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Autococker Parts Identification Guide

The soul purpose is not to review cocker parts, but to simply display and identify as many cocker parts as possible. If you own a cocker part and don't see it here. I would love a picture of it sent to me at I would love the pic even if you do not know anything about it.
And if you disagree with something I have please feel free to contact me at the above email address.
Hope you enjoy,


You can contact me at
I am a moderator there by the ID of K.macocker
A great group of guys there willing to help out in any way and no flamming. You heard right, knowledgeable, and no flaming... Does such a place like this exist, check it out for yourself..

Jam nut (valve retaining nut)----- 5/8"-18 5/16"
Valve guide Screw (located on underside of body) ----- 5/16"-24 1/4"
cocking rod knob ----- 5/16" OD 10-32 stainless threaded standoff, 3/4" long
All (or most) newer hammer kits ----- 1/4"-28 x 1/2" setscrew, with the first approx. 3/16" turned down to just narrower than the 'Cocker body slot. (Itself 3/16".)
IVG (velocity adjuster) 3/4-16
Vertical ASA screw 1/4-28
Bolt o-rings ----- 0.1" thick, 0.5" ID, 0.7" OD
front block bolts
3/8-24 threads on '99 and earlier
9/16-24 threads on 2000 and later
Ball detent 3/8 -24
3-way 15/32"-32
ram shaft- 6-32
ram hole in front block
cocker barrels ----- 15/16"-20, Oversize GH-7
Autococker LPR ----- 1/8" NPT
Pump arm ----- 10-32

to make a full cocker mini, the bottom tube should be .100 longer than the top tube.

thank you,
Kmac for for all your autococker questions/needs

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