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Canon DSLR Challenge | all galleries >> Challenge 31: Create a Still Life (Hosted by Lonnit Rysher) >> Eligible > Mercedes Benz McLaren
by Michael Soo
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12/2004 Michael Soo

Mercedes Benz McLaren
by Michael Soo

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Guest 23-Dec-2004 08:23
A very impressive shot. Perfectly composed and lit... and what a subject!
Guest 22-Dec-2004 23:07
To Phil, :) Likewise. - MS
Canon DSLR Challenge22-Dec-2004 10:30
What's the smiley for shaking someone's hand? :)
No hard feelings here... Phil
Canon DSLR Challenge22-Dec-2004 03:56
If you're a pro and set up this shot in your studio or wherever, than it absolutely qualifies. Walking into a showroom and shooting what's there wouldn't. Well, ok, I'd say ok to that if you walked into the showroom with your lights and created a set around the car. It's a great shot, obviously pro, and very eligible. :) ~ Lonnit
Canon DSLR Challenge22-Dec-2004 00:11
Gosh Phil, I was just tickling you. Sorry, I was probably in a horrid mood when I wrote those argumentative stuff. Guess you got ticked off. :-( I apologize.

- MS
iso320021-Dec-2004 22:23
You've chosen a great angle to shoot from, and the lighting/post processing is truly superb. As always, voters will have the final say as to whether they thinks this fits the bill or not.
Guest 21-Dec-2004 21:28
I was going to let this drop (I don't really want to argue for the sake of it!). I still disagree with your interpretation as I think Lonnit has been very specific in what constitutes "create".
However... looking at you site, and now knowing that you do this for a living, I'm assuming that you effectively directed the technician to place the car where it is (as opposed to you walking into a showroom and just taking a pic of a car already there - which is more or less what I previously thought), so therefore you *did* create it - the car is only there because you asked for it to be there. That's the point I was making. Likewise the watch - you didn't create the watch, but you placed it and lit it (etc).
Like I say (and say again) it's a great pic, and now I believe it *does* fall into the eligible category. But you gotta have rules... :)
Canon DSLR Challenge21-Dec-2004 21:01
Uh huh...
cre·ate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kr-t)
tr.v. cre·at·ed, cre·at·ing, cre·ates
To cause to exist; bring into being. See Synonyms at found1.
To give rise to; produce: That remark created a stir.
To invest with an office or title; appoint.
To produce through artistic or imaginative effort: create a poem; create a role.

Does that mean that none of these still lifes are eligible since we didn't create the watches, the car, put the tires together, drive it into the photography studio itself, etc.? Dude, let it ride and enjoy the photo. I'm a product photographer.

- MS
Canon DSLR Challenge21-Dec-2004 10:42
Michael, well, seeing as you asked, I'll respond with a quote from the very first post in the challenge thread, by Lonnit:
"Your next assignment is to create - NOT FIND!!! Yes, CREATE a still life!" (Her emphasis, not mine). Hence, the challenge title "Create a Still Life".
I'm not trying to be awkward (I like the pic) but rules is rules, as they say...
Canon DSLR Challenge21-Dec-2004 08:33
Whoa Phil, you sure are a pessimist. Yes, I did take this image. And no, I did not put the car there, the technician did. Also, Lonnit's definition for this challenge says:
still life
n. pl. still lifes

Representation of inanimate objects, such as flowers or fruit, in painting or photography.

A painting, picture, or photograph of inanimate objects.

I'm pretty much figuring inanimate objects covers it. No animal but machines that move would work - like a clock.

So, this is eligible. Sorry to disappoint you.

- MS
Canon DSLR Challenge20-Dec-2004 11:02
Firstly, much credit for making this look right out of a Mercedes brochure.
However, it's almost too good, and I can't help asking, did you actually take this pic?
Of course, if it's a scale model, then it all makes sense... if, however, you've walked into a showroom somewhere, then I'm not sure it fits the theme of having placed it yourself... Phil
Canon DSLR Challenge20-Dec-2004 04:34
I'll take it! Great shot :) ~ Lonnit