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Olympus E-SLR Challenge Rules

Olympus E-SLR Challenges Rules


Intent of the Olympus DSLR Challenges:

Our Olympus DSLR Challenges provide us with friendly photographic competition and sharing of ideas. Above all else, our Challenges exist for us to grow and have fun with our photography.  If you're not having enough fun in our Challenges, please let the forum know what you would suggest to improve things.

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How a Challenge Works:

The winner of a Challenge becomes the Moderator for the next Challenge. The winner is the person who gets the most votes for entries in the Competition Gallery. The Moderator chooses the theme and entry/voting periods and posts the details in threads in the Olympus DSLR Talk Forum (OTF). There is a new main thread for each Challenge, eg '*** Challenge #8: Reflections'. Participants post images against the theme into the Competition and/or Exhibition Gallery in the  PBase Olympus DSLR Challenge gallery during the entry period to compete against other images in the same gallery. The Moderator keeps the Challenge fair and running smoothly and makes sure entries conform to the requirements stated in these rules, with any subtle changes specified by the Moderator in the main thread for each Challenge. Anyone can comment on and vote on entries in the Competition and Exhibition Galleries during the voting period, whether or not the voter even entered an image in that Challenge.

If you are worried about winning because that means setting up PBase galleries and running a Challenge, there is really no need to worry. You can just ask for help in a thread in the OTF or e-mail someone you think might be able to help you from the e-mail address in the person's dpreview profile (click on the person's name in any of his/her posts to get to the profile). Some hesitant Moderators have done that and have quite enjoyed the moderating experience. That said, if you think you will not have time to run the next Challenge, it's best if you don't put yourself in a position to win the current Challenge. That may mean keeping your entries in the Exhibition Gallery only for the current Challenge.

If the winner is unable to moderate the next Challenge, the Moderation job falls to the 2nd place getter and so on until someone can do it, or there can be a request to a specific person to help out. 

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Eligibility Criteria:

Artist/Theme: Images must be your own work and must conform to the theme set by the Moderator. That means the poster must both take the photo and process the image.

Processing: Your images can be as heavily processed as you like; the sky's the limit and even composites are allowed. However, keep in mind that heavily processed images do not appeal to everyone and may cost you votes at voting time.

Title Field: When you post an image to a PBase Olympus DSLR Challenge gallery, please make sure you include both your image title and your name in the title field, eg 'My Ranch by JR Ewing'. Images without an artist name will not be eligible for voting and may be removed by the Moderator.

Competition Gallery: For images taken by you with any Olympus DSLR or other 4/3 camera equipment during the challenge period and posted during the entry period up to your quota of 3 in that gallery.

Exhibition Gallery: For images taken by you at any time and with any camera and posted during the entry period up to your quota of 3 in that gallery.

Other Requirements: Also note the other requirements in the section on Entering Images.

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Entry Period:

The Moderator sets the entry period, usually starting with the announcement of the new theme on a Friday, continuing for two weekends and usually finishing at a specified time on the Monday about 10 days after the start date.

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You can only submit your own work. That includes both taking and processing any image.  The exception is where someone does the most basic processing to get the entry from the camera to the Challenge to help someone else who is not so computer literate.

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Entering Images:

Location: You enter your images into the Competition and/or Exhibition Galleries for the current Challenge in the Olympus DSLR Challenges Galleries on PBase. You can also place related source images in the Originals gallery for a Challenge.

Entry Quota: You can have up to 3 images in the Competition Gallery and 3 in the Exhibition Gallery for a Challenge at any point in time. During the entry period, there is no limitation on how often you can delete 1 or more of your 3 images and add a new image to the end of the gallery.

Originals Quota: You can place up to 3 images in the Originals gallery for each Challenge to reveal your source images where you think the comparison might be of interest to others, usually where some significant processing has occurred. There are no time limits on posting originals, although they are less likely to be viewed after a Challenge finishes.

Posting An Image: There are detailed instructions in our PBase guide, including instructions on posting images. Briefly, go to the Olympus DSLR Galleries on PBase at . Log in as 'Olympus DSLR Users' by using the login name 'oly_foto_review' and the password 'otfforum'. Then navigate to the Challenge gallery where you want to post your image (Competition, Exhibition or Originals Gallery), select 'edit this gallery' and upload your image. Once loaded, edit that image to complete the text fields like title and caption (don't forget to include both the image title and your name in the title field).

New Image: You can only post a new image to the end of a gallery, although you can load a reprocessed version of the same image in place of its former post.

Processing: There are no limitations on how much image processing is allowed for your new or reprocessed images. Keep in mind that more processing may mean less votes at voting time.

Reposting/Reprocessing An Image: Once you have posted an image, you can post a differently processed version of the same image (ie from the same source photo out of your camera) back into the same spot as the original as often as you like during the entry period. If you repost, we would just ask that you note the change in your image caption. To post in the same place, edit the image in PBase, then use the section 'Upload an image to replace the current image' at the bottom of the edit page. PBase retains the title, caption, EXIF data etc of the original post.

Deleting Images: You may delete any of your images in a Challenge gallery at any time during the entry period. That can free up your quota so that you can post a new image to the end of a gallery.

Moving images: Please don't move images around in the galleries ... respect first-come, first-served.

Title And Artist Name: Please put your image title and your name in the title field of your image, eg 'My Ranch by JR Ewing'. We suggest that you try to avoid including the theme of the challenge in your image title. If you want to include explanatory notes with your image, just include text in the caption. If it isnít obvious how your image conforms to the theme, someone in our friendly crowd will ask you to include an explanation.

EXIF Data: Please include EXIF data with each image. If PBase does not give you an option to view your EXIF data under your posted image when you view your image (by clicking on its thumbnail), please include it manually. To do that, edit your image in PBase and manually include at least the date you took the photo and the make/model of camera, but ideally include f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and other pertinent data as well.

Image Size: Before you upload an image to PBase, please make sure:

These size limitations are set to be suitable for most viewers and to keep storage requirements under control. Image dimensions and file size exceptions can be granted by the Moderator; just ask.

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Critiquing is an important part of our Challenges and we should all offer our opinions if we enter our own images in a Challenge. Comments are welcome even from people who don't enter a Challenge. Don't worry about whether you think you are qualified to comment. All you need are some opinions on images and we all have those! We want to know what YOU like about an image and YOUR suggestions on what would make the image more appealing to YOU. How easy is that?

To support this idea, here is a good will 'rule':

What do you like? What has been done well?
How well does it satisfy the theme?
What changes might be worth considering?

There is no right and wrong, just opinions, but please be diplomatic. We don't want to offend anyone by being too blunt.

Andy Williams, a prolific contributor for the Sony Talk Forum, offers some useful critiquing advice in this dpreview STF message.

You post your critique as a comment under an image. There is detailed information on posting comments in PBase instructions on commenting. Briefly, when you are viewing an image (not its thumbnail), select 'comment on this image' under the image. If you are logged in as 'Konica-Minolta Users', please include your name with the text of your comment to show who is leaving the comment. Select 'post message' to submit your comment. This method ensures that all critiques can be viewed under each image and will remain there in the future.

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Why Vote?: Remember, voting decides who wins to become the Moderator for the next Challenge. Voting also provides recognition for the entries that appeal to you the most for the current theme.

Voting Period: The Moderator sets the voting period, usually starting with the posting of the voting thread in the Olympus DSLR Talk Forum just after the entry period finishes on the Monday and usually running to a specified time 3 days later on the Thursday.

Voting Eligibility: Anyone is allowed to vote, even people who haven't even entered that Challenge in either the Competition or Exhibition gallery.

Voting Message: To make it easier to count the votes, please reply to the ORIGINAL message in the voting thread (select '>First' and reply to that first message in the voting thread). Please do NOT place your votes in a reply to a reply as votes in nested replies make it harder for the Moderator to do his/her job of counting the votes.

Points And Winners: You have up to 16 points total to allocate to images in each of the Competition and Exhibition Galleries (32 total for both galleries). The winner in each gallery is the image that attracts the most votes. If two or more entries in a gallery get equal points from voting, the most 4 point votes, then 3, etc will decide the final ranking.

You may not vote for photographs that you have submitted. When voting you may not vote for your own pictures.

Assign 4 Pts To Your 1st Choice Only: You must assign 4 points to the image you like the most in a gallery, taking the Challenge theme into account of course. You mustn't assign 4 points to any other image in that gallery. This is the minimum requirement for your votes to count for that gallery. Please remember to vote for the image and not the person.

12 Remaining Pts/Gallery: Distribution of the other 12 points in each gallery is optional, but strongly encouraged. You can award 1, 2, or 3 points to each other image you choose according to how much you like the other images, taking the Challenge theme into account once again. You can assign the same number of points (3, 2 or 1) to more than one image.

Example: You might decide to allocate points to your 8 favourite images in a gallery in the following way from your favourite to your 8th favourite: 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1 (16 pts total).

Hono[u]rable Mentions: We encourage you to make as many hono[u]rable mentions & comments as you like for images you don't award points to during voting, and of course comments are also welcome for those you do vote for.

Ineligible Images: The header images and the images in the Originals Gallery are the only ones you can't vote for. However, in keeping with the spirit of the Olympus DSLR Challenges, please remember to vote for the images you like the best rather than for the people who entered them.

Voting Message Format: Here is the suggested format for your voting message in the voting thread:

4pts - Title - Artist
(then optionally, but strongly encouraged)
[3, 2 or 1]pts - Title - Artist
[3, 2 or 1]pts - Title - Artist
(etc, to a maximum of 16 points for the Competition Gallery)

4pts - Title - Artist
(then optionally, but strongly encouraged)
[3, 2 or 1]pts - Title - Artist
[3, 2 or 1]pts- Title - Artist
(etc, to a maximum of 16 points for the Exhibition Gallery)
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Questions and Suggestions:

We welcome questions and suggestions about the current Olympus DSLR Challenge or about Olympus DSLR Challenges in general, even these PBase galleries. Please post any questions or suggestions in the main Challenge thread, start another thread if you prefer to do it that way or e-mail the Moderator via the e-mail addressed in his/her dpreview profile if it's public (click on the person's name in any of his/her dpreview messages to get to the profile). The Moderator and/or others will address your post as soon as possible. For any significant changes, we operate by consensus, with the Moderator moderating.

If you're not having fun with the Challenges, please let the forum know what you think will help.

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