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Another abandoned car dump

There is certainly something special with car dumps, in particular old abandoned ones. This particular one is really spectacular as it seems to have had its golden days during the 1960s and that it is fairly untouched, exposing a fantastic mix of chaos and peacefulness.

A quick summary is that cars of the pre-1970 vintages are cooler, perish more beautifully and obviously have hell of a chrome plating - period...

A fair guess is that the last car that made its final trip to this dump was in 1970 or so. Some scattered evidence, like some adjacent sunken buildings indicates that this has been a place of silence for the last 25 years or so. Given the amount of lead, oil, anti-freeze and other toxic stuff present here, one can guess that there is no imminent interest for a potential buyer to take it over. One can further guess that it is not on the radar screen of the local county's environmental agency, otherwise it would have looked completely different today.

Today, there is no such thing as a plain old car dump, at least not here in Sweden. For environmental reasons and thanks to high prices on scrap, all worn-out cars are meticulously shredded and everything is recycled, from glass and plastic to lead and steel. The car dump hunters of the future will search in vain for evidence of what old cars actually looked like...

Update 2011 - Sadly, this great place has now been cleared and all these beautiful wrecks are gone forever.
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