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Linda A | all galleries >> Galleries >> Every Day I Write My Book - 2004 diary > 22nd July 2004 - Nude (NOT by Bill Brandt)
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22nd July 2004 - Nude (NOT by Bill Brandt)

When I was at the Bill Brandt exhibition at the weekend I casually said ‘I want to have a go at doing the ‘Nude’ shot one of these days’. DM and GK leapt in on the act and decided they wanted to do it too so we agreed we’d all do our shot today, trying to capture the essence of BBs original but with something of our own.

DM’s shot has a Stella bottle perfectly placed to hide his nipple. GK has his nipple exposed and shades and me – well, I’ve got the pose all wrong and I’ve stuck to my guns and published in colour but I figured that he’d be comfortable with that as he wasn’t averse to making a few post shot changes to his image himself.

I have had a hugely difficult time with this one – it’s taken ages and I’ve been hot and bothered while doing it. I took 99 photos to get this one – the remaining 98 were a mix of the plain awful and the plain rude. So, here is my effort – posted a bit under duress because the boys have both been hopping about waiting to post their shots for hours. Gary phoned a while ago saying (not in so many words) ‘get on with it woman’ and DM has been shuffling around – I had to ban him from the studio and looking over my shoulder while I processed the image.

Anyway, here it is – my interpretation of a BB classic!

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Beth 25-Jul-2004 21:06
virginiacoastline24-Jul-2004 02:54
pure class
northstar3723-Jul-2004 21:52
lovely warm colour
Stu23-Jul-2004 08:45
Very brave of you... I wouldn't do it.
Guest 23-Jul-2004 08:34
Guest 23-Jul-2004 03:52
Dennis Steinauer23-Jul-2004 00:34
Your best yet! What will you do for an encore? (The guys' shots are good, but (to paraphrase you) yours rocks! Love even the smallpox vaccination scar -- makes you look like both a sexy and a tough broad. :) Wonder if I could get this on a spoon?
Dawn22-Jul-2004 21:53
Guest 22-Jul-2004 21:46
Hi Sis! This is the most stunning photo I have ever seen of you, and sorry DM but it beats the others by a mile! Well done!!
Carmen22-Jul-2004 21:40
Well, you could have used 'nipple' jewelry... This is so funny (not YOU , but the trio). Sweet. (No one called me?)
Pall Gudjonsson22-Jul-2004 21:13
Standing ovation - this is lovely Linda !!!
On top on exellent pose and perfect shadows, you got that remarkable eye of yours really standing out.
Anne Young22-Jul-2004 21:13
I like your version the best... shhhhhh... don't tell the guys! LOL ;)
Larry Ahern22-Jul-2004 20:59
Well this is just plain delightful!
Melanie22-Jul-2004 20:56
Very much worth your effert and time Linda!
Guest 22-Jul-2004 20:54
This is SOOOOOOOO awesome! Of the 3 I LOVE this one, esp that it's in color, It is SOOO warm! Oh.....JHR wants to do one of these now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gayle P. Clement22-Jul-2004 20:51
Wonderful, Linda. I love your attitude!
Guest 22-Jul-2004 20:49
Yours is fantastic too!!!
Ray :)22-Jul-2004 20:43
I wonder if BB would have stuck to mono in 2004. I would say yes. But you've done well with your interpretation. No beer, no nipple, just a charming woman!
By the way, looking at the Bill Brandt web site, <
if you scroll down a tad, is that really Mark with the NY Times?.....
Si Kirk22-Jul-2004 20:42
nice image Linda, and you are right to keep it in colour.
jude22-Jul-2004 20:40
Okay.. i've got to stop.. i'm going between the three pics to see the comments and I'm laughing way to hard at them.

It's not right to pee freely while laughing .. is it?
Gary Kimberley22-Jul-2004 20:36
Wot no beer n nipple
Cheryl Hawkins22-Jul-2004 20:36
I am so impressed, this is wonderful.
jude22-Jul-2004 20:30
OMG.. linda.. i love it. .the negative space to the side is great... as it flows to your.. naughty bits..LOL..

I swear. i read your commentary and laughed so hard... I know.. i take a million pics for one good one..

Onto the boys...god help me