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Street Art

Street art is any art developed in public spaces � that is, "in the streets" � though the term usually refers to art of an illicit nature, as opposed to government sponsored initiatives.The term can include traditional graffiti artwork, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheatpasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, and street installations. Typically, Street Art is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti, vandalism, and corporate art.

The motivations and objectives that drive street artists are as varied as the artists themselves. There is a strong current of activism and subversion in urban art. Street art can be a powerful platform for reaching the public, and frequent themes include adbusting, subvertising and other culture jamming, the abolishment of private property and reclaiming the streets. Other street artists simply see urban space as an untapped format for personal artwork, while others may appreciate the challenges and risks that are associated with installing illicit artwork in public places. However the universal theme in most, if not all street art, is that adapting visual artwork into a format which utilizes public space, allows artists who may otherwise feel disenfranchised, to reach a much broader audience than traditional artwork and galleries normally allow.
(>introduction to street art reproduced from wikipedia)

This gallery includes my personal collection of street art works from my city travels (Paris, Lisboa, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg...) and of course my hometown Frankfurt as well. Some of the works are re-editions from my former galleries.

This will be a project in a permanent progress...

g6/26/601226/3/77399378.jGZRL9sX.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77400544.vZXuqZga.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77400876.4XqtYhWP.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77401641.5OLsMuk5.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77401815.MmwZ4vvS.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77401857.QYhjPXTu.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77402388.k0ZI3AJM.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77402413.l9GE8mnZ.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77402427.qRRkd90I.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77405250.2XgQ8hRW.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77405600.FRjveQjG.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77405611.GwPzGz6b.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77444692.KlagUDP2.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77446393.4S0JWhmC.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77446441.rANXGZba.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77486605.XbCG9dB5.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77486606.mFDi62Vl.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77486607.2t7Nitls.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77209819.Lnu7lUGF.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77286162.EtOhmcQK.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77289798.pzNgeFI0.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77372853.sM25V5zQ.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77426071.rh9YdxZ1.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77486973.6bXXcK0a.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77487890.MIxwDykl.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77487898.dYgSyfQH.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77488003.q4p6aRer.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77488153.KxzGqmTa.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77488513.00AAhqnl.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77488588.VWp49jS5.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77488856.Ni6tJ79q.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77489364.kqrr7CeJ.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77489426.vHm9um2T.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77489480.KfgtRGDx.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77489486.NEjgPvwx.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77492918.iCVhRv9S.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77493059.iJwyoAOP.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77493493.SlybHTm0.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77493677.T0Roi1BO.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77494019.Cn09rVtF.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77494736.XOi4QApP.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77495393.16s47kq2.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77495429.werXToyY.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77495492.sWGCAzVE.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77495552.7VSU59zk.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77495771.4GCBjwvS.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77495909.XZ0x480l.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77495960.NwQtCl0T.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77495968.y79oPbko.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77496915.ez4uJyog.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77497208.upZuE6jP.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77497388.kNfsYalC.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77497897.uuv5FhzH.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77498015.mwICvCdD.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77498037.lIvMHIav.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77498124.8NPgM4sh.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/77498191.FYXUnNGW.jpg g6/26/601226/3/77498223.N9uBN7UU.jpg Jimi? Is that you ? one eyed bandita
g6/26/601226/3/78886733.7jF2Fndu.jpg *** *** ***
*** g6/26/601226/3/80977054.wfya4TpC.jpg g6/26/601226/3/80977055.uoA3crxK.jpg g6/26/601226/3/80977057.HeAPdiQJ.jpg
street art (stencil) The City Loves You g4/26/601226/3/91952588.0Ja5nNLj.jpg g4/26/601226/3/91952591.FCX8fFhA.jpg
g4/26/601226/3/91952593.mjOzoNRv.jpg hell`s kitchen London Street Art
London Street Art