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Harel Boren | all galleries >> Galleries >> Other Objects > LBN 406 The Laughing Skull Nebula - and PGC 58928 - in Draco
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30.4-1,2.5 2014 Harel Boren

LBN 406 The Laughing Skull Nebula - and PGC 58928 - in Draco

Negev Desert, Israel

Total Exposure Time: 9.75 hours L(bin1); RGB(bin2),
LRGB 345:80:80:80 // 23x15min frames + 24x10min frames UNGUIDED

RA 16h 45m 07.1s, Dec +60° 17' 14.2"
Pos Angle +89° 56.6', FL 599.8 mm, 3.74"/Pixel
This image is 1570x1220 pixels

Officina Stellare Riccardi-Honders Veloce 200 RH OTA
ASA DDM60 Pro Mount

Officina Stellare -
On my site -
Deeper technical informaiton on the Riccardi-Honders design -
ASA DDM60 Pro -
On my site -
SBIG ST8300M, Ha Astrodon Gen II 5 nm

This region in Draco includes some very faint reflection nebulae, and the first impression that came (to my) mind is one of a laughing skull – hence the adopted name :-) Also, there's also PGC 58928 – a small galaxy which looks a little like Saturn – at the middle left hand side of the image…

Taking this image (and another 4 hours of color data) required driving to the Negev Desert and back (540 km each time) for two nights in a row...

You may like to see the previous version of this image I shot back in 2010 here:

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