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8-18.8.2016 Harel Boren & Lukas Demetz

IC5067 The Fish Head (/Pelican) Nebula

Nerpio, SkyGems Station, Spain

Total Exposure Time: 7:20 hours RRGB(bin1),
LRGB 260:260:60:120 / UNGUIDED
Location RA 20h 50m 50s, Dec +44 21' 20"
Pos Angle +270 28', FL 600.0 mm, 1.86"/PixelThis image is 1900x1435 pixels

Imaged under the crystal clear skies of SkyGems Station, Nerpio Spain, 1650 meters high

Officina Stellare Riccardi-Honders Veloce 200 RH OTA
ASA DDM60 Pro Mount

Officina Stellare -
On my site -
Deeper technical informaiton on the Riccardi-Honders design -
ASA DDM60 Pro -
On my site -
SBIG ST8300M, Astrodon Gen II

The prominent ridge of emission featured in this sharp, colorful skyscape is cataloged as IC 5067.
This large emission nebula, with a distinctive shape when turned South-Side up, is popularly called The Pelican Nebula; I have named it "The Fish Head Nebula"
for the shape it takes in this frame - of a "fish looking right".
The bright ridge crossing this image from top left to bottom right spans about 10 light-years following the curve of the cosmic pelican's head and neck.
Fantastic, dark shapes inhabiting the 1.5 degree wide field are clouds of cool gas and dust sculpted by the winds and radiation from hot, massive stars,
showing their typicl brownish color.
The Nebula, cataloged as IC 5070, is about 2,000 light-years away.
To find it, look northeast of bright star Deneb in the high flying constellation Cygnus. (ref. APOD

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