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Night in Old Quebec City

Quebec City is even more beautiful at night than during the day.
Bright lights, no crowds wandering on little streets, no cars, no noise.
People dining in patios on streets.
Great place to enjoy night stroll and take some pictures.
Feel free to comment and critique.

g9/04/463304/3/152367617.z7LP8YR3.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152367129.6db7tbT6.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152345593.Qdc4qcXd.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152329462.gmkJog52.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152327603.2mX8ySvJ.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152326235.0FdpMA1O.jpg
g9/04/463304/3/152214068.H6Qi4GiB.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152205972.34lpzKTV.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152272283.LHpftwK6.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152278807.cKXVp8sq.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152222962.neO9dH0L.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152179369.1G6mki5O.jpg
g9/04/463304/3/152315176.bSHUkvud.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152224621.j2UVGwvp.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152225846.1UmyXjoV.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152298976.5lqEcSbw.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152220827.tExaDi4J.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152268658.xqYT5SgG.jpg
g9/04/463304/3/152289320.F4iws3Ua.jpg Information Center on Palce D'Arms
Information Center on Palce D'Arms
g9/04/463304/3/152190877.3BBne2kI.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152184756.ynj5GphK.jpg Horse Carriage on Saint Louis Street.
Horse Carriage on Saint Louis Street.
g9/04/463304/3/152237816.aVK3htnY.jpg Petit Champlain
Petit Champlain
g9/04/463304/3/152152732.dmeh3ahH.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152284945.KotAcSBX.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152186264.zWmKIzcO.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152178693.Zo0Zc7lm.jpg
g9/04/463304/3/152193179.qcfpmBQH.jpg Musee Du Fort
Musee Du Fort
Mural in Lower Town
Mural in Lower Town
Lower Town
Lower Town
g9/04/463304/3/152288962.00eFCx75.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152152734.SUlIz51n.jpg
g9/04/463304/3/152234067.8JyPiGiQ.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152208297.MW5IGhPw.jpg Place Royale, Lower Town
Place Royale, Lower Town
g9/04/463304/3/152216588.oqh6tlpS.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152251281.qNBN0i9P.jpg Place D'Arms
Place D'Arms
Chateau Frontenac
Chateau Frontenac
Fairmount Chateau Frontenac
Fairmount Chateau Frontenac
View on Lower Town
View on Lower Town
g9/04/463304/3/152301368.fqXKM7Kj.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152284282.Hj4Smvfc.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152152729.fYSYM2Ko.jpg
Streets of Upper Town
Streets of Upper Town
g9/04/463304/3/152152727.LLUk2zXZ.jpg Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, Vieux Quebec
Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, Vieux Quebec
g9/04/463304/3/152288674.VUV3vqd4.jpg Midnight in Quebec
Midnight in Quebec
g9/04/463304/3/152168060.1BGMY8Oo.jpg Samuel Du Champlain Statue.
Samuel Du Champlain Statue.
g9/04/463304/3/152244620.3mM34b4A.jpg g9/04/463304/3/152261202.UvnLCKBp.jpg Fontaine de Tourny
Fontaine de Tourny
Beach Boys Concert at Expo Quebec
Beach Boys Concert at Expo Quebec