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I’ve passed this fabulous monstah many times and meant to photograph it. Usually, there are skateboarders around. I’d try and be down with the kids but I’d probably break my ass first try and look like a big girl’s blouse so I came back last night. What you can’t see are behind the monstah are 3 amiable homeless guys doing their burn of crack for the night. They happened upon me and thought I was taking their patch at first until they saw the equipment. They could have jumped me and lived in crack heaven for month but instead asked me about my photography and wished me luck. I even got one of them to pose where I intended to place myself so I could nail the focus.

I should have brought my phat-laced Adidas shell-tops, my boombox, my baseball cap and sundry heavy jewellery – and then I remembered that I didn’t own any of these things. Luckily, I do a profitable line in moody looks, which can be turned on and, well, left on, so at least I had that part of the urban hip hop dystopia vibe nailed…

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Faye White01-Apr-2008 00:56
so very good!
Guest 01-Jan-2007 12:59
Impressed again... Breathtaking...
Marisa Livet31-Dec-2005 16:01
I'm the last voice to join the chorus...
I won't be out of tune ! It's probably my favourite picture of this series.
The harmony and the balance of colours nuances is perfect, you look perfect too.
What poor, meanigless words could add?
Guest 08-Dec-2005 12:37
great colours! you look like a street-wise guy at ease with the monstrous graffiti of urban life --- yeah you nailed the vibe -- uh-huh
Ana Carloto O'Shea01-Aug-2005 22:29
This one is really great!!! Tha monstah is definitely amazing in size, shape and in lousy graffiti... You had a great idea for making this self portrait, because you really look great here.
The exposure is fantastic and made all the tones of the photo uniform.
Cool shot indeed!!!!
jude07-Jul-2005 20:32
Like I thought before, this always puts me in mind of giant, crazily decorated teacups and you in miniature size sitting and catching your breath - slowing down your heart. Why? Cuz of the big guy about to pour the tea :P
Dominic Kite05-Jul-2005 07:52
This is still one of my favourites - I think I spotted tha monstah, on my way back to the airport!
kimberly borchardt30-Jun-2005 21:18
Someone should translate this, for mortals! :-) Wonderful image.
Guest 30-Jun-2005 12:18
WOW!!! Totally blows me away Niall! Such incredible color funk.The golden urban glow and the plumbing which appears more like festive holiday fare belies the gritty reality.You look like a forlorn elf abandoned in a strange land dwarfed by looming machinations.The airy luminosity of the scene is a clever lie.The highlights,chartreuse smog and streetlight flooding the curb with warmth create an inviting ambience which defies one's logical mindset.
Your evening tale steeps the impact to stratospheric proportions.Amazing commentary and premium imagery.
René Gysi21-Dec-2004 21:19
Excellent photo with great colours and light.
Guest 19-Dec-2004 02:48
This monster looks like a tin robot who cleans the basement at the scientist's lab or lives at the bottom floor of the huge building of the city...With dirty waters and trashes everywhere...Their mission is to obey human's orders but sometimes they get confused when they feel sad...Should be empty inside their huge body...

I love this monster,N.I would like to take a picture with him too.I think maybe I would climb on his shoulder.Because he wouldn't mind a small human being like me.Besides,I love the lighting.
Chris17-Dec-2004 02:42
Amazing light and great attitude.
Wenche Aune16-Dec-2004 23:13
Excellent shot. I like the depth colors.
Ray :)16-Dec-2004 20:57
King of the Urban Monstahs! You do street work so well, Niall, and this is one of your very best. V.
Cheryl Hawkins16-Dec-2004 19:12
PS. I love your moody look and narrative.
Cheryl Hawkins16-Dec-2004 19:12
I thought I was looking at a metal and enamel filigree statue in the thumb. I laughed as I saw the reality. Interesting what preconceived ideas we have and how looking closer gives us an entirely different perspective.
Stu16-Dec-2004 17:50
Wonderful narrative, excellent photo... So you've decided against becoming a chav. Wise choice.
Saskia 16-Dec-2004 16:34
LOL, great story and I love the photo. Interesting monstah's, like giant artsy teapots or something :)
Guest 16-Dec-2004 14:55
This is FANTASTIC! I LOVE the light, I LOVE the story! You know, it does to show you, you can't always JUDGE people....I once was approached by a homeless guy while out shooting, and although I wa a bit nervous, I chatted to him and he let me take his picture. Turned out one of my very favorites of all time. Here, have a look.

ANYWAY, enough about me...This is just a GREAT shot Niall, the light! WOW! Glad you made the effort.
Antonio Pierre De Almeida16-Dec-2004 14:54
Almost surrealistic ... simple and powerful.
Guest 16-Dec-2004 14:29
Nice shot!
jude16-Dec-2004 13:58
Wow.. this is fantastic.. i love the lighting here.. i swear it doesn't look like some sort of ... urban monstrasity.. it looks like you are in a huge Christmas scene setting.. Very well done.. the overall darkness with the golden cast makes this very rich in depth..