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I know it's not Friday, but the mood struck, and it may not strike again for a long time!
Have trouble with self portraits! So, here is a Wednesday SP!

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Greg W12-Jan-2014 01:32
Just love your eyes and color of your hair....
Coleen Perilloux Landry30-Jul-2012 05:48
Congratulations on your retirement.
caveman_lee09-Dec-2010 14:45
A nice candid. I like the composition very much.
Alain Dejeans11-Mar-2010 05:29
Beautiful self portrait, great compostion, lighting and colors!
Guest 12-Aug-2009 15:04
You are a beautiful lady and this is a gorgeous self portrait Mindy!!!!!
pr_rajan01-Dec-2008 04:38
...beautiful you are!
Guest 10-Oct-2008 07:10
Looking great !!
clark langley03-Sep-2008 02:36
WOW those eyes are talkin'
took me forever to reach the botom of the comments. I can see why,nice work!
Guest 03-Aug-2008 00:45
A beautiful self portrait.
Alina20-May-2008 10:44
Thanks for your comment and nice to meet you Mindy! Beautiful SP.
blizzard28-Feb-2008 17:42
Mindy this is delightful photo
composition and color exellent
and the models eyes reach out and touch who ever looks at this grand photo
the model is beautiful must have cost you big $$$ bucks to get her
big vote
blizzard28-Feb-2008 17:41
Mindy this is delightful photo
composition and color exellent
and the models eyes reach out and touch who ever looks at this grand photo
the model is beautiful must have cost you big $$$ bucks to get her
big vote
Guest 01-Feb-2008 10:58
hello :)
Jan Søgaard20-Dec-2007 13:57
I wouth have reversed the picture of you self. It have been better. you look good to me anyway.
dane17-Dec-2007 06:00
still my fave of you...
Evaristo Buendia Carrera05-Aug-2007 22:19
A goddess ...
Jean D21-Feb-2007 02:06
Very nice to meet you Mindy! A superb SP.
Naomi 19-Feb-2007 14:43
Hi, Mindy. Nice to meet you, and glad to see that you're a Canon girl, too!
Peter Malmgren22-Sep-2006 16:42
I like it! 18-Sep-2006 07:51
funny ringtones
Guest 20-Aug-2006 02:50
Just want to say hi, Mindy. A beautiful self portrait. I believe many people are stricked by the beauty and the mood.

Doug Kessler18-Jul-2006 02:51
Please add me to your long list of fans. Great to see you and appreciate all your comments.
Guest 03-Mar-2006 10:30
Well Mindy - what else can I say that has not been said before - you have a long list of people who seem to have fallen for you - add me to the list!!! Ohh, and thanks for your comments, nearly forgot after seeing your eyes.
zyziza25-Feb-2006 20:00
simply - hello Mindy!
Guest 19-Oct-2005 19:18
Hi, Mindy! I forgot to tell you, you are beautiful and elegant. Just like a female photographer should be.
UncleJimBob19-Sep-2005 05:12
Ditto the comment on colors complimenting your eyes. Only wish that an identical shot could be taken without having the camera in front of your pretty face!
Guest 16-Sep-2005 05:37
Nice to see you Mindy, very natural pose of you
suse28-Aug-2005 23:49
That's a beautiful shot. It seems to combine great thoughtfulness and beauty (and I'm not talking about the Canon...!) The framing with the picture frame and door compliments your eyes.
John S. Nasche28-Aug-2005 05:37
Mindy, I also have a HORRIBLE problem with having my photo taken, … (I tell folks that’s why I’m the photographer and not the photographeree), … but I decided that it was a character defect I needed to break and instead of hating SP Fridays, I’ve made them into “Freaky Friday Self Portraits” and actually look forward to them now. Trust me, if I looked as nice as you, I would never be worried to stand in front of a camera! Try being an old overweight balding biker dude with a beard!
Ron S. Bernardo24-Aug-2005 11:52
Beautiful self portrait, nice composition. Your relaxed mood is complemented by your facial expression. Voted!
Donald Verger23-Aug-2005 00:55
pretty! i like all all the green, the green makes this beauty even more special and grounded! voted!
Guest 16-Aug-2005 17:42
i see miranda in s & c show
shatterbug15-Aug-2005 18:29
Nice SP. I like the colors and expression. It's nice to have an attractive model. :-)
Cindy Flood08-Aug-2005 02:34
You are very beautiful. It is nice to put a face to the name.
Guest 15-Jul-2005 16:33
Mindy, I keep coming back to your SP. I don't think I would have tried these tones, but they're great. .The green picture frame ties in well with the green background at the right, your eyes and even the camera. Nicely captured and presented. YOur red hair provides a sonderful contrast to focus us in on the subject, as if we didn't already know. ;^). Lovely SP. I hope it didn't take too many attempts.
Marijka11-Jul-2005 02:26
i am very impressed-- as many tmes as i have tried this i have never been succesful at getting a good capture-- be it lighting, be it positioning-- but what you have here is a great capture of yourself-- from the compositoin to the expresson!!! great work!!
yosi aptekar10-Jul-2005 18:04
you look lovely, great portrait.
Guest 10-Jul-2005 13:29
Beautiful SP, very nice eyes, vote!
Guest 09-Jul-2005 12:41
What lovely eyes. Works rreally well alongside the picture on the wall. Well done.
Guest 09-Jul-2005 12:41
What lovely eyes. Works rreally well alongside the picture on the wall. Well done.
Guest 06-Jul-2005 04:38
A lovely SP! Great to put a face to the name :-)
Rene Hales06-Jul-2005 01:49
This is a great portrait. Colors and composition are just right.--Rene
Guest 06-Jul-2005 01:42
What a lovely self portrait -- very well done.
Salman Ahmed05-Jul-2005 16:22
Hi Mindy, nice to be able to put a face to your name. :)
Guest 03-Jul-2005 03:44
Nice job. I'm not a fan of doing self portraits either. I'm to critical.
Guest 02-Jul-2005 08:02
Hello Mindy nice to see you
Guest 29-Jun-2005 20:42
Wow, sophisticated and beautiful lady!
b-w studio29-Jun-2005 02:24
nice to see you, Mindy.
Guest 28-Jun-2005 02:17
Hi Mindy! : ) Very good SP, you look like a true Scot!
The colors really go well together on this, your beautiful hair
sets the tone for the rest of the photo and your expression is very natural.
Guest 26-Jun-2005 23:07
Nice one Mindy!
José Pinto26-Jun-2005 09:41
Pleased to meet you:)
Anna Yu25-Jun-2005 20:17
Hi Mindy, nice to meet you. Hope your mom is fine now.
Guest 25-Jun-2005 17:58
Beautiful color and skin tone! Lovely, nicely done!
fotabug25-Jun-2005 13:27
Very nice job. You handled this self-portrait nicely. Lookin' good.
Guest 25-Jun-2005 03:20
Lovely SP,Mindy!
The greens really photo frame and the background compliment your beautiful green eyes.
J. Scott Coile24-Jun-2005 15:24
Beautiful light, color and skin tones. So well done. You have stunning eyes! I'm glad the mood struck :)
Besati24-Jun-2005 02:58
Nice to meet you, Mindy. Portrait is my weakest, let alone SP.:)
petesie24-Jun-2005 01:19
So nice to see you, Mindy, and Lee is so right....oh, those eyes.
Lee Rudd23-Jun-2005 20:44
Hi Mindy.... you look such a thoughtful person. Nice look, but I love the hair colour and eyes!
Guest 23-Jun-2005 17:25
Lovely s/p. Love the semi-quizzical expression.
Herb 23-Jun-2005 13:54
Hi Mindy
Chris Sofopoulos23-Jun-2005 10:42
You were absolutely right about your mood Mindy. Great SP. The whole composition is fantastic. Whole works well. Bravo.
Larry Ahern23-Jun-2005 08:41
Lovely!! Nicely done!
steve mcsweeny23-Jun-2005 07:45
Beautiful ! and a great shot;)
Guest 23-Jun-2005 07:37
Well done for having the courage. I think you did a fine job!
Guest 23-Jun-2005 05:37
Nice to 'meet you'. Great sp and expression. You are very photogenic on both sides of the camera :)
Ian Chappell23-Jun-2005 05:06
Hi, pleased to meet you -great to put a face to a name!
Linda Willets23-Jun-2005 04:50
wonderful job
Gayle P. Clement23-Jun-2005 04:47
Great job on the SP, Mindy. Nice to meet you. The color of your eyes is echoed quite nicely in the frame and door.
Guest 23-Jun-2005 04:06
Beautiful SP ! The colors are great, matching your red hair and green eyes.
Guest 23-Jun-2005 03:48
Great job on the SP ... nice to 'see' you! I think it does get easier. I have taken literally no photos of myself for years, and now one every week ... I think the SP thing has got out of control, lol! :)
Dan Chusid23-Jun-2005 03:45
Looks like your fan base came out to lend you support!
...and looks like you need to come out more often.
Nice one Mindy.
Dennis Steinauer23-Jun-2005 03:26
Beautiful and striking self-portrait. We should all have such trouble with SPs!
James Lundy23-Jun-2005 03:14
There you are. And you are beautiful. Thanks for finally sharing a SP with us.
Guest 23-Jun-2005 03:11
Excellent SP, lovely eyes! Now, if I only had the nerve...
Guest 23-Jun-2005 02:59
Nice SP! I love the light in this shot! Nice to meet you!
Kaushal Kashyap23-Jun-2005 02:52
Great capture! Plus you are beautiful! Beautiful red hair and green eyes. Lovely Contrast.
Elaine (etfitz)23-Jun-2005 02:48
Wonderful sp! Glad to meet you!
Karen Leaf23-Jun-2005 02:45
Hi Mindy! This is a great start. First one's always the hardest, some say they get easier over time :)
Glad you followed the mood.
Guest 23-Jun-2005 02:41
I wondered who you were! HI!
Guest 23-Jun-2005 02:22
Awesome shot, lovely subject. :)
Al Varland23-Jun-2005 02:21
Very nice Mindy!
Coleen Perilloux Landry23-Jun-2005 02:14
Nice to meet you. Love the green.
Gary Hebert23-Jun-2005 02:01
like the red hair and green eyes... quite lovely Mindy... pleased to meet you! Don't wait so long for the next one...
noearlybird23-Jun-2005 01:52
This is a very nice shot. Great expression, I love the red and green and warm tones. I love this lens too.
laine8223-Jun-2005 01:52
I'm pleased the mood hit Mindy as it's really nice to meet you. Nice SP.
Neal Nye23-Jun-2005 01:24
Nice to meet you Ms. McNaugher. I've never had the courage to do this and I envy your confidence. Of course, maybe if I were as good-looking....
Guest 23-Jun-2005 01:19
I wouldn't say you have trouble with SPs, this is great.