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Libyan Revolt - Qadhafi Uses Zimbabwean "Mercenaries"!?

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October 2011, actually what all this (following) turned out to be about was background for arab-supremacist misogynist al-CIA-duh mercenaries in Libya to mistreat and murder black civilians in Libya. The mercenary factor was all on the other side, US/NATO al-CIA-duh expected to cut off Libyan funding for African development with $60 bil on deposit earmarked for Africa. The reasons for the war were anti-African development anti-high-Libyan-standard-of-living(same as Iraq war).


February 22, 2011 Yesterday a Libyan former diplomat said on CNN that hundreds of French-speaking sub-Saharan mercenaries had been captured by revolting Libyans and that several African dictatorships had rented their military regulars and special forces to Libya to use in suppressing a revolt against Kadhafi. The diplomat specifically mentioned Zimbabwe as having sent military regulars.

From 2001:

The London Telegraph recently reported that Muammar Gadhafi and Libya are dispatching 10,000 mercenaries to Zimbabwe. The Telegraph reported that each mercenary will be given a Zimbabwean passport.

"Gadhafi has been cooperating with the West in the new war on terror. Perhaps that is why he is being given a free hand to operate in Zimbabwe. Why won't the U.S. and UK help us?" Graham McKeever, a Zimbabwean farmer living in Harare told WorldNetDaily.

According to Geoff Cooke, an ex-Rhodesian intelligence officer, Mugabe's use of foreign troops to suppress the people is not unprecedented.

"Mugabe used North Korean mercenaries to kill off more than 30,000 Matabele tribesmen in northern Rhodesia who opposed his rule. This was done back in the early 1980s. Mugabe is not opposed to using foreign troops," Cooke said.

The Southern Africa Financial Gazette, the bible of commerce in Zimbabwe, reported that in anticipation of civil unrest, Mugabe ordered The Ministry of Home Affairs to seek authority from Treasury to make a down payment of $Z105 million to an Israeli company recently contracted to supply nearly $Z1 billion worth of special vehicles and water cannons that can be used in riots by the Zimbabwe Republic Police ahead of presidential elections next year.

The Financial Gazette reported that the equipment being bought is part of a wider government strategy to ensure that the Zimbabwe Republic Police is adequately equipped to deal with any possible riots ahead of the election, which Mugabe is seen losing.


Libyan rebels massacre black Africans By Wolfgang Weber 31 Mar 2011 The opposition forces in Libya attempting to march on Tripoli with the assistance of American, French and British bombs are far removed from the image of innocent civilians fighting for freedom and democracy promoted by the media and political circles. This is made clear in a March 22 article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung by Gunnar Heinsohn, the author of Encyclopaedia of Genocide (Rowohlt, 1998). Heinsohn cites a report by the well-known Zimbabwean journalist and documentary filmmaker Farai Sevenzo dealing with barbaric, pogrom-like massacres perpetrated by the so-called “rebels” against black African workers in Libya.

Libyan prisoners tortured by rebels in Khoms
, Posted: 2011/12/07

"The treatment was inhuman," said Doctor Osama Mussa, as the prison guards around him looked uneasy.

"They burnt people with cigarettes, beat their feet, hung men by their arms – look here," he said, showing dark swollen rings and scars around his and other prisoners’ wrists and arms.

"They put people in single cells. This man had his toenails pulled out," the jailed doctor said.

Doctor Mussa's testimony makes uncomfortable listening for the mainstream media journalists, as it describes the treatment meted out not by so-called Gaddafi loyalists, but by Libya's Western-backed "democratic" rebels.

It comes as the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon prepares to release a report that says 7,000 "pro-Gaddafi prisoners" are languishing in Libya, often in makeshift private jails, without legal process.

The UN has also expressed alarm at reports of abuse and torture. Dr Mussa made his claims on November 24, hijacking a tour organised to show how well prisoners in Khoms, 90km east of Tripoli, were being treated. Instead, the 34-year-old prominent Jamahiriya supporter and other prisoners insisted they had suffered systematic abuse.

The UN report says that many of those detained are black Africans, held because of their skin colour, following media lies that Gaddafi used "mercenaries recruited from sub-Saharan Africa."

The report said that many of those in custody are simply economic migrants who held jobs in Libya and were caught up in the American-European war against the country.

"Some detainees have reportedly been subjected to torture and ill treatment," the report said.

For almost ten months now, Black Libyans and other Black Africans have been the victims of massacres, torture, shooting, abuse and humiliation.

"The truth is that Gaddafi had sympathy for black Africans", a Nigerian man who lives in Libya said. "In fact, there is a city in Southern Libya called Suyima that is mostly populated by Nigerians, especially the Hausa. The city shares borders with Algeria and Niger. But due to Gaddafi's sympathy for the blacks, the Libyan rebels consider the blacks as their enemies and decided to kill any black man they come across."

A resident of Bani Walid reported to Reuters on condition of anonymity for fear of the rebels: "Under Gaddafi everything was great and now there's nothing. They will find me. Anyone who tells the truth in Libya gets slaughtered."

Black man lynched by al-CIA-duh in Benghazi, Libya

Most CIA/USAID $125 million per year in HIV drug program is focused on Botswana, which coincidentally has lots of diamonds. Libyan areas most heavily protected by US/NATO bombing and special forces cadre are where Libyan oil is.

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