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Ozzie's previous owners got him from a dog shelter when he was less than a year old. Now he's nearly three, and due to changed work circumstances they feel they cannot give him the time he needs, so we've taken him in to keep Holly company. He's a lovely natured dog of unknown origin though his microchip lists him as a Labrador cross! He actually looks more like a Bearded Collie. Either way he's going to be a lot of fun.
May 2010
In his natural habitat Oz Autumn Ozzy Blending in
Spot the dog Crouching tiger hidden Oz windy Foggy morning Oz.
Ozzy Ozzy Taking in the view Ring of bright water
Wet nose Happy Oz Oz in the sun What can you see Oz?
My boy Oz There's something about Ozzy Lovely boy Ozzy and the Giant Puffball
Ozzy looking for a tree Windswept and interesting Watching the bunnies Who goes there?
In his element Cheeky Oz Raggy rascal Oz
My favourite model Oz backlit Blow dry Windswept
Splash Same stile, different styles Oz and his shadow Happy as an Oz in snow
Oz improves the view Sam? Where? Ozzy on the hill Ozzy rocks
Sleepy Oz gotta love him Watching Joyous
Dappled Oz River monster Windswept and interesting I see no elephants
soggy foggy doggy If I ruled the world Hey Relaxed Oz
Downhill dog Oz Lurking in the shadows All shook up
Shady Cool dog How can that be comfortable? Shadow
Cooling off Dappled Oz Another dizzy blonde moment On the edge
Spinning King of the hill Joy unbound Laughing boy
Gazing over the wall Tired Oz Frozen food store Run
Hiding Making a blizzard I larf in the face of the storm Keep on running
Happy Fine time Dashing Ozzy the snow dog
Can we go out in the snow dad? Run Ozzy run In full flow A very patient model
Drifting by the Elephants Ozzy sphinx who's laughing now? Deep enough
fun in the snow Dad you've chopped my tail off! Up to his snowballs Ozzy loves snow
Smiler bored Snowy morning Oz Bridge of Oz
Puddle dog not getting any drier Waiting k.i.s.s.i.n.g
Tess has a shower shooting the breeze Handsome Play it again Oz
Oz and Tess Run Ozzy run Laughing in the face of danger He's like the wind
Mini Me in a spin Shake it Oz 6.jpg
5.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg
stop and smell the flowers Dog rose Raggedy Rawney Oz Rain dog
The odd couple Furrball star that smile
He's happy Dry Oz Wet Oz Dirty boy
Beach dog Chilled Oz Sunshine on a rainy day Oz
Ozzy Oz Sweatband Drying off
Do you need a shower Dad? Not fully wet Dirty and happy baaaad hair day
Love to see him run You're 'avin a larf! peel me another grape just gotta smile
Left turn Oz Dirty blond All in a spin Treebeard
too quick for dad Can I play with the cows dad? Prancer Smiler
somewhere near Oz Troubled with wind splashy Let sleeping Ozzies lie
Ozzy and Polar Bear Hold that pose Pride and joy Aaww dad! Wait until I dry my hair
Happiness Splish splash Flowers on the hillside bloomin' crazy Oz by the Hollypod
Who's a pretty boy? Still smiling Wounded soldier Tired and mucky
Top Dog Smiley boy cooling off ozzy dog rose
because he's worth it Ozzy shake 2 shake 1
kissin cousins cousin enzo Oz Mower
oz in the meadow Ozzy come home Oz our boy
walking the walk A muddy Oz is a happy Oz Ozzy and Daffodils windswept and interesting
multi-tasking spin cycle splashy return of the Oz
wait for me Oz wotcha laughing at? Tired Oz Oz2.jpg
Oz1.jpg happy boy scruffy pup Who nose what he's thinking?
whos afraid? time for a bath Puggled Relaxing Oz
when I grow up Oz Tada! face off
wot? shady character Excited? Moi? run ozzy
new game Snow monster yeti deep and crisp and cold
happy Oz resting ploughing
running jumping laughing? Deep
Oz Ozzy Oz3.jpg Oz1.jpg
fisheyed Oz fuzzy ozzy sleepy Oz
bright and frosty morning Autumn Ozzy what's that coming over the hill? Where's Holly?
wot? shake it Oz shake it Oz 1 shake it Oz 3
shake it Oz 4 Mad dogs and English men (abridged version) tired and happy tired and fuzzy
Ozzy and Spike spray it again ozzy hide Ozzy, mam's got the camera bad hair day
windswept more windswept run to dad Ozzy and the funny sky
Oz Ozzy in a spin a tongue with an idiot attached ozzy in flight
left turn ozzy Ozzy makes waves dishevelled worn out
ozzy ozzy ozzy ozzy
ozzy has a bad hair day Ozzy takes the plunge Ozzy happy ozzy
Ozzy and Sop tired ozzy There's a light on run ozzy
ozzy and holly ozzy ozzy born to run Ozzy
ozzy ozzy ozzy ozzy
ozzy ozzy