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still life

other odd bits...
1st July 2020  fairies DSC_8107-001.jpg DSC_7816-001.jpg DSC_7735-001.jpg 17th May 2020  17th May
8th May 2020  victorious sponge! 6th May 2020  Coronita 2nd May 2020  outside DSC_6182-001.jpg DSC_6128-001.jpg
DSC_5989-001.jpg DSC_5822-001.jpg 5th April 2020  night cap 10th April 2020  daff 24th April 2020  delivery
25th April 2020  Coronita DSC_5388-001.jpg DSC_5291-001.jpg 30th March 2020  Campervan 26th March 2020  tempting treat
24th March 2020  Nightcap DSC_5116-001.jpg DSC_5014-001.jpg DSC_4998-001.jpg DSC_4883-001.jpg
DSC_4849-001.jpg DSC_4733-001.jpg DSC_4602-001.jpg DSC_3814001.jpg 5th December 2019  Christmas Window
9th December 2019  Christmassy tree DSC_3322001.jpg DSC_2930001.jpg DSC_2803001.jpg DSC_2808001.jpg
DSC_2805001.jpg 16th October 2019  Macallum 29th September 2019  99 DSC_06262.jpg DSC_0272001.jpg
DSC_0034001.jpg 24th July 2019  Northstar DSC_9441001.jpg DSC_79112.jpg DSC_6359001.jpg
14th January 2019  basking DSC_5946001.jpg 30th November 2018  lights DSC_4793001.jpg 6th October 2018  roses
DSC_37292001.jpg DSC_3535001.jpg DSC_3488001.jpg DSC_3271001.jpg 5th August 2018  berry nice
DSC_31732.jpg DSC_30482.jpg DSC_30652.jpg DSC_2168001.jpg DSC_2108001.jpg
DSC_2106001.jpg 15th July 2018  eggs for breakfast 6th July 2018  a small glarse DSC_0653001.jpg DSC_8183-001.jpg
15th January 2018  VW 16th January 2017  rainbow hat 1st December 2017  Candlelight 12th December 2017  fairy 16th December 2017  lights
DSC_5300-001.jpg DSC_5137-2.jpg 17th October 2017  hot chocolate 28th October 2017  a light DSC_4608-2.jpg
DSC_4396-2.jpg DSC_4400-2.jpg 2nd September 2017  lemon tart DSC_2663-001.jpg DSC_2406-001.jpg
DSC_2401-001.jpg DSC_1870-001.jpg DSC_1882-001.jpg DSC_1458-001.jpg DSC_1242-001.jpg
12th May 2017  doodles DSC_0806-001.jpg DSC_0815-001.jpg DSC_0111-001.jpg DSC_0112-001.jpg
DSC_0108-001.jpg DSC_9604-001.jpg 6th February 2017  infinity tunnel DSC_9431-001.jpg DSC_9391-001.jpg
17th November 2016  star 7th October 2016  things that fell on my head 8th October 2016  things that fell on my head 2 12th October 2016  dark sky DSC_7029-001.jpg
DSC_6795-001.jpg 3rd August 2016  tasty 6th August 2016  birthday flowers 11th August 2016  orchid DSC_6442-001.jpg
DSC_5227-001.jpg DSC_5096-001.jpg 5th April 2016  mini daffs 9th March 2016  tulips 22nd March 2016  primula
15th February 2016  iris 18th February 2016  TRex 20th February 2016  rose DSC_2479-001.jpg 10th December 2015  star turn
DSC_7444-001.jpg DSC_7442-001.jpg 25th June 2015  nightcap DSC_3910.jpg DSC_3931.jpg
30th January 2015  howling gale outside 11th February 2015  hot chocolate 16th February 2015  fairy apartments 18th February 2015  superstition DSC_3724-001.jpg
21st December 2014  Yuletide DSC_2582-001.jpg DSC_2523-001.jpg 20th August 2014  sunflower 23rd August 2014  sunflower
25th August 2014  Monday sunshine DSC_0346-001.jpg DSC_0318-001.jpg DSC_9777-001.jpg 5th August 2014  yellow rose
9th August 2014  apple DSC_8036-001.jpg DSC_7751.jpg DSC_7875.jpg 5th May 2014  flowers appear
9th May 2014  hallibut 20th May 2014  white rose DSC_7148-001.jpg 1st April 2014  encroaching tulip 2nd April 2014  jus d'orange
1st March 2014  fruit n veg 4th March 2014  coffee cup 11th March 2014  morning sun 12th March 2014  an apple 20th March 2014  is it spring?
29th March 2014  faded rose DSC_5506.jpg DSC_5216-001.jpg DSC_5052-001.jpg DSC_4649-001.jpg
DSC_4635-001.jpg 3rd January 2014  blue eggs 10th January 2014  red rose 18th January 2014  Lemon Tart 8th December 2013  congratulations
10th December 2013  Christmassy 27th December 2013  yellow and blue 28th December 2013  Oranges DSC_4075 copy.jpg 6th November 2013  iris
28th November 2013  flowers chocolate and candles DSC_2968 copy.jpg DSC_1813 copy.jpg DSC_1849 copy.jpg DSC_1783 copy.jpg
DSC_6623 copy.jpg DSC_5980 copy.jpg DSC_9545-copy.jpg DSC_4918 copy.jpg DSC_5102 copy.jpg
DSC_4678 copy.jpg DSC_4412 copy.jpg DSC_4024 copy.jpg DSC_5994 copy.jpg DSC_5096 copy.jpg
DSC_2763 copy.jpg DSC_2771 copy.jpg 18th October 2013  a lemon entry DSC_2554 copy.jpg DSC_4385 copy.jpg
DSC_3196 copy.jpg DSC_2596 copy.jpg DSC_5104 copy.jpg DSC_1041 copy.jpg DSC_0146 copy.jpg
DSC_1193 copy.jpg DSC_0070 copy.jpg DSC_0586 copy.jpg DSC_0013 copy.jpg DSC_4430 copy.jpg
8th October 2013  north wind is coming WJK_9831 copy.jpg WJK_9692 copy.jpg DSC_0056 copy.jpg 18th June 2013  cactus
5th June 2013  therapeutic DSC_4565 copy.jpg 16th January 2013  lighthouse candle DSC_0047 copy.jpg DSC_5383 copy.jpg
DSC_0015 copy.jpg DSC_0016 copy.jpg 3rd January 2013  Crux DSC_0014 copy.jpg DSC_0244 copy.jpg
12th January 2013  January night 9th March 2013  candlesticks DSC_0013 copy.jpg DSC_0039 copy.jpg DSC_0170 copy.jpg
8th August 2013  a twist of lemon DSC_0044 copy.jpg 16th March 2013  Les sucettes 10th April 2013  the cure 17th January 1013  Alaska cup
12th February 2013  socks for the morning DSC_0015 copy.jpg WJK_9679 copy.jpg 7th February 2013  is winter fading? 19th October 2012  frothy machine
24th December 2012  last minute 22nd March 2013  champagne 6th March 2013  light dreams 29th January 2013  storm and a teacup DSC_0012 copy.jpg
5th February 2013  woolly hat. 28th March 2012  Wednesday is the new Friday 31st December 2011  End of the year DSC_0003 copy.jpg DSC_0001 copy.jpg
15th April 2012  Birthday candle 9th October 2011  flowers 8th April 2011  Easter! 30th November 2011  yellow rose by the window 23rd October 2011  Rocket cake
DSC_0008 copy.jpg 13th August 2010  bagel 14th March 2010  blue skies appearing 28th August 2011   cake DSC_0003 copy.jpg
13th February 2009  candles 29th July 2009  brews's the daddy 26th July 2009  Liners DSC_0168 copy.jpg 16th February 2009  Citroen DS
24th February 2009  iris 12th January 2009  careful now 23rd February 2009  white rose by the window DSC_0003 copy.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg
22nd May 2010  chocolate mousse and raspberries 19th April 2008 crushed pots 20th February 2008  aloe vera 27th June 2008  rake's progress 17th January 2009  sunny
DSC_0026s.jpg 3rd October 2008  sun flower 18th May 2010  pie in the sky out of time 18th November 2008  statue
21st November 2008  frozen statue DSC_0003s.jpg DSC_0084s.jpg DSC_0118s.jpg DSC_0007s.jpg
5th December 2008  robin DSC_0038s.jpg PICT0015a.jpg 23rd November 2005 hat DSC_0085s.jpg
15th March 2008  strawberry nibbler DSC_0003s.jpg 15th September two large coffees DSC_0010s3.jpg 24th April 2007  Boris and friends
26th June 2007  sweet peas PICT0001z.jpg PICT0027a.jpg Boris 20. March,  pressure...
PICT0002z.jpg 16th July 2005 through a tourist's eyes PICT0071a.jpg 26th April 2006  twenty years later 8th February 2007  Queen Mary
PICT0062a.jpg 2nd November 2005 reliable 7th August 2007  lemon and lime 17th May 2006  Superham PICT0054a.jpg
3rd November 2005 winter hat 23rd March 2006  virgin on the ridiculous 23rd February 2005 6th February 2005,  Cairngorm lump 9th January 2005, The Curse of The Claw
sea king 21st December, relax 5th February 2005  mine's a large one 20th January, message in a bottle 17th January, the fizziness
 Pompeii liners 10th December,  the laziness... 9th April 2005, Kinnaird Head Lighthouse 26th November, shark
the frothiness
:: the frothiness ::