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Our Son, Our Inspiration.......

This is a gallery that is dedicated to our son, David. He is the bravest and most courageous person that we have ever met.
He struggles with tasks that most of us take for granted. He was born with a condition known as Bi-Lateral Radial Club Hands.
This a condition where the radius bones in his forearms as well as his thumbs were missing at birth.
He has had over 30 surgical procedures in his 8 years including the creation of Thumbs by shortening
and moving his index fingers and also Limb Lengthening and the repair of a cleft pallet.
He still has many surgeries to go through including Limb Lengthening again at thirteen years of age.
We have just recently learned that this summer, David will require more reconstructive surgery for his cleft pallet.
We hope to capture the struggles and achievements that he has made in life as well as his undeniable spirit.
We will continue to add photos to document his progress. We are presenting these photos in chronological order so that the amazing progress can be seen.
We hope that the parents of other children with similar issues might find a little inspiration and hope in this gallery.
Please click on each thumbnail image for a larger view. We have tried to supply information in the captions for each photo.
Thanks for looking and please leave a comment if you wish.
Update: It is Dec 12th, 2005. David underwent reconstructive surgery in August for his Cleft Pallet.
He is doing very well and having a tremendous year at school. He is going to a very small school of
only 28 students. He seems to fit in there very well and absolutely loves it! There are no upcoming
surgeries for at least two years. We are now dealing with his orthodontic issues because of his Cleft Pallet. I have many more photos that I will be posting shortly.
Update 7/6/2006
We just learned this week that David will need surgery to help enhance the movement and function of
his right "thumb". It appears that a tendon has become detached. The surgeon will do a tendon transfer and also work on the web spacing. We will schedule the surgery for sometime around January of 2007. David is also having some problems with his right arm. The Ulna is growing along the side of his 'Radialized" hand. During his next limb lengthening the hand will be moved into a permanent position on the end of the Ulna and pinned into place permanently. His left arm still looks good.
Update: 7/18/06
We just received word that David has been awarded the 'Young Heroes Award" for 2006 from the
National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia for his efforts at his school. We are very proud of David
and excited that there will be a permanent exhibit on him and his accomplishments in the museum!
Update: 12/15/06
We took David today to meet with his surgeons in Baltimore. We were told that to correct the Ulna
growing alongside his right hand,the end of the Ulna will be cut off. This will destroy the growth
plate. The hand will then be permanently fused to the Ulna. An external fixator wil be put on his
arm at this time and he will undergo Limb Lengthening. The Doctors hope to gain an additional three
inches of new bone growth. We will probably elect to do this procedure during the upcoming year.
Update 3/08:
David has been taking Irish Step Dancing lessons for a few years and he will be in the Philadelphia Saint Patrick's Day Parade this year along with his sister. David has also started taking guitar lessons!
Update 8/08
David is scheduled for Limb Lengthening on Dec 2nd. This should be the last time he will need this
procedure performed. He has opted to have both arms done at the same time. This should take close to a year to complete.
Update 9/08
David started taking guitar lessons a few months ago and he is amazing! I think he honestly has a lot of musical talent and I hope he sticks with it.
His musical hero is Eddie VanHalen.
Update: 12/08
David is scheduled for bi-lateral limb lengthening on 12/2. He opted to have both arms done at the
same time so that it would only take a year to be finished. I will post new photos documenting his
progress during this time.
Update: 1/09
David has just had surgery to permanently fuse his right wrist in place. He also had an Osteotomy
on his right Ulna and will begin Limb Lengthening.
Update: 3/09
David has gained 1 1/2" of new bone growth in each arm. He is half way to his goal of 3".
Update: 6/11
David is finished with surgeries for now. He has just graduated from the 8th grade and is looking forward to starting High School next year.
He has an amazing fast ball and we practice pitching every chance we can.
He would like to be a Baseball Historian some day.
Update 12/11
David played JV soccer this year at school and had a great time. He received student of the month for November. He also made the Honor Roll for straight "A"s for the first semester. We are very proud of him.
Update 3/13
Hard to believe David is in 10th grade. He has played Soccer and baseball this year in school and it seems he is always at practice or a game!
He has been accepted into the National Honor Society for Spanish this year.
David David1.jpg David2.JPG David4.JPG David3.jpg
David5.jpg After Radialization Having Fun david6.jpg david7.jpg
david8.jpg Taylor Spatial Frame david9.jpg Blister Whirlpool
david10.jpg david11.jpg david12.jpg david13.jpg Memorial Day
Terror Almost time david14.jpg david15.jpg Victory !
david13.jpg David at the Sixers And its good..... Kevin Lewis Madusa
Phil Foster Baseball1.jpg baseball2.jpg Summer Fun Race Announcer
Gary and David.jpg Mud woman..... Merry Christmas 2005 Memorial Day 2006 Feeding time!
Award Presentation Award Presentation Young Photographer.... Checking his shot...... Big brother & little sister................
Future Musician.......... Christmas 2006 Monster Truck Drivers Flying Griffon David and Carolyn
David and Carolyn in Action Home at last Right Hand Left Hand Resting
Right Hand David DK7_4233.jpg DK7_4242.jpg DK7_4244.jpg
David Soccer.jpg David Soccer2.jpg DavidSoccer3.jpg Prom.jpg Fan Of The Week.jpg
Centenary Dorm Room 4696B594-3224-4935-A6A3-DD2CED0DA296.JPG A734F431-BDA8-4AAA-9A17-32A428315C71.JPG B158C6A7-8739-4D7A-9B48-E3479E17F4AA.JPG
E6A185F4-F79E-4DDC-A41C-CAC5936E75FA.JPG F07F91D3-E45D-4F2C-995C-4905D6BA6F75.JPG Valor Cheerleaders