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Joop's Dog Log - Sunday June 06

It's a special Sunday. Today is the 60th anniversary of D-Day in Europe.
June 6 is the day the allied humans against Adolf Hitler
invaded the beaches of Normandy, France in 1944.
It's good news that the German government will be present at the ceremony this time.
It means D-Day can finally be put into perspective for everyone involved.
Old enemies are now friends. That took a long time...

However, on the down side: GWB abused the opportunity to compare his war in Iraq
with the wars against the nazi's and against communism in Europe.
He made a lot of Euro-humans very angy saying that.
The war against the nazi's was a different thing.
The war against communism was also a different thing.
The war against Iraq was a big mistake.
I said it before, the war against terrorism is fought in the wrong country,
it should be fought in Saudi-Arabia, or in Pakistan...

Anyway, we honor D-Day and the soldiers who gave their lives in 1944,
and the USA and Canada who came to help liberate Europe.
Imagine what our world would have been like if that Adolf-human had won...
Imagine what our world could become if GWB wins a second term...
Let's think of happier things today!

Canon PowerShot G2
1/500s f/4.0 at 7.0mm full exif

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On to Victory! 16-Aug-2006 06:33
Obviously the American people disagree with the majority of your guests here. GWB is now serving his second term, are you still scared of him? What foolish statements you people have made. Comparing President Bush to Hitler...........sick!!
Thank God we have some inteligent people in our country.
Henk Binnendijk15-Jun-2004 06:56
slipknoti @ 2004-06-06 01:42 said:
praia r0xxx
waldgeister @ 2004-06-06 01:53 said:
Moin Joop! Yes, it is a very special day and we have to add that this D-Day was never mentioned and celebrated in public, tv, radio etc at this extend. Maybe it has something to do with our former government under Mr.Kohl, chancellor Schröder of course is made of different stuff and we are glad that he shows and pratices the rudiments of his genuine social democratic point of view.You are right, officially Adolf Hitler hasn`t won, but his ideas are still alive in so many heads and hearts of many old people.The generation of soldiers carried parts of this Nazi-thinking over the decades and, much more important, the ruling companies and mighty families are still in the backround telling the politicians what to do. Money comes to money and who pays can dictate... it is the same old story like we have it in the USA: politicians are more or less the marionettes of the global players... nevertheless.. it is a happy D-day!
uvalde43 @ 2004-06-06 02:11 said:
It`s great to have the various leaders united for a D-Day memorial. I`m aghast at how low Bush`s speechwriters will stoop (and keep stooping furhter) to compare his calamitous actions to anything to do with WWII. BushCo has no shame; they`ll attempt to steal
reason and virtue from any possible source to validate their own sinister deeds. Mark that, Joop!
juliosss @ 2004-06-06 02:23 said:
Joop is also culture! woof!
the_nannish_one @ 2004-06-06 02:46 said:
No one can argue on the importance of the day. Nor, in fact, on the commonalities in two leaders. Frightening, is what it is!
dullemen @ 2004-06-06 02:46 said:
Goede morgen Joop. Schitterend zo als jij daar op de golfbreker staat. Ik denk dat je het best wel lekker vind om even in zee te spelen,maar daar is het nog een beetje te koud voor hoor. Het is een hele mooie foto zeker vandaag op D-DAY. GROETJES DIEN.
la_vie_en_rouge @ 2004-06-06 04:11 said:
This is one of the best photos of you, Joop. WOW. I love the water, and this is just brilliant!
Yes, GWB is not going to see things from everyone else`s perspective. He has his own ideas, and he won`t see things any other way. Even in America, the people liken GWB to Hitler. Well, at least Europe is united now, and there cannot be another Hitler-type in power there. This is a very good thing. I love the Germans. I lived in Germany for four years and they are some of the biggest humanitarians I`ve ever met. Yet, they are scarred from their past. It`s a shame. I hope that Europe can eventually forgive them. Love and cookies to you, Joop! Jackie from Seattle
roomwithaview @ 2004-06-06 05:49 said:
Oh Joop you are such a wise dog. I love the way that the thumbnail of this photo of you looks likeyou are standing on a volcano. Yes, we must all think about how bad things will get if GWB is elected again. And we must all think about Peacee and how much we all would gain from having Peace finally on our Earth. Please.
manuellita @ 2004-06-06 07:16 said:
You`re right! Adolf Hitler is past!!! Let`s think of happier things today! This is a great picture! Have a nice day!
soundofsilence @ 2004-06-06 07:30 said:
Mahlzeit Joop and hello again... talking about that hard stuff I forget to tell you that this photo is hypnotizing.. when my eyes follow this Wellenbrecher is seems to be a bridge to far away nowhere land... will you take me to a promised land? Apart of this... because of pictures like that I know why I love to live in a flat country no matter if I can just see today who will be visiting me tomorrow.... DKB
jakes_world @ 2004-06-06 12:13 said:
D-Day means a lot to us all, dear Joop. I was one of the lucky ones in that all of my relatives who were over there came back alive. not all in one piece, but alive. And they all said it was worth it.
ma_lu @ 2004-06-06 13:14 said:
brave Joop. I think this is the pic I liked the most!
unter_geiern @ 2004-06-06 16:16 said:
It`s impossible to spend the holidays by the sea & not being reminded of the German occupation of Europe (alone by those remains of the "Atlantique wall") - in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in France, even in Devon when we found out that the Allies trained the landing in the Normandy there. I don`t think that the "post-war-time" is over, as our cancelor said. WW II & the holocaust will stay THE historical (ethic, political) mark forever (or at leat for the rest of my lifetime as a German). But besides all that heavy stuff: a wonderful picture of you, Joop, on that breakwater. It reminds me very much of the ones north of Bergen aan Zee. And I`m so glad that we will spend a one-week-holiday in Bergen (Binnen) in only 13 days...
schulze @ 2004-06-06 17:12 said:
You are right again, let`s think of happier things today... like... come see the new babies! Take care my friend and have a nice Sunday! Oliver & Co.
maximillion @ 2004-06-06 18:22 said:
Happy d-day, my friend. It sickens us, the speeches of the governer in the White House. It would be terrible if he returns for another term.
Hey Joop, thanks for your comment about the "fuzzy" photo with Arbus. My mom does not think she is much of a story teller, like you and Henk are, so thanks for your kind comment!
giori @ 2004-06-06 23:22 said:
Joop, I hope the euro-humans know that many of us in the United States are just as disgusted, if not more so since he is supposed to be representing *us*.
ann279 @ 2004-06-08 13:35 said:
Yes, his comparison of WWII to HIS war in Iraq is both ludicrous and dangerous. I am very concerned that he may win another term...then we are in trouble. That is a cool picture of you, Joop. Out there is the sea on something...can`t tell what it is exactly.
waldhaus @ 2004-06-08 21:16 said:
Leave it to George to make false connections. What a strong photo! spectacular seascape!
Guest 06-Jun-2004 13:44
Political sentiments aside, Ilove this shot, the converging triangles provide a natural balance but what's most compelling is the solitary dog; a metaphor?
Guest 06-Jun-2004 09:32
I have faith that my friends to the South (of Canada) will not re-elect this terrible terrible little man. Of course, he wasn't really elected last time, but somehow managed to take the presidency away from the person actually chosen by the majority of Americans. I don't follow politics closely, but I have seen enough of Mr. Bush to know that he is incredibly scary.
Guest 06-Jun-2004 08:43
beautiful image!!!
Guest 06-Jun-2004 07:07
I hope GWB wins the next presidential election. He is a very good president.