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Let's just go walking in the rain

“Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain.”
~Billie Holiday~

Spring rain... Looking at rain from my attic temporary home....  The cobblestones of Cathedral Square...
Rainy day in Alsace... Rainy monk... The lookout...
Another rainy morning... Rain in the garden... Waiting for a the rain
The colours of rain... Summer rain... Better to be indoors....
And besides all the rest she obliged me to wear this awful coat.... Well equipped children... Young swans don't take umbrellas...
Raindrops keep falling.... Alone in the rain... Even in the rain three is company, and two is none...
Shopping in the rain... Take a bike and brave the rain! A photo is always worthwhile....
Never judge a rain walker from his umbrella Monsieur Cosandier never feels cold... o2/82/62182/1/106391907.Q7ovdpHT.2008Provence3047.jpg
o2/82/62182/1/103224697.CIKRZu2V.20080914Bruchi003.jpg Rain and bread o2/82/62182/1/103106438.W9puzi5c.crossingrain.jpg
“The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.” Sudden silly spring rain poem... Papilio machaon
o2/82/62182/1/102987967.fahZzic6.20080911rain005bis.jpg o4/82/62182/1/102778653.MKL9E7nh.20080906stuff005.jpg o4/82/62182/1/102749704.PCOIGRz3.20080906stuff001.jpg
Dining in the rain.... o6/82/62182/1/100050259.Ir7FtEMj.20080606_19.jpg o2/82/62182/1/98457858.LwAeO8zp.20080606_3.jpg
o2/82/62182/1/97929387.0hI9NRra.20080529_2.jpg o2/82/62182/1/97884604.ui5P4gHL.20080516_99.jpg What a perfect day for a walk!
o6/82/62182/1/95478991.OyIaZsr5.Rainandbooks038.jpg o6/82/62182/1/95459378.rEyCwqca.Rainandbooks008.jpg o6/82/62182/1/95440330.n73RNADh.Rainandbooks018.jpg
g3/82/62182/2/95418943.0JJntAXI.jpg o6/82/62182/1/95372900.LoeBNrfM.rainyjuly009.jpg o6/82/62182/1/93651245.lzr6jtSh.20080301_12.JPG
o6/82/62182/1/93606422.oIDodjJu.20080301_18.jpg o6/82/62182/1/93605198.72TO4Acu.20080301_19.jpg Rain is practically over, we can get out...
It's raining in Rue Crèmieux... Rain? What rain? I just smell the scent of my rose... Rainy Shakespearean paraphrase
A good place for a clothes tree Rainy flea market Someone doesn't need any umbrella to take a walk in the rain...
Better to have a shelter... Lingering Last Drops Hopes of rainbow into an umbrella
Country walk in the rain Rainy passers-by The roller in the rain
I love rain...moderately! It's better to look at the rain from indoors... Lost umbrella at free disposal
More colours in the rain Café closed ( for rain???) Rain cleans colours too
Rainy morning in a little village The last drops... Sylvester in the rain
Photographer in the rain Time to go back home.... What an impudent and brazen liar Mr. January is, when he promises nice weather!
The shower Rainy shopping time Shadows of rain
Rainy Night Club The third man Dry view over a rainy castle
Brave clients for sidewalk café Abstract feeling of rain Umbrella power
Rainy world under an umbrella On the safe side Urban rain
The window The frail texture of sudden illusions... The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention...
Alone and abandoned The vanguard of snow Rainy pedestrian crossing
Just a little of water from the sky... Flemish symphony for umbrellas and flags What are umbrellas for ?
I know this secret.... Again! The dog, which likes rain
The ticking song of the rain on the roof tiles Autumnal gloomy  and imaginary tête -à- tête Colza field in the rain
Splash!!!! The reflected faces of rain And at the end the rain came...
Bread loaf  in the rain... Gent the stormy The first morning of Spring
Paraphrase of an old song... Rain in the menu... Take your shower, pigeon!
Rainy Castle Wet Painted Street Rain...
The first rain of September has already a taste of October... Wet Rainy blind date...
Evening last rain... Solid as a rock in a stormy ocean and ready to welcome  thirsty urban shipwrecked... Sidewalks love rain...
The colours of rain Rain, sweet rain... Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day
Chained slave tables withouth masters Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky