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Antarctic Expedition

The Antarctic Expedition, 1910–13, was led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott with the main objective being the first to reach the South Pole, and there to plant the British flag. After many setbacks, Scott and four teammates arrived at the pole on 17 January 1912; however, Norwegian Roald Amundsen and his team had beaten them there by 34 days. Scott and his men perished on their return from the pole. (The photos are not necessarily in chronological order expect for the start and the end of the expedition.)
Captain Robert Falcon Scott The ship Terra Nova at the dock Sleeping on deck On route to the South Pole Sled dogs on deck Officers aboard the Terra Nova
The Terra Nova, a former whaling shop In the rigging of the Terra Nova Aboard the ship Terra Nova Siberian ponies Large glassy sponges caught by sailors Scott at the helm of the Terra Nova
The Terra Nova The Terra Nova held up in ice On the water Arriving with supplies Excavating a cave for food storage Looking through a tunnel of ice
A snack in the snow An emperor penguin Baby penguin  Penguins on the edge On skies Geological team
A sledding party enjoy a meal Photographer Herbert Ponting Intrepid photographer, Herbert Ponting Geologist at work Cherry-Garrard with pony Panorama
Dr. Atkinson in his lab Interior of the hut Getting a haircut Cherry-Garrard in the Cape Evans hut Captain Scott Making pies
Scott’s birthday dinner Ponting projecting slides from his trip in Japan Repairing sleeping bags of reindeer skin Boots made of reindeer fur adapted for skis Herbert Ponting in darkroom Working on a model of the Terra Nova
At the player piano At the stove, fueled by seal fat Barne Glacier Dog sled in the vastness Listening to a phonograph The Terra Nova
South Pole Expedition team 17 January 1912 - Amundsen's tent at the South Pole 18 January 1912 - Last portrait of Scott and his team Last page of Robert Scott's diary Monument