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Blue Hour Gallery

"Blue Hour" is the period of twilight early in dawn each morning and late dusk each evening when the sun is at a significant
distance below the horizon and the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue. During the blue "hour"
(typically the period is about 40 minutes in length), red light passes straight into space while blue light is scattered in the
atmosphere and therefore reaches the earth's surface. Because of the quality of the light, this period is prized by artists.

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Flower Moon Beyond Kilmarnock Island 90D112590 Weak 20240510 Aurora At Dusk 90D111252 20240510 Aurora Beyond Rideau River 90D111232 CPKC 113 Departing At Dawn 90D111620
20240510 Aurora First Glimmer 90D111209 VIA Rail Siemens Charger Departing 90D109539 VIA Rail Siemens Charger Approaching 90D109517 Spring Runoff In Old Mill Channel 90D110334
CPKC 113 Departing At Dawn 90D108947 Rainy Beckwith Street At Dawn 90D109032-5 CPKC 113 Deparing In Rain At Dawn 90D109018 CN 3144 CPKC 113 Mid-DPU At Dawn 90D108199
VIA Rail Train 41 At Dawn 90D105670 Crescent Moon Beyond The Victoria Basin At Dawn 90D105331-5 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Queen Street 90D104626 VIA Rail Train 41 At Dawn 90D104051
VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Into Town 90D103870 VIA Rail Train 41 Arriving At Dawn 90D103382 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Queen Street At Dawn 90D102687 Lower Reach Park Winter Wonderland 90D95335
Beckwith Street Bridge & Water Tower 90D100897-01 Winter Centennial Park At Dawn 90D100067-71 2023-4 Celebration Of Lights At Dawn 90D98577-81 Winter Victoria Basin At Dawn 90D97248
Walking In The Rain 90D97062 Torontobound VIA Rail Train 41 Departing At Dawn 90D95652 Festive CN 1112 Steam Engine 90D93730-4 Festive CN 1112 Steam Engine At Dawn (iPhone14-2741)
VIA Rail 41 Passing CPKC Holiday Train 90D94418 Clouded Dawn 90D93018-22 KCS 4538 Former Mid-DPU 90D93123-7 Water Tower At Dawn 90D93193-7
VIA Rail Train 41 Departing At Dawn 90D93383 New VIA Fleet Train 41 In The Rail Yard 90D92437 VIA New Fleet Train 41 Departing 90D91667 Crescent Moon Beyond The Rail Yard At Dawn 90D91977
CP 7010 Heritage Script Lettering At Dawn 90D91500-4 New VIA Fleet Train 41 In Rain 90D91646 New VIA Fleet Train 41 Entering Rail Yard At Dawn 90D91637 CPKC Train With Only KCS Power At Dawn 90D90135
Clouded Crescent Moon & Venus Beyond Turtle Island 90D89060-4 Autumn Rideau Canal Dawn 90D89130-4 CPKC & VIA 90D86592-6 Venus Beyond Centennial Park At Dawn 90D88072-6
VIA 41 Passing CP 113 (iPhone14-2294) Old Mill Road Open Again (iPhone14-2213) Kawartha Voyageur Reflected At Dusk 90D83887-91 Kawartha Voyageur Reflected At Dusk 90D83942-6
'IOTEL' At Dawn 90D81289 Venus Beyond Freight Train At Dawn 90D82253-7 Turtle Island At Dawn (iPhone14-2115) Water Tower At Dawn Beyond Trees Turning Red (iPhone14-2203)
Two Westbound Freight Trains At Dawn 90D83417-21 CP Ethanol Train 528 Entering Rail Yard At Dawn 90D80578 2023 Blue Moon Beyond Duck Island Footbridge 90D79949-53 Turtle Island At Dawn 90D78314-8
Water Tower At Dawn (iPhone14-2021) Eastbound Freight Train Stopped For Crew Change (iPhone14-1855) Westbound Freight Train Crew Change At Dawn (iPhone14-1880) Bandstand With Holiday Lights 90D75304-8
Ornge Helicopter At Dusk 90D75527 Ornge Air Ambulance On Helipad At Dusk 90D75552 Eastbound CP 8140 Approaching In Fog 90D72735 The 'IOTEL' At Dawn 90D67581
Old Barn At First Light 90D71804 Smiths Falls Bandstand 90D70535-9 Venus, Contrail, Waxing Crescent Moon 90D66429 Clouded Moonset Beyond Lower Reach 90D63169
Water Tower Lit Blue For World Autism Month 90D61210-4 Barn At Dawn 90D62899-03 CP 8748 Westbound At Dawn 90D60176 KCS 4092 Mid-DPU Westbound At Dawn 90D60224
CP 112 Awaiting Crew Change At Dawn 90D58309-13 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Dawn 90D58573-7 Clouded Full Worm Moon Beyond Beckwith Street Bridge 90D57620-4 Eastbound Hopper Car Train At First Light 90D57413-7
20230228-Winter storm Beckwith Street Bridge 90D56567-71 Railway Signal Lights At Dawn 90D55875-9 Duck Island Footbridge In Steam Fog At Dawn 90D56342-6 Frosty Turtle Island In Steam Fog At Dawn 90D56240-4
Frosty Trees At First Light 90D56276-80 Steam Fog Beyond Turtle Island At Dawn 90D56255-9 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Falling Snow At Dawn 90D55868 Moon At Dawn 90D55519
Departing Westbound Freight Train Rear DPU 90D54701 Duck Island Footbridge In Winter Wonderland 90D53865-9 Westbound Freight Train Kicking Up Snow 90D54310 20230125-6 Winter Storm Snowbanks 90D53012
The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Falling Snow Before Dawn 90D51560 Westbound CP 8714 Rear DPU At First Light 90D51675 Moon Beyond Old Barn At Dawn 90D51312-21 Turtle Island At Dawn 90D48187-91
2022-23 Celebration Of Lights Reflected 90D49381-5 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Dawn 90D48501 Crescent Moon Beyond Turtle Island At Dawn 90D48357-61 Winter Centennial Park At Dawn 90D48455-9
Barn Light At First Light 90D47141 Old Barn At Dawn 90D47476-80 2022 CP Holiday Train Departing At Dawn 90D45156 Westbound Freight Train In Red Dawn 90D45181
Crescent Moon Beyond Departing VIA Rail Train 41 (90D43957) 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Dawn 90D44251 Duck Island Footbridge At Dawn 90D43412-6 Halloween Lights 90D39103-7
Crescent Moon Beyond The Rideau Canal At Dawn DSCN113827-9 Autumn Le Boats At First Light 90D38205-9 Hunters In Boat At First Light 90D36323 Passenger & Freight Trains At Dawn 90D37649
The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound At Dawn 90D36205 Tower Crane Lights At First Light 90D36179-83 Two Geese Flying Toward Waning Crescent Moon 90D35853 Tower Crane Lights 90D35920-4
Chambers Street Subway At Dawn 90D32846-50 Sturgeon Moon Beyond Footbridge Over The Rideau Canal 90D31742-6 Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D30728-32 Westbound Freight Train At Dawn 90D30371
CP 8169 At Dawn 90D30278 Crescent Moon Beyond Rideau Canal 90D30083-7 CP 113 Arriving At Dawn 90D28683 Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27947
Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27931 Daylight Moon DSCN99354 Boats In The Basin At Dawn 90D26455-9 Boat Beyond Centennial Park Fountains 90D24377-80
Westbound CP 8120 In Fog 90D23352 Russell Street East At Dawn 90D18702-6 Crescent Moon Between Snow Squall Clouds 90D18373 The 6:22 Train Torontobound 90D17298
Setting March Worm Moon Partly Obscured 90D17046 The 6:22 Train Torontobound 90D16175 Freezing Fog Beyond Beckwith Street Bridge 90D15526-30 Moon Over Fog Bank Beyond Centennial Park 90D13259-63
Mist Rising Beyond Frosty Turtle Island 90D13174-8 Combined Lock Office In Freezing Fog 90D13129-33 Moon Over Foggy Frozen Combined Lock 90D13144-8 Smiths Falls at Blue Hour
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Festive CP 6591 At Dawn 90D12041-5 2021-22 Celebration Of Lights 90D12031-5 Holiday Heritage House Museum At Dawn 90D10810-4 Holiday Heritage House Museum At Dawn 90D10840-4
Holiday Heritage House Museum At Dawn 90D10825-9 Copano Bay Bridge In Twilight 52033 Golden Gate, Moon & Venus At Twilight 23139.49 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Dawn 90D10579-83
Festive CP 6591 At Dawn 90D10564-8 Moon Over 2021 Celebration of Lights 90D10554-8 2021 Celebration of Lights iPhone0793 2021 Celebration of Lights iPhone0794
2021 Celebration of Lights iPhone0796-7 2021 Celebration Of Lights 90D10284 Clara Barton's House 20060429 Red Heron 20070109
Pier In First Light Fog 47202 Pier At Dawn 48315 Pier In First Light 20061214 Broad Street at Dusk2
Charleston Steeple Lighthouse & Moon 1921 Beach Volleyball At First Light 20061225 Broad Street at Dusk
Park Bench In First Light 20091212 Park In First Light 20091124 Along Ontario Street 20060503 Desert Moonset 20071124
Pier In First Light 46964 National Art Gallery at Dusk Pier In First Light Fog 20090213 Light At The End Of The Road - Take 2 (20100410)
French Quarter Hotel 3923 Canadian Rockies at Sunset 20050920 Dauphin Island Under Moonlight 56080 Moon Over the Scugog River2
Tree Shadows At Dawn 20110117 Banff in Predawn 17128 Shack By The Water 20100321 Pier Reflections
Broad Street Christmas Lights Faux Lighthouse 20051016 St John Catholic Church 20101127 Chateau Laurier
Pier At Dawn 48050 Louise Bourgeois's 'Maman' 20080707 Calm River Dawn 20080809 Sparks Street 09862-3
Thousand Islands Bridge At Twilight 20111031 Kingston City Hall & Old Train Station Moon Over Heritage House 20110330 Bank Street Canal Bridge 20080726
Cloud & Moon 20071207 Peace Tower at Twilight 20050509 Log House At First Light 20101224 Mission Espiritu Santo At Night 44098
Cloud Over Sudbury 20090721 Park At Dawn 20091126 School Bus Park 20110126 Along East Bay Street at Dusk
Just Before The Eclipse 84167 Rainbow Over The Moon 20080615 Farm In First Light 07229-31 Park In First Light 10961
Train Station 20100629 San Diego Harbor At Night Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20130425 Barn At First Light 20101102
Phone Booth 20080501 Pier In First Light Fog 20061218 Pleasant Point Corn Roast Party 07497-500 Moon & Barn At Sunrise 03867-8
Prescribed Burn 20090203 Carnival Ride Watchers 67139 Lights At The Turnaround 20090219 Waterfront Park Pineapple Fountain at Night
Twilight Moon Over the Scugog River White Sands 31958 White Lights On A Red Wall 20080909 Holiday Lights 04015-21
Mirror Lake Dawn 20130928 Magnolia Beach In First Light 20081203 Heading Out At Dawn 27371 Moon Over Lake Martin 20081115
St George's Cathedral Alight at Night 12294-5 Channel Marker At Dawn Moon & Clouds 20061203
Barnyard In First Light 20100820 Laundromat At First Light 20110102 Foggy First Light 20100605 Moon Over The Mountain 74343
Rideau Canal at Twilight1 State Park Office In Predawn 46063 Barn At First Light 20100813 Tree-Lined Lane In First Light 20758-61
Snowy Sunday Sunrise In Town 20101219 Nighttime House 19582-90 Alight at Night 12263 Park In First Light 11535-6
Copano Bay Bridge In First Light 52832 Lights In The Windows 20101230 Lighthouse On The Point 20100418 Smiths Falls Fountains 20100527
White Sands 32161 Munster Library 20100404 Mission Espiritu Santo At Dusk 20090303 Pier At Dawn 47578
White Sands 31950 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 22817 Distant Mountain at Dawn First Boats In The Basin DSCF02695-700
Montreal At Dawn 43302 Dawn Headlights 22678 White Sands 32433 Ottawa Locks At Night 17311-6
Sherkston Quarry 09462-4 White Sands 32191 Golden Gate Bridge at Twilight2 Lockmaster's House 17996-18006
Nightshot DSCF00061 Lenticular Cloud 20080104 Russell Street 20110226 Lions Club Carnival 11808
Lockmaster's House 20111109 Brockville City Hall 20050826 Merry Go Round Going Around 12909 Outside The Box 07753-8
New Little VIA Station 20110304 Garage At First Light 20110302 Beale Street 43813 Dauphin Island Moonset 20070303
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 22587 Festival Ride 20110716 Chateau Laurier at Twilight Carnival Ride 20070920
'Big Nickel' At Night 03492-4 Festival Ride 13009 Canal Railway Festival 2011 (12911) Red Barn At First Light 20120103
Canal Railway Festival 2011 (12991) Trees At Night 20120401 Lockmaster's House In First Light 22650-4 Rideau Canal Terminus 16131
House On A Corner 20120424 PEI North Cape Lighthouse At First Light 20120913 Lockmaster's House 20111124 Barnyard At First Light 21894-5
Empty Courts 20110721 Lockmaster's Office At Dawn DSCF01660 Memorial Community Centre 05806-20 Twilight Water Tower 20110407
Supermoon Rising 20110319 Holiday Gazebo 20121214 Tree In First Light Fog 20110118 Moon & Water Tower 20110326
Elgin Street North end Festival Scene 12945 Running Avenue At Dawn 20141215 In The 'Courtyard' 13429
Morning Commute 20141027 2 Crazy Ladies (20111120) Court House Fountain at Dusk Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn 20150115
Lockmaster's House 20111015 Trash Day 20110224 Lockmaster's House At Dawn 20150217 Streetlight 20060226
Moon Over Mustang Island 45727 Powderhorn Lake In First Light 27684 Moon Over the Pecos River Flume St Mark's Church
Moonset Over the Guadalupes 8849 Fulford Fountain2 Mission Espiritu Santo 44433 Alexandra Bridge
Holiday Heritage House P1220404-15 Christmas Tree 20061217 Water Tower 20130408 Quebec City At Night 42982
Winners Circle 11800 Pier In First Light Fog 47208 House In First Light 34726 Well Lit House 20120813
St James Church At First Light 31677-9 Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge At Night DSCF20761-3 Picnic Shelter 20100903 Docked Boat At First Light 21224
CP Holiday Train 2016 (P1150726) CP Holiday Train 20101128 Twentynine Palms At Dusk Beale Street Tap Room 20061105
Orchard Street 20101220 Approaching Train P1230563-9 Carnival Midway 67016 'Hotel' P1220470-1
Parliament Hill 41642 Smiths Falls Watertower 16443-4 Boat Light At First Light DSCF06860-65 Row Of Streetlights 38806.8
Rideau Canal 16686-7 Smiths Falls VIA Rail Station 20140906 Niagara T-rex P1200730-3 Post Office1
Fudds 20060408 Pedestrian Underpass 01732-4 A Dying Breed 20100925 Lake Martin Light In First Light 46645
Fallsview Casino Under Falls Mist 20130712 Arizona Moonrise3 Moon Over A Mountain 78253 Municipal Christmas Tree 20101121
National Gallery At Twilight 16143 Carnival Midway 67173 Pathway At First Light 20100825 Kingston City Hall
Mission Bell Tower At Night 44096 Fallsview Casino Under Falls Mist DSCF05984 Peace Bridge At Twilight 69305 Campground Office 03593-601
Terry Fox Drive In First Light 20091115 St Francis de Sales Church DSCF11493-5 Scotiabank Place 20091120 CP Holiday Train 2010 (02296-8)
Iron Legends Tattooing & Body Piercing 37309-14 Pass Mountain At Night 79128 Branson Mall Canadian War Museum 11116
Coffee Culture 20018-20 Moon Over Barn 20110301 Moon & Clouds 74544 Farm At First Light 20101222
Man Ling Lights 20110112 House On A Corner 20120409 First Light Snowscape 20091225 Comfort Inn By The Canal 20100523
Glistening Beckwith Street 20110623 Red Barn In First Light 20100328 Pretoria Bridge 14039-40 First Christmas Lights 20101115
Winterlude 2010 Geodesic Igloos 13757 Russell Street At First Light 20131116 Moon Over A Bare Tree 20090411 Carnival Concession 67174
Beckwith Street Bridge 20110125 Beckwith Street Bridge 16676-8 Moon Over Steeples 20110327 Golden Lit House 05840-3
Breaux Bridge Building 46061 CP Holiday Train 2015 (47160) Winter Moonset 05004-6 Holiday Lights 04393-7
Lights At The End Of The Road 20100515 Carnival Ride Watchers 67127 Tis The Season 31417 Marsh Moonset 30656
Lake Placid Storefront DSCF09332-4 Carnival Ride 67115 New VIA Rail Station 21587-98 The Craine House 20140125
MacKenzie Avenue Streetlights 13460 Pier Lights In First Light 20090210
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