends most of its time assembled in the safe.
Daniel 22-Apr-2010 03:50
Is it still operational? Do you ever assemble it? If so, how long does it take?
Very nice item, too!
faze 21-Apr-2010 13:05
if i had that it would never leave my side... i think i would name her claire,or jezibell.
Kristabell 20-Apr-2010 22:32
...then where's the violin?
bcmike 18-Jan-2010 21:49
This is a sweet photo and a beautiful display of a fine firearm, but if you wanted to be historically accurate you shouldn't have put a plastic handled screwdriver in the case.
Again great shot.
dman67 06-Jan-2010 05:13
would love to have one for myself
hat 14-Dec-2009 22:56
Does it come with the hat?
James Titus 03-Nov-2009 16:07
This is very interesting i have never seen one up close, looks like the Tommy Gun could really do a job. Jim
busta cap 10-Oct-2009 21:21
Chicago Typewriter
Alex 10-Oct-2009 20:03
I believe ya... but my Tommy Gun don't!
Longbow 08-Oct-2009 20:35
I bet she sings like a bird
Maria Feht07-May-2007 19:14
Love the violin! v