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Urban Toronto

Grafitti alley, Richmond g4/68/601668/3/134169202.QCmZXpRf.jpg Behind the Drake
g4/68/601668/3/134105862.BZbw6WBg.jpg g4/68/601668/3/133480519.f56l2TQe.jpg Toronto Street Art
g1/68/601668/3/132248263.HC3UP8In.jpg g3/68/601668/3/122295420.BGKAjpj4.jpg sliver of a view - CN Tower
Queen West Exhibition Place, Toronto Toronto Street Art
The pay phone, so passe ? Kensington Market, Toronto g1/68/601668/3/118509394.4xu3yALh.jpg
Sunset Tracks, Toronto a man had just been sitting there, turning a hot dog on a grill The sun is setting on College Street, Toronto
poutine At the Market g3/68/601668/3/124999389.HFH2L1y2.jpg
g1/68/601668/3/111923796.J2hjCt5l.jpg Cold night... g5/68/601668/3/118873634.VAT5HwSs.jpg
g1/68/601668/3/131432596.kPjPl74d.jpg The Drake, Toronto Kensington Market
The Mayor of Toronto Hail Mary Park Lights,
alley walk - reminds me of the army, maybe it's the lines and colors waiting for the bus Air Show - Toronto
O is for Orange and October Rooftop party / Red Cross 2 g1/68/601668/3/123202615.UiPPUmsk.jpg
Queen and Bathurst, Toronto Goods on the street Queen West
Red Cross g5/68/601668/3/118873380.mLTCBtMg.jpg Toronto Street Art
g3/68/601668/3/122759560.PkDh1zdW.jpg Subway Station, Toronto g1/68/601668/3/126320260.uE7YKn6f.jpg
8 seconds, go CN Tower Parkdale traffic, Toronto
flower shop just off Queen West Blue Toronto, quiet
alley woman Trinity g3/68/601668/3/121470138.9uq8JUZu.jpg
g1/68/601668/3/126458968.E5APA4Pd.jpg g1/68/601668/3/131406128.wngmUq89.jpg g3/68/601668/3/121622260.93ymJfTN.jpg
g3/68/601668/3/123441811.Fd8avEmk.jpg facing south g5/68/601668/3/118873364.lszxzdrK.jpg
g3/68/601668/3/123761186.lp55iukE.jpg g1/68/601668/3/126424068.ZUBsIjuJ.jpg light on a still, cold night.
g1/68/601668/3/132294245.WUy9VNV6.jpg Ossington Snow Tonight. Queen West, Toronto
T.V. Graffitti limbs and sky g3/68/601668/3/124983994.1hoGpnUe.jpg
Rainy evening, Queen West g3/68/601668/3/122361044.bfqMuubF.jpg and it's air conditioned
Toronto Street Art g3/68/601668/3/124929963.NCln83Zt.jpg Obama shirt
Queen West, Toronto o6/68/601668/1/125946118.YmUpVJ91.125946118.PKpKYgyc.chair.jpg Blue and White
g1/68/601668/3/106409082.xwBns5no.jpg alley entrance g1/68/601668/3/107285647.gXQypPJ6.jpg
Roncesvalles Queen West at Dusk g1/68/601668/3/127571217.ZsEhejsC.jpg
Third day of snow g3/68/601668/3/121524718.yKaJPDdP.jpg Liberty Village, Toronto
Kensington Market, Toronto g4/68/601668/3/133326656.lyCJh93R.jpg g5/68/601668/3/119114977.2ly0ml5I.jpg