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12th May 2004 - who needs bling bling?

Not me Ė Iíve got my zing zing from my diamante. Iíve been poking about in my boxes of treasure from my happy-go-lucky past and found this symbol of joy and sparkle. This amazingly OTT bit of jewellery came from my Southall days. I donít know what they are called but I know that Asian women wear them when they want to be highly ornamented. I love them.

I bought this one for a few quid in a costume jewellery store in Southall about twenty years ago. They look gorgeous on dark Asian skin but with my pale complexion, next to my skin it looks dull by comparison so I hit on the idea of wearing it over black evening gloves. I used to wear it out regularly in my gothy days when I had dyed jet black hair (crimped into a huge, messy stack on top) and went out clad from head to foot in black with tons of sparkly diamante jewellery of which this was one piece. You see, even now I hanker after some aspects of those days Ė give me ĎThe Lords Of The New Churchí over The Darkness any day. Give me crushed velvet, feather boas, tons of OBVIOUSLY fake jewellery, fishnets and a can of extra hold hairspray any day over ugly hipster trousers made from crimplene, hair ironed so flat it loses all its life, trainers and body piercing any day!

For some reason the piece reminds me of a spiderís web Ė not just because of the central design but also because of the Ďlegsí that creep down the fingers to the big stones at the tips. I like the metaphor for a spiderís web holding stuff together.

Today it came out of its box for the first time in more than 15 years and it gets exposed to the world tonight. I wanted some zap and sparkle again today to cheer everyone up. I know itís exactly the sort of picture that gets starburst filters a bad name for delivering OTT images with loads of stars on them but thatís exactly why I chose it. There is a clear synergy between the OTT-ness of the item itself and the filter. The two are made for each other like red wine and cheese in my view. They are so cheery and full of life they make me smile.

So, the third in my series of sparkle photos is dedicated to an item of jewellery from my past that Iím trying to use as a metaphor for the principle of joyful life. Itís funny how I always want to retrench in the past when I think about the fragility of happiness and life. When I think of times of trouble, struggle and difficulties ahead (even though for this occasion those difficulties and struggle are being lived out far, far away in another land and to my friends rather than me) I want to feel as though I lived my life to the full and that I seized my chances for happiness and fun everywhere and in every situation. Iíve not achieved that (has anyone?) but I am mindful of it and keep trying to find that balance between what makes me happy and what I have to do.

Sometimes for all of us the grasp on happiness is so fragile that it seems as though it may break. Sometimes it does break. My bracelet (if you can call it that) is fragile Ė it needed soldering back together before I could get my photo (thanks DM). What does a spider do when the gossamer threads of his web are broken? He gets right out there and threads new ones together to rebuild his web.

Iím blundering about a bit with this today Ė what Iím really trying to say today to Maureen is think of good times ahead (there will be many) and behind (Iím sure there are lots). Keep on striving to make sure that your web is built to capture those good times and make sure you wrap up your treasure in little parcels of gossamer so they stay with you for ever.

Iím not sure if I got from where I started to where I wanted to end with thisÖÖbut I think the gist is there!

Oh and as an aside - really needed arms 6" longer for this - it was very hard to stretch out far enough to get the camera to focus!

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kiki 01-Jan-2007 23:26
This is gorgeous!
I sell Indian and Diamante jewellery at if anyone is interested.
Guest 17-May-2004 09:30
I was with you when you bought that!!! On one of our many Saturday morning trips up to the Broadway, we had so much fun trying on all the fabby Indian jewellery.

I loved Simon's comment that he lived in neighbouring Northwood. If it was really 'Northwood', and not 'Northolt', the only similarities are that they are on the same side of London, and both in Middlesex. Northwood is full of VERY posh people and swanky restaurants, and Southall is a poverty stricken suburb of London. HOWEVER, if he really meant Northolt it is next door to Southall and only marginally less poverty stricken!!!

Although I'd rather live in the splendour of Northwood now that I'm a responsible(?!) parent(when we win the lottery!) I'm ABSOLUTELY sure we wouldn't have had so much fun if we had lived in a flat there rather than our beloved Southall when we were young single party animals... what do you think Sis?!
brother_mark14-May-2004 04:51
Not unusual when the future is unclear to look to the past for strength. And yes, the filter is over-the-top, but as that was your goal.... :)

Someday you'll have to post a photo of you in your goth days.
Beth 13-May-2004 14:33
I love the sparkle too. You go, girl. Maybe you were a famous performer in a previous life...
Guest 13-May-2004 13:45
Fancy stuff! As for the 6" you could use a close up filter!
Jude Marion13-May-2004 03:01
Lovely ... love the glitz!
Guest 13-May-2004 01:19
Very cool!
Robin Reid13-May-2004 00:52
Larry Ahern12-May-2004 23:26
Ouch ... bring armed guards where you go ...
Karthik Raja12-May-2004 23:04
Diamonds will always be a girl's best friend i suppose. :)
Carolyn B.12-May-2004 21:13
Wonderful picture - wonderful commentary Linda! Funny, I never cared much about jewelry...until recently. Now, I find myself with wandering favorite place: the jewelry district, downtown, Los Angeles.
Guest 12-May-2004 20:02
Excellent!! Really well done.
Guest 12-May-2004 19:53
Ain't that stellar!
virginiacoastline12-May-2004 19:27
six inch arms?? that conjures up an intersting mental picture . . .lovely sentiments . . and I remember THOSE thingies!!!
Guest 12-May-2004 19:20
Love it. Ghost like gloves set it off.
Si Kirk12-May-2004 19:05
"crushed velvet, feather boas, tons of OBVIOUSLY fake jewellery, fishnets and a can of extra hold hairspray any day"

now there is an image we have to see!

Southhall ah i rember i lived in neighbouring Northwood for about 2 years, brilliant image and i love the story.
Guest 12-May-2004 18:54
Oh Linda this is awesome!! The sparkle that is in the photo is nothing compared to the sparkle that comes from YOU!! Beautiful photo, and as always, heart warming text!! XXX
Ray :)12-May-2004 18:47
Life can be tough at times, but there's always a sparkle too somewhere along the line. You have shown this very clearly.
Guest 12-May-2004 18:38
Beautiful and symbolic to Maureen!! A lovely use of the star filter. That is definitely one fascinating piece of ornamentation!!
northstar3712-May-2004 18:36
Long may you sparkle :-)
Ian Chappell12-May-2004 18:31
I didn't realise you were into fishnets!