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LIma, Peru visit and mission Trip to Trujillo March 2015
LIma, Peru visit and mission Trip to Trujillo March 2015
by Rosie Esparza Gaylord
Trujillo Colonial City
Trujillo Colonial City
by Luis Montero
Huanchaco, Peru
Huanchaco, Peru
by Patrick Mallette

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Trujillo Peru 8626.jpg

Trujillo Peru 9937.jpg

Trujillo, Peru, is also known for its Paso Horses

Trujillo, Peru, is a city of 1 Million People and the Third most important city in Peru

Entering Trujillo, Peru

Suburbs of Trujillo, Peru

Garbage Collection in Trujillo, Peru

Milk Cows near Trujillo, Peru

'Gentrification' in Trujillo, Peru

New Apartments in Trujillo, Peru
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