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Sika Deer (Sikahert)

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Sika Deer - Cervus nippon - Sikahert
East-Siberia to East-China, Vietnam and Japan. Introduced to Europe, Caucasus, New Zealand, USA and Pacific Ocean islands.

The following 16 subspecies are being recognized:
Cervus nippon hortulorum - East-Russia, Southeast-Siberia to North-China;
Cervus nippon mantchuricus - Northeast-China, Korea to Far East Russia;
Cervus nippon yesoensis - Japan (Hokkaido, Yeso Island);
Cervus nippon pulchellus - Japan (Are, Izuhara and Tsushima Islands);
Cervus nippon yakushimae - Japan (North-Ryukyu Islands);
Cervus nippon keramae - Japan (South-Ryukyu Islands);
Cervus nippon aplodontus - Japan (North-Honshu Island to North-Tokyo);Islands;
Cervus nippon nippon - Japan (South-Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku Islands);
Cervus nippon mageshima - Japan (Mageshima Islands);
Cervus nippon soloensis - Philippines (Sulu Archipelago);
Cervus nippon mandarinus - North- and Northeast-China;
Cervus nippon kopschi - East-China;
Cervus nippon grassianus - Central-China (probably extinct around 1920);
Cervus nippon sichuanicus - Southwest-China (Szechuan);
Cervus nippon pseudaxis - Indochina to North-Vietnam;
Cervus nippon taiouanus - Taiwan.

Of this species there are also Nature Photo's available.

Vietnamees SikahertCervus hortulorum pseudaxis
Vietnamees Sikahert
Cervus hortulorum pseudaxis
Dybowski DeerCervus hortulorum dybowskii
Dybowski Deer
Cervus hortulorum dybowskii
Dybowski DeerCervus hortulorum dybowskii
Dybowski Deer
Cervus hortulorum dybowskii
Vietnamees Sikahert
Vietnamees Sikahert