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Fashioning Art From Paper.

Isabelle De Borchgrave.

As an added note these are not miniatures but full size dresses.
g12/38/681038/3/169011735.UfYA47MF.jpg g12/38/681038/3/169007601.jOnCL7rT.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168973034.XURwHerv.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168959457.roHPrkWZ.jpg
g12/38/681038/3/168922819.g3aCNOVs.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168917348.r4FFIG9F.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168913858.cwFICJCw.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168910738.KIniNd1J.jpg
g12/38/681038/3/168905163.xgY7tPST.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168898919.IbwOT94N.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168895878.Fa1xJ8ba.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168894502.P0FUcCUz.jpg
g12/38/681038/3/168892424.h27mAEek.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168889316.jq6NblO2.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168886375.7O831h8W.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168883146.1JeJSG5S.jpg
g12/38/681038/3/168877102.fuW6ESIb.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168873873.3cU1Rtxa.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168872789.qd4KMOzJ.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168868948.CtjiSF9R.jpg
g12/38/681038/3/168866087.BUoOPG4Z.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168863663.B5Bfh4KK.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168859732.7Z25IDD8.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168852901.SX07e6rL.jpg
g12/38/681038/3/168845139.56MDWjZY.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168841415.w2zaQzyp.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168837814.mJKKjmid.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168833024.PBlhSlbo.jpg
g12/38/681038/3/168827497.IyiS0kzR.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168824256.f5M1nkPb.jpg g12/38/681038/3/168821796.dK92tTmD.jpg L'Atelier
Les Ballets Russes L'Atelier L'Atelier L'Atelier
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Les Ballets Russes L'Atelier The World Of Mariano Fortuny