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21st July 2004 - Linda's Rescue Remedy

Some people go for taking some sort of herbal remedy, I go for some crushed and fermented grapes!

Iím just about getting over the traumas of the last couple of days. My day today has been completely Ďnormalí in as much as it was about our everyday business rather than the content of the last couple of days. Iíve not spent the day with anyone connected with my day-to-day work so itís been a complete break for me, Iím relieved to say.

Iíve been in Central London, at another of our offices, discussing the intricate details of a Ďkey accountí with people from other parts of our group and I can tell you itís been such a comfort. I still have all those stress aches and pains in my back and neck but at least I can feel the tension start to drift slowly away from me. I expect to have a bit of a resurge tomorrow because there are another couple of things I have to face linking back to yesterday but I donít expect to feel quite so drained by them.

My working life will never be quite the same again as it was before last week but it will hopefully return to a reasonably positive and upbeat time soon.

Even in my gloomiest time, I have been surprised and thrilled by one or two things. Iíve come home tonight to the most utterly wonderful email containing the strongest message of support I could have ever hoped for and, although from a good friend, from someone who isnít a Ďgusherí so I can be completely sure of its sincerity and heartfelt-ness. Iím so overwhelmed I wanted to open a bottle of wine to celebrate and came across this ĎSwiss Army Knifeí on the table. I kind of liked its symbolism Ė itís supposed to rescue people in times of needing THAT tool, the one that you just forgot Ė today itís rescuing me from continued stress so itís being used for its purpose!

These things are ones Iíve never been quite able to grasp the point of Ė they strike me as a heavy bit of plastic with only one useful function and that is the one to which it has been put tonight Ė opening the wine. DM reckons he used one of the exposed blades today for some reason but Iím not convinced he couldnít have done what he did with any one of a dozen other tools that we have. He's just popped in to see the photo and said 'oh it'd be nice if you'd got some reflections on the blades' but he missed the point - I wanted them in complete darkness!

And my final word on the subject? When did you last need a tool for getting a stone out of a horseís hoof? (Well, except Penny that is!)

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Stu21-Jul-2004 23:02
Excellent shot, Linda.
Larry Ahern21-Jul-2004 21:53
That is a great shot!
Gayle P. Clement21-Jul-2004 21:50
My husband and David will have to meet. Breland loves his knife. It's a different brand and wouldn't have been nearly as effective in the photo. Nice job!
Guest 21-Jul-2004 21:12
BRILLIANT! I love the photo and the story! I used to carry my Swiss army knife in my handbag (it goes back to my days of Guiding... "Be Prepared" and all that!), but since I haven't carried a handbag for 10 years and haven't felt that I couldn't do anything without it I suppose they aren't as essential as the Scouts and Guides would have us all believe!
Glad to see you're on the up!
jude21-Jul-2004 20:22
Wow.. this looked like mine last night.. only it got stuck in the cork.. i couldn't pull it out.. i almost called for emergency help but hubby came to the rescue.

Note to self: lift heavier weights at the gym
Melanie21-Jul-2004 20:21
I used to clean horses hooves daily when growing up. It was one of my daily chores.
I like this image as well. Goes to show that the swiss army knife is good for more than cleaning out from under fingernails... >:)
Ray :)21-Jul-2004 20:12
Tell DM (again) that reflections from the blades would have spoilt this shot. The colouring is superb. I hope you have a positive day tomorrow.
What do you mean, you haven't finished that glass yet?
Guest 21-Jul-2004 20:03
This maybe your remedy, but my remedy to my crazy days at work are ready your daily postings. It's such a welcome break..THANK YOU! This is also a great shot. I love the colors.
penny roots21-Jul-2004 19:07
Hee hee , that could come in handy although i think i'd use the corkscrew MUCH more frequently !!! LOL . I'm glad to hear things are improving for you Linda .Oh.. and btw that's a cool shot .
northstar3721-Jul-2004 19:04
I opened a bottle today as well, to celebrate a few days off. A screw top though. We aren't allowed sharp instruments in here.
Karthik Raja21-Jul-2004 19:03
cool shot linda.. i love swiss army knives
Cheryl Hawkins21-Jul-2004 19:03
I really like the composition and the colors. Swiss Army to the rescue.
David Mingay21-Jul-2004 19:01
My Swiss Army Knife (yes the one in the picture) doesn't have the tool for getting a boy scout out of a horse’s hoof, but it does have a little plastic pointy thing that was dead useful for untangling some knotted bits of tent at LeMans last month...
Guest 21-Jul-2004 18:59
Cheers! Enjoy the red stuff and the night!