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Linda A | all galleries >> Galleries >> Every Day I Write My Book - 2004 diary > 8th November 2004 - the King is dead...long live the King (yet again)
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8th November 2004 - the King is dead...long live the King (yet again)

My love of Spurs is very well documented in the pages of my photo diary. As Iíve said before, ĎIím Tottenham till I dieí.

It wonít have gone unnoticed to the many UK based PBASE viewers that weíve (Spurs) been through a spot of bother again recently and I must confess to feeling a bit gloomy about it. DM thinks Iím being uncharitable but thatís how I feel nonetheless. Today the club has announced our new Manager, which in itself is a good thing. Last season when we fired our manager we couldnít get our act together to find a new one for nine miserable months and the club was happy to see David Pleat in charge for that time. (Which in itself baffled me.)

I feel fully entitled to refer to the club as Ďweí because I own a small part of the club (Iím a shareholder) and I have also invested huge sums of money over the years in season tickets and match tickets, not to mention the merchandise, drinks, food and other stuff Iíve spent money on at the stadium on match days.

Our new ĎKingí is Martin Jol, a Dutch man who came to the club with Frank Arnesen in the summer. Last time we recruited an unknown manager from another country it was an unmitigated disaster (Christian Gross) so I sincerely hope this is a better appointment than that. Heavens, if we canít even get it right when we appoint the French National Coach, I have little faith that this appointment will be any better.

Iím not sure why I get a bad feeling about this Ė maybe itís the confident claims of knowing the clubís heritage and knowing the players. I find all of that a bit difficult to believe when heís been around all of five minutes in the grand scheme of things. He certainly didnít demonstrate any ability to motivate the team on Saturday. That was done by Carrick and the fansÖÖ.and it all came too late in the day to save us from humiliation.

There is no doubting the ability of many of our players Ė I do believe they are world class. What Iím not sure about is why they donít seem to be able to play as a team. Every bit of my management skill and know-how (albeit in a completely different environment) says that if you can breathe team spirit into gifted people, then you can make 2+2=5 or even 6. Somehow it never quite comes across that the team are fighting not just for their own personal glory but for the good of the club too. Letís find a way to drive that loyalty and harness its energy.

Last night, I was thrilled to see Film 4 showing the Glory Glory Days. A film made in the mid-70s about four young girls who loved Spurs in their school days in the 1960/61 season. I so related to that. I was born on the first day of that season and wish with all my heart Iíd been able to witness the thrill of being the first club to win Ďthe doubleí. I wish Iíd seen Danny Blanchflower play and the rest of the team. Danny played a cameo appearance in the film and the whole experience was magical. I loved that film. It represented everything I hold dear about loyalty and football. Jack Rosenthal, the writer went on to write many of our best-loved TV series and interestingly co-writer of Yentl. He was clearly Spurs through and through.

My two pins are Ďancient and moderní Spurs pins. The one on the left is part of this seasonís Memberís pack, which also contained a pen, a key fob and the flag that adorns my office and flies over me as I type. The one on the right is my little bit of treasure, my precious thing that I will always cherish. Itís the pin given to my friend Audrey by Billy Nick himself.

I so hope Iím wrong. Maybe itís wrong of me to assume a newcomer canít feel with the same degree of passion as the supporters who have given so much to the club. Maybe heíll be brilliant and weíll all be singing ĎMartin Jolís blue and white armyí before you know it.

I hope so, I really do.

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Linda Alstead26-Aug-2005 15:43
bartender you are right really - his record shows he was no worse than Hoddle but he was so unpopular - partly I think because he was completely unknown (and so not very glamorous) and partly because we didn't get any success with him. I don't know really - I suppose we fans just felt we deserved better than an unknown from a country with no particularly strong footie heritage. I'm well happy with Jol now though.
bartender 26-Aug-2005 10:55
Nothing to do with the topic, just wondering what exactly Christian Gross did that was so wrong???
Sarah 09-Nov-2004 07:23
I have to feel positive. Arnesen wanted Jol in the first place and he can surely communicate better with the players than Santini could. I feel that on Saturday, the first half was Santini's team and the second half showed Jol's. (But I think that is being very optimistic and simplistic about things) Overall it isn't a surprise that Jol has taken over and maybe it is a good idea to try someone who hasn't got a big name like Hoddle or Santini.... time will tell!
Breland09-Nov-2004 00:54
Good shot, I've never seen these pins before. I will have to research the Spurs further.
JW08-Nov-2004 20:36
I'm not a Spurs fan but have a soft spot for them going back to memories of Greaves, Hoddle, Ardiles, Gascoigne etc. Two observations, one question. 1. The Gooners seem to have done quite well with a less than extroverted foreigner! 2. Could the 'Director of Football/Coach' structure be the problem? 3. (finally to photograpy!) have you ever openly taken your camera to a Spurs game? Do you know of anyone who has taken more than an Instamatic to a game and been allowed to take pictures?
David Mingay08-Nov-2004 20:12
Don't forget it was Jol who put Carrick on. With a bit of luck Carrick will start against ARSEnal next week and Redknap will be on the bench.