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Beautiful Earth

Most photos in this gallery were taken in airplane from various travels all over the world. I like a lot to observe any sorts of nature sturcture or mandkind works on our planet and trying to take photos from the air when possible. I hope you enjoy my Observation of the Beautiful Earth.
DSCN0122_m_crp_c_28.jpg DSCN5528_c_20_1.jpg Seatle Iceland Seatle
Africa United Arab Emirates g10/04/616504/3/165873470.dxOA0u3W.jpg g10/04/616504/3/165871421.BARF5GeQ.jpg g10/04/616504/3/165871402.Et6SWOq1.jpg
g10/04/616504/3/165871395.nYn3ipFQ.jpg Pamir Pamir Pamir g9/04/616504/3/162203208.MBCMmW3m.jpg
g9/04/616504/3/162203054.qn512gqo.jpg g9/04/616504/3/162203018.zyKPlYkh.jpg g9/04/616504/3/162203012.zgVYmBBn.jpg Yellow River g9/04/616504/3/150337056.8bmEnmK1.jpg
Yellow River g1/04/616504/3/146447610.KBlqeoZl.jpg g1/04/616504/3/146447355.jryAhAQg.jpg g4/04/616504/3/143335318.HiFFMEPq.jpg g4/04/616504/3/143335167.Xr8ujZ8D.jpg
g4/04/616504/3/143290302.BUe5FdPM.jpg Tibetan Plateau g4/04/616504/3/143287296.SBuWYb0p.jpg g4/04/616504/3/143287670.evl60RwE.jpg g4/04/616504/3/143287183.ZJktCeE4.jpg
g4/04/616504/3/143275235.trlcDmfD.jpg Water in between land, or land floating on water? Rome and Vantican City Northern Italy Naples
Alps Desert, western Inner-Monolia, China Between desert and oasis, western Inner Mongolia, China Big Gobi, Northwestern China Northwestern China
Northwestern China g4/04/616504/3/143281679.bxbJtE5t.jpg Glaciers on Tibetan Plateau Glaciers on Tibetan Plateau Alps
Netherlands Europe Netherlands China Tibetan Plateau
Alps Alps viewed from sky g4/04/616504/3/143290743.TVCUtkgZ.jpg Alps in the clouds NL view from air
Flying by Somewhere on the earth Amsterdam g4/04/616504/3/143290556.q9GJtbO2.jpg Hi guys