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Autumn 2011

Autumn 2011 officially started here in Eastern Ontario, Canada at 5:05 AM on 23 September, but to me autumn is
when the foliage turns color and because of that, a few photos here were taken before the official start of the season.
And by my definition, autumn ends either on the official day of winter or when snow and ice arrive, whichever comes first.

Freezing Rain 20111221 After-The-Walk Stretch DSCF03623 Little Rocky Island 20069 Frosty Sunrise 20111219
Frosty Grasses 20033 Frosty Grasses 20033 Frost Along Otter Creek 20014 Frosty Island 20006
The Road To Sunrise 20111218 Solar Array At Sunrise 20111217 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20111220 Enlightened Pines DSCF03605
Visitors 20111215 Geese Over IKEA DSCF03589-90 Three Flags At IKEA DSCF03587 Foggy Lockstation Trees 20111214
Rideau Canal Museum 19794-8 Trees In Night Lights 19757-62 Yin And Yang House 20111213 Moon Over Hotel Rideau DSCF03574
Moon Over Ornamental Brickwork 20111212 Kelly's At Night 19670-7 Moon Over Perth 19657-62 Nighttime House 20111210
Nighttime House 19582-90 Punch Buggy DSCF03560 Gulls On A Dock 20111209 Hotel Rideau DSCF3539
Hotel Rideau DSCF3539 69 Chambers Street 20111206 Really Red Barn 20111204 Mother Barnes Homestead DSCF3512
Goat Herd DSCF3509 'G' (DSCF03478) Abstract DSCF03473 Star Trails 20111203
Old Barn 19447 Lone House 19424 Pigeon-toed 26136 The Forecast - Clear Skies DSCF03440
Natural Abstract 20111201 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF03428 Threatening Sky DSCF03410 Out Standing In Its Field 20111130
Squirrel At Breakfast DSCF03394 Stairwell DSCF03391 Overhead Light 20111129 Deck Chair 20111128
Gimme Five, Times Two DSCF03370 Fill 'er Up DSCF03341 Rainbow Poncho DSCF03309 Rusty Hinge DSCF03263
Barn At Dawn 20111126 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF03256-8 Crock-Top DSCF03216 Community Labyrinth Symbol 20111122
Community Labyrinth DSCF03195 Giant Tiger 20111121 Self-Portrait 20111120 (19032) Front Light DSCF03178
2 Crazy Ladies (20111120) Cow On A Roof 20111119 Rideau Canal Sunset 20111118 On-Track DSCF03157
Hydrant 20111117 Vickie's 20111116 Taking The High Ground DSCF03144 Ottawa Chinatown Gateway DSCF03115
Ottawa Chinatown Gateway 20111115 'WOK' DSCF03101 Off The Track 20111114 Stars 'n Stripes 20111113
Remembrance Day 2011 (11/11/11) Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20111108 Rising Out Of Fog 20111110 Lockmaster's House 18760-6
Lockmaster's House 20111109 Sparrow On A Column 20111107 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03051 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03047
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03038 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03031 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03028 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03023
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03022 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03020 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03019 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03013
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03012 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03007 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03006 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02999
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02995 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02985 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02973 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02963
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02960 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02952 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02945 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02935
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02925 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02917 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02915 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02908
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02904 Enlightened Salt & Pepper 20111106 School At Sunset 18676-7 Otter Lake At Sunset 20111112
Church Door 20111105 Log House At Sunrise 20111104 Autumn Trail 20111103 Autumn Leaf 26071
Misty Rideau River At Dawn 20111102 A Photo OP 20111101 Thousand Islands Bridge At Twilight 20111031 Little House At Dusk 18455-6
Otter Creek Misty Sunrise 18411 Chickens In The Wild DSCF02822 Leaking Overflow Dam 20111030 Bubbles DSCF02805
Bubbles DSCF02802 Otter Creek Sunrise 20111029 Franktown Radome DSCF02710 Autumn Barn DSCF02700
Barn Ladder DSCF02692 Otter Creek At Sunrise 18338-9 Fading Fall Foliage 20111028 Abstract 20111027
Brick Window 20111026 Abstract DSCF02665 Red Berries DSCF02664 Old Fire Hose Tower 20111025
The Swale 18311 Clouds Over The Swale 20111024 Llama DSCF02606 Farmscape DSCF02603
Window Shooting 18302-4 Behind The Scenes 18293-8 Autumn Tree At Night 20111023 Night Light 18238-43
Autumn Cemetery 20111022 Night Lights 18214-9 Autumn Streetlights 20111021 Autumn Trees 20111019
Riverside Trees 18170 Riverside Trees 18151-2 Flapping Duck 18130 Red Leaf 20111020
Canadian Maple Leaf 18127 Autumn Landscape 18103 Autumn Barn At Sunrise 20111018 Autumn Pumpkins 20111016
Lockmaster's House 20111015 Lockmaster's House 17996-18006 Autumn Fallen Leaves DSCF02583 Library of Parliament 17382-7
Autumn Raindrops DSCF02566 Autumn Raindrops DSCF02561 Wagon In The Woods DSCF02552 Autumn Tree 20111014
Autumn Vine 20111013 Autumn Landscape 17947 Barn At Sunset 17945 Autumn Scene 20111011
Autumn Back Road 17915 Autumn Shed 17896 Autumn Leaves 17889 Autumn Barn 17884
Autumn Tree Line 17850 Autumn Scene 17843 Autumn Back Road At Sunrise 20111017 Merrickville Ruins 20111012
Christ Church 17791 Autumn Leaves 17727 Autumn Birches 20111010 Autumn Landscape 17721
Otter Creek Sunrise 17695-6 Autumn Barn 17665 Autumn Reflections 17636 Forest Clearing 17598
Backlit Autumn Sumac 17592 Autumn Trail 17538 Grasshopper 17526 Autumn Landscape 17521
Cove Road In Autumn 17508 Autumn Landscape 17490 Autumn Scene 20111009 Notre Dame Cathedral 17440
Notre Dame Cathedral 17401-3 Centre Block Side Door 17376-81 Peace Tower 17362,6 Centennial Flame & Peace Tower 17330-1
Horse-Drawn Carriage 20111007 Ottawa Locks At Night 17311-6 Along MacKenzie Avenue 17283 Notre Dame Cathedral 17254-6
Autumn Streetlight 17253 Rideau Canal Sunrise 17248 Two Friendly Horses 20111006 Rideau Canal Sunrise 17231
Landing Gear Down 20111005 Roadside Birches DSCF02517 Kennedy Bay Marsh 20111002 Kennedy Bay 17220
Duck In Flight 26052 Great Blue Heron 26042 Cornfield Tree 17172-3 Cornfield Tree 20111001
Marsh 17152 Kennedy Bay 17144 Autumn Road 17120 Sturgeon Lake At Sunrise 20110930
Heron Beside Boathouse 20111003 Heron Head 20110929 Autumn Landscape 17033 Irish Creek Sunrays 20110928
Sunrise Clouds 20111004 Autumn Back Road 20110927 Autumn Back Road At Sunrise 16995 Autumn Tree At Sunrise 16976-8
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20110926 Autumn Back Road 16881 Tree & Barn 16857 Autumn Horse 20110925
Passing Trains 16821-3 Autumn Scene 16799 Autumn Scene 16790-1 Autumn Color 16747-9
Dewy Web 16734 Barn In Sunrise 16671-80 Misty Sunrise 16603-5 Rideau Canal Sunrise 16572-5
Autumn Sumac 16563 Old Barn Among Weeds 16556-7 Autumn Landscape 20110923 Rideau Canal Sunrise 16526
Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20110924 First Autumn Color 16466 Autumn Farm Lane 16456 Autumn Cornfield 16450
First Frost 16093 Red Flower Closeup 25974-85 First Sign Of Fall 20110904