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a chance in life

" Sow a small seed, and it will grow into a tree. Light a small lamp, and you will eliminate darkness.
If you place one brick on top of another, you will build a palace. If you speak kindly, you will create a sense of oneness.
One good deed at a time, you will build a better world. "

WorldVision is a non-profit humanitarian international relief and development organization.
It serves the world's poor and oppressed, regardless of race, gender or religion.
It helps to fight world hunger and poverty through volunteering, donation and child sponsorship.
It is dedicated to protecting and helping children and their communities worldwide.

I enrolled in its child sponsorship program three years ago and sponsored a little girl in Sri Lanka.
I was most happy to get the precious opportunity to visit her in early Sept 2006. A heartwarming and life-changing trip.
I met teams of great people, who are passionate to make the world a better place for the needy children, their families and the whole community.
I got to witness the benefits of the child sponsorship program, improving their health, education and welfare.
Small businesses and infrastructures are being established, with appropriate training provided, giving them access to the basic needs of survival,
more importantly empowering them with the means to help themselves in future and ensuring a long term sustainable development.

Many thanks to many people. To the locals and WorldVision teams for your kind hospitality and commitment.
To the children, for their spirit and gifts of love and wonder, of play and creativity, of purity and courage.
To the group of fellow sponsors and friends who shared their wonderful experience with me and made this trip such an unforgettable one.
And to you all who inspired and helped me, worried and cared about me.

Here is my personal collection about my journey, my visions of an island, its life, its people, its children.
If you are touched by any of the pictures, just listen to the love and sense of hope that reside in your heart.
No matter who you are or how much time you have, you can make a difference. Reach out now with love and offer help within your means,
be it to a family member, a friend, a stranger, a pet, a local community or charity. Give a chance in life.

(Best viewed in slideshow format. Gallery arrangement inspired by Gilles Navet. And dedicated to all who share my love for children.)

g3/58/604758/3/67002100.ayeWFfim.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67002101.NmfxFpSJ.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67002104.hfffUXXi.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67002102.B2nqq15v.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67002106.UHAZHM0I.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67006015.7h6XRVqn.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006032.9Q6C0ybB.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67003121.z9oZbANq.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67003115.CLOeUO0C.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66994980.WvYaiwFu.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67003105.oFwpPWSk.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006025.wyZVBXus.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006026.IbFX1xZ4.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006020.BQtthujf.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006023.rYTl5Yg1.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67003118.bl79Nbj6.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67003113.dTJ3mP8p.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006029.0R2Vxg5o.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006016.QLvZOdyP.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67006019.4dr1AByI.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/66994308.kZjADafc.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995703.riAg9BIg.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995704.jQD9EQaG.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995699.9XkPYiva.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995700.R2MYgoeF.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67049056.Wsbq8ui1.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995250.SnFBgqjj.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995701.zO9wSEMD.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995697.hzzs0mEf.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995702.oDfibkgz.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/66996994.SXYrz8D6.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66999822.3JOWIHin.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66999827.JNNal6My.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66999832.ppfRR5aU.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66999840.e6jFvtiz.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/66999852.379g4W3S.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66999834.HHJlxdWc.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66999847.jen9lk2X.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66995251.lZi21DPB.jpg g3/58/604758/3/66999824.mrpCjG0r.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67004737.vMlrv4m5.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67004738.sgmhsd2X.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67004743.XbcKgvXY.jpg g6/58/604758/3/67004740.NcelNvmP.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67004739.Pmlf1PQE.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67049054.MStCIiRD.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67004742.R2UjouHJ.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67004741.1RQHMAQJ.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007388.cHqza2yW.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67004744.yQn6l8md.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67007375.M4NHc1K1.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67072696.J9DLYH0D.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007381.HcldJnb8.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007387.gQ9FngWU.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007377.po2fYvXb.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67007391.GD6SKO6Z.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007393.E8eEi1MI.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007389.E4Wze0iR.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007383.pEfsGUOy.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67007396.DjQANGGh.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67049019.WS8HuLmJ.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67049043.5GVfMEk6.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67049039.wvv0RrtV.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052214.tqNDUIzT.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67049048.DQfPdpPt.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67049032.pU22JT5B.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67049050.jRyh2Ewh.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67053985.W2q0tBPq.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67053987.9rPGc8Yq.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67053988.vdDY66QG.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67052220.g38raCe6.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052222.0npYgeRB.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052227.BiGDxjtG.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052223.lUP0pZVi.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052224.3zENCWEw.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67052232.Z77FJBgu.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052226.1mJHsp4h.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052230.9W9rnq6R.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052229.ZLRiqbz8.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052233.h68ZpKB0.jpg
g3/58/604758/3/67052235.Ogmhvr48.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052206.okVDS1jr.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052211.Ir2YFJKx.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67052219.Iy0DUFID.jpg g3/58/604758/3/67057099.KtqHdPkc.jpg