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David Mingay | all galleries >> Mynd Dagsins '15 >> Photo of the Day 2004 > Feb 19: Utter rubbish
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Feb 19: Utter rubbish

No not my weapon of choice, the 300D itself, but the content of the 300D forum on a certain leading photography site. Some recent examples.

A guy who claims to have taken 12,000 pictures with his in just 6 weeks of ownership. (OK, allowing time off from shooting for things like eating, sleeping, commuting, working, contributing to on-line discussions etc I recon that's about 1 picture every minute. )

The continuing myth that by using the center focus point, you get spot metering. (you don't - the meter biases toward the active focus point to just make sure that the part of the scene is within the dynamic range of the sensor)

The belief that Canon will somehow 'uncripple' the camera with a firmware update to get all those lovely missing features from the 10D. For goodness sake, just buy a 10D if Mirror lockup is soooo important!

Someone else thinks that the auto focus point selection an read your mind and changes the selected focus point accordingly. Now eye control focus is great, but telepathic control is something that's going to fox those Nikon guys for years!

Then of couse there's the "I bought a 300D, it was rubbish, so I took it back and changed it for an Sony 828, which was also rubbish, so I took that back and pre-ordered a Nikon D70". Yeah, cool, what a dude you are. Just a slight problem. If you can't take a half decent pic with a 300D, what makes you think you can with a Nikon?

And it goes on. Come on guys, it's just a camera. Go and learn to take photographs. It's only shutterspeeds and apertures at the end of the day.

A year ago today: My PotD Feb 19 2003

Canon EOS 1D Mkii, no wait, a Sony 828?
Or maybe just a humble Powershot G2? full exif

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Guest 20-Feb-2004 23:41
Guest 20-Feb-2004 15:51
I take it you're still glad you bought a 300D? I've been lusting after one for ages now and think I may finally be on the verge of getting one. Mind you I think I'll wait until I go Stateside in April and pick up a real bargain Digital Rebel with the exchange rate as it is.
mikiruaq20-Feb-2004 04:40
Those lists will drive ya crazy :)
robin statfeld20-Feb-2004 03:28
Yes, reading the message boards can drive you crazy (speaking from experience when researching my camera purchase), gotta take everything with a grain of salt!
Jvan Photography20-Feb-2004 01:12
I agree! I wish people would spend more time learning and taking pictures and less time complaining! Every camera has pros and cons.
Guest 19-Feb-2004 21:50
At any rate, a nice composition.

Was it taken with the body in the frame?

Is it a mechanical self-portait?

I have an 828 and I have taken 5800 pix since Dec. 22nd. It does have plenty of shortcomings, but I agree, it is the MUSICIAN, not the INSTRUMENT!!

Guest 19-Feb-2004 21:19
WOW - and I thought it only happened in the Sony fourm ;) They are all wankers anyway!
Lara S19-Feb-2004 20:56
Good points D. I, myself, love my Rebel.
Guest 19-Feb-2004 20:53
Very good points you make, David!! And I like your shot here too. I've never understood the constant whining about one camera or another. I think I know which forum you're speaking of, it does get nuts there! -- angela :)
Ron Lutz II19-Feb-2004 20:44
LOL. I try not to read the 300D forums much, they do tend to be odd. Of course, the 10D forum can be pretty strange at times too.
Guest 19-Feb-2004 20:41
Hey, I'd kill for the worst DSLR on the market. Some folks got too much time and too much money and too little to show for it.
Guest 19-Feb-2004 20:36
Nice rant David...What IS the deal with that anyway?? "My Nikon could kick your Canon's ass!" LOL!!! It's all about the person operating the camera... I might have even gone for the Canon, if I didn't have a bag full of Nikon lenses already!
Guest 19-Feb-2004 20:15
Humm...You shot a 300D with a 10D. You have good équipement. Cheers