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moped dangers

June 5, 2013
RALEIGH, N.C. Raleigh police say two men who were riding a moped died early Wednesday as the result of a crash involving one of their officers.
According to WTVD, the crash happened around 3 a.m. on Skycrest Drive between Brentwood Road and Hill Street.
The police cruiser appears to have major front-end damage and a shattered windshield and the moped appears to be wedged underneath the front end of the cruiser, WTVD reports.
No other details about the accident have been released.

Mopeds are a hazard because they are vulnerable to cars and unless they are riding on the SIDE of the road (where, lets face it, there isn't much shoulder provided) they slow down and impede traffic. On the other hand, it's great to find a way to travel w/o using a car and they have a right to do so. I don't know the answer, and I feel terrible for the injured..but as a automobile's extremely frustrating to deal with bicycles and mopeds that do not stay to the side and therefore allow traffic to pass and decreasing the likelyhood of getting hit.. We need shoulders on traveled shared roads..and we need to make laws that move slower traffic to the right. This includes lanes of highways, in my opinon. Other states have clear laws...slower traffic to the right..passing left only etc. Seems it's time to re-evalutate rules of the road so we can increase safety here in North Carolina. Just my opinion. We need to stay safe, work together and eliminate the whole idea that everything that rolls can be all over the pavement and cars can bully.

NC General Statue Chapter 20 Article 3 20-150.1 - When passing on the right is permitted
2) Upon a street or highway with unobstructed pavement of sufficient width which have been marked for two or more lanes of moving vehicles in each direction and are not occupied by parked vehicles;
-- I studied this statue a bit and the video I took today. I don't see where NC law would allow this moped'r to pass me on the right. The moped operator did not have an unobstructed view around me nor would I deem he had sufficient width to pass by me on the right safely. In fact I didn't know there were any allowances for passing on the right period. I thought it was always against the law. But allow me to speak on this a bit more. Suppose someone in the oncoming lane was to make a left turn in front of me ( had there been a road or driveway there at the time the moped operator came around me ? This moped operator would probably have been killed. Should there had been an accident who would have been at fault ? The moped operator which is not required by law to know the rules of the road or the law makers of NC ? The answer is simple. Find your NC representative and voice your concerns about this dangerous situation !
Subject: Re: Contact Us: moped laws
Wow and there is the answer why some law makers should not make the laws. Because you would run someone off the road and not stop to help! I drive a 150cc with tag and insurance, when I am going the speed limit, drivers think it's ok to pass because it's a scooter. Mine will go 65. It's the car driver mind set that all people on scooters lost their license. What needs to be done is the education of the American minds that not all scooters only go 35, and to run them off the road just to beat them to the next light is wrong. If you want to stop more 49cc on the road pass the law that Anything on the road have to be tagged. That way the state with make more money.
Thank You!
Hello Liz, thanks for sharing your letter. I don't think cars are passing you because they believe what your on is a below 50 cc scooter ,but maybe your going to slow. Even if your going the speed limit , people will pass regardless....again not because they think your on a scooter. First I would not run someone off the road on purpose, but because of how the law is designed it may not be best to stop because of the ramifications from the law misinterpreting the cause of the crash. MOST cases the vehicle doing the passing is the cause of the crash in the laws eyes but in reality its the moped not doing the speed limit. They are the origin of the problem. Who has more right to do the designated speed limit, the licensed insured operator or the non licensed/ revoked licensed uninsured operator ? It brings us back to moped problems, being forced to go ( ex.. 20/30 ) mph under the speed limit. In NC vehicles that are designated as mopeds are only allowed to go 30 mph on level road. That leaves a lot to be desired for those who are stuck behind them on all roads but our interstates. Add hills and extra passengers and the problem is greatly magnified.
You said " just to beat them to the next light is wrong ". We pass them so we wont have to follow them on the next road ; and we have the right to do the speed limit. Motorized vehicles who enjoy the benefits that licensed operators worth hard for should meet the same requirements. Since they are on most of our roads ( minus fully controlled access highways ) then they should be licensed. Since any law breaker on the road needs to be reported, there should be a way to report them..... tags.
thanks again for writing. I enjoy hearing from your side.
Im attaching a short letter I wrote today.
Hello Steve, thanks for writing and sharing . I do appreciate what you've shared and will respond to some of it later on. I had the opportunity today to talk with a Highway Patrol Officer for about an hour today on "moped matters ". I learned a lot and got some good leads on how to gather more knowledge on the problem. I shared pictures and video that I've made too . It was interesting to say the least. In short we did agree that something needs to be done. Before I go allow me to send you 2 questions to keep your interest at this blog.
1 How many driving infractions ( for example in 3 months time ) should a moped operator received before he is denied his privileges for riding a moped ? I ask this because its very possible that this hypothetical moped operator may have lost his license due to the same repetitious infractions ( behavior ) he received BEFORE being forced to ride a moped ? Should the law allow him to perpetually continue his dangerous behavior as long as he can afford the court cost and fine ?
2 And secondly, NC law doesnt require a moped operator to have an eye test ( nor recognize road signs ) like you and I. How blind do you think a moped operator should be before he isn't allowed to operator a motor vehicle on our roadways...... which includes riding next to a gasoline tanker, your motorcycle and our children's school buses ?
Thanks again.

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