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Canadian Shield Gallery

The Canadian Shield (also called the Precambrian Shield, or Laurentian Shield, or Laurentian Plateau) is now a vast area of scenic sparsely-populated forest-covered rocky hills that was originally a region of very large mountains (the ancient Grenvilles) and some volcanic activity, but over the eons the area was eroded. Mountains have deep 'roots' and float on the denser mantle below, much like icebergs at sea. As mountains erode, their roots rise, and are slowly eroded as well. The rock that now forms the surface of the Canadian Shield was once far below the earth's surface and is some of the oldest surface rock on earth, hundreds of millions to billions of years old. The hills of the Shield contain many lakes, rivers, wetlands, and outcrops and I am fortunate to live within a fairly short drive of them. Click here for further information on the Shield.

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Winter Marsh DSCN87889 Yak Licking Its Nose DSCN87132 1000 Islands Gallery 2004
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Winter Autumn Leaves DSCN45557 Abandoned 09314
Above Kakabeka Falls A Dying Breed 20120422 Along Wolfe Lake 32777 Always Room For One More
Autumn Amid Winter 20100118 Autumn Back Road 16881 Autumn Back Road 17915 Autumn Backroad 20100924
Autumn Backroad 20100926 Autumn Backroad 22861 Autumn Backroad 22962-3 Autumn Backroad 23231
Autumn Backroad 23259 Autumn Backroad 23262 Autumn Backroad DSCF09775 Autumn Back Road DSCF10496-8
Autumn Back Road DSCN15955 Autumn Back Road P1010003 Autumn Back Road P1100499-501 Autumn Back Road P1210009-11
Autumn Barn 02020 Autumn Barn 17665 Autumn Barn 17884 Autumn Barn 20120927
Autumn Barn 23582 Autumn Barn 24052 Autumn Barn 24195 Autumn Barns 29432
Autumn Birches 20111010 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16687 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16783 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16797-9
Autumn Landscape 17721 Autumn Landscape 24188 Autumn Landscape 28328-9 Autumn Landscape 29423
Autumn Landscape 29492 Autumn Landscape DSCF00213 Autumn Landscape DSCF09956 Autumn Landscape DSCF10073
Autumn Landscape DSCF18598-600 Autumn Lane 28324 Autumn Leaves 17727 Autumn Leaves 17889
Autumn Marsh 22974 Autumn Marsh 22978 Autumn Marsh 23278-80 Autumn Marsh 29397
Autumn Marsh DSCF09764 Autumn Marsh P1100418-20 Autumn Parking Lot 24047 Autumn Reflections 17636
Autumn River 20070925 Autumn Road 20101001 Autumn Roadside DSCF10127 Autumn Scene 20111011
Autumn Shed 17896 Autumn Shoreline DSCF09769 Autumn Trail 17538 Autumn Tree 30332
Autumn Trees 23248-9 Autumn Woods 29886 Backlit Autumn Sumac 17592 Backlit Heron 15160
Backlit Wildflower 20110711 Back Road Shadows DSCF11526-8 Backroad Sunrise 20110402 Barn Near Luskville Falls 14681
Barn Windows 20050510 Bear On A Bridge 02357 Beaver Dam Bee Fly In Flight 25686
Below Kakabeka Falls Beside Jones Creek 8783 Big Hawk Lake Shoreline 67443 Birch Grove 03290
Birch Lane 02027 Black-eyed Susan 20110707 Bluegill Fish Boardwalk Leaf
Boat by Ottawa River Boathouse Window 08162 Broad Side Of A Barn 08054 Buck Lake 34387
Bug Below A Budding Flower 25705 Buttermilk Falls Sluiceway 67430 Camp Fortune 12871-2 Canadian Shield Autumnscape P1190234-6
Canadian Shield Landscape DSCF00180-1 Canadian Shield Landscape DSCF02360 Canadian Shield Marsh DSCF00269-70 Canadian Shield Scene 20215
Canadian Shield Scene 26260 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02904 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02908 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02915
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02917 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02925 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02945 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02952
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02960 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02963 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02973 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02985
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02995 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02999 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03006 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03007
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03012 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03019 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03020 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03023
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03031 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03038 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03051 Canal Boathouses 15179
Canoe Skeleton 03395 Canyon Sainte Anne 42399 Canyon Sainte Anne 42419 Canyon Sainte Anne 42437
Canyon Sainte Anne 42439 Canyon Sainte Anne 42464 Carmel United Church Center Eardley Church 14701-4
Chaffey's Mill At Sunrise 01180 Charleston Lake At Sunrise 21560 Charleston Lake Sunrise 20100829 Chipmunk
Christ Church 17791 Country Lane 26162 Cow Moose with Calf 20090705 Cross Road Wetland DSCN16758-60
Curious Cow 20120824 Curious Cows P1190255 Curious Moose 02916 Curious Moose 02925
Curious Moose 02925 (crop) Curious Moose 02928 Curious Moose 02932 Dead Trees 67473
Deer & Bale 26266 Deer Head 21472 Deux Rivieres At Sunrise 49702 Deux Rivieres At Sunrise 49732
Deux Rivieres Sunrise 20090621 Dock Bumper 23246 Doe & Yearling 21460 Down By The Stream 01283
Dragonfly 00566 Dragonfly 00591 Droopy Black-eyed Susan 25651 Duck Near Canoe 20050914
Early Autumn Trees 67468 Eye of the Totem 20050915 Fall River In Winter 32630 Flat-faced Longhorn Beetle 00856
Flower Bed 03639 Forest Clearing 17598 Forest Ferns Four Birches 49550
Friendly Llama 20120407 Front Door 2997-8 Frontenac Axis 15211 Frontenac Axis At Sunset 17689-90
Frontenac Axis Near Sunset 17638-41 Frontenac Axis Scene 15195 Frontenac Axis Scene 15213 Frontenac Axis Scene 20100326
Frontenac Axis Sunset 20100619 Frontenac Axis Waterscape DSCF12022-4 Frontenac Axis Winter Scene 34391 Frozen Lake 06155
Frozen Loon Lake 34379 Frozen Meech Lake 20100117 Goose in Flight Green Boathouse 05182
Gull In Flight 12521 Gull River At Sunrise 14304 Gull River At Sunrise 20110814 Haliburton Highlands Marsh 67377
Halls Lake 67428 Heading For The Hills 02363 Heron In Flight 20110909 Heron Over Loon Lake 26235
Heron Takeoff Heron Taking Flight 15191
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