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Golden Hour Gallery

Photos taken just before, during, and just after sunrises and sunsets
(my favorite times of the day for photography).

Many more of my photos taken during golden hour can also be found in my 'Fog, Ground Fog & Mist Gallery'
which can be viewed here.

Be aware that while some of these photos were taken directly of the sun, I am always extremely careful (as everyone
should be) to never look directly at the sun and to never leave the camera pointed at it for any longer than needed to take
the shot. Eyes and cameras can easily be permanently damaged if this kind of photography is not shot with great care.

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Gemmels Point Sunrise 20121109 Joshua Tree Rocks At Dawn 25425 2013 'Supermoon' DSCF05013 Winter Sunrise 32513
Pastoral Sunrise 20140604 Aransas Bay Sunrise 20090129 Sunrise Fishing 20140627 Sunset Clouds 10390
Parked Freight Train At Sunrise 20150227 Great Blue Heron At Sunrise DSCN26426-7 Rustic Building At Sunrise 20140226 White Pelicans In Sunrise 36225
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20121123 Trees At Sunrise 13124 Sunset Sunrays 09343 Train To Nowhere 20140703
Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130312 Country Sunrise 20140722 Big Cloud 13027-8 Otter Creek Sunrise 06289-90
Old Slys Overflow 33735-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise  DSCF10790-2 Sunset Sunrays DSCF01587 Edmonds Dam At Sunrise 23031-2
Rideau Canal Sunset P1010064-6 Skinners Pond Dunes At Sunset 27270 Otter Lake At Sunrise 29766 Rideau River At Sunset 20110429
Swale Boathouse In Sunset 23970-2 Full Moon & Grain Elevator At Sunrise 16998 CN Engine 1112 (20130811) Incoming Snow Clouds 20130321
Merrickville Locks At Sunrise 20140830 Sunrise Glow DSCF4538-40 Main Street At Dawn 20141102 Otter On Ice At Sunrise 20150412
Irish Creek Dawn 20110621 Four Bales At Sunrise DSCF08717 Rideau Canal Sunrise 22263-4 Open Water Sunrise Reflection 20130311
Barn & Corn In Sunrise 39168-9 Irish Creek Sunrise 20121120 Rideau River At Sunset 20120626 Snowscape At Sunrise 20120227
Swimming Beaver At Sunrise 20140423 Wolford Chapel Steeple At Dawn 01712 Powderhorn Lake At Sunset 30452 Pines At Sunrise 20140121
Rideau Canal Sunrise 16572-5 Red Sun Rising 20130624 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130707 Autumn Barn At Sunrise 37552
Arizona Sunset 74957 Headlands At Sunrise 27609-10 Harvest Moon Rising Over The Rideau DSCF18352-4 Sunset Rainbow 01037-9
Frosty Sunrise 20111219 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120827 Heritage House Museum At Sunrise DSCN43183-5 Snowscape At Sunrise 32581
Blowing In The Wind 20131114 Arizona Sunrise 74889 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130816 Snowy Field Lane 20120111
Clouded Sunrise P1320968-74 Rideau Canal Sunset 08915 Sylvan Sunrise 20120817 Sunrise Reflection P1020827
The Narrows At Sunrise 00778-9 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131208 Pines In Sunrise 20140508 Boathouse At Sunrise DSCF06667-9
Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise 30772 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20130725 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120514 PEPSI At Sunrise 20140128
Moon & Pine At Sunrise 20130309 Country Sunrise 20130830 PEI Sunset 27435-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120823
Thawing Canal Sunrise 20130216 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140611 Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20140331 Mustang Island Sunrise 45023
PEI Sunrise 27024 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130207 Sunrise From Kilmarnock Island 20140326 Here Comes The Sun 10531-2
Dawn Moon Over Otter Lake 20140217 Canal In Autumn Sunrise 20140927 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 28784 Swale Sunrise 20130630
Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 20130204 Almost A Sunrise 20131123 Equine Sunrise 20141006 Clouded Sunrise 20130921
'Rush Hour' Traffic 20131003 Barn At Sunrise 20120719 Almost A Sunrise 20140118 Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 20130317
Sunrise Birds 20140327 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130903 Arizona At Sunrise 78203-4 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140209
Red Barn At Sunrise 20140403 Autumn Landscape At Sunrise 28790 Rideau River Rainbow At Sunset 01342 Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 20140109
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130610 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120523 The 6:22 Train To Toronto 20141105 Equine Pals At Sunrise P1010078-80
Sunset Clouds & Sunrays 00229 Desert Sunset 76016-9 Moon Over Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370116-22 Sunstruck Trees P1010843-7
Rideau Canal Sunset 25646 Rideau Canal At Dawn 20120517 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140407 New Equine Pals P1070905-6
Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20150313 Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise 20121206 Winter Sunrise Cloud 90D15346 Setting Moon 20140712
Autumn Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN00063-5 Equine Pals At Sunrise 20141031 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131007 Sunrise Ripples 20131103
Heron At Sunrise P1090476 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140505 Autumn Wetlands At Sunrise P20140926 CP Engine 2277 At Sunrise DSCN25936-8
Wolford Chapel At Dawn P1050628-30 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF4677-8 Rural Sunrise DSCF11106-8 Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1000997-9
Swan At Sunrise 20140406 Equine Pal At Sunrise P1070206 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030575-7 Sunrise Solar Pillar 20131109
Rideau Canal Sunset DSCN37301-6 Bales At Sunrise 11397-9 Lower Reach Sunrise DSCF19548-50 Brassils Creek At Sunrise 20121125
Sunrise Cloud 20131020 Edmonds Dam At Sunrise 25977-80 Rideau Canal Sunrise 33016-7 Sunrise Line Of Trees 20131111
Dunes At Sunset 27274 Early Morning Mountains 20343 Loon Lake Sunrise 20120825 Rideau Canal Sunrise 38505
Kawartha Voyageur At Sunrise P1160697 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140606 Cold Forage P1010733 Sunrise Barn 34348-53
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140913 Eastbound Freight P1020317 Winterscape At Sunrise 21720 CP 118 Sidetracked At Sunrise DSCN89844
Fishing Boat At Sunrise 53584 Boats In The Basin P1060450 Geese Flotilla At Sunrise 00245,7 Canalside House At Sunrise 33400-3
Smiths Falls Daybreak P1040544-6 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN18979-81 Melting Stream At Sunrise 20140324 Turtle Island Trees At Sunrise P1000159-61
Heron In Murphy Park At Sunrise P1310930 Rideau Canal Sunrise Solar Pillar 20140316 Otter Creek Sunrise P1060824-6 Otter Creek Sunrise 34405-10
Bales At Sunrise 20130721 Woodpecker At Sunrise P1140952 Almost A Sunrise 20130304 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130825
Rideau Canal Sunset Clouds 34859-60 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131025 New Equine Pal At Sunrise P1020463-5 Sunrise Pines 20141101
Sunrise Fishing P1090204-6 Large Cloud At Sunrise DSCF19349-51 Bales & Trees At Sunrise 40191 Barn Under Fiery Sky 38691
Autumn Barn P1100698-700 Landscape At Sunrise 20131006 Rideau Canal Dawn 20130709 Otter On Ice At Sunrise P1020772.4 (crop)
Bales & Sunrise Shadows 20140716 CP Holiday Train 2014 At Sunrise (P1030494-6) Tracks On Otter Lake 20140220 Sunrise Over The Swale P1090847-9
Collapsed Boathouses At Sunset DSCN02448-50 Rideau Canal Sunrise 35316-20 Bufflehead Taking Flight At Sunrise DSCF19318 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140619
Boat At The Detached Lock P1080150-2 Irish Creek Sunrise 26331 Loosey Goosey Sunrise DSCN19935-7 Geese On The Canal At Sunrise 28713
Irish Creek Sunrise 20130909 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190239-45 Swans At Sunrise DSCN11517 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140204
Winter Hutton Creek Sunrise 48115-20 Rideau Canal Sunset 46466-8 Frosty Shoreline At Sunrise P1010566-8 Ice Fishing At Sunrise 20150128
Equine Pals Chilling Out P1010712-4 Sunrise Shadows 28677 Victoria Canal Basin At Sunrise P1470540-6 Autumn Tree At Sunrise P1000799-801
Two Barns At Sunrise 20141103 Red White & Blue Bow 20140724 Rustic Shed At Sunrise 20140211 Otter Creek At Sunrise 20130906
Frosty Sunrise P1030596-02 Loon At Sunset P1050385 Winter Farm At Dawn P1000337-9 Ring-Necked Ducks At Sunrise 20150413
Turtle Island Footbridge At Sunrise P1500966-72 The Swale At Sunrise 20130901 Sunset Clouds P1060185-7 Sunrise Rainbow 76504
Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20140206 Red Sun Rising Balancing Act P1070843 Rideau Canal Sunset 34330-1 Sunrise Fishing 20140719
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140912 Clock Tower In Sunrise Glow P1000451-3 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140404 Canadian Rocky Mountains At Sunrise 17951
St James Anglican At Sunrise 41413 Kawartha Voyageur At Sunset P1310490-2 TSC Store At Dawn 20150303 Little Blue Boat At Sunrise P1110630-2
Otter Creek Sunrise 20120727 Geese At Sunrise DSCN19475 Marsh At Sunrise 31170-2 Anticrepuscular Rays P1170078-80
Swallow On A Wire DSCN06131 Autumn Decaying Barn 20141009 Kennedy Bay Sunrise 25229 Rideau Canal Solar Pillar 37242-3
Tree Row Sunrise Shadows P1180150-6 Crew Change At Sunrise 48984-6 Rideau Canal Sunset P1090826-8 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1020337-41
Mute Swans In Flight At Sunrise P1080674 Banff At Sunrise 18174 Red Sun Rising 36087-9 Clouds At Sunrise P1050113-5
Loon Spreading Its Wings P1080211 Sunrise Cloud DSCN18015-7 Geese On Ice At Sunrise P1010518 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140420
Clouded Sunrise 20140626 Sunrise Color Over The Rideau Canal DSCN30130 Moon Beyond Pine Tree At Sunrise DSCF4587 Hooded Merganser At Sunrise DSCN03940
Early Spring Sunrise P1000420-2 Was It Something I Said? DSCN05376-7 Fishing At Sunrise DSCN27328 Sunrise Sky DSCN26570-5
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20141003 Bales At Sunrise 20120725 Winter Sunrise 40976-7 Rideau Canal Fishermen At Sunrise P1110054
Headlands At Sunrise 27038 White Sands 32157 Sunrise Sunrays 20140609 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140729
Still Waters 20140519 Rideau Canal Sunrise 37000-1 Irish Creek Sunrise P1020980-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140602
Otter Lake Sunset DSCN00895 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise P1120636-8 Horses In Sunrise P1140615-7 Irish Creek Sunrise 20140425
Geese Swimming At Sunrise DSCN06831 'Atlantic Griffon' In Port_P1240116-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN02661-3 Rideau Canal Sunset 20140831
The Narrows At Sunrise 20140907 Winter Sunrise 20140225 Swan At Sunset 28799 Frosty Rideau Waterway Sunrise P1010853-7
Country Sunrise P1200438-40 Rideau Canal Sunset P1030074-6 Autumn Marsh 20140918 Fishing At Sunrise DSCN29374.82
Gazebo & Sunrays P1090719-21 Canadian Mississippi River At Sunrise 41374 The Swale At Sunrise 20140823 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN19563
Setting Flower Moon DSCN07361 American Falls At Sunrise P1200938-42 Row Of Poplars At Sunrise DSCF00916 Sunset Cloud DSCN06282
Big Bend At Sunset 6542 Rideau River Sunrise P1070330-2 Bayside Sunrise 54027 Decaying Barn At Sunrise P1100219-21
Sunrise Cloud 37995-7 Red Sun Rising P1070855 Clouded Sun Over Irish Creek 20130808 Freezing Irish Creek 39658-9
Departing Freight Train At Sunrise DSCN30976 Pasture & Barn In Sunrise P1130036-40 Barn At Sunrise P1020151-5 Irish Creek Sunrise P1070306-8
Irish Creek At Sunrise P1090176-8 Roses Bridge Sunrise P1340741-5 Red Cloud At Sunrise P1090152-4 Migrating Geese Layover At Sunrise 20141121
Holiday Heritage House Museum P1360178-84 Rideau Canal Sunset 46463-5 Perth Clock Tower At Sunrise 20150310 Merrickville Lockstation At Sunrise P1120622-8
Clouded Sunrise 20140805 Equine Pal Posing At Sunrise DSCN05328 Summer Sunrise 20140621 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1420930-6
Moon In Clouds DSCF4546v2 The Swale At Sunrise 20140629 Lower Reach Park At Sunrise P1510212-8 First Boat In The Basin P1210352-4
Frozen Rideau Canal Sunrise 20141208 Canal Lock Gate Cranks At Sunrise P1020501-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130807 Rideau Canal At Dawn 20140623
The 6:22 To Toronto P1270610-2 Winter Sunrise 20140216 Rideau Canal Sunset 34478 Dead Or Alive 20140811
Clouded Sunrise DSCN08643-5 Sunrise Moon P1370111 Barely A Sunrise 20140115 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1370860-6
Here Comes The Sun 20140222 Lake Superior At Sunset 02063 Frosty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060473 Autumn Landscape At Sunrise 20141023
Winter Farmscape At Sunrise 20150309 Sunrise Moon Over Pines 42544-5 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170055-7 Wolford Chapel In Sunrise Glow P1080918-20
Father & Daughter Going Fishing P1320093 Sunrise Geese Flyout P1030671 Freight Train & Station Theatre P1510653-9 Rideau Canal Sunset P1010097-9
Dock Full o'Gulls 37152 Clouded Sun P1040439 Grazing Horses At Sunrise P1420326-32 Big Bend At Sunset 6580
Frosty Riverside Foliage At Sunrise DSCN18195-7 Turtle Island At Sunrise P1220278-83 Red Sun Rising 20140905 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1180627-33
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN13718-20 Irish Creek Sunrise P1370544-50 Rideau Canal Dawn 36147-9 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1040674-6
Irish Creek Clouded Sunrise 20130907 Sunset Storm Clouds 20755 Five Horses At Sunrise P1170956-8 Lower Reach Park Sunrise DSCN07383-8
Clouded Sunrise P1370586-92 A Middle Of The Road Sunrise P1010753-7 Frosty Rideau Waterway Sunrise P1010878-82 Sunrise Tracks 20131214
Winter Sunrise P1180492-8 'Hotel' 46305-10 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1320108-14 Sunset Cloud Bank DSCN00891-3
Sunrise Clouds P1210682-4 Winter Sunrise 20130219 Moon Setting Into Sunrise Cloud Bank DSCN24132-3 Big Rideau Lake In Autumn Sunrise DSCF4955
November Snowscape 20141118 Rideau Canal Dawn 20150103 Moon & Osprey At Sunrise P1110591 Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1290702-8
Sunrise Sunrays DSCF4544-5 Sunrise Freight Train 48963 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030548-50 Distant Weaver's Needle Near Sunset 82218
Trees In Sunrise Glow P1480114-18 2016 Strawberry Moon At Sunrise P1080092-8 Overnighting Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1390271-7 Irish Creek Sunrise P1020716-8
Setting Flower Moon DSCN07374 Bosque At Sunrise 73373 Winter Horses At Sunrise P1240261-3 Buffleheads At Sunrise 20150415
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