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patricktherogue 28-Apr-2009 23:59
What a debate on a very interesting site. When my brother and I were starry-eyed kids, we gave $1000 (of hard-earned money) to PTL for the Heritage room in my parents name as a x-mas present. Thankfully, my folks asked PTL to give it back because they would never use it. They explained the whole thing to PTL and PTL gave it back. Which I guess was a good thing because a year later the whole thing came crashing down. Now, as an adult, I don't know any of those involved, never did, and I am quite certain never will. I was amused by Frank Schaeffers protrayal of Jerry Falwell as an egomaniacal gay hater in his latest book, though.
Guest 06-Jul-2008 16:03
Jim Bakker was clearly wrong for having had sex with Hahn. I was reading a transcript of a Larry King interview with Hahn. Hahn claims she was a virgin at the time of her encounter with Jim, which may very well be true. Finding a 20 year old virgin in those days was probably not uncommon as it would be today. However, that is where I stop believing Hahn. I will never believe Jim drugged her then raped her. Hahn also claimed it was years before she had sex again, which I also don't believe for one instant.
Guest 26-Aug-2007 11:28
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Jimmy Swaggert was the dude that found out about Hahn and was trying to expose Jim Bakker. Dortch met with JS between SC and LA at a small airport to discuss how it would play out. It didn't play out that way.
Guest 26-Aug-2007 11:25
Dortch was not the head of finances but did order Hahn to be paid off.
Falwell did not know about Hahn until after the stuff hit the fan at PTL.
However, once Falwell got into the stuff he did manipulate everything to HIS advantage. Obviously it did not work as he did not get the network.
Hahn was/is a slut but Jim made a very bad decision.
I was there...not a friend of a brother or a cousin wife...I was there for real.
Elvis 23-Jul-2007 14:07
I am 50 years old now & remenber my wife watching this show & I picked up on this scam the first time I watched their show I told my wife these were scamers dont even dare........ What amazes me how many people did not see this comming & gave there last dime to these crooks, was Amercia this stupid in that time.
Michelle 23-Jul-2007 01:04
Thank You for setting the facts straight about Falwell, Jessica H. and the downfall of PTL. If you hadn't said it, I would have. It's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
lesflutist 07-Jul-2007 05:05
I will never say anything positive or negative about Jerry Falwell because those who were offended and sabotaged have forgiven him and he is now wherever. I wonder where that is since he died?
Guest 13-Jun-2007 18:08
Hey Dustin-I was there, lived it, was in the "know" from 85to 87 and was engaged to the President of PTL Record's daughter, this guy has his facts correct. It's all out there in court docs you can access. I won't say anything negative since the Word tells me not "to touch not God's annointed and do His prophets no harm." However, Guest's facts are correct and you owe him an apology...
Dustin 09-Jun-2007 08:19
why must you talk crap on Jerry Falwell. He did what was best. You don't know the man. I knew him personally as a friend and to my grandparents, he was like family having each other over for dinner all the time. Why must people always take cheap shots at the man. I know the comment was written back in March before his death but still people can not resist a chance to take a cheap shot at a great man. If not for Falwell, then Reagan more than likely would not have won the Presidency, thus communism being shut down. Give credit to where credit is due. Do your research and base your statements on TRUE FACTS and not just some hypothetical story you think is right or by what someone told you or reading it on some website.
Guest 10-Mar-2007 08:42
that was salmon and it was popular at the time.
Guest 10-Mar-2007 08:40
Jessica Hahn met Jim in a hotel in Clearwater Beach Florida. 8 Years before she started screaming rape and brought down the PTL with the help of Jerry Falwell, who was the master planner here. Jessica Hahn, before she met Jim, was well known for giving herself to preachers. She would tell them how much she admired them and work her magic on them. It was a well known fact here in Massapequa. Not all, but most would take her up on her offer. When it came to Jim, during a fund raiser for another church, he was coaxed into the meeting by another Minister who had already been with Jessica a few times in NY. And because so many other ministers had had her, they all knew about what would happen behind closed doors. Enter Jerry Falwell a few years later and wanting to bring down the PTL because they have gotten so big so fast, have a satilite that he wants, is afraid of Jims control over the Christian vote for the upcoming Regean/Bush election, (Falwell is very political) oh and Falwell doesn't approve of their way to spread the gospel. He creates this master plan ( a few years in the making) once he finds out about Hahn, uses her as a pawn, with the promise of money to be made from the PTL as a payoff. Once she starts receiving money from Dortch the head of finances at PTL, he then tells Jim that the story is going to be leaked to the press, creating the windfall that collapes the PTL empire.
an eclectic infidel 26-Sep-2005 02:41
A Jesus Land theme park of freakshow proportions! It's almost surreal, looking at that BIG PINK bed.
Guest 03-Sep-2005 02:00
I wonder if Ms Hahn recogizes this room.