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11th May 2004 - since Eve ate the apple...

….much depends on dinner (Quote from Lord Byron)

Apples have a reputation for both good and evil. Let’s face it, the Bible begins with an apple story implying they tempt us into wrong-doing. Sleeping Beauty took a bite of her apple and fell asleep for a hundred years (or however long….it’s many years since I saw the Disneyfied film of the fairy tale).

They also have good reputations – an apple a day keeps the doctor away, to name but one.

My view? They are handy convenient food without the fat and calories of crisps, they make pies, chutneys and cider. They bring sweet pleasure to the eater and nourishment too.

Today my heart and thoughts have been with a friend who received some bad news and I wanted a really symbolic gesture of goodness. I put my thinking cap on and decided the apple’s role as a bringer of good things would make a nice message. I added a sparkle using my new toy to show radiance and light. I then worried about the apple’s bad reputation and whether or not it would be appropriate to use the apple as my symbol of goodness.

I thought of Eve – she ate the apple and discovered passion. That to me seems like a good outcome. She discovered (albeit unwillingly) the world outside Eden and even with its imperfections I reckon that’s a better world.

Sleeping Beauty too – if my recollection serves me right her prince wasn’t alive when she ate the apple. He came to her because of her 100 year sleep. She suffered but was rewarded with the great gift of love.

So I decided that yes, the apple is exactly right. It shows that even good things can sometimes have little worms…or poison….or evil but these evil things can be overcome. They can be fought. We can win. We can enjoy our apples. We can taste their succulent flesh and drink their nectar. We can dispel the worm, overcome poison and banish evil from our lives.

We can win, all we have to do is stay strong and keep faithful to the things we believe in. For my friend – stay strong and look after what’s dear. Love and be loved.

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Linda Alstead28-Feb-2009 18:57
OK - so I'm a moron - your (sic) right! I failed to do two seconds of research and instead relied on memory. I confess. I'll put on my hair shirt and drink a few bloody Marys in penance
Guest 27-Feb-2009 17:26
ok, it was snow white with the apple. sleeping beauty had a spindle. if your going to post something why don't you do two seconds of research before looking like a moron.
Guest 20-May-2004 11:33
Great, striking image Linda
Guest 12-May-2004 22:07
Excellent shot Linda
Carolyn B.12-May-2004 21:16
Fantastic picture, Linda. Your commentary is so true. It's very touching, inspiring, considering the chaotic, political troubles plaguing the world over.
Guest 12-May-2004 19:58
Lovely shot!! Superb.
Guest 12-May-2004 04:43
NICE! love that little flare...
David - Ontario, Canada 12-May-2004 03:37
Excellent! Apples are also very sacred to the Fae and Pagans - symbolising Life and the Spirit.
Vinay12-May-2004 02:15
Super, really like this picture
Maureen 11-May-2004 23:09
Linda, this fantastic picture and your inspiring words have touched me like I will never be able to explain. You are a beautiful person with such warm and thoughtful gestures. Thank You for being such a great friend to Jeanne and a source of strength to me right now. All My Love and Thanks, Maureen By the way, I Love Apples and I always tell my kids that they are the apples of my eye!!
Steven Osmanski11-May-2004 22:09
Very nice, I love the lens flare!
Guest 11-May-2004 21:22
Linda, This is so beautiful... both the image and the words. It was something I really needed to hear today. Thank you.
Graham Whitehead11-May-2004 20:53
Super juicy image, well done for getting the sparkle just right. Great writing too, you are clearly a multi-talented person.
Jill11-May-2004 20:20
Lovely Linda..just lovely.
Guest 11-May-2004 19:54
Lovely Linda!
David Mingay11-May-2004 19:25
Of course an apple is a symbol of 'goodness'. That's why there's one on the iBook ...
Costi Jacky 11-May-2004 19:17
The sparkle is neat. I love it.
Guest 11-May-2004 19:13
Well Im inspired. As a Writer, I think your words are so profound!! I like that, you speak well of your thoughts and feelings. Makes "Apple" have a whole new meaning.
Thank you :))
katwilkens11-May-2004 19:03
I love that sparkle!
penny roots11-May-2004 18:55
A stunning picture Linda and truly wonderful words .
Ian Chappell11-May-2004 18:54
Ha! there's another good one... it's now two places higher on the wanted list!!
Teresa 11-May-2004 18:36
One of your best! You have such a way with words that can touch so many people. Your friends and family are very luck to have you. Teresa
Guest 11-May-2004 18:32
Incredible entry today. So symbolic.
Larry Ahern11-May-2004 18:25
I agree Eve discovered thinking for ones self (the apple was knowlege of good and evil), not thought driven from diety or dogma ,,, anyway really nice picture ... I love what you've done with it.
Anna Yu11-May-2004 18:24
Beautiful story and symbolic picture Linda.
virginiacoastline11-May-2004 18:19
gorgeous image, wonderful sentiments . .I know someone else I want tosee this =)
Ray :)11-May-2004 18:04
Linda: only you could have written so much about an apple in this way! And as for the photo, well you're certainly putting that filter to VERY good effect:)
Guest 11-May-2004 17:55

Thank you for this image and your beautiful words! ILY!!!