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When I made several trips to 18th & Columbia Rd NW, Washington DC("District of Columbia", the US Capital city) for a publisher, I always parked near an unoccupied old theatre. I determined to use its two movie publicity poster frames in a future photo shoot to symbolize Old Frame and New Frame(memes, framing, see George Lakoff).

The last time I took my camera past that theatre a man asked me if I would take some pictures of him and the building so that he could use my images in support of his advocacy for people-oriented use or interim use of the unoccupied building. He mentioned sheltering the homeless, and that would be like his uncle who hosted undesirables of Harare on his farm and possibly due to that involving private ownership and voluntary charity, that noble act was rewarded by the marxist Mugabe by eviction of the homeless and then confiscation of the farm. Similarly Sithole had been elected the leader of ZANU and Mugabe had usurped there too as if by the same convenient idealogical claim to divine right of historical determinism. Just as I had my camera and tripod, Masipula "Masi" Sithole, Jr.(1) (2), was prepared, too, having brought along a flute and kalimba and photocopied materials referencing works by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and an uncle who was an elected leader of Zimbabwe("Rhodesia", "Matabeleland") who was undemocratically replaced/usurped by Robert Mugabe,"There were no elections conducted during 1975. Mugabe usurped power while in Mozambique. Ndabaningi and Rothert[sic, Robert] never stood on the same platform to be elected as leaders of ZANU. The only Congress that elected leaders for ZANU was held in 1964 at Gwelo where Ndabaningi Sithole was elected president and he (Sithole) appointed Mugabe his secretary general -Vesta Sithole, widow of Ndabaningi Sithole".

I assume that Robert Mugabe took occasion by a scientific materialist branch of Marxist thought. I expect that he engaged in reductionisms which amounted to a scaffolding of determinism within a utopian totalism. I surmise that to that sort of anti-voluntarist Marxist that the voluntarism of Sithole in hosting the homeless seemed like a bulwark of bourgeois voluntarism with which a state solution to homelessness would be at odds. A Stalinist would apply a hysterical witch-hunting McCarthyist pragmatism and vigilantism, to use a rightwing metaphor, and sweep aside Sithole's voluntarism as a minor impediment threatening to slow progress toward marxist state institutions as major solution to homelessness.

As it turns out, Mugabe's sweeping aside of Sithole's voluntarism left the land redistribution problem unresolved until the homeless turned into refugees overflowing into South Africa and its bantustans, arousing the ire of thus over-burdened already under-employed black populations in southern african states, making Mugabe a pariah. Zimbabwe has still not returned to being a breadbasket nation from which white invaders stole hundreds of thousands of cows and all the good land. Eventually under Ian Smith, independent Rhodesia imitated all the methods of the 1850-1860 US re-enactment of the African slave trade, right down to penning up black Africans removed from their lands, as if whites were waiting for tall wooden ships flying the US flag, as all slaver ships in the world did in 1860, to come and pay cash for cotton pickers. Rhodesians visited US southern white churches asking for money for guns and fences, just a hundred years too late for anything but racist sympathy and volunteers for Selous scouts, and of course, anthrax from CIA-Detrick-WalterReed biowar program. CIA also furnished marburg, ebola, and genmod human-hosted salmonella typhimurium ST313, as well as anthrax, for use against,"labor leaders, Pan-Africa leaders, black nationalist, black leaders...don't tell your spouses this unit and its activities are controlled by the Agency". Rhodesian slave holding pens remained a dead end due to lack of wooden ships from America coming to rescue slave takers, but US wooden heads did send designer genocidal wind-powered pathogens in the spirit of the mono-crop cotton-bubble Dixie. In 1860, the world's slave ships were protected from the British navy by the US flag, just as Rhodesian independence covered racist practices which multinational capital would have reduced unless protected by the Rhodesian flag. Of course the British had formerly held a monopoly on slave trading before the US took it over. Mugabe is a puppet of multinational capital himself, as far as banker profits, by putting a black face on continued oppression.

I did not interview Masi Sithole, Jr. on the matter because there was only time to listen to his introduction of his uncle and his father's historical mantle on his own life. I hope I am accurate.

"History will not forget to continue alienating us" -Fredric Jamison

W.E.B. duBois' Suppression of the African Slave Trade might have been describing Rhodesian policy. Accordingly, the slavery and genocide cannot be stopped at the consumer end. US wooden ships do not pick up black Africans from relocation and refugee camps, but they are still kidnapped and separated from their land. Restoring their land, and capital restoring their "cattle", is both literally and figuratively the only way to stop the literal and figurative slave trade and genocide. Before they became the high toned abolition police of the high seas in the mid-nineteenth century, the British had around 1600 begun stealing land in Ireland by murdering the inhabitants on one side of the Shannon River. Zionists have moved formerly Palestinian inhabitants from their land to pens by violent ethnic cleansing of the land, and now shoot into and bomb the concentration camps because some of the scared victims show visible quivering of what appears to be a rage of some sort that crusaders infer to be uncivilized. Crusaders insist that all such hostile quivering and corresponding elevated heart rates must stop for peace in the landless concentration camps to begin.

I read in Cornel West's anthology that scientific materialism was part of the Old Frame that mummifies in Mugabe and Castro, and that another part of the Old Frame, hopefully its last vestige, is an impotent western liberal marxism which chases its tail to death, leaving politics to old Stalinist detritus or neocon neolib feudalism of oligarchic empire with its new old commoditization and reification of underlings. I am still reading as West hand-holds me into Marxism's and his own New Frame thinking which allows for voluntarism and indeed some of its thinkers see hope and desire of that sort as the only valid force in history, though certainly not apart from the state by rule. If we move from philosophy to political science, then examples are plentiful in which the imperial oligarchy and its corporations prefer trojan horse classwar engines to be as privately their own and publicly unfettered as possible. Transparency is one hedge against the trojan horses, as we might literally look every grinning wooden gift horse on wheels in the mouth before towing an ngo past our city gates for the night. Are a billion dollars a year worth of hematoxins really the best medicine for hunger and dirty water? On the other hand, Sithole's voluntarism might have delineated and accelerated a shorter path to land re-distribution for Zimbabwean civil war veterans and Zimbabwe's return to breadbasket status with food sovereignty as globalism's dispossessed Haitian farmers know they are struggling for, despite billions of dollars in irrelevent ngo trojan pegasus high up in a dollar sky of no earthly good for earthquake victims if aid dollars are cast in a pre-nationalist colonialist frame appearing soon as post-nationalist corporatist commoditization of labor. "Corporations versus constitution", Masi said at the theatre that day.

Masipula Sithole
Masipula Sithole
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