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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Autumn 2013 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Autumn 2013

Photos taken during Autumn 2013, which officially started here in Eastern Ontario, Canada at 4:44 P.M. EDT
on 21 September, but to me autumn is when the foliage turns color and because of that, a couple photos here
were taken before the official start of the season. And by my definition, autumn ends either on the official day
of winter or when snow and ice arrive, whichever comes first.

Frontenac Axis Waterscape DSCF12022-4 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131125 Almost A Sunrise 20131123 Market Street 39401
Well-lit Back Stairs 39365-76 Reflected Trees Against Fog DSCF11766-8 Late Autumn Woods DSCF11745-7 Rainy Beckwith Street 20131122
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131121 Homemade Crocheted Quilt DSCF11676 Dawn Geese Flyout 20131120 Where I Stand DSCF11616
Fernie's Place DSCF11610-12toned Cars For Sale 20131119 Davidson Courtyard 20131118 Lower Reach Park At Night 39186-7
Lower Reach Reflection At Night 39180 Lower Reach Reflection At Night 20131117 Lower Reach At Night 39176-7 Two Swans Aswimming DSCF11544
Back Road Shadows DSCF11526-8 Late Autumn River DSCF11523-5 Silo Tree DSCF11502-4 Green Sprinkles Scoop 02048
St Francis de Sales Church DSCF11493-5 Russell Street At First Light 20131116 Barn & Corn In Sunrise 39168-9 Rideau Canal Dawn 20131115
Lockmaster's Watch House 39151 Glowing 'Embers' DSCF11478-80 Inside A Bag DSCF11456 Blowing In The Wind 20131114
Handwritten Menu Board 39089 Beckwith Street Bridge At Dawn 20131113 Two Houses 39028-33 Beckwith Street At First Light 20131112
There & Gone DSCF11419.22 Sunrise Line Of Trees 20131111 Elmsley Street At First Light 20131110 Gull On The Rocks DSCF11415
Sunrise Solar Pillar 20131109 Row Of Streetlights 38806.8 Billboard Row 38768-76 A Memory 38733-6
Snow On The Pumpkin DSCF11394-6 Trinity Church At Dawn 20131108 Barn Under Fiery Sky 38691 Grill Droplets DSCF11391-3
Pedestrian Underpass At Night 20131107 Biscuits Baking 38665-7 Cloudy Dawn 38644.7.8 Rideau Canal Dawn 20131106
Mugged Mug DSCF11386 First Ice 38562 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131105 Rideau Canal Sunrise 38537
Rideau Canal Sunrise 38505 Autumn Trees At Sunrise 20131104 Apples DSCF11382-4 'Wash Me' DSCF11373-5
Sunrise Ripples 20131103 Last Of The OJ 20131102 Blowin' In The Wind 20131101 Graffiti On Rust DSCF11248
Halloween Scene 20131031 Frost Yesterday, Rain Today 20131030 Snow Tread DSCF11240 Ragged Red Leaf 20131029
Gordon the Grey 38321 Pumpkin At Night 20131028 Reflecting On The Dregs Of Dinner Wine DSCF11226-8 Decaying Barn DSCF11202-4
Autumn Trees 20131027 Rural Sunrise DSCF11106-8 Russell Street At First Light 38245-56 Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre 20131026
Squirrel's-Eye View 38187 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131025 Floral Pattern DSCF11052 Floral Pattern DSCF11049
Rideau River Sunrise DSCF11040-2 Sunrise Cloud 20131024 Upside Down Trees 20131023 Light At The End Of The Road 38033-5
Departing Rain Clouds 20131022 'Flash Gordon' 38009 One Small Step 20131021 Murney Tower Base DSCF10910
Lake Ontario DSCF10883-5 Sunrise Cloud 20131020 Sunrise Cloud 37995-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise  DSCF10790-2
Friendly Bovine DSCF10745 I'm Not Talking To You 20131019 Earth Sky Water DSCF10661-3 War Memorial At Night 37969
Beckwith Street On A Rainy Night 20131018 Autumn Gazebo At Sunrise DSCF10607 Autumn Gazebo 20131017 Measuring Scale 20131016
Roadside Mailbox DSCF10545 Pine Forest DSCF10532 Pine Forest DSCF10526.9 Mirkwood DSCF10522
Over The Hills Road DSCF10508-10 Autumn Back Road DSCF10496-8 Kilmarnock At Sunrise 20131015 Tree Shadow 20131014
Grasshopper On Glass DSCF10330 Horse In Misty Sunrise 20131013 Bales & Tree 20131012 Lone Autumn Tree DSCF4196-8
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 37946 Trees In Sunrise Fog 37913 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131011 Two Swans Aswimming DSCF10151
Autumn Roadside DSCF10127 Autumn Landscape DSCF10073 Autumn Landscape DSCF09956 Autumn Back Road DSCF09943-5
Foggy Clouded Roses Bridge Sunrise 37860-3 Bare Trees In Sunrise 20131010 Trees Sun Fog 37764 Misty Foggy Rideau Canal 20131009
Steam Plume Reflected 37720 Fog On The Canal 37703 Lone Autumn Tree 20131008 On My Plate DSCF09872-6
Self-portrait (20131007) Autumn Reflection DSCF09828 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131007 Autumn Barn At Sunrise 37552
Landscape At Sunrise 20131006 Irish Creek Sunrise 37533 Rideau Canal Sunrise 37506-9 Drive Thru 37466-8
Autumn Leaves DSCF09816 Flowers From Ground Level 20131005 Up An Autumn Tree DSCF09802 Sheer Fantasy 20131004
Autumn Backroad DSCF09775 Autumn Backroad DSCF09774 Autumn Shoreline DSCF09769 Autumn Backroad DSCF09767
Autumn Marsh DSCF09764 Autumn Backroad DSCF09759 'Rush Hour' Traffic 20131003 CN Engine 1112 (37418-20)
Nature Trail DSCF09756 Wading Swan DSCF09753 Up An Autumn Tree DSCF09742 Autumn Light DSCF09703
Night Lights Of Smiths Falls In The Background 20131002 An 'itch' 20131001 Shed & Autumn Tree DSCF09632-4 Autumn Trees Beyond Pond 20130930
Lake Placid Autumn Morning 20130929 Mirror Lake Sunrise Fog DSCF09570-2 Whiteface Mountain Atmospheric Observatory DSCF09457 Red-faced Whiteface Mountain DSCF09455
Autumn Mountainside DSCF09417 Mirror Lake Sunrise DSCF09356-8 Mirror Lake Dawn 20130928 Lake Placid Storefront DSCF09332-4
Tupper Lake DSCF09210 Misty Morning Stretch 20130927 Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise 20130926 Early Autumn Backroad DSCF09133
Hutton Creek In Misty Sunrise 20130925 Busy Bee DSCF09109 I've Got My Eye On You DSCF09101 Just Hangin' Out DSCF09097
Banana Bowl DSCF09094 Irish Creek At Sunrise 20130924 Early Autumn Landscape DSCF09057 Bend In The River 20130923
Dock Bench DSCF09050 Autumn Trees 20130922 Autumn New Growth DSCF09030 Iron Legends Tattooing & Body Piercing 37309-14
Clouded Sunrise 20130921 Fork Shadow 02043 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 37076 Field of Purple Loosestrife DSCF07372-4