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Guenter Eh | profile | all galleries >> STREET PHOTOGRAPHY >> Frankfurt 2007 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

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Frankfurt 2007

Photographic adventures on my city walks through my hometown.
I captured all impressions intuitive, without a concept.
Perhaps that`s the best concept.

My photographic tribut to my hometown Frankfurt.

stalkers target tooth brush amused amused
not amused combination of drugs  I`m yours... coffee break
first signs of spring  did you see the driver ...?  NET ? nothing new
He can`t stand it! the stalker again UM... an exercise in contrasts
thunder and lightnin`... walking the dog(s) the mysterious finger Voyeur !!!
definitely no comment *** men at work cityscape
station blues a touch of sunshine Oresteia by Aeschylus a touch of sunshine
what am I to believe? watching Mozart und Salieri ***
Tiffany`s  the desert of ignorance her glance ***
amused curious tired but curious pale beauty
shopping treasure speechless  A Zen moment ... hairdo
wordless communication think BIG for the future a slice of real life... man at work
man o war man on bike dangerous man blue dream
stoned soul blind beggar woman blind beggar woman the face behind the tree
busker girl blue tears gothic umbrella one for the photographer
 smile for the memories security on duty small and BIG head easy rider in the ages
buskers rest bottle collector Life is a construction area waiting
keep care with the fingers!_1 keep care with your fingers!_2 hat and folds  4 wheel drive
They are alive and they are watching... ...too less to survive... the glance illusion
table 16 the magic cube silly trio lady in red fur
No. 2 loves flowers, No. 1 starbucks 4 hands and 2 hearts  a tribut to tamara lempicka subculture? culture!
lost in a strange world you may say, I`m a dreamer, but I`m not the only one monster ball protection
Cio Cio san gothic hippie and his body guard down the hill bikers rest
different points of interest faces of the city a face of the city afternoon light
Giant galapagos mutant turtle It`s a Sony! the bride entrance to oral heaven
Michel Friedman News from 14th of March 2007 Statement afternoon light
afternoon light beggar Dr. Michel Friedman distorted face
trying on the bride dress Binding Export stolen shot like a prayer
urban reflection *** mirror the city loves you
the green window open mind got you! reflection in blue
little brother is watching U *** two girls and a dog night impression
Kentucky Fried Chicken looking out of the frame hats rules Herbert Groenemeyer
street life and hairdos style is everything *** the face behind the tree
a contemplative moment  barbie`s smile not everyone is amused starbucks veteran
60`s design lunch break escape hahaha
never again - nowhere in the world urban jungle womens talk café scene
Kentucky Fried Chicken_color red the tongue of little red riding hood little red riding hood
the eyes the mouth no noise on table  40 ship works
couple in front of the old opera friends rush hour the sky of Frankfurt
art gallery night walk boys are playing waiting to cross the street
the melancholy of a newspaper vendor instant regard front and back umbrella lady (detail)
Rosemaries Baby faces playing with blue balloons street worker
Fight for animal rights participant of the demonstration police in serves because of the demonstration checking the bill
Homework endangers my quality of life smiles from far east a character hair and what you can do with it
looking up colors rules spring and the orient are here red on red
dreaming and awake adoring the sun...or his sandwich ? red on cc light painted impressions
carpe diem faces living on a fountain another urban face
smiles from far east in colors skepticism dissatisfied one is out of game
idols in reflection different levels lost and hungry reflections of Jackie
womens tv art for sale contemplation with a balloon saxy eyes
the scorpion Viva Argentina!*** mixed emotions reflection
in focus sculpture and building big babe connection
*** *** *** ***
*** mirror so happy together :-( sportswear
folded hands boy with balloon bass`n drums city bikes for rent
victim *** latin busker are not alone!
Hi hon` ... Hi Nelson! sister and brother *** Hey! Why not?
sweet dreams are made of this... confessional secret SP Fusion the guard of the chewing-gums
*** cliche bittersweet the very rest of a stolen bike...
fire dance rope dance with fan stairway to heaven office (stalkers view;-)
each rose has their thorns the face Painful joy skyscreamer
men and women heroines the smile of an acrobat her first steps on the rope
pain breaking the walls red comforter
jealousy window shopping impression_torso part 1 window shopping impression_torso part 2 wheels
unnoticed ...back in the office I will kill him... fashion with a message subway
Paradise ...if looks could kill...! *** Charlot
taxi driver beauty behind bars the object of interest a smile in the crowd
haul down the flag window cleaning Frankfurt style Free like birds (?) a little pearl of her soul...
Picasso in urban reflections balance (and a smile) is everything construction area Dreams can color the world - if you are lucky
Connection - even in their dreams (?) dialogue east / west lost in her thoughts.... waiting...
busker in wheelchair supported by his son free your brain.... a lesson about human behaviour under urban pressure
advantage for bikers running out of the frame Shhh!_1 Shhh!_2
early in the morning... Shhh!_3 the watching eye construction area
part of the cityscape g6/26/601226/3/85855602.g3jdNrsZ.jpg woman and man - fear and isolation the first signs of autumn...
drunken in his melancholy and music... surfin`  the city g6/26/601226/3/85862240.jLERhg02.jpg hat and cars
empty room sweet dreams are made of this... walking through the wall... the inclined building...
window shopping confetti rain melancholy Let me out...I`m...I`m...a STAR!
snow white early morning traffic Running man shelter and light
Sssht! I know. (Ich weiss) light, lines, shadows catch the giant Determination
east meets west explosion of happiness There`s always a light at the end of a tunnel... In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
the secret Love is fading away... the jump