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* by iso3200
3rd place
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2nd April iso3200

On Reflection
* by iso3200
3rd place

Boy what a great night I had shooting tonight. I could hardly wait to get back and process them and was thrilled to bits with the results.
The moonlight filtering through the clouds made for some excellent picture opportunities.

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Canon DSLR Challenge08-Apr-2004 02:29
I have a great deal of respect for anyone who long exposure work... I have zero experience in this style of photography. Your image shows me I have a great deal more to experience in my photographic life :-) Nice work. As for the anonymous poster, "not seeing" the image as special... this is the beauty of art / photography, we all see things a little differently. If we all saw things the same how BORING would this art be?
:-) Markjay
Sony Forums Challenges07-Apr-2004 19:23
Don't you just hate it when people leave anonymous comments?
Sony Forums Challenges07-Apr-2004 18:14
I am looking at this image and, I'm trying to relate to all the positive comments posted.
I can see the image has an interesting perspective, nice warm street lights, blurry clouds... but I can't find excellence in this image. I apologize... too embarassed to say, I don't agree with all the exuberant comments.
Teapot 05-Apr-2004 12:11
We are seeing some very different shots form you these days iso. This is superb. 20 seconds using moonlight only?
Anna Yu04-Apr-2004 04:03
Stunning, tremongously wonderful image! May I make a small request that you rotate the image ccw a little?
ctfchallenge03-Apr-2004 10:24
Oh Oh!!! The Dock of the Bay! I assume you are entering this into the CTF's just fabulous! You'll probably find yourself hosting 2 challenges at the same time again.
Lonnit, what is "fantasting"?
Canon DSLR Challenge03-Apr-2004 06:30
The mood and lighting on you are absolutely surreal. I can't even begin to say how incredibly fantasting that railing is! Please do me a favor and don't leave the studio anymore. You shame me badly enough inside, I don't really need to have you outside, really blowing my doors off! LOL! Kudos! ~ Lonnit
Guest 03-Apr-2004 04:22
I'm almost speechless. I have almost become "anti-iso" in my thinking (at least partly out of jealously!), but can normally spot one of yours a mile off...! This one, though, feels as if you have moved on somehow, and yet managed to totally capture something very different. I love the blue from the sky with the orange of the lights. The rail makes a fantastic diagonal leading down to you. I really am absolutely stunned by the quality of this image - and I thought the standard was already amazingly high in this challenge. Really, I could go on and on... The only downside is I think this has knocked the wind out of my sails. How can I possibly hope to compete? Phil
Shu03-Apr-2004 01:03
Very intriguing image. Shu
Canon DSLR Challenge02-Apr-2004 23:49
Hee hee - when I was doing my "Thief" shot over in Exhibition, it was..."ok....has it been 13 seconds? Is the shutter going to close before that car gets here? Are the cops going to come and ask me what the heck I'm doing? What'll I tell them if they do? Who am I going to use my one phone call on?" ;-)

This is a fantastic capture with the clouds - very dramatic! Can't wait to see others... Ed Hahn
iso320002-Apr-2004 23:25
LOL you got that right. And then sitting there thinking, *Has the shutter closed yet - I didn't hear it. Are 20 seconds up yet? Can I move now? Has someone nicked my camera?* :-)
Canon DSLR Challenge02-Apr-2004 23:16
I bet it was a sight to see ... you pressing the shutter release then running down the steps and rapidly assuming the very calm looking position shown in the photo. :) Great image by the way. Earl-
Guest 02-Apr-2004 22:50
Indeed it did!! A truly lovely sky and the colors are gorgeous! I like how you placed yourself.. just your body language alone suggests your wonderment and happiness with the evening!