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Lombardia e Milano (Lombardy and Milan)

Lombardy is a region that sits in the far north of Italy. Specifically, right in the centre of the northern border with Switzerland. It's north of Toscana (Tuscany) but does not border it; the less well known Emiglia-Romagna sits between them. (Its capital, Bologna, it probably better known than the region.) To the north-east is the even less well known Trentino-Alto Adige, and to the south east is the Veneto, best known for its capital of Venezia (Venice). To the west is Piemonte (Piedmont), home of the city of Turin.

Lombardy's main city is Milano (Milan) which is all about money, fashion, money, risotto and money. Not necessarily in that order. If you swap "risotto" for "real estate" it's basically Sydney without a harbour.

But damn the risotto is good there.

Milan is an indisputably Italian city though as Ligabue's song Made In Italy hints, the city probably looks more to the north and the wealth of the Eurozone than south to its Italian siblings. But the further north you go, the more you feel the Germanic influence. It never quite takes over, but it's there, possibly more obvious to non-residents than to residents.

In our 2016 trip we had a mere two days in Milano, then two of us took a TGV to Paris, and two of us made our way north through Lombardia and up into Switzerland via Tirano.

In 2019 we returned to explore the lakes districts, staying first at Stresa in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in Piemonte), then a further three at Varena in the province of Lecco in Piemonte. In the course of doing so we had to bounce through Milano Centrale on a few occasions but had relatively little time in Milano itself. Since two of our party arrived at Malpensa airport, however, we did spend one night there and the two of us who were already in Italia spent the day there while we awaited them.

Both trips were long anticipated, and over too quickly. The memories of them are starting to recede into the distance and become misty, as most memories are inclined to do. These galleries of photos hold onto the snippets of the relatively small number of days that we spent in Lombardy. Not just the grand edifices but, particularly on the train trip to Tirano, the scenes of everyday life. (Something that I regret not documenting more.)

I strongly recommend viewing any of these photos at their original size by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the photo. (Once you have selected Original once, it should stay selected as you move through the gallery.)

I used Nuance Dragon Dictate to generate a lot of the captions. That means that there are likely to be some screwy expressions that I somehow missed in the sub-editing. Dragon is far less accurate than it claims to be, but it's still faster than typing.
20160908_020638 The Italian Tricolour (III) (Thu 08 Sep 16)
20160908_020638 The Italian Tricolour (III) (Thu 08 Sep 16)
Lombardia - The Voyage North 2016
:: Lombardia - The Voyage North 2016 ::