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Fog, Ground Fog & Mist Gallery

Fog can occur almost any time, but ground fog and mist usually occur around sunrise and sometimes sunset and are my favorite conditions for photography.

Many more of my photos taken during golden hour but without ground fog and mist can also be found in my ’Golden Hour Gallery'
which can be viewed here.

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Fogbow Over The Swale DSCN02091.7 Foggy Victoria Basin P1460109-15 Foggy Victoria Basin At Sunrise P1460011-7 Fog Moving In At Sunrise P1450926-30
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1450779 Fog Wave At Sunrise P1450560-2 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1450393-9 Belated Harvest Moon P1450386-92
Gemmells Point In Misty Sunrise P1450345-51 Roses Bridge In Foggy Sunrise P1450317-23 Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1450282-8 Row Of Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1450228-34
Sun Rising Through Ground Fog P1450207-3 The 6:22 Torontobound In Fog P1450174 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1450166-72 Rideau Canal Sunrise Mist & Ground Fog P1450124-8
Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn P1440859-65 Early Morning Fishing P1440818 Barn in Sunrise Ground Fog P1440796-02 Red Barn In Sunrise Ground Fog P1440719-25
Three Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1000615-7 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1440691-7 Ground Fog Beyond Dead Tree P1440570-4 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1440246
Heron On An Overflow Dam At Sunrise P1440193 Trees In Sunrise Mist & Ground Fog P1440079-85 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1440072-8 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1440051-7
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1440016-22 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1440003-5 Clouds At Sunrise P1430866-72 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1430673-9
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1430635-41 Decaying Barn In Ground Fog P1430609-11 Misty Foggy Sunrise P1430422-8 Geese Flying Above Sunrise Fog P1430402-5
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1430341-3 Tree Row At Sunrise P1430141-7 Bales & Ground Fog P1420767-73 Disc Plow In Sunrise Ground Fog P1420725-31
Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise P1420573-9 Fishing In Sunrise Mist P1420545-51 Foggy Sunrise P1420489-95 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1420428-32
Sunrise Ground Fog P1420223-5 Sunrise Ground Fog P1420211-3 Clouded Foggy Sunrise P1420183 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1420144-50
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1420032-8 Strawberry Moon Setting P1410810-6 Foggy Sunrise P1410804 Silos In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1410734
Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1410634-8 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1410472 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1410348-54 Fog Beyond Spring Trees P1130556-8
Three Horses On A Foggy Morning P1400892-8 Foggy Otter Creek P1400836-49 Otter Creek In Sunrise Fog P1400806 Horse & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1400767-72
Misty Rideau Canal In Foggy Sunrise P1400709-15 Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1400547-51 Foggy Sunrise At Otter Creek P1400464-6 Rail Yard Office Building On A Foggy Night P1390790-4
Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90BW Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90 Sunrise Ground Fog At The Swale P1390082-4 Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1390017-23
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070325-31 Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1070297-03 Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070283-9 Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070262-8
Misty Rideau River Clouded Sunrise P1060863-69 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060661-7 Edmonds Lockmaster's House At Sunrise P1380425-31 Confederation Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1380036-42
Carss House Roofline Beyond Canal Basin Mist P1380015-21 Frosty Fallen Tree In Sunrise Mist P1370979-85 Rideau River Sunrise Frost P1370937-43 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1370881-7
Departing Train On A Foggy Night P1050027-9 Tanker Cars On A Foggy Night P1050021-7 Misty Rideau River Sunrise P1040759-65 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1040731-7
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360220-6 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360192-8 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360185-91 Frosty Landscape P1030539-44
Freezing Fog Along Otter Creek P1030512-4 Freezing Fog P1030511v2 Frosty Landscape P1030500-2 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030497-9
Car In Ground Fog P1340659-61 Cars In Ground Fog P1340649-5 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1340517 Foggy Roses Bridge Sunrise P1340477-83
Three Horses In Misty Sunrise P1340461-3 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1340455-7 Skein of Geese At Sunrise P1340439-45 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1340432-8
Misty Water & Patchy Ground Fog At Sunrise_P1340408-10 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1340290-2 Railway Tracks Into Fog At Sunrise P1340245-9 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1340017-23
Ground Fog Beyond Horse At Sunrise P1330604-10 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1330597-03 Sunrise Patchy Ground Fog P1330586-8 Otter Lake At Sunrise P1330569-71
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330494-00 Three Trees In Sunrise Fog P1330484 Sunrise Over Misty Cornfield P1330459-65 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330439-45
Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330383-5 Clouded Sunrise P1330229-35 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1330197-9 Ground Fog Beyond Barn P1330143-5
Sunrise Over A Misty Cornfield P1330040-6 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1320866-72 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1320831-7 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1320800-6
Anchored Boat At Sunrise P1320454-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1320380-6 Barns In Sunrise Ground Fog P1320138-40 Geese On Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28273-5
Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28243-5 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1320006-12 Four Bales In Foggy Sunrise P1310842-4 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1310839-41
Two Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310809-11 Foggy Farm P1310776-8 Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310764-6 Church In Misty Clouded Sunrise DSCN26943-5
Misty Rideau Canal From Afar At Sunrise DSCN26387-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN25879-81 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN25864-6 Sunrise Fog DSCN25846-8
Edmonds Canal Cut DSCN25822-4 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN25809 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN25080-2 Moon Over Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1310629-33
Solar-Powered Fishing Boat At Sunrise DSCN24836 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1310442-6 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1310433-5 Emerging From A Sunrise Ground Fog P1310161-3
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1310105-11 Misty Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1300656-62 Moon & Geese Over Misty Kilmarnock P1300577-9 Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1300544-6
Sunrise Ground Fog P1300443-9 Foggy Dawn Crew Change P1300054 The 6:22 Torontobound In A Foggy Dawn P1300043-5 Edmonds Mist At Sunrise DSCN18569-71
Sunrise Coloring Mist DSCN18563-5 Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1290079-85 Rideau River Winter Sunrise DSCN18482-4 Mist Over Edmonds At Sunrise DSCN18440-2
Freezing Fog At Sunrise DSCN18400 Sunrise Ground Fog P1260864-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260821-7 Trees In Autumn Fog DSCN15939-41
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260377-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260371-3 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1260332-4 Sunrise Sunrays P1260275-91
Roadside Grass In Sunrise Mist P1260256 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1260253 Misty Rideau Canal P1260150-6 Fiery Fog P1260087-93
Rideau Canal Sunrise Fog P1260084 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1250981 Back Road On A Foggy Morning P1250973 Barn In Sunrise Fog P1250885-7
Foggy Otter Creek At Sunrise P1250852 Sunrise Sunrays DSCN15102-4 Sunrise Sunrays Through Ground Fog DSCN15090-2 Old Barn In Foggy Sunrise P1250598-604
Tree & Bale In Foggy Sunrise P1250445-51 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1250311-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1240071-3 Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240050-6
Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240043-9 Clouded Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1230996-03 Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise Mist & Fog P1230929-31
Clouded Sunrise P1230674-80 Barn At Sunrise P1230259-61 Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8 Trees In Sunrise Fog DSCN13690-2
Bales & Barn In Sunrise Fog DSCN13681 Ground Fog Along Irish Creek DSCN13657-9 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1220849-55 Bales In Sunrise P1220817-9
Tree In Sunrise Fog P1220790-6 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1220685-91 Sunrise Ground Fog P1220643-9 Night Transforming Into Day P1220613-5
Fog Layer & Barn At Sunrise P1220459-65 Church & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1220251-7 Sunrise Sunrays P1220182-8 Sunrise Sunrays P1220141-7
Tanker Train In Dawn Fog P1220062 Dead Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN10665-7 Sunrise Through Niagara Falls Mist P1200627 VIA Rail Station In Fog P1190510
Misty Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN06059-61 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN06044-6 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN06038-40 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN06032-4
Sunlit Tree Rising Above Ground Fog DSCN05477 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN05436-8 Foggy Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN05400 Foggy Sunrise At Roses Bridge DSCN05298-300
Ground Fog Sunrise DSCN05280-2 Sunrise Fog DSCN05250-2 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN03515 Train In Fog P1160082
Train In Fog P1160070 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150670-1 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150664 Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150654
Foggy Night At The Rail Yard P1150648-9 Foggy Night At The CPR Rail Yard Office Building P1150529-31 Foggy Night At The VIA Station P1150518-20 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1150449-51
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1150434-6 Rideau Canal Fog At Sunrise DSCN00399 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150145-51 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150103-9
Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1150075-80 Old Barn In Ground Fog P1150047 Trees In Ground Fog P1150005 Autumn Ground Fog P1140070
Misty Sunrise P1140028-30 Gemmels Point In Sunrise Fog P1130877-9 Autumnscape P1130337-9 Autumnscape Ground Fog P1130313-5
Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1130017-23 Sunrise Ground Fog P1120763-7 Sunrise Ground Fog P1120757-9 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1120745-7
Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120696-702 Fogged Sunrise P1110888-93 Fog On The Water At Sunrise P1110850-2 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1110799
Rideau Canal Fogged Sunrise P1110759-63 Otter Creek Fogged Sunrise P1110749-53 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1110702-4 Island In Fog & Mist At Sunrise P1110678
Sunrise Ground Fog P1110554-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110510-2 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110491-7 Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist P1110437-9
Sunrise Ground Fog P1110393-5 Fogged Sunrise P1110373-7 Fogged Sunrise P1110352-8 Distant Fog On Upper Rideau Lake P1110315
Incoming Fog Bank P1110262-4 Foggy Sunrise At Edmonds Lockstation P1110238-40 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1110204-10 Geese Over Misty Otter Lake P1110163-4
Sheep Island In Mist Beyond Boat P1110089 Misty Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1110082 Otter Creek Sunrise Mist P1110015 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100867-9
Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1100740-2 Bales In Ground Fog P1100676 Suspended Fog At Sunrise P1100667 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100489-94
Sturgeon Moon Over Ground Fog P1100469-71 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100136-8 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1090745-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1090736-8
Sunrise Ground Fog P1090357 Freight Train In Wisp Of Mist P1090300-2 Sunrise Ground Fog P1090273-5 Field Into Fog At Sunrise P1090113
Young Couple Going Sunrise Fishing P1090071 Foggy Gemmels Point P1080719-21 Irish Creek In Misty Sunrise P1080250-2 Irish Creek In Misty Sunrise P1080244-6
Bales In Sunrise Mist P1080210-2 Bales In Sunrise Mist P1080198-200 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1080010-6 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1070988-90
Sunrise In Ground Fog P1070386-8 Fence & Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1070366-72 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1070291-3 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1070285-7
Kilmarnock Bridge In Foggy Sunrise P1060632-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060610-4 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060603-7 Irish Creek Sunrise P1060004-6
Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1050864-6 Misty Foggy Otter Creek P1050629-35 Sunrise Sunrays P1050561 Sunrise Sunrays P1050557-9
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