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Julie Ann Shoeman | all galleries >> welcome >> Deafness ~ A Silent World~ >> May 2005 > Cochlear Implant
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07-MAY-2005 Julie Ann Lanz

Cochlear Implant

This is a cochlear implant. It is an electronic device to help
the deaf hear. It produces sounds digitally within the cochlea.
An operation is required as envisioned in the photo. This wondrous
device has caused a major controversy in the deaf world like no
other. Deaf purists believe this device interferes with the deaf
world and fear the deaf world wouldn't exist 20 years from now.
They state it is wrong for a child to have one because they believe
the child should have the right to choose. Unlike a handicapped
person or a person with a physical disability, deafness is a
disability that has created a world of their own complete with a
visual language, which is Sign Language.

My belief? I think
the parent has the right to choose because their only desire is to
give them the best life possible. No deaf child or adult has said
"Gee Mom, I wish I didn't know how to talk or read." Even with the
Cohlear Implant, you are still deaf. Many times you can't wear it
like at the beach, in the pool, shower, and at night while sleeping
since the batteries have to charge at one point! I believe if a
parent gets it for the deaf child that it is their responsibility to
educate the child about deafness, encourage Cued Speech, Sign Language,
or Oralism. To involve the child in situations where there are other
deaf children to play with and that it is ok to be deaf. Having a CI is
NOT a solution to get rid of deafness. A child will always be deaf
period. A parent should never act like deafness doesn't exist.

I also believe it is based on each persons situation and environment.
Like me for example...I have a hearing family. I am the only one
deaf in my immediate and extended family on both sides. I grew up
with Cued Speech which taught me to speak and read pretty well. My
friend in this picture helped me realize that having a CI would
enhance my life in so many ways. I will be able to hear my children
and my husband. I don't have to change. I can still be "me" and still
share with my children my deaf world and still teach them how to
cue & sign and have fun while doing it!

Canon EOS 10D
1/10s f/1.8 at 28.0mm iso100 full exif

other sizes: small medium original auto
marcusmorgan23-Jun-2015 19:50
My dad is going to be getting a hearing aid for the first time. He actually is going to get a cochlear implant. This is the first time I have ever seen what one looks like. This picture is great and I am glad you posted it so I can see what he is going to look like. I think it is amazing though that we have the technology in order to do that.
Celinesanderson17-Dec-2014 23:24
We found out our baby is going to be deaf his whole life. I'm wondering if there's a hearing aid for babies that would help restore his hearing. I mean, a lot of learning comes from hearing things. I just want him to live a normal life like other kids.
MAYRA 19-Nov-2009 04:11
hi my name is mayra i have A son that is 4 and he is profounded deaf.IS IT TOO LATE FOR HIM TO GET CI......
Guest 17-Nov-2009 08:45
Hiya, My name is Keidi & Im the hearing mom of Kelsey a 17yr old going deaf (throu a period of yrs) we learned recently that she finally went totally and were considering CIs for her (at least 1 ear) She was not born deaf & her storys extensive, but she always seems to fall between so many cracks(not deaf enough for this, not hearing enough for that) ive been very conflicted because if i allow this & it dosent work theirs no going back but if I dont ive stoped her from maybee the best oppertunity to get what she can from it & the possiblities could be endless for her .Wanting to do only the best for her I ran accross ur site it was nice to get other ppls aspect & views on it althou still confused & will be doing alot more research on the matter ur sites givin me more of an inside aspect to CIs ty more then youll ever no......peace
jessica 21-May-2009 02:12
oh yeah feel free to email me with any questions
jessica 21-May-2009 01:58
it was nice to read everyone's blogs. i am a hearing mother with a bilateraly implanted son. the device is amazing. everyday i think God that he has a disability we could "heal." we found out he was deaf late...he was born hearing and lost it all within a year! currently he is attending a school with normal hearing kids, on honor roll, reading, doing division...he's only 6! he had the first implant 2 days after he turned 5, and the second 6mths later! you have to be determinded to work hard, lots of speeech and atv, but it's worth it all. it's nothing like seeing your deaf child talk infront of a group of people or read to the elderly!
Jim Walters 19-Dec-2008 16:29
Can I use your implant photo. I work for CDC and am working on a 508 compliance training manual for disability impaired people using technology in the workplace.
Tim 03-Aug-2008 21:50
hi my name is Tim Penland, i have been deaf since i was 18 months old, i am wondering how that works, help you hear better, i have been thinking about getting one, i am 28 year old now, i would like to hear my kids voice and alot of different sounds. thanks TIm
Guest 15-Jul-2008 21:45
i was born then 4 month later, i was full deaf when i was 4 month old, used had two hearing aid till when am was 14 year old...i was CI's when i was 14 year old, now am 17 year old(near 18 year old), CI's was very good to heard, i got CI's on right ear and left ear is hearing aid(for life) CI;s very good heard than hearling aid coz CI can more heard of nosice,toilet,door,bird,phone like ring, and lots thing in different of sound, so i was enjoy had a CI's,

thank you for read
Guest 27-Mar-2008 16:29
hello my name is portia from california. I have a son that has a moderate to severe hearing loss. he is 1 1/2 years old. Iam torn between hearing aids and a cochlear implant. i want the best for my child but i also want him to be able to make his own decisions about this. if anyone has any advice for me please e-mail me back at thank you :-)
Derek 26-Feb-2008 18:29
Hello, My name is Derek from ohio also im 19 years old. I have implant since i was six. it was amazing. I couldnt live without it. seriously. I am bicultural in Deaf and Hearing worlds. I love it both. also i have two languages too. I speak and sign. I hate when deaf people think people who have cochlear implant want to become hearing only and ignore american sign language. Its not true. I have a strongly deaf idenitiy. I hang out with deaf and hearing people. i love them. I am so grateful that i have cochlear implant. Thanks to my parents! :]

i know this is kinda pointless. i just thought this site is pretty interesting! anddd
if you have any question....feel free to contact me! i would love to hear from you guys! or AIM - blahitsderek
Linda 20-Dec-2007 16:05
I just had mine "installed" in September. Still "Mapping". How long does it take to get it "right"? I am having a hard time "understanding" what I am "hearing". Any advice???
Guest 04-Dec-2007 16:04
My name is Keri and my brother recieved an CI when he was one and a half. He was born profoundly deaf, and he lives with a hearing family. The debate was whether to give him one or not. After reviewing many pros and cons my parents decided that it would be best if he would get one. Since the surgery he has progressed amazingly. He could not enroll in a certain school for cochlear kids because they said he may not be able to produce words, vocally. My family was positive he would talk because he was so, so vocal. Now, he is in a public school, signing, comprehending, and talking! The cochlear implant is not a "selfish" thing to do for your child. It will help them and by getting a CI it allows them to succeed just as anyone else. Now my brother has the best of both worlds. Feel free to e-mail and ask any questions :
Christina 29-Sep-2007 08:27
My daughter is now a year and a half and she is profoundly deaf since birth. Recently it's been suggested that she get CI, but I have my concerns about them. I've heard such things that they don't hear things the same such as, everything sounds somewhat computerized. I was hoping those of you that have the CI can help me out with this. I've been thinking about this non-stop I just want whats best for my daugther. As of this moment she wears her hearing aids and I get alot of vocal sounds out of her and one or two words out of her, and attends speech classes. I just want to know if the CI can give my daughter the best experience in life. If anyone can get back to me on this I will be so grateful.
jamie 17-May-2007 21:25
My name is Jamie and I woke one day 5 months ago only to discover that i could no longer hear. I am 29 years old and have 3 children my youngest is just beginning to talk. He is 21 months. I have profound hearing loss and there is no reason as to why it happened. I am in the process of getting a CI right now and hope that I will get it this year.
Jescenda 10-May-2007 03:30
My name is Jescenda, I was wondering what it is like for you now that you have a CI. I am considering getting one my self. I am fluent in ASL and Have Excellent speech for a deaf/heard of hearing person. I just wanted some insight about the CI.
Thank you and you all rock.
Chelsea 11-Mar-2007 17:56
I am a High School student, that is taking American Sign Language. I am working on a Cochlear Implant project. Thank you so much for your opinions.
Julie Ann Shoeman23-Jan-2007 02:41
Dear Lisa, you are not kidding me that Aetna is the worst insurance on earth. I had Aetna when I used to live in Virginia. There's actually a lot of lawsuits against Aetna. I will need to learn more about your situation and see if I can be of some help. Can you email me at and I'll reply as fast as I can. Blessings Julie Ann
LISA FIELDS 16-Jan-2007 19:59
Count your blessings people!!

My name is Lisa and I was borm with profound hearing loss and I have learned to function as normally as possible in a hearing world. I have very little hearing and qualified as a candidate for a CI only to be denied over and over again by our lousy health insurance company..Aetna. They claim that I have "normal" hearing and an implant would not be beneficial to me or allow me to have any positive benefits for the rest of my life. I am 46 years old, married and a mother of 4 normal hearing children. Thank God!!

Any and all suggestions and input would be appreciated!! We have exhausted our appeal process and cannot even afford a benefits attorney at 450 dollars an hour to sue Aetna and even the doctor, who has really tried to push this along also.

Best of luck to all of you who can hear the world now on a daily basis!!
Guest 16-Jan-2007 02:40
Hi my name is Sky from Austraila, I have just had my cochlear implant operation last year in September 5th 2006. It is amazing now that I can hear many new sounds such as bird noises that I have not heard before my implant. Life is great with so many good experience with noises a round me, I can hear seagulls making alot of noises when feeding them etc cutting tomatos with knife... awesome sounds! I was born Deaf from my mother's contracting a german measles during her two weeks pregnant with me in it.
Guest 19-Nov-2006 23:15
Nice site.. I have it last 19 years. I'm 22 years old.
Heidi 21-Sep-2006 04:02
My name is Heidi and I am profounded deaf, use ASL but I am considering a cochlear implant - not mention that I want to be "hearing" so I only want hear better than hearing aids.

This is a cool photo of man with CI.
lori 21-Aug-2006 02:03
how do you like the ci... i just had surgery 5 days agoand i am healing and it is a difficult reovery period.
amanda 13-Jul-2006 01:51
interesting information u have told. i had my done last 3 weeks ago, not yet hear a sound but i know it normal at the start for beeping. i was born hearing but on my 1st bday i fell down long stairs, bang my head that how i became profounded deaf now im 17 years old..
Guest 15-Mar-2006 17:45
That is cool that you have a cochlear Implant I have it last 2 years
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