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... There is NO side mirror as well.

Dear _______, I'm highly grateful for the time you spent writing back and understand your point of view. Id like to thank you personally for your efforts and I hope to see more regulations for moped operators soon. Please dont take this wrong but I want to touch base in the most respectful way I know how in response to your comment about " moped operators need a way to work ". I want to be delicate but I also want to be direct because Im very compassionate about this moped issue.
The " needing a way to drive to work" reasoning seems to be the only excuse I hear when it comes to defending a MO's right to operate on the road. However people who have lost their privilege to drive ( a car ) due to DWI or excessive driving points have chose " with forethought" to give up that right so why should anyone defend their privileges to continue to operate a motor vehicle on the road ?
Did revoked licensees consider if they had stripped your ability to put food on your table when they were driving drunk ? Were they concerned about your ability to drive to work ? Do you think they even cared if you and your loved ones are killed in a car accident moments before they were pulled for driving drunk ?
The reason ones license is revoked is to take away driving privileges for retribution of negative, dangerous and anti social behavior. Allowing a revoked licensee to continue driving is not logical, its not safe, nor is it fair and its definitely not the design to which ( we who are licensed ) intend moped users to have.
Its those who obey the law who suffer by the dangerous road situations mopeds impose on us. A great mystery prevails us with mopeds loophole around the design that license revocation is intended. It defies the logic behind the rule. In fact there may be an underlying effect instilled in the minds of most causing more people to drink and drive; for now they know that DWIs dont lead to losing of ones driving privileges, but only to driving a vehicle of a different kind ( one that doesnt require insurance ). And consider those first time moped operators who dont have the skills to operate a two wheeled vehicle of any kind ? Your putting people who are dangerous to society , negligent to our laws and / or ignorant to our laws on a machine that is a traffic hazard in itself.
This is what I call a slap on the wrist for behavior that can get someone killed. Allowing revoked licensed moped operators on our roads are endangering those who obey the law and have met the requirements by NC law to retain driving privileges. Allowing them to drive 24 hours a day ( that includes NIGHTTIME ) on a moped simply because they need a way to work just doesnt seem logical to me ..... does it to you ? And I would bet that those alcohol related wrecks that put drivers on mopeds didnt happen when they were going to or from work.
So do we defend those who dont obey the law or those who do ? Fair play demands our NC lawmakers to draw the line. Its not fair to have it both ways, because as I said those who obey the law are the ones being subjected to their negative behavior through the laws you make. I will always be perplexed at this situation. I wont go into detail ( because I have done so already in my study that I hope you have read in full ) about the insane situation of allowing motorized vehicle operators ( who have NEVER had a license ) on our roads. They're not required to know road signs, rules of the road, nor are even required to read or pass an eye test like the rest of us. They only need to be 16 and able to sign their name to an ID card , and zoom they go, driving on every road ( minus interstates ) and at night ! They can ride at 30 mph ( AND LESS ) on the same highway that an 80,000 pound gasoline tanker is operated . This inludes fully loaded school buses. Does this sound reasonably safe to you ? If you dont believe this is taking place, I have many pictures to share.
Think about it, a moped operator is subject to the law that the law doesnt require them to know. Its irrational and disturbing. Maybe you would consider putting revoked licensee moped operators on a restricted to work only route like certain revoked licensee's are. And why arent ignition Breathalyzers required for moped operators who have a DWI ? 4 wheeled vehicle operators are. And a popular study shows that 40 % of moped accidents involve alcohol. What does that tell you ?
If NC representatives only consideration for moped operators to drive on our roads is so they can get to and from work, then I ask why not restrict them to such ? Car operators ( with first offense DWI's) are restricted to such , so why arent moped operators burdened with the same restrictions ? Why arent breathylizers forced on moped operators with DWI's. Car operators are . WHY are moped operators who lose their license to DWI's immune from both ?
Something just doesnt "feel right:" about allowing some one to drive a traffic hazard 24 hours a day ( with no drivers license ) on every roadway except for interstates for the sole reason of catering to their " getting to work " transportation needs.

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