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Italia (Italy)

Italia probably needs little introduction. It's the country on the Italian "boot" (peninsula) that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea from the underbelly of Europe. It's the 10th largest country by area in Europe at 301,340 sq km (116,350 sq mi), with a population of nearly 60 million people.

The Tyrrhenian Sea sits off the west coast, and the Adriatic Sea sits off the east coast. Until you reach the very top of the peninsula, the largest distance between the two seas is about 200km meaning that both sides tend to have a Mediterranean climate, though the south is markedly hotter (and despite the proximity of the sea, drier) than the north. The Appennini (Appenines) is a seried of parallel chains of mountsins that run for about 1,200 km down the centre of the peninsula, though they swing west toward their northern and southern boundaries. That means that there is always some part of the country which has cooler, elevated climates. In the far north the country runs into Le Alpi (The Alps), which of course causes those areas to have cooler (you guessed it, "Alpine") climates.

The country is divided into 20 Regions, which are more or less like states. 5 of these have a status of being Autonomous regions, which have certain rights to manage their own affairs. Within all but one of the Regions are Provinces, and within those are Comuni (Communes, in the sense of municipalities) and within those can be Frazioni (usually a village or hamlet).

Organised using my own "Top to bottom - left to right" groupings (loosely based on Wikipedia but I've changed any macro groupings that I don't agree with), the 20 regions along with their general area in the country are:
[*] (North-West) Val d'Aosta (Aosta Valley)
[*] (North-West) Piemonte (Piedmont)
[*] (North-Central) Lombardia (Lombardy)
[*] (North-East) Trentino-South Tyrol
[*] (North-East) Veneto
[*] (North-East) Friuli-Venezia Giulia
[*] (North-West) Liguria
[*] (North-East) Emilia-Romagna
[*] (Centre West) Toscana (Tuscany)
[*] (Centre Centre) Umbria
[*] (Centre-East) Le Marche
[*] (Centre West) Lazio
[*] (Centre-East) Abruzzo
[*] (Centre-East) Molise
[*] (South West) Campania
[*] (South East) Puglia (Apulia)
[*] (South) Basilicata
[*] (South West) Calabria
[*] (Island) Sardinia
[*] (Island) Sicilia (Sicily)

There are also two nations inside the borders of Italia; San Marino in the mountains of the north east of the country, and the world's smallest nation Vatican City inside Roma. I've included galleries relating to those in this group for convenience.
Lazio E Roma, Aug-Sep 2016 and Oct 2019
:: Lazio E Roma, Aug-Sep 2016 and Oct 2019 ::
Lombardia e Milano (Lombardy and Milan), Aug 2016 and Sep 2019
:: Lombardia e Milano (Lombardy and Milan), Aug 2016 and Sep 2019 ::
Toscana (Tuscany) Including Firenze (Florence), Pisa, San Gimignano
:: Toscana (Tuscany) Including Firenze (Florence), Pisa, San Gimignano ::
Il Veneto E Venezia (The Veneto and Venice), Aug 2016
:: Il Veneto E Venezia (The Veneto and Venice), Aug 2016 ::
Campania E Napoli, Aug 2016
:: Campania E Napoli, Aug 2016 ::
Umbria, Aug 2016
:: Umbria, Aug 2016 ::
Emilia Romagna, Aug 2016 And Sep 2019
:: Emilia Romagna, Aug 2016 And Sep 2019 ::