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Flies (Diptera) (38 Galleries)

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Flies are an intriguing group of insects. Many are very important pollinators. Many, especially the Syrphids or Hover flies, are superb mimics of bees and wasps, and mimicry is a whole other area of great fascination!

Where there are flies,

There are human beings,

There are Buddhas.

--Issa, Japanese Haiku poet (1763-1828)

Robber Flies (Family: Asilidae)
:: Robber Flies (Family: Asilidae) ::
March Flies (Family: Bibionidae)
:: March Flies (Family: Bibionidae) ::
Bee Flies  (Family: Bombyliidae)
:: Bee Flies (Family: Bombyliidae) ::
Blow Flies (Family: Calliphoridae)
:: Blow Flies (Family: Calliphoridae) ::
Gall Midges and Wood Midges (Cecidomyiidae)
:: Gall Midges and Wood Midges (Cecidomyiidae) ::
Midges ( Family: Chironomidae)
:: Midges ( Family: Chironomidae) ::
Frit Flies (Grass Flies) (Family: Chloropidae)
:: Frit Flies (Grass Flies) (Family: Chloropidae) ::
Family: Chyromyidae
:: Family: Chyromyidae ::
Thick-headed Flies (Family: Conopidae)
:: Thick-headed Flies (Family: Conopidae) ::
Mosquitoes (Family: Culicidae)
:: Mosquitoes (Family: Culicidae) ::
Long-legged Flies (Family: Dolichopodidae)
:: Long-legged Flies (Family: Dolichopodidae) ::
Vinegar Flies (Family: Drosophilidae)
:: Vinegar Flies (Family: Drosophilidae) ::
Dance Flies (Family: Empididae)
:: Dance Flies (Family: Empididae) ::
Predatory Fungus Gnats  (Family: Keroplatidae)
:: Predatory Fungus Gnats (Family: Keroplatidae) ::
Lauxaniid Flies (Family: Lauxaniidae)
:: Lauxaniid Flies (Family: Lauxaniidae) ::
Stilt-legged Flies (Family: Micropezidae)
:: Stilt-legged Flies (Family: Micropezidae) ::
Freeloader Flies (Family:  Milichiidae)
:: Freeloader Flies (Family: Milichiidae) ::
Muscid Flies (Family: Muscidae)
:: Muscid Flies (Family: Muscidae) ::
Flat-footed Flies  (Family: Platypezidae)
:: Flat-footed Flies (Family: Platypezidae) ::
Signal Flies (Family: Platystomatidae)
:: Signal Flies (Family: Platystomatidae) ::
Rust Flies   Family:  Psilidae
:: Rust Flies Family: Psilidae ::
Moth Flies (Family: Psychodidae)
:: Moth Flies (Family: Psychodidae) ::
Pyrgotid Flies (Family: Pyrgotidae)
:: Pyrgotid Flies (Family: Pyrgotidae) ::
Snipe Flies (Family: Rhagionidae)
:: Snipe Flies (Family: Rhagionidae) ::
Flesh Flies (Family: Sarcophagidae)
:: Flesh Flies (Family: Sarcophagidae) ::
Dung Flies (Family: Scathophagidae)
:: Dung Flies (Family: Scathophagidae) ::
Marsh Flies (Family: Sciomyzidae)
:: Marsh Flies (Family: Sciomyzidae) ::
Antlike Scavenger Flies (Family: Sepsidae)
:: Antlike Scavenger Flies (Family: Sepsidae) ::
Soldier Flies (Family: Stratiomyidae)
:: Soldier Flies (Family: Stratiomyidae) ::
Hover Flies (Family: Syrphidae)
:: Hover Flies (Family: Syrphidae) ::
Deer Flies, Horse Flies (Family: Tabanidae)
:: Deer Flies, Horse Flies (Family: Tabanidae) ::
Parasitic Flies  (Family: Tachinidae)
:: Parasitic Flies (Family: Tachinidae) ::
Fruit Flies (Family: Tephritidae)
:: Fruit Flies (Family: Tephritidae) ::
Stiletto Flies (Family: Therevidae)
:: Stiletto Flies (Family: Therevidae) ::
Craneflies (Infraorder: Tipulomorpha)
:: Craneflies (Infraorder: Tipulomorpha) ::
Picture-winged Flies (Family: Ulidiidae)
:: Picture-winged Flies (Family: Ulidiidae) ::
Wood Soldier Flies (Family:  Xylomyidae)
:: Wood Soldier Flies (Family: Xylomyidae) ::
Xylophagid Flies (Family: Xylophagidae)
:: Xylophagid Flies (Family: Xylophagidae) ::
Flies affected by the Entomophthora  Fungus
:: Flies affected by the Entomophthora Fungus ::
Fly sp. with milkweed pollen pads
Fly sp. with milkweed pollen pads
Fly on fleabane
Fly on fleabane