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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet > For those born in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's (commentary - no photos) - click on image to read
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For those born in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's (commentary - no photos) - click on image to read

Stolen from one of many e-mails that old friends send me and modified somewhat for South Florida items:

To all the kids who survived the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes.

Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets. There weren't any plugs in the electric outlets and some of us learned not to stick scissors blades into them.

As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no crumple zones to absorb accident damage, no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up truck on a warm day was always a special treat. When we rode our bikes, we had no helmets to protect our heads. We undertook some risks when we hitchhiked or rode the Pawley family bus system (later the county bus system) in Dade County.

We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. This was particularly risky in west Hialeah if you drank from the well water hose because most of us were on septic tanks instead of the sewer system and probably most of western Dade County was that way back in the 50's and 60's.

We fished along canals and lakes chock full of water moccasins on land frequented by rattlesnakes. Sometimes we swam or were pushed into the same canals and we survived.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and none of us actually died from this. We did have a crude saying for those friends who used too much lip over the bottle opening though.

We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter, drank McArthur's or Velda Farms' whole milk chock full of fat, ate ice cream full of fat, ate too many Royal Castle hamburgers and too much pizza, and drank Kool-Aid made with sugar, but we weren't overweight because we were always outside playing!

We would leave home in the morning and play all day, swimming in dangerous newly dug rockpits occasionally, as long as we were back home by the time the streetlights came on. Some parents would yell or whistle loudly when it was time to come home. Other than that, no one was able to reach us all day long. And we were just fine.

We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem.

We did not have Playstations, Nintendo's, X-boxes, no video games at all, no 150 channels on cable or satellite TV, no video movies or DVD's, no surround-sound or CD's, no cell phones, no personal computers, no Internet or chat rooms! A lot of us didn't have air-conditioning in our homes until the 70's, but it seemed like we had ocean breezes to cool us off somehow.

We had FRIENDS and we went outside and found them! We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no lawsuits from these accidents. Some of us ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever.

We were given BB guns for our 10th thru 14th birthdays, made up games with sticks and tennis balls and, although we were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes.

We rode bikes or walked to friends' homes and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just walked in and talked to them!

Little League had tryouts, often at parks miles away that we had to ride bikes to, and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't had to learn to deal with disappointment. Imagine that!

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law and the police officers who nailed us!

These generations have produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas. But we had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with it all!

If YOU are one of them . . . CONGRATULATIONS! You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids, before the lawyers and the government regulated so much of our lives for our own good. And while you are at it, forward it to your kids so they will know how brave (and lucky) their parents were.

The above kind of makes you want to run through the house with scissors, doesn't it?


The quote of the year is by Jay Leno:

"With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, "Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?"

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ROBERT W. BURDICK 31-Jan-2021 20:35
Dear Carolyn Pfeifer Piccolo : are you anyway related to my aunt Katherine 'EVE' Pfeifer who was married to my uncle JP/Yanke Burdick they lived at 271 south Coconut Lane on Palm Island off MacArthur Causeway. Please contact me or if anyone else i recognizes the names.
frank Spicciay 29-May-2020 20:14
I grew up in the fifties in Miami. we lived in the Southwest near 32nd Ave and c
Coral Way I attended Shenandoah Jr High. There was a Margaret Ann.s supermarket near our house . Sears was building a store at Coral Way and Douglas Road. We saw movies at the Miricle Theatre for 14 cents a ticket, let me know if you'd like to hear more, i was all over Miami, downtown, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, etc...Frank Spicciati, ret.
Leighton 05-Mar-2017 20:15
I meant to mention this last spring. I've run into a few people my age, who remember my family. Dad was an associate minister at Shenandoah Pres. (He still preaches at small TN churches at 86.) Mom (Marjene) died unexpectedly of an unknown heart issue a year ago. She was well-liked as a minister's wife and Sunday school teacher in Miami. She was a Lutheran church office administrator till her dying day - 32 years in TN! (Back in the day, Mom was remembered for wearing "go-go" boots, mini-skirts, painting the high school senior Sunday school classroom purple, and handing out candy for Bible verses learned. She was also a sub at Miami Christian School. I heard more than once, "I wish she were MY mother.)

Anyway, sometimes people from the past stumble in here. Shenandoah closed as a Pres church many years ago, but is now a Protestant Hispanic congregation under another name.
Don Boyd04-Aug-2013 02:23
Susan, thank you for writing in, fellow HHS grad in the class of 1965. Your name sounded familiar and I looked you up in the student directory and you lived at 190 E. 51st Terrace and your phone number was MU8-4801. We probably had a class or two together either at PS Junior or HHS but the schools were so heavily populated that I don't remember. In any event, I firmly believe that we lived at the best time to live in South Florida before it became what it did in the 80's and afterwards.

I'm sure some of your former neighbors at Bell Haven will write in response when they see your comments. Have a great retired life in Myrtle Beach!

Guest 03-Aug-2013 18:22
Hi - My name is Susan (Kempton) Spillman I grew up with all of the above and survived just fine too, and totally agree with Jay Leno with his quote of the year.

This is in a bit of a response to Carolyn Pfeifer Piccolo. I too lived in Bell Haven Park for about 4 years give or take, it was in the very early 50"s. I went to Glade View Elem. school too. I took hula lessons at the rec. hall from Poolani and her daughter Lalani. I loved it. We played marbles and flew kites at the playground in the back of the park. We moved to East Hialeah where I went to Palm Springs Elem. for the last part of elementary school, then went to Palm Springs Jr. High, and graduated from Hialeah High. I later moved to Maryland where I owned an Appl. Parts House for 25 years, met the love of my life whom I have been married to for 34 yrs. We got a late start. Now have retired to Myrtle Beach SC. We have been here for almost 14 years. But I still think of the old day when we grew up in a much simpler time. The kids today don't know what they missed. We were never fat, we were too busy, and never board because we had to many friends. This site is great to remember old times. I remember my parents saying just those same words, how time go's by to quickly. Happy memories to all.
escortes lyon 01-Jun-2013 18:47
Je l'avoue, je n'ai pas été sur le dans un temps long mais il a été une autre joie de voir Il est un sujet aussi important et ignoré par beaucoup, même des professionnels. Je vous remercie pour aider à rendre les gens plus conscients des enjeux possibles.
Pokey 27-Mar-2013 20:40
I too,, lived in Bell Haven, from 53 - 69,,parents were there from 53 - 80, I remember LiL John Palmieri very well. I was able to visit Mrs Dill (Troy) in 2011, she was 87 then and doing pretty good. I remember the snack bar, little store and Funland.
take care
Carolyn Pfeifer Piccolo 27-Mar-2013 03:34
Carolyn, I lived in Bell Haven Trailer park from 1953 until 1963. My maiden name was Carolyn Pfeifer. I went to Gladeview Elem. until Broadmoor Elem. was built, then I went on to Madison Jr. High. I remember Mrs, Troy who taught us to swim and her daughters Donna and Susan. I remember Mr. Cantwell. I was on the swim team for a while too. I lived on row D. My friends were Judy Randall. Jessie Jewell, John Palmieri. Another friend who lived on 32 ave was Donna Neal, her aunt Libby ran the snack bar at Bell Haven.There was a small grocery store on 32 ave. that was run by the Middleton family. We ate at a small restaurant /bar on the s.e. corner of 32 ave. and 79th st. We walked to Funland an amusement park on 27th ave, we also ate at The Stop In on 79th st. If you can relate to any of the people or places I spoke of , please reply.
Jon 17-Mar-2013 10:02
I grew up in Britain and apart from the place names, we had the exact same experiences and memories even down to the bottle sharing and being home before the street lights came on or wading in streams with a fishing net or making go-karts.... I even did the thing with the scissors and electric socket, only once though !
I guess it goes to show that we're all just the same, no matter which side of the pond we live at. Thanks for the memories :-)
David A. Bower 11-Feb-2013 18:59
Thank you for responding so quickly. I used to ride my bicycle to Royal Castle once a week and my father would take us (the family) on Saturdays. He loved the honey buns and birch beer. It was on the corner of 17th Ave & 36th St. Great Burgers. Orange Blossom had slot car tracks and I owned two slot cars that I custom built and raced on a semi regular basis. I attended Comstock Elementary, Greater Miami Academy (both in Allapattah), Adelphi School (Miami Springs), Miami-Dade Community College - North Campus and some University of Miami classes. My mother was a Missionary and preached at various churches around Dade and Broward. Northside shopping center was where I would hang out as a kid. Does anyone remember the PBA park off of the Miami River, Star Cinema (79thSt.) and Funland Park (79th St. & 27th Ave.)?
Don Boyd11-Feb-2013 14:58
David, thank you for posting. I'm sure a lot of people remember Allapattah but apparently they're not on this particular page or choosing not to write. I remember riding the #6 bus from Hialeah down NW 36th Street to get to downtown until they built the Airport Expressway and then the bus bypassed Allapattah. I remember eating in a Royal Castle several times in Allapattah and going to Orange Blossom Hobbies which was on the south side of 36th Street before they later moved to the north side. I spent a summer session at Jackson High taking Spanish to make up for failing it by 2 points on the final exam which would have given me a D. That was about the extent of Allapattah and me.

However, there is a forum online dedicated to Allapattah and memories of Allapattah that you should be interested in. It is located at: and lots of people have been making comments there for years. Enjoy it!

Thanks again for posting. Hang in there old biker!

David A. Bower 11-Feb-2013 03:08
I posted twice in 2009 (June - July) about Allapattah. Doesn't anyone remember that area? I was born on Miami Beach (1957) raised in Allapattah - 33rd Street & 22nd Avenue. We were the Bower family. I had long black hair, played guitar in various hard rock bands, taught self - defense, drove trucks, worked for private investigators. My parents are dead now but I will always love and miss them and the "Old Miami". Mr. Boyd, THANK YOU!!! After surviving all the fighting, stabbings and other injuries over the years you have given an old biker a reason to be happy and thank God for my family, friends and childhood.
S. Perez 22-Jan-2013 05:35
Mr. Boyd, I love your web-site. So many memories re-kindled. One day when I have time, I'll record some of them here. I don't live in Miami anymore, but lived there from the time I was one (1960) until 2003. Most of the places I would miss have been torn down- sadly- but, they continue to exist in my memory. 07-Dec-2012 11:20
You may as well tell me the truth.He is my age.Easy come easy go.I can express myself in good English.Well£¬it depends.He has many strange ideas in his mind.He has many strange ideas in his mind.I felt sort of ill.How much? The sea sparkled in the sunlight.
Guest 16-Sep-2012 01:38
I remember Tom's fish camp.
Pokey 02-Jul-2012 11:45

Good to hear from you,,,,you can contact me at and we can talk more.

take care
Alice 29-Jun-2012 14:51
Googled Belle Haven trailer park afte telling my friend about how wonderful a place it was to grow up in, and found this site. wow, it's great. Two hours later, reading so many posts, wanted to share I too lived in that park from 1960 to 1970. I knew you Pokey. my name is Alice also called Alicia back In those days. I knew the Mazzas, Nancy in particular, but also her brother Joseph. the triplets Berry, Larry and Perry. Scooter, Wachee, Eileen Eche. Lived on row G when I first got there, but moved to lot O-1508. made out like bandits on Halloween since there were so many homes to go to. I lived in that pool from the time she opened that gate, sent home to lunch and would be back for the afternoon and evening hours. I participated in those shows at the pool as well as the Christmas shows at the rec hall. went to Sunday school, got my haircut at the beauty parlor, hung out at the playground and shuffleboard area. snuck back to the railroad tracks, looked for monkeys, and biked everywhere. Attended Broadmoor (loved my fourth grade teacher MrMorton) then Madison Jr High. Then moved to the Virgin Islands.
Guest 09-Jun-2012 04:16
does anybody remember a place called Tom's fish camp in the everglades???? I can remember being there and seeing an enormous gator head.
Pokey 24-Apr-2012 11:53
I lived in Bell Haven from 53 till 69 (age 3 - 19), sorry I don't remember the name you mentioned. You are correct, there is nothing left at the location where Bell Haven once was
Guest 21-Apr-2012 21:32
Can anyone give me more info on Bell Haven? I had a grandfather that lived there who i never knew, around 1956..does Bell haven no longer exist and did anyone know a John Bennet Heritage? any info would be greatly appreciated, Carol
Don Boyd29-Mar-2012 12:31
Karen, thank you for taking the time to post all those great memories! I like to read of places in our area that either I haven't heard of or haven't heard of in many years. Please feel free to post other memories so others can enjoy them too.

Don : )
Karen 29-Mar-2012 11:33
My mom was born in Miami in 1932. she has dementia now, but is always talking about Miami as she was growing up. Her father was a plumber on Miami Beach and they had the Jo-een hotel next to Venetian Causeway. She and her brother did a ballroom dancing act at the larger hotels during the war with the USO to entertain the troops.
Her family later had a chicken farm in south miami next to a rock pit called cool or blue waters right on US1. she would get of the bus on US1, hop the fence and ride her horse home. it was where Jade Gardens used to be. my grandfather would go to the rockpit on Sundays during the war and talk to the German pow's while they swam/bathed because he could speak fluent German. I can't find any history about any of these events, but the memories are very vivid and real.
I remember Miracle Mile in the 50s and 60s because my Gramma and Great Aunt owned The Bride Shop at the southern end and I spent many summers playing there, learning how to make headpieces, sew sequins and beads on tulle, and playing in Coconut Grove. My sister and I would walk to Kwik Check where Mayfair is now, then to the drugstore for a soda, then to the park, down by the water and play on the playground and watch the sailboats. We lived in Cutler Ridge, then moved to the Redlands and went to Redland Jr Hi, graduated from South Dade Sr Hi in 1972. Ate many cinnamon rolls at Knaus Berry Farm, played in the Redland Fruit and Spice Park, fished at Jewfish Creek. I worked at Ocean Reef Yacht & Country when pregnant with our first child in member services. I entered and posted charges to member and guest accounts on the old punch cards which then had to be run through the computer again to be verified. the main computer was downstairs in a huge room kept at 65 degrees! i travelled the card sound rd & bridge twice a day!
Mildred 23-Mar-2012 15:38
This is for the Guest who wrote about growing up on 132nd street--sorry it's been so long since I've revisited this site! I imagine we probably did know each other---I was at 7260 SW 132nd Street, and I had a sister named Mary. Ring any bells?
Guest 16-Jan-2012 20:17
I never lived in Bell Haven, but across the street on the dairy. I got to know Joe Cantwell when he started at Eastern Airlines. We became very good friends due to a mutual interest in stock car racing. Eventually got to know the whole family. They all moved to the area known as the "East Everglades". Joe moved from there into a home he and Donna bought on SW 172 St and 136 ave. Joe ended up with lung cancer and passed in 1988.
Pokey 20-Jun-2011 11:47
Yes I remember alot of the names,,,the Cantwells, Cookie, the Littlewoods, the snack bar,,,and and even your last name,,,,and many other things. I lived there from 1953 till 1969,,,,my parents stayed there until 1980. My name is Pokey, drop a line at if you get a chance.
JoAnn Forgitano Wertz 19-Jun-2011 14:26
Ah Bell Haven I will take you back even furture: Does anyone remember Joe & Cassy Cantwell , Ross Snyder, Joe Sanford, Joe Stanfa, Sandy Whitaker, Brenda Randall, warren Randall, Barbara Dewsnap Patty Kelly, the Littlewood Girls, Pat Walsh Cookie Burg Donnie Curtiss Art Paterson, Robert Paterson Joan & Whitney Miller, THE SNACK BAR what fun, Bucky Greene lead me to this site and I'm pleased to know there are some of us still out there.Best regards to all
steve j preston 06-Feb-2011 16:36
Steve preston here, I grew up in the late sixties and seventies in norwood fla. went to all three Norland schools, ele. jr. and sr. high, class of 72. I feel blessed to have known these times, no cell phones, computers, None of this modern age stuff, Grew up going to greynolds Park, and haulover beach in the sevnties and eighties, would not trade these memories for anything. PEOPLE, Hold on to your memories because without them your finished. Anyone that may remember me PLEASE EMAIL AT
Guest 23-Oct-2010 00:55
I was born In Jackson Memorial, 1963, Annette Machtolff. We lived on 32rd Terrace in the Westchester area and went to Emerson Elementry. Life was great back then, out riding bikes, playing in the streets and just enjoying our childhood. I grew up at Crandon Park Zoo and seeing "Sharkey", the shark to the entrance of the causeway. I remember Dadeland Mall so well. I remember taking swimming lessons at Venetian Pool and the water was so cold. I could go on and on...
Guest 09-Aug-2010 02:07
Mildred, I also lived on 132nd St., and I also shared the same memories as you back in the same era. Everything you mentioned is the same life me and my brothers lived, and I want to know if we possibly could have known eachother. Write back!
muleshoe33217-Jul-2010 15:41
I remember the Mazza's, Pokey, Tommy Worth, Paul Kelly, Skip Peterson and many more from my youth as I grew up in Bell Haven Park from 1951 to 1960. Do you remember the life guard Edith Troy and her daughters? I have lived in Texas since 1978, Would like to hear from my old friends, what a great time to grow up in. Frank Metcalfe
muleshoe33217-Jul-2010 15:41
I remember the Mazza's, Pokey, Tommy Worth, Paul Kelly, Skip Peterson and many more from my youth as I grew up in Bell Haven Park from 1951 to 1960. Do you remember the life guard Edith Troy and her daughters? I have lived in Texas since 1978, Would like to hear from my old friends, what a great time to grow up in. Frank Metcalfe
Pokey 23-Jun-2010 16:26
Joe Mazza

yes I remember the Mazza's from Bell Haven, I lived in Bell Haven from 1953 until enterinig the military in 1969. I went by the name Pokey. I remember JbarJ also, its the only park still left there, I also went to Madison and Broadmoor Elem, also Miami Central High

take care
joe mazza 23-Jun-2010 03:36
we used to play capture the flag at the field next to kelly spring field tire store on the opposite side of north side it was us at j bar j against mango trailer park the nuns at st marys used to beat the shit out off me thats why i listen to heavy metal ...thats what the rulers were made out of they hit my nuckles with
joseph mazza 23-Jun-2010 03:25
hey i was born 1965 and raised 27th ave in nw 79th street i also had family in bellhaven 3200 does any one remember the monkeys in the trees there??? i lived in j bar j my grand father is frank costello and my granfather in bellhave was joseph "tiny "mazza my moms name is angela costello >>>>i loved north side ..i went to st marys and madison jr high>>>>lol i moved to myrtle beach sc after 1980 so get in touch any one from that time >>>>>i new a dennis and a ronnie benard and jane and ruth 2sisters >>>>>i love all the stuff to do >>>>fishing taking the l beach bus to school
Frank Monnette 25-May-2010 23:15
I was born in 1965 and grew up at SW 27 AVE and SW 27 STREET. I remember as a kid staying out all day on Saturdays and Sundays riding bikes and going trash hunting. Picking up soda bottles and turning them in for change and then buying a slurpee. Had to be home at a set time and the hole family ate dinner together.
Remember WSHE Lets get on to another full hour of non stop rock and roll on WSHE-SHES only rock and roll.
I remember the drive in on Bird Road The Tropicare trying to sneek in for free in the trunk.
I remember in the early 70s before Tropical Park was offically a park when it was dirt roads in the woods.
I remember when off ramps were being built along the Palmetto and using flatten card board boxes sliding down the sides before the grass was put in.
I remember the apartments along US1 when ever we drove through that area my mom made us roll up the windows because it was the black section .
Steve 11-May-2010 00:26
Hey Gary. Don't forget those great radio stations, WQAM and the WFUN Good Guys. Rick Shaw was great, but I still listened to the underdogs on FUN. I can still hear the tagline, AL (Dunaway) DONE AWAY with ALL THE GOOD GUYS! By High school FM had evolved and the good rock was on Zeta 4 and WSHE. I think you were in one of my auditorium classes at Coral Park... Civics or something. It was a big class with a lot of us.
Don, great collection of memories here. I just found it. I'll have to have someone read all this stuff to me in a few decades when the memories fade!
Gary Stern 27-Apr-2010 04:36
Hi, My name is Gary Stern. I grew up in westchester, and I attended olympia heights elementary, west miami jr high, and coral park sr high. I have so many memories of life in westchester, and southwest miami, in the fifties, and sixties. And schooldays were fun too. I remember going as a child with my family to the tropicaire drive in movie theatre, and that was so neat. I saw the blob there. My favorite musical artist, was elvis, and my favorite song was don't be cruel, by elvis. My father, eddie stern, was a big wheel , with wometco enterprises. Life was so good back in those days. Memories, are good. Gary Stern.
woodrow ross 22-Feb-2010 01:00
My name is Woody Ross. I was born at Mercy hospital in 1955 and I love this site. I had great childhood memories in dade county. I went to Crandon park zoo,Matheson hammock,port of miami(fed the pigeons on Sunday).I remember the Pizza Palace on 8th st.I attended Auburndale elemetary school from 1962-1964. My parents took us walking down miracle mile almost every weekend. Great times....thanks all.....
Mildred 17-Dec-2009 15:17
Wow! What a lot of memories. I was born in Mercy Hospital in 1957, and grew up on 132nd Street. I used to ride my bike to the Burger King down on US1, get candy at Li'l General, play at Suniland Park, took ballet at Betty Curtis, went to Howard Drive, shopped at CMA/Zayre, swam at Mathesan Hammock and Crandon Park. The parrots from Parrot Jungle sometimes roosted on the telephone wires in front of our house. We played Kick the Can and Spud, and had tons of kids in the neighborhood. What a great place to grow up!
Randy 11-Nov-2009 04:33
I was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital in early 1953. I lived around the Miami area with my parents who in 1960 settled in Opa-Locka on Sultan Avenue. It was a lovely little town at that time that was rather far out from Miami. Everyone knew one another and things were great. There use to be this bus service that ran from Opa-Locka to downtown Miami called “Coach City” and would take you to the downtown area for I believe 50 cents in the first part of the 1960s. I sometimes pass through there as in other parts of Miami where I grew up and cannot believe how the area has changed so dramatically and not for the better.
Gerri Ancefsky 18-Oct-2009 22:29
I grew up on east 41st street. Graduated Hialeah High in 1980. Walked next to the "Mariell-itos" as they whispered "flaceta" in my young ear. Walked to Westland Mall when it was safe to walk home after dark alone. Moved out when the Cartel bought my next door neighbor's house with cash. Got upset when their drug boat was reved up, rattling my bedroom windows. Yeah, I grew up with all this and more. I would not change a thing. I am a true native Miamian and proud of it!
Lee Martines 09-Aug-2009 08:06
To James Leiner......... I found a website that identifies the North Miami Zoo and Proske's Tiger Farm to have been located where the current North Miami Library and National Guard Armory stand.
Don Boyd15-Apr-2009 19:19
Robbin now has his own oldies comments gallery at . I needed to get all of Robbin's comments into one section than being spread over three or more different gallery comments sections. It was too much trouble trying to find old comments for names or whatever when they were spread over two or three separate galleries.

Guest 09-Apr-2009 00:23
I Believe The Zoo, was On The Site, where North Miami JR. High School was Later on, and where There is a Brand New School being built, But I Do Not Recall, The name of The Zoo. The North Miami Armory, Pool, Police Station, and years ago, A Fire Station, were also, on This Site. Hope that will Give you a Little Start. Good Luck.
James Leiner 08-Apr-2009 21:34
Small Zoo in North Miami, owned by Capt Roman Proske. Any one recall the name of the zoo? When it opened or closed.....I am a history writer and trying to track down more info on Proske who worked with a circus in New York in the early 1930's I believe Proske died in Dade County in 1972....any information would be very helpful...
Guest 03-Apr-2009 16:45
You may want to post this information in the main gallery comment section. Good luck!
Ted Vernon 02-Apr-2009 19:06
Desperately looking for someone with knowledge of our property-
471 NE 79 ST., Miami FL 33138. Developers trying to squeeze us out of our property we have owned since 1979. Courts want to take away our easement(ingress/egress to our building) unless we have proof to a "certain road" was in existance in 1935. Aerial photograph or witness would be sufficient- Reward offered-
Property description
-old boat building warehouse was called Emancipator Boat Works in 40's, area located in the West end of the famous Biscayne Shopping Plaza. Please any info/ideas will be very helpful. email or call 305-754-2323 Ted
Robbin 24-Mar-2009 02:42
Dave Bruce, I just Read your Post on The Vacations And Travel Comments Forum. Glad you made it there !!!!! Now you have another site to go to and write on, if you want to !!!!!!! All The Best !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 23-Mar-2009 19:17
Dave Bruce, If you go to The Don Boyd Memories Of Old Hialea, that Has the Pictures, Go to The 11th Row Down, and you'll see Pee Wee Fruit Drinks, and a picture Of Our Long time Mayor Of Hialeah, for 31 Consecutive years,- Henry Milander, with 2 Ladies, and The Picture to the Right , is Our First Learned House, in East Hialeah's Sun Tan Village. I Lived there, from Birth, to 13 years Old, and then we moved to West Hialeah, where I now Live. That Little House, Had only 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bath, Very small, But it was our Home, and I have many memories of Life there, and My Family. Talk to you Later.
Robbin 23-Mar-2009 16:51
Dave Bruce, Glad You found The Don Boyd Vacation And Travel Comments Forum, and I'm Going there now, to Read your Post !!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 23-Mar-2009 16:23
Robbin, thanks for telling me about that part of this site. I just posted something there.
Robbin 22-Mar-2009 23:29
Dave Bruce, In Reference to my previous post, Disregard That Info !!!!!! And follow these steps, to access The Vacations And Trips Comments Forum : First, Go to Memories Of Old Hialeah, Then Make sure you are seeing Pictures Of A Seminole Indian, Hialeah Speedway Crowd, Royal Castle Commissary, ect, , and then, if you are, then scroll all the way Down, to where you see The Light Blue Box, which says: Vacations And Trips Comments Forum, and Click on The Box, and it will take you To The Travel Section. Enjoy !!!!!!! And Hopefully, you will add To it !!!!! Later !!! Robbin.
Robbin 22-Mar-2009 23:12
Dave Bruce, You Click on it, where you click on all of The Memories Boxes, and this one also, it's all the way, to the left. I Think you will enjoy The Travels, and I'm Hoping, you will add yours !!!!! All The Best, My Friend !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 22-Mar-2009 21:28
Hi Robbin, have not seen it but will check it out, thanks very much
Robbin 22-Mar-2009 16:30
Dave Bruce, Greetings, My Friend !!!!!!! I Hope your weather, is Backing off a bit, by now, but if not, it soon will, Hang in there Counseler !!!!!!! I was wondering, did you ever check out The Vacations Travel Section , that Don Boyd made, for everyone ?????? I wrote, about a lot of my Travels, ect., and Eastsider, and Pokey, did too !!!!!! If you never went to it, I encourage you, to do so. I know you will enjoy the Travels, and maybe you have some of your own to share, with everyone !!!!!! Best Regards , as Always !!!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 17-Mar-2009 16:37
John Crossen, Glad you found your House, and the other things. I Hoped I helped you, and if so, it was a pleasure, to Help out. You may very well, be correct, but I Don' remember, a Movie Theatre, on Ponce. Best Regards, John. Robbin.
Robbin 17-Mar-2009 16:31
Dave Bruce, Reference Pogo Sticks Bouncing, for Us Today, Roger That !!!!!! Have EMT's, and All Local Hospitals, on Standby Alert !!!!!!! They were fun though, Back in The Day . And the Army Men, plastic, or Rubber, in a little clear plastic Bag, I Had Em. The Chemistry Set, was a Lot Of Fun, and Luckily, I Never Blew up Our House, with an Explosion , Ha Ha !!!!!! And The 45 RPM Records, yes, Those I Had lots of them. I bought them new, as they came out, at Food Fair, Rexall Drugs, Woolworth's, and Sears. I Remember , at one time, in Elementary School, all I ever Bought, was AMT Model Car Kits, and 45 RPM Records, in between Visits to Royal Castle, and Burger King, and Our neighborhood Candy Store, and Food Fair, and U- Totem. Oh, and also, Visits to Girls' Houses, Mainly: Linda Jenkins, Diane Howell, and Dorine Price. And then there was Rustic Roller Rink, and Hialeah Roller Rink, and Playing Ball, in the Street, in front of our House. Back to The 45 RPM Records, I Remember Buying new, when they came out: Venus, Diana, Return To Sender, Roses Are Red, Silhouettes, 16 Candles, Johnny Angel, Your Nose Is Gonna Grow, Corina Corina, Dreamin, Walkin With My Angel, Duke Of Earl, Personality, Mother In Law, Palisades Park, Volare, Dream Lover, The Angels Listened In, and Many Others. Those were The Days !!!!!!!! The Good Old Carefree Kid Days !!!!!!! Talk To You Later !!!! Robbin.
john crossen 17-Mar-2009 15:54
Robbin, Just wanted to let you know that I found the apartment house I was looking for, it is located on corner of Menores & Galiano, which is almost across the street from wheer the coliseum. I still think there was a movie theatre on Ponce de leon, I walked up Ponce to go to movie. I think the cafeteria was located on Alcazar, which is probably gone. I found our home he bought in west Miami, it is on 63rd & Coral Way. I used google sightseeing, street level to find these locations. I just wanted to thank you for your help. Just to let you know the apartment and home is still standing, they still look good for their age. thanks again John
Dave Bruce 16-Mar-2009 18:37
Robbin, re what you mentioned about pogo sticks. Imagine us on a pogo stick today? look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better have EMTs standing close by. Real close :)
Dave Bruce 16-Mar-2009 18:35
Robbin, the chemistry set you mentioned, I had one too, a Gilbert chemistry set. And remember the plastic or rubber army soldiers, in a package, like 100 pieces?? Those were great. They made those right up til recently, or maybe they still do, but I know they had them just a few years ago.
I was not a serious collector of baseball cards but did buy the Topps packs all the time, just to trade and "flip". I also collected the Top 40 lists at record stores, starting in about 1958 up til 1960, I had every one of those old records, the 45s, when I grew up in So Calif. Records were .98 plus 4 cents tax, every Sat I bought two.
Robbin 16-Mar-2009 17:24
Pokey, I Wish I Had My 3 Go Karts, I Had as A Kid !!!!! I Dream of them, sometimes. My first one, was a Little Red Pipe- Rail job, from Children's World, in Hialeah, and it was Fun, But Real Slow. My 2nd one, was The Track Rabbit, from Goodyear, By Northside SS, and it Had an orange Fiberglass Shell, like a Walbourg 1/2 Midget, and it had a Big Tecumseh- Lawson Engine, and it was pretty fast. But The Best Kart, I ever Had, was The 3rd one, The Jim Rathman Exterminator, with a Mc 10 McCullough Chain Saw Engine, and as you know, it was fast. I was interested, in Racing, and had seen Kart, and 1/2 Midget Races, But My Dad said no, To My Racing, and that was that !!!!!! He said, Be satisfied, with Parking Lots, By yourself, Driving your Go Kart, so That's why, I never, got into Racing, But I was a Good Driver, and I know there's a Lot to Racing, that I never Covered, But I just know: That I would of Done well, in Kart Racing, Probably, not as well, as you, But I know, I would of Been out there, at Least. My father Had His Reasons, and He always said: There's a Reason, for everything, which I also Believe, so who knows, maybe I would not be here now, Had I been A Kart Racer !!!!!!! I'll Never Know ?????????????????? Best Regards, Pokey !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 16-Mar-2009 17:05
Dave Bruce and Pokey, I Don't Have any of my Toys, or Collectibles, from Childhood, Sad, and Pathetic, Talk about : Live For Today, I Did !!!!! I Remember all of them though, and Still Have My Memory, so maybe, all was not Lost, afterall !!!!!! I will keep my eyes open, for old comic books, for a bargain price, but I seriously, Have My Doubts. I used to get the baseball cards, with the bubble gum, and I might of looked at them, out of curiosity, who it was , his Stats, ect., but my main use of Baseball Cards, was to put on my Bicycle, with clothes pins, to make a Semi- Motorcycle sound. I Did not Collect Baseball Cards, as some kids did. One of My favorite Toys, was The Pogo Stick, I would Bounce , all the way down our one Block Long Street, That Looked Exactly Like Dave Bruce's Street, in Virginia Gardens. Some of my other favorites, were: Kaleidoscopes, Darts, Slingshots, Plastic Army Rifles, Like The Grease Gun, and Thompson, ect., that Made Machine Gun Full Automatic Sounds, when you pulled the trigger, Board Games, Like Monopoly, Barlow Pocket Knives, Pup Tents, Bicycles, Pedel Toys, Like Tractors, Radio Wagon, Fire Chief Kiddie Car, Lincoln Logs, Erector Set, Chemistry Set , Telescope, Daisy Air Rifle, Daisy BB Gun, Kids' Card Games, such as: Authors, Old Maids, Fish, ect., AMT Model Car Kits, Revell Car, and Plane Kits, Go Karts, Roller Skates, Baseball Fielders Glove, Catcher's Mitt, Louisville Slugger Bats, Baseballs, Basketball, Football, Toy Roulette Game Set, Homemade Wooden Soap Box Cars, Homemade Sidewalk Scooters, Marbles, and probably more, that I can't remember, Right now !!!!!!! We did Have Fun, Didn't We ????? These Kids now, know nothing, of our Good old Fashioned Fun !!!!!!!!! Like you said, we would play BoxBall, CircleBall, Throw the Football, Play Baseball Catch, ect., on our street, at night, under The Street Light, until 9 or 10 P. M., and it was Good Decent Harmless Fun, and We Were Happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Good Old Days !!!!!!! And I, too, am Happy, that I can Remember them, I Have Friends Here, who Remember them, and we can Reminice, about them, and That we Have a Place to Reminice, about them, Thanks to Don Boyd !!!!!!! I was Happy, as a Kid, and I'm Happy, Right Now !!!!!!!! Take Care Guys, and Write When You Can !!!!!!!! Best Regards !!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 16-Mar-2009 16:00
Pokey and Robbin: AND if you see any inexpensive comic books from the old days for sale, let me know, I am going to look on ebay, too. I only have one here, Sgt Preston of the Yukon, that I got on ebay some time ago but remember how thick the comic books were, for a nickel, and nowadays in the supermarkets they are very thin and cost nearly three dollars????? Unbelievable.......I need to get maybe five or six old comics on ebay soon, nothing else I can think of besides that, that I am in the market for re the old days. Robbin and Pokey--always nice talking with you guys here, to bring back the memories! email again is
Dave Bruce 16-Mar-2009 15:57
And those things still bring back memories every time you look at them, Pokey. I bought, several years ago, 1958 and 1959 Topps baseball cards, originals, but very inexpensive, at some flea market or store and I keep them in a plastic box, and just looking at them I remember how we used to flip them to see who would win the "pot", then toss them up against a wall, and the closest card to the wall, the owner would pick up all the other cards as his winnings. But just to have those Topps baseball cards around now is great, those memories are brought back right away, and as I said before, we had JOY, and kids today have less than half of the joy we had with inexpensive regular things we played with. We had good times, did not take ourselves seriously, did not have the internet to gorge on night and day, and got outside and played all day til nighttime. Now, that was a childhood.
Pokey 16-Mar-2009 15:15
Robbin and Dave Bruce

I still have some old items from my kid days, I still have my 59 model go kart and engine, I have a nice collection of old comic books, that were the same as the old westerns that we use to watch in the late 50's and I have my statue of the Roy Rogers and Trigger, and the Lone Ranger and Tonto. I still have a couple of match box cars that I got from Tobys at 27th ave and 71st. But everything else is gone and my kids were never interested in that stuff, I do have an original Pong game that drives my son up a wall. ha ha

take care
Robbin 14-Mar-2009 18:19
Dave Bruce, My Pleasure, My Friend !!!!!!!!
Robbin 14-Mar-2009 18:15
Dave Bruce, The name of That Drugstore, was Village Drugs, and it was in The Little Shopping Center, on Curtiss Parkway, that was in front of Blessed Trinity Church, and School. I was in there, before, as a Kid, when visiting a friend, whose family, lived in The Green Mansions Motel- Apts., across the street. And you had Grace's Delicatessen, and a Hardware there, Oh, and a Real Good Bakery, also. The Little Shopping Center, was Called Village Plaza, because : Virginia Gardenswas, or is a Village or Town Village. And as For our Childhood Favorites, still being Special, to Us : Absolutely !!!!!!!!!! Same With Me, and Probably, Most Everyone Our Age, and from Our Era. As A Kid, I Loved Go Karts, and Bicycles, and Kaleidoscopes, Wind Chimes, Travel, Trucks, Apple Pie, BBQ, Andy Of Mayberry, The 3 Stooges, And other things I Can't think of, Right Now, But some of them, I Have again now, and some of them, I wish I Had again, and plan to obtain, some time, ect. Point Being :: History, we know, Does Repeat Itself, and We Can, and Should : Be Kids Again, Why not ????? I Love Nostalgia, Reminicing, ect., and I find myself, Wanting to Find out about Old Friends, &Old Girlfriends, Where they are now, what they're Doing, what they Look Like now, ect. Pure Curiosity !!!! I was on Classmates. Com, and paid up, for 2 years, and now, after only months, they Deny me access to the site, and Give me New applicants Registration Runaround. I wrote them a Letter, a month ago, and have Heard nothing. I think someone else applied in my name, and Jammed me up. Sorta the same story, with YahooMail, all of a sudden, I can Receive E- Mails, But I cannot Send. Enjoyed Our Topic !!!!!! Oh, and By the way, I Have : in My Drawer, 2 Kaleidoscopes, and I Look Thru Them Daily, and I still Get the same Joy outa that, that I Did, as a 5 year old kid. Stay Warm, and Stay Young !!!!!!!!! Best Regards. Robbin.
Dave Bruce 14-Mar-2009 18:13
Thanks, Robbin.
Robbin 14-Mar-2009 17:41
Dave Bruce, As A Kid, I never Collected any Comic Books, or any other things , except: one time I Had a Stamp Collection, But I Have no Idea, what Became of it. And I Built Model Car Kits, and sometimes Planes, But I Don't Have any of them either. I Had Trophies, For My Model Cars, I won at Woolworth's, in Flamingo Plaza, several times, But I Gave The Trophies away to Kids, who wanted them. I Liked Comic Books, and Bought them, at Drug Stores, But Read them, and Tossed them, or Gave Em away. I used to Send for all of the special offers, in the Comic Books, like Grab Bags, of Toy Rings, of all sorts, ect. I never had that Fort Ticonderoga Stamp, But in 1967, I was at Fort Ticonderoga, in Upstate New York, near Vermont, and Lake George, and Saratoga Springs. That was neat, and I Love Saratoga Springs. My Dad, My Brother, and I, Spent 1 week, in The Summer Of 1967, in Saratoga Springs, in a Lakefront Cabin, on Saratoga Lake, about 8 Miles outside of Town, and we went to The Races, at Saratoga, and Had a Great Week there. Talk To You Later. Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 14-Mar-2009 11:56
Robbin, to add to that, any idea what the name was of the little drug store? Maybe it had no real name but was just a mom and pop place.
Dave Bruce 14-Mar-2009 11:54
Now that you mention it, i think I did ask you already about Classics Illustr. And yes,m it was at a corner drug store. Man I miss those days. I also collected something else. Marbles I kept in a coffee jar, just to look at. You know what is interesting? In my home law office there is a big plastic jar filled with marbles and my sister in law recently took a little tour of our modest Cape home here and she says to Linda, hey, why are there MARBLES on Dave's desk? And I did not go into the whole story but you and I both know, Robbin, that certain things from childhood that we had or did, are very powerful even nowadays. I mean, we are grown up now, but we are the same person as the child we used to be at one time. We do not leave all that behind permanently like we were adults since birth. So some of these things are powerful. I remember in Bell Haven Trailer Park, 3200 NW 79th St, having a catcher's mask, like it was worth a million dollars, I thought it was so great.But I remember the FEELINGS these little things gave us as kids. We had joy, and kids don't have that nowadays. They take themselves and the world way too seriously. Kids nowadays are grown up at the age of 8. Sad.
Robbin 14-Mar-2009 04:42
Dave Bruce, I used to Buy Comic Books, at The Drug Stores, and I Liked, and enjoyed them, But other Than Capt . Marvel, and Superman, I can't remember what others I used to get, and I never Collected them. I Loved the Special offers, they had in The Comic Books, for Toy Grab Bags, Toy Rings, ect. , and I used to send for them, a lot. I don't Remember The Fort Ticonderoga Stamp, But I went to Fort Ticonderoga, in Upstate New York, on Lake Champlain, near Saratoga Springs, and Lake George, in 1967, and I was 16 years old. You probably got your Comic Books, at The Drug Store that was there, next to The Hardware, and near Grace's Deli, on Curtiss Parkway, just north of 36th Street. Best Regards !!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 14-Mar-2009 00:26
Robbin, (and anyone else, too) Did I ask you about Classics Illustrated and whether you collected them as a kid? I forget now if I mentioned it to you before. They were 15 cents each and I bought them at a store in the Curtiss Parkway area, at the corner of one of those streets you told me about, in Virginia Gardens. I had all of those Classics Illustrated. I was absolutely fascinated by them....and I remember the day the Fort Ticonderoga stamp came out, Sept 10, 1955 commemorative stamp, and i hit the road with my bike all the way from Va Gardens to the post office at the circle in Miami Springs just to get the stamp. THREE CENT STAMP. We will never see that price again for a stamp or for anything else. Even penny candy is a few bucks these days :)
Robbin 11-Mar-2009 04:15
Dave Bruce, Understood !!!!! Yes, Your Spring, Should Be Right around The Corner, so The Worst , is Most Likely over now. If Pokey, is Unpacked also, Maybe I'll just Take The R. V. Coach, for a Short Trip, Like To The Florida Keys, since it's Ready to Go !!!!!! Ha Ha, Don't I Wish !!!!! You Better Believe, I Do !!!!!! Take Care, My Friend, and Talk to You Soon. Robbin.
Dave Bruce 11-Mar-2009 02:20
Robbin, I unpacked my bags because it is starting to warm up to the 40s etc so I will postpone my Miami trip
Robbin 10-Mar-2009 16:31
John Crossen, I Honestly Do not know, if The U Of M Ever played Basketball Games in The Coliseum, or not. It is entirely possible, that they Did, at one time , or another. I thought The Coliseum, was 1st, an Ice Skating Arena, and then, A Bowling Alley, The Coliseum Lanes, But, it may have been used, for other Events, as well, and that, I wouldn't know about, to tell you. I saw The U Of M play Basketball, at Miami Beach Convention Center, with My Dad, when I was a Little Kid, But I really don't know, where they played all of their Home Basketball Games. For Football, The Miami Orange Bowl, was The U Of M's Home Field, But it was torn down, and now, they play Home Games, in Dolphin Stadium. Glad to Try to Help, sorry, I couldn't Help you more. Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
john crossen 10-Mar-2009 13:21
John C. Robbin, A question, Did the Univ. of Miami play basketball in the coliseum?or did they play somewhere else? I remember basketball games within a block of my fathers apartment house. Also I know the apartment house was on a name street and not a number street . Douglas road did not strike a memory. I am probably wastening my time looking for something that may not exist any more. Any way thanks for your help. John c.
Robbin 09-Mar-2009 02:20
Dave Bruce, Thanks, For The Vote Of Confidence, and Kind Words, and Your Plan, is Right On Course, Roger, Wilco !!!!!!! See You in Mass., and You and Pokey, will soon get a Break, -- Palm Trees, and Sunshine, and Beach Weather !!!!!! Bikinis, and Beach Balls !!!!!!! Heavens To Mercotroy !!!!!!!!! See You Soon !!! Robbin.
Robbin 09-Mar-2009 02:15
John C., There is also another Movie Theatre, a Twin, The Gables Twin, and it's on Coral Way, East Of Sears, which is on Douglas Road. It sounds Like To Me, that That Apartment House, or House, is Off Of Douglas, in Front of Publix, Where The Coliseum was, or A little ways Down the side Street, towards the street, that goes Down The Side of The Gables Twin Theatre. If you need any more Help, about this, Let Me know, and I'll be Glad to Help. Robbin.
Dave Bruce 09-Mar-2009 02:04
John C, I was about to say that Robbin could tell you what FOOD they served in 1955 at Brown's :) He is unbelievable with this Miami area knowledge.
Robbin: Thanks for the upcoming trip to Miami. I am already packed. Just swing by Indiana and pick up Pokey and head on out here. If I don't hear the horn in a few days I will just figure something happened and you couldn't make it.
Robbin 08-Mar-2009 20:37
Dave Bruce And Pokey, The R. V., and Myself, are Ready to Go, and Monday afternoon, I will Leave Sunny Miami, To Go to Frigid Indiana, and Frigid Mass., to Rescue you Guys, from Freezing to Death, and Get you Both to Safety, in The Magic City, Miami, Fla. I know you will both , be Glad to Thaw Out, and to see some Palm Trees. Hopefully, you guys are packed, and Ready, for The Trip. See you Soon. Robbin.
Robbin 08-Mar-2009 20:29
John C., The Coliseum, was on Douglas Road, wich is 37th Avenue, and a Few years ago, they tore down, The Coliseum, and on it's site now, is a Beautiful, and Very Busy Publix Supermarket. There were the Miracle Theatre, on Miracle Mile, and The Trail Theatre, on S. W. 8th Street,- Tamiami Trail, at Douglas Road. Ponce, goes North and south, and starts at S. W. 8th Street, The Trail, and Goes south By The University Of Miami. Coral Gables, is My Favorite Place, even though, I Live in Hialeah. It's a Matter Of Green Stuff !!!!! If I Had More Green Stuff, Like Winning a Big Fla. Lotto, I Would Live in Coral Gables !!!!!!! Best Regards, and I Hope My info, Helps You. Robbin.
John C. 08-Mar-2009 18:26
What a great site. I need some help, maybe someone out there can help me. I am planning a trip to the Gables and MIami is summer and wanted to look up some places in the Gables. My parents bought an apartment hotel house, which was across the street from the coliseum,(I am trying to give some landmarks) this was a side street off a main drag, I think it may have been Ponce de Leon, there was a movie theater on this street. My father also leased a cafeteria , called Browns cafeteria fairly close to the Miracle mile. This was 1951-52, I was 14 and I went to Admiral Farragut academy in St. Petersburg.Fl. I have live here in St. Pete since 73
Dave Bruce 07-Mar-2009 22:40
Pokey, pack your bags, Robbin is stopping by on or about Wednesday. I will listen for the sound of the horn :)
Robbin 07-Mar-2009 17:58
Dave Bruce, I Have A Train Horn, on My Prevost R. V. Coach, so when you , and Pokey hear a Train Horn, Step out to The Curb, and you Guys will be on Your way, Back Home, to The Sunshine State !!!!!!!!! I'll Leave ASAP, maybe, By Wednesday !!!!! Ha Ha !!!!!!! I wish !!!!! Oh well, maybe, one Day !!!!!! Best Regards. Robbin.
Dave Bruce 07-Mar-2009 16:02
Robbin, can't you pick up the two of us NOW, and take us to FLORIDA, not Alaska :) Pack your bags Pokey, I've got mine right here. Robbin, honk as you pull up to get us and we can be on our way to Florida! :)
Robbin 07-Mar-2009 05:49
Pokey, Amen, Brother, to The Bathroom, and The Fridge, You most Definately, Have Your Priorities, in Order !!!!! I Love R. V.'s, just Like I Love Go Karts, and Motorcycles !!!!! And if and when, I Win The Florida Lotto, I will have all 3, and I will Sponsor An Expedition, To Alaska, The Yukon, The Northwest Territories, ect., and You and I, and Dave Bruce will Head Northwest. I guess, I would Pickup Dave Bruce First, Him Being East Of you, and then, I'd Head your way, pick you up, and then, we would be Heading West, and then North. And Like you say, With Lotto Yang, No Hurry, Go wherever We Feel Like Going, The only Concern, would Be Our Wives, and Families, but I suppose they could go, and that would solve that dilemma. Wow, What A Dream, Ha Ha, I Hate to Wake Up !!!!!! Oh well, Dreams are Free, and it makes Good Conversation, and who knows !!!!!! Take Care, My Friend, and we'll Keep in Touch. I'll Let you and Dave Bruce know, when I win, on your E- Mails. Later. Robbin.
Robbin 07-Mar-2009 05:31
Dave Bruce, I enjoyed your account, of your Trip to Alaska, and The Yukon, and The Northwest Territories, and I can sort of Picture what you saw. Must be fabulous Scenery, and as for The Isolation, I could Enjoy that, once in a while, to get away from this Rat Race here. But I know, that that Isolation, for Too Long, will Make you Go Stark Raving Mad ( Crazy). I would like to go there, But the way things are for me now, I Can't, No Time, and No Yang. It would take a Big Florida Lotto Win, for me to go, But if and when, I will buy me an R. V., and I'll Pick Up You and Pokey, on the way, and away we'll go. What a Dream !!!!!! I have seen many Public Television specials, on The Alcan, and about the Building Of The Alaskan Pipeline, and other specials, of Expeditions to the North Pole, ect. I Like those Programs. Better, than all the Crap that's on Regular Network T. V. I only Like a Few Network shows, such as: The George Lopez Show, According To Jim, Saturday Night Live, David Letterman Show, Jay Leno Show, & Law And Order. I don't have Cable, or a Dish, so I Rent a lot of Movies, from Blockbuster, and I watch Public Television, and those few Network T. V. Shows, that I Like. Keep in Touch, My Friend, I enjoy all of us Sharing stories, ect., it's a Lot of Fun !!!!!! Best Regards. Robbin.
Dave Bruce 06-Mar-2009 22:48
Hi Pokey and Robbin: My trip was in 1973 and it has all changed since then. Before, the end of the road, literally, was Circle, Alaska, then we took a bush plane to Fort Yukon, a settlement north of the Arctic Circle. Nowadays you can drive all the way up beyond that, into the Northwest Territories. It must really be something. In 1973 the Alaska Highway, (ALCAN) was paved only at the Alaska border after leaving Yukon, and was hard packed gravel all the way from BC to Whitehorse Yukon and beyond. Every car had windshield damage from rocks flying, even the RCMP patrol cars. Went to Whitehorse and Dawson City. Like I said, though, the most unusual aspect of it all was that 75 mile space between little settlements of a few hundred people. I had never seen isolation like that. Alcoholism is the number one problem, not only there but in the northern areas of Scandinavia as well, and Greenland. If and when you go there, you will think that Montana is a built-up area :) Take care, guys. Good to keep in touch with you folks here. Once again, is my email.
Pokey 06-Mar-2009 20:35

Ya, the RV is the only way to go now a days ( and at my age ), you have your bathroom right there with you, and the fridge too. The two important items, ha ha
As Dave talked about Alaska, I have always wanted to drive the highway up to Alaska, and then take the boat back down, just take your time and stop when and where you want, but haven't made it yet. I did fly into Alaska in the 70's and from what I saw, I really wanted to go back. As you always say, after I hit the lottery, ha ha

take care
Robbin 06-Mar-2009 05:44
Pokey, I enjoyed your Travel Story, very much, and I thought I Had Traveled A Lot, Man, you put me to shame !!!!!!! I am very interested in Camping, But Like I said, I Prefer, in an R. V., and I know purist Campers, would tell me, that R. V. ing is not Camping, but I Like The Idea of Both. I've never been to Colorado, The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Montana, The Dakotas, or anywhere near there, but I would Like to Go there. I am Green, with Envy !!!!! Glad, you will soon get a break, from the Harsh winter weather. But in the meantime, watch out for the Frostbite. Take Care, My Friend. Robbin.
Pokey 05-Mar-2009 17:29

I see you mentioned me and camping
Yes I have done alot of camping from the 50's to the 90's, never had an RV, just tents with out floors in the begining, then upgraded to ones with floors. camped alot in the Smokey Mtn area. the fla. Keys, Pennsylvania, and alot in Colorado. My best or most memorial time was at the Grand Canyon, it was a spear of the moment type decision, didn't have any gear, except a tarp in the trunk. Made a lean-to between two trees , had two blankets, and just about froze to death before morning came around. ha ha
I have done alot of driving too, the first year in Colorado I put 33,000 miles on my car and 11,000 miles on my jeep, most of the jeep miles were off road riding. I made a disk for my map, and I circled everything with in 600 miles of where I was, and on 3 day weekends would go to one of the places. Some of the places included Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, and many, many places in between.
In 1980 when I was station in the pan handle of Fla, I lived for two years in an 18 foot travel trailer sitting right at the edge of the water, that was real nice.

As for the snow and cold, its starting to warm up, up here, spring is just around the corner and I just purchased two new tires for the motorcycle, it won't be long now ha ha

take care
Robbin 05-Mar-2009 05:51
Dave Bruce, To be Honest, I have not been to Greynolds Park, in years. Probably, the Last time I was there, would be: 15 years ago, or more. It's in North Miami Beach, near The Skylake area, Off Miami Gardens Drive, at around N. E. 12 th Avenue, which is East of I- 95, and west of Biscayne Blvd, , by Aventura. From where Bell Haven was, I would take a wild guess, that it's about: 20 miles , from there, to Greynolds Park. And as for whereThe Bell Haven Park, was: I have gone by there, before, trying to get some pictures of the site, But here's what you're up against: The Traffic, on 79th Street, around there is Heavy, and there's no where to pull off to try to take pictures, and secondly: any picture you take from the road, will look like a blurr of grown up weeds, and nothing else. I don't think you can go back in there, and from the road, like I say, you see nothing whatsoever. I will try and take another look, asap. From the air, an aerial view, would be best, but that's the only way, I believe. Best Regards, My Friend !!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 04-Mar-2009 23:17
Robbin, you mentioned camping and I wondered what Greynolds Park is like nowadays??? How far is it from Miami and what is it like compared to yesteryear?
And this may sound odd, but at 3200 NW 79th St, can you drive in there or is it locked up? I know it is deserted, but even pictures of the deserted place would be interesting, believe it or not. I know it is not the Bell Haven Trailer Park or Mobile Home park of old, but the land is still there and from Google Earth I can see where the lots used to be. Nothing but old weeds etc but if you ever can see it up close, maybe you could pass along some photos of that, particularly the end row closest to the rr tracks. Not a big deal, but if it is open, and you are driving by etc etc
Robbin 04-Mar-2009 16:32
Manocarz, Hope your Hand is Coming along well . I know it must be very painful. As for your Typing, I Haven't noticed any difference, your Typing, is Superior. Keep On Typing, My Friend !!!!!!!! Be Well, and even if it's not Big Ed's, Have some Hushpuppies, from somewhere. Piccadilly Cafeteria, has pretty good Hushpuppies, But they're Different, from Big Ed's. Don' know if you have Miami Sub's , Long John Silver's, Arthur Treacher's, Cracker Barrel, Jimbo's BBQ, or anywhere else, to get Hush Puppies, But if you have any of those places, they all have Decent Hushpuppies. You and I Loved our Big Ed's Hushpuppies, they were Great !!!!!!!! All The Best, My Friend !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 04-Mar-2009 16:21
Pokey, Thank You, For The Welcme Back, and it's Good To Be Back, I Really Enjoy This !!!!!!!! And yes, My Sunburn, is Under Control, using lots of Caladril, and Calamine Lotion. I ease my Sunburn Pain, with Calamine, and Dreams Of Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, R. V.'s, and Go Karts. That works, for Me !!!!! Must Be Fun, Using the Snow Blower, Freezing to Death, Sort of Like Riding A Go Kart, Ha Ha , My Sick Humor, not Funny. I Know it must be Hell, outside Shoveling, and Snow Blowing, in near Artic weather. I Don't know how you stand it, I Really Don't. Intestinal Fortitude, I Guess !!!!!! Good to hear from you, Pokey. Watchout, for The FrostBite !!!!!!!! Later. Robbin.
Robbin 04-Mar-2009 16:07
Dave Bruce, Yes, I Remember SGT. Preston Of The Yukon, and His Wonder Dog King, I saw it, as a little kid, in the 50's, on our family Black and white T. V. It was a real good program. I bought some cassettes, a few years ago, at Cracker Barrel, of old T. V. Programs, and SGT. Preston Of The Yukon, and King, was one of them. It was from the Radio Program, that aired, before T. V. Your Trip, Must Have been Great, nature Unspoiled, By Man, But Man, that was a Long Trip, even for Me, and I was a Truck Driver, and I , too Like To Drive. I Think, my Longest Trip, Mileage wise, was Like: 6,000 Miles, Round Trip, so you Put me to shame, Real Bad. I've seen Documentaries, and Nature Programs, on Alaska, on Public Television, and I enjoyed them, But to be there, for real, was Something. I know a guy, who Liked Denali Park, and He went there, a few times. I Like Nature, scenic Places, ect., and Camping enthuises me, But I also Like Creature Comforts, So R. V. ing, would Be More My Style, so I could Have Both. And Yes Indeed, To St. Augustine, For You, is a Piece Of Cake, after That Trip. Probably Not, But if you Decide to Come Down farther south, to Miami, Let Me Know. I Don't know, about the Driving Part, But I Believe Pokey Likes Camping, and The Mountains, Because , He went to Pigeon Forge Tennessee, camping Before, at Least a couple of times, He said before. Talk to you Later, My Friend. Robbin.
Pokey 04-Mar-2009 15:54
Dave Bruce and Robbin and Manocarz

Robbin Glad to see your back, hope you are taking care of the sun burn.

Dave I have a used snow blower, that I think (hope) I won't need any more here, maybe you could use it up there ha ha.

Manocarz hope everything is working out good for you

take care
Dave Bruce 04-Mar-2009 12:32
I guess it is about 1200 from here, but I once drove to Alaska in a VW bug, 11, 583 miles round trip, in 1973, so I do like driving. Always wanted to see the Yukon Territory, all because of watching Sgt Preston of the Yukon and his dog, King, on TV in the 50s. Remember that program? It made me kind of interested to see the Yukon for myself, and sure enough I got the chance, the day after I finished college. You need at least three and a half weeks to make that kind of trip, but in the Yukon the thing that was most impressive was that it was 75 miles between very tiny settlements, and I had never in my life seen or experienced such solitude, and completely unspoiled. The wilds of Montana and Wyoming were tame by comparison.....anyway, remember that TV program, Robbin?
Robbin 04-Mar-2009 05:15
Dave Bruce, Good to hear from you , as well. I can only imagine, your weather, and your commute, I know, it's Rough. I know, you are waiting for spring, to get a break. Nothing new here either, same old, same old. ST. Augustine is nice, and would be good for you, but a real long drive. If you go, Have A nice Safe Trip, and enjoy yourself. Talk to you Later. Robbin.
Robbin 03-Mar-2009 18:03
Pokey, I'm Back. As you said, I get Sunburn, and you and Dave Bruce, get Frostbite, I see Palm Trees, and you guys see White Christmas Trees, what a Difference. I prefer Here. nothing new here, same old, same old. Everyday, is another day in paradise. Life is A Bitch, and then you die. And from what I see, and hear: The Golden Years, Are Not So Golden. Oh Well, Enough of my Negative Bitching. Best Regards. Oh, By the way, my YahooMail, for E- Mails, is screwed up. You can E- Mail me, but my Reply, to you, will not go thru to you. Later. Robbin.
Dave Bruce 03-Mar-2009 17:54
Hi Robbin: Nice to see you here again. Not much new here, except some snow yesterday, you would think we got eight feet the way it paralyzes everything. My commute to court in Boston is one and a half hours but today it was 2 and three quarters hours. Unreal....but Spring is right around the corner. Not really. March can be terrible here, you never know.....around 1970 or so, Boston had three blizzards on the first three Mondays of APRIL.......I may take a drive down to see a friend of mine from USMC days, in St Augustine, but that is not far enough South for me
Robbin 03-Mar-2009 17:52
Dave Bruce, I agree with you, 3 Times, with no answer, or Reply, is Time To Say Forget It. Three times, in some cases, is Excellent, But not in this case. I took some time off here, Due to Issues I Have, Burnout, and then: Computer Problems, But now , I am Back, Stronger Than Ever !!!!!!!! Hopefully, all is well, with you, other than your weather, I know all of your Palm Trees Died. Oh, and I shortened, my Computer Sign In Name, to just Robbin. Same Old Me. Best Regards. Robbin.
Dave Bruce 24-Feb-2009 16:52
Pokey, I doubt if I will try to call Chaffin a third time. They say the third time is a charm but I disagree. Let me know if you hear anything from him.
Dave Bruce 29-Jan-2009 22:29
Pokey, I just emailed you Chaffin's phone number, it goes along with same address you gave me, if you want to try the number. That was the second time I called and left a message and got no return call. I will try again next week, though.
Dave Bruce 29-Jan-2009 22:15
USMC 31Oct63 to 30Oct67
Dave Bruce 29-Jan-2009 22:07
Sheppard AFB TX 1979-1982
Pokey 29-Jan-2009 21:02
Dave Bruce

When and Where, were you an AF JAG

Dave Bruce 29-Jan-2009 13:11
Thanks, Don. USMC here for 4, Morse Intercept Operator, and 3 as USAF JAG officer 12 years later, but the name Don Boyd came up on a cryptologic site and I said well I have to ask in case we had the same MOS, you never know. Thanks.
Don Boyd29-Jan-2009 07:19
Dave: no, never in the Navy. I did 34 (or 41 depending on how you count it) years in the USCG and USCGR.

Dave Bruce 29-Jan-2009 02:41
Don Boyd, were you ever in the Navy by any chance?
Dave Bruce 23-Jan-2009 22:23
Pokey, I called and left a message for him. When and if he gets back to me I will email you right away.
Dave Bruce 23-Jan-2009 14:40
Pokey, I got your email, thanks for the details, and I will get back to you asap.
Dave Bruce 22-Jan-2009 16:23
Pokey, can you give me that info on Chuck again, his probably town, his job before this that you told me about etc etc by emailing me at I cannot find that info you sent me before.
Dave Bruce 21-Jan-2009 16:55
Not yet. Will keep trying.
Pokey 21-Jan-2009 16:01
Dave B

Doing good, just trying to stay warm, its about 25 today, but is suppose to hit 40 tomorow. Did you ever find Chuck?

take care
Dave B 21-Jan-2009 04:14
Hey Pokey, how are you? It soared, absolutely soared to 34 today, a heat wave just like yours. I thought of going to the beach but the snow drove me back from the shore :) How far Miami is from Old Cape Cod. I feel every mile.
Pokey 20-Jan-2009 21:28
We are having a heat wave now, it is 16 degrees above with NO wind, it feels like summer. Last Friday it went down to 20 below , just temperture. Wind chill hit about 36 below. My one old car wouldn't even turn over, but the other one did, so I made it to work o.k.

take care and don't get sun burnt
Robbin P. Learned 17-Jan-2009 05:51
Dave Bruce, Hang In There, Relief is on The Way, By Way Of That Halfway House, in Ft. Myers , Florida !!!!!!! Hopefully, Don Boyd, is Working On It !!!!!! ?????? Glad The Temperature Went Up, instead Of Down !!!!!!! My, But My Palm Trees, are Beautiful, They Surely Are !!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 16-Jan-2009 20:33
Well, it is up to 20 degrees now, so I feel a lot better :) Is Don working on that halfway house for Northerners yet, as we posted awhile back? I have heard nothing.
Robbin P. Learned 16-Jan-2009 17:53
Dave Bruce, 6 Degrees, is out of The Question, For Me !!!!!!! Totally, Unacceptable !!!!!! Beaches, and Palm Trees, in Sunshine, now That's The Ticket !!!!!! I Agree, with You, on The Palm Trees !!!!! And I Know, There's No Palm Trees, in Boston, or On Cape Cod !!!!!!! You, and Pokey, Definately, Need That Halfway House, To Go To, To Warm Up, say in Gainesville, Fla. Pokey said, He Has Plenty Of Snow !!!!!! Pokey's Problem, is; He's Too Close, To Chicago !!!!!! Maybe, One Fine Day, You Can Retire, And Move To Florida !!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 16-Jan-2009 12:32
It is SIX degrees as we speak, Fri AM,. but that temp is not that common around here. Usually 20s, etc. Give me palm trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 16-Jan-2009 05:38
Dave Bruce, Glad all is well, with you, other Than That darn Snow, and Cold !!!!!! Yes, I Have Doubles, of the Pictures Of The 4 Houses. Best Regards !!!!!!! Pokey, said, He's Shoveling Snow , Where He is; 1 Hour North Of Indy. I Believe it !!!!! Take Care !!!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 15-Jan-2009 20:42
Robbin-----I am still planning on writing to you re the ID (exact locations) of those photos, but as I mentioned, I just found your mailing address this afternoon, so will get that done soon. But, do you have a duplicate set of those photos I have that you sent me? So we can reference some of them?
Dave Bruce 15-Jan-2009 20:40
All is well, just found your address today, had court every day recently, do not have to go back til Jan 27th, and it is snowing here right now as we speak but we are going to get only five inches or so here on Mid-Cape Cod.....
Robbin P. Learned 15-Jan-2009 17:46
Dave Bruce, Is all well, with you ?????? Have not Heard from you, for Quite some time, no Posts, at all !!!!!! Hopefully, it's only, that you are very Busy. Concerned, My Friend !!!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
kim11225303-Jan-2009 18:45
Hi Joe Grahame/Slim Richards I found you reminiscing on this site about dad, WQAM, and the Renuarts. You can’t hide forever : - ) You mention CMA, u forgot Zales, the Goodwill, and St Vincent's dePaul. Enjoyed the site although the author forget about all those times spent we spent in the woods, jumping over the fence of Parrot Jungle, Mathensons’ Hammock, Fairchild Gardens, and rides in the boats of some very spoiled friends. Your sister Kim
Robbin P. Learned 02-Jan-2009 11:23
Dave Bruce, Happy New Year, To You, My Friend !!!!!! I Hope 2009, will Bring You all Positive Changes, and all you are Happy with, Stays The Same !!!!!! Health, Prosperity, and Happiness, are my Sincere Wishes, For You, in This Year Upon Us !!!!!!!! Best Regards, and Take Care !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 31-Dec-2008 22:14
To Don and Robbin and Pokey and everyone else, Happy New Year to you and to your families, all of you.
Dave Bruce 26-Dec-2008 00:33
Hi Robbin: I still have your home address from the envelope you sent the photos in, so will write you a letter showing the "I" shaped streets, with 39th terr east and west, 38th terr east and west, and NW 63rd CT, Va Gdns, running N and S between them, then we can try to plot where those 4 houses lie, exactly, NE, NW, SW, I will write you that letter in the next week or so. Thanks so much, once again, for sending those photos. Very much appreciated!
Robbin P. Learned 24-Dec-2008 18:50
Dave Bruce, Glad you Liked, The HalfWay House Idea, Like you said, Maybe Don Boyd, Or Walgreen's Or Kroger, will Fund it !!!!! ???? Dave, I Got Your E- Mails, But I wanted to Let you Know, that My Old Windows 98 Gateway Computer, is Screwed up, and I Couldn't Play your Holiday attachments, I went to them, But a message came on, and said ; That windows 98, will not Be able to Play The attachment. Thanks, anyway You Meant Well, and it's So Noted !!!!!!! I can Read and Get E-Mails sometimes, But a Lot of the time, a Message Comes on, and Says That This Computer Has Done an Illegal Operation, and it Cuts Me Off, and I Have To Start Over, So My E-Mail Dept. , is Real Bad. It's A Big Ordeal, to Send or Read Anything. I Have A Used Windows Xp, that A Friend Gave me, and I may have to get it hooked up, and Learn to use it, very soon !!!!! I Hear that Xp, and Vista, are very Difficult, and A Real Pain, to Operate. About The 4 Houses, I will Try to Jott Down My Home Address, on My E- Mail, for you, and then you can send me Info By Mail, for now, Much easier, and Better For Both Of us. Have A Merry Christmas, And A Happy, and Safe Holiday, My Friend !!!!!! Talk To You Later !!!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 24-Dec-2008 14:28
Robbin, check your emails please, I want to ask you a very specific question about those four houses on NW 63rd Ct Va Gdns, the photos you took for me. Thanks.
Dave Bruce 24-Dec-2008 14:04
I like the halfway house, Robbin, literally half way between here and there! Great idea if we can get Don to fund it :)
Robbin P. Learned 24-Dec-2008 06:16
Dave Bruce, I Got Your Drift, it seems that Pokey, is willing to Freeze, and Shovel Snow, So He can Have 4 Seasons, and You Say; The Hell with the Seasons, Give Me Palm Trees, and Beach Weather !!!!! I'm With you, on That one , Dave, I Like Our Miami Weather, and our Beaches, and our Palm Trees !!!!!!! No Offense, Pokey, You Have a Right To Feel Like you Do, after all, It's Your Life !!!!! Enjoy Your Winter Season !!!!!!!! Maybe, Someone will Open A 1/2 Way House, Half Way Between Miami, and Cape Cod, With Palm Trees, For Southerners, who went North, and need To Warm Up, and Thaw Out !!!!!!!!!! Hah, Hah, Hah !!!!!!!! Best Regards, And Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!! Have A Nice One !!!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 23-Dec-2008 12:20
Robbin, Pokey did not drag me into those sentiments about the seasons. I asked for palm trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did I get? 15 degrees right now. Not fair.. Don Boyd, do something, take up a collection for northerners who see the error of their ways!!!! One way air fares to Miami International. Or maybe just reading about it here, might be cheaper.
Robbin P. Learned 23-Dec-2008 05:33
Dave Bruce, and Pokey, I'll Take The Palm Trees, Our Beaches, and The South Florida Madness, and Rampant Insanity, You Guys, can Keep Your Changing Of The Seasons, and Your Snow, and Awful Artic Weather, I Want no Part of That, But that's Me, More Power to You, if you Like it There, Not Me !!!!!!! Best Regards, to Both Of You, And Enjoy The Snow !!!!!!
Dave Bruce 22-Dec-2008 20:41
I like the seasons, too, Pokey, but man, give me those palm trees right now. It is 22 degrees here!
Pokey 22-Dec-2008 20:14
Dave Bruce
I know the feeling when it comes to winter. I have been up at 3am all last week pushing snow and melting ice. today it was 2 above with a wind chill of 23 below, and more is suppose to come in tomorrow. I too miss the palm trees and beach, but don't think I could take it year round, I like the seasons.

take care
Dave Bruce 22-Dec-2008 19:24
And of course the most recognizable to me was the circle in Miami Springs. Now if someone did not recognize that, there would be a problem, because to a kid of eight or nine, that would stand out, along with the small bridge across the canal from Hialeah to the Springs. And the drug store on that circle seems mighty familiar
Dave Bruce 22-Dec-2008 19:22
Robbin, actually, one of the houses seemed a little familiar, thankfully the corner houses house NUMBERS might have jogged a memory or two, just from having heard the address talked about, similar to the 267 East 63rd St, so upon further reflection one of those sounds more familiar than the others. Too bad the big banyan tree is not a really reliable indicator, if it is still there.
Robbin P. Learned 22-Dec-2008 19:10
Dave Bruce, I'm Glad you got the pictures, but feel bad, that none of the Houses seemed familiar !!!! Oh Well, That's Life !!!!!!! I Hope you recognized your Grandma's House in Hialeah. Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 22-Dec-2008 18:28
Robbin, those photos are great, and thank you again for going to that trouble. The NW 63rd Ct ones do not ring a bell, unfortunately. Our house had a very big banyan tree in the backyard, and was a greenish color house, is all I remember and nothing rings a bell in those photos. After all these years, I seriously doubt that a big banyan tree would make a good marker, as it may have been cut down or just got old, etc although I think they do survive for a very long time. Anyway, I cannot find the house I lived in there, and I thought I might. Your efforts in getting these to me is very deeply thanked, though, Robbin.
Dave Bruce 22-Dec-2008 18:07
Robbin, thanks so much. Just got the photos, will look at them in detail now. I emailed you also
Dave Bruce 20-Dec-2008 16:16
Absolutely right, Robbin......give me palm trees, not snow.
I will look for those photos this week and will come on here and let you know that I did receive them.....thanks again
Robbin P. Learned 20-Dec-2008 16:07
Dave Bruce, Yeah, I Can certainly understand fully, what you said about Leaving Here, for Frigid Winter Weather, in The Metro Boston Area. At Times, I Don't Like it Here anymore, Because Of All The Negative Changes, But other than Hurricanes, our Mild Tropical Weather, and Climate, is Very Desirable, in Comparison to such places as; Boston, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Toronto, And other Frigid Freezer Major Cities. I've Seen Snow Before, Thrown Snow Balls, ect., But Truthfully, I Don't Like That Weather, And would not Live in it, unless I Had to. I Like Our Miami Area Weather, Mild Winters !!!!!!! Frankly, I Don't Know How People Stand The Long Gray Winters, they have, in the cold, in all of the North East, and Midwest, year after year, it must Be Rough. My Father, was Born And Raised, in Pittsburgh PA., so He Knew what cold weather, and snow was about !!!!!!! Take Care, And Best Regards !!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 20-Dec-2008 10:54
Robbin, Don, Pokey, Randy: I look out this morning at branches down after being pounded with a snowstorm yesterday and last night and wonder why I ever left Miami :) Talk about reason to have regrets.
Dave Bruce 19-Dec-2008 00:52
Excellent indeed. I could not ask for anything more short of asking you to pay my air fare down there to see the houses in person. Just kidding. Weird sense of humor after I get out of court with a long trial all day long and get a good a major snowstorm here tomorrow and I am off, so I can read about Miami all day, right here
Robbin P. Learned 18-Dec-2008 18:43
Dave Bruce, Yes, I Did Label Each Photo on the Back, as To The Address Of That Particular House. Later !!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 18-Dec-2008 08:13
Robbin, will let you know. Did you label the photos so I know which house is which address on NW 63rd Ct, so I can make reference to it when I give you that ID feedback?
Robbin P. Learned 18-Dec-2008 05:48
Dave Bruce, You're Quite Welcome !!!!! No Big Deal !!!!! I'm Curious, if you will Recognize Your House in Virginia Gardens, From the Pictures !!!! ????? Let Me Know, on Here, if you Do !!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 17-Dec-2008 19:32
Robbin, thanks so much. You went way out of your way, and I appreciate it.
Robbin P. Learned 17-Dec-2008 18:53
Dave Bruce, I Am Preparing The Envelope, Enclosing your Pictures, and should get them in Tomorrow's Mail, so you Should Be Getting them, By probably; Monday or Tuesday, at the very Latest. I'm sending them, to Your Home Address. Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 17-Dec-2008 15:51
Not yet. The one I called was the wrong one, slight difference in spelling of last name, too.....I will try again, though, with some other numbers I have
Pokey 17-Dec-2008 12:27
Dave Bruce

Did you ever get a hold of Chuck Chaffin

take care
Dave Bruce 16-Dec-2008 19:25
Hi Robbin: Home address is much better, thanks a lot.
Don: I see your points, you are right, it is a huge project, given that it is already online right now and will be, so I guess we were just thinking out loud.
Randy: Maybe some oral histories would come in handy, but we would have to ask folks to email them and then just save them? if anyone is interested, I will be custodian of them but like Don says, I don't think we will get many takers, since thousands of pages already exist on the internet. But great idea anyway and someone sooner or later will come out with an oral history type of book.
Robbin P. Learned 16-Dec-2008 06:41
Dave Bruce, I don't Have The Equipment, or Know How, to E-mail you Pictures, But I Got your Addresses, Fom your E- Mail To Me. Where would you Prefer, that I Send The Pictures, To Your Home Address, Or Your Business Address ????? I Can send them to Either One, Let Me Know !!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 16-Dec-2008 05:33
Dave Bruce, I Got The Message, Reference The E- Mail, and once I Get The Address, I Will Send The Pictures. And Thanks, For The Praise Dave, and The Feeling , is Mutual, Your Memory, is Sharp, also, and You Write Great Posts !!!!! Best Regards !!!! Later !!! Robbin.
Don Boyd16-Dec-2008 05:14
Hey y'all. This site with all the photos and comments will remain online for quite some time. I've paid in advance for at least five or six years and I'm sure my wife and daughters will keep it online for many years after I croak.

I trust PBase as a hosting site because I've been using them for years with a minimum of downtime and all their content is backed up galore in the event of disasters. On my end, all the photos on the site are kept on at least two different hard drives in the event of a hard drive failure and maybe someday I'll burn them to DVD's for redundant storage. Also planned in the future is a DVD of the site and all the galleries that will be available for sale on eBay or whatever but I want to add a hell of a lot more photos before I do that.

My opinion on books: while there are no oral histories out there of old Miami, growing up down here, etc., that I know of, there are books on Old Miami with tons of great old photos, particularly books by historians Arva Moore Parks and Seth Bramson, both long time Miamians. As I have stated somewhere else on this site, the photos displayed on this site are low resolution (72 ppi) which are fine for web display but totally unsuitable for printing purposes in a book. For that reason I am totally uninterested in anything to do with a book, especially since there are great books already out there available for purchase. I think the percentage of people actually reading books is going down every year and people are getting more of their information from the internet. The task of just locating 300dpi photos (if that's what you guys are thinking of including) and getting permission to use them in a book would consume the rest of my lifetime (or yours since I won't do it) and I'd rather be preserving history by putting everything on the internet like I've been doing for years.

Randy asked: "Could we use this site to promote/create it?" Yes, I'd love to promote it on this site. However creating it on this site doesn't sound so good to me and here's why: PBase is a photo hosting site for photographers and the format is not conducive for lengthy commentaries. It's okay for comments under photos or in galleries like this but not great. I think you would need a blog type site or an electronic book type site for what you are talking about.

I applaud you for thinking of the oral history type preservation of memories and I hope it comes to fruition.

Dave Bruce 16-Dec-2008 01:50
Randy: Let's let Don Boyd read all that we wrote here and he will come on and let us know what he thinks......but agreed, it is a good idea.....
Randy 16-Dec-2008 00:35
Robbin- I just sold the last house my family lived in Hollywood. With the exception of my grandfather, all of my family died there. I rehabbed it almost two years ago and sold it. I didn't want to but between the insurance and taxes I couldn't even rent it out to cover. I hated to do it but sold it for much less than it was worth during the bubble but it was on the market for one year. I lived in three homes while in S Fl- the first in N Miami just off of 7th ave and Opa Locka Blvd, then in Ives Estates, and finally in Hollywood. All have special memories with the one in N Miami built by my grandfather's own hands.

Dave: it sure sounds like Robbin knows more than most of us have forgotten. I am trying to get around to all the galleries and comment where I can. It is amazing that you mentioned about the oral history. I had about the same thought last night. This would be an effort of great worth to the community. Could we use this site to promote/create it? I was thinking that maybe something like Wikopedia where one could sign in and create a running history or, if that is too complicated software wise, could we just have a collection phase where we collect stories, recollections, etc. then compile later and post as an electronic book. I'll bet that we could get a government grant to help out. I would be willing to try for that from State Gov't. if it was ok with the site owner.
Dave Bruce 15-Dec-2008 18:10
Randy, you remember Studs Terkel doing An Oral History of World War II. Some of us should seriously consider getting together and doing some oral history in a book form, to be at least worked on, if a publisher cannot immediately be found, so all this info about the past can at least be stored on someone's computer, for a possible book. This would be the only way to truly preserve the memories of what we talk about here.
I don't know if Don keeps all this stuff or eventually has to get rid of it to make room for more etc on this site, but that would be an idea too
Dave Bruce 15-Dec-2008 17:46
Robbin, just back from court and will email you immediately. Thank you.

Randy: Good post. As I mentioned, if Robbin does not remember something, it did not happen :) I wish I had lived there the same time he did and we knew each other---he would be able to tell me what I ate for breakfast June 12, 1955, and I would not be a bit shocked or surprised.
RobbinP. Learned 15-Dec-2008 17:40
Randy, I Know what you mean, about The Memory, and Family, and The Good Times, we all Had, Long Ago. My Parents are Gone too, and I Remember, and Miss all of the Family, and Our Daily Life Together, and Family Outings, ect., But now, They are Faded Memories only. Especially , The Holidays, Are very Hard on Us, Because We Miss our Family, But they are with Us, in our Memories, and in our Hearts. I Live in My Parents House, The 2nd House, that The Learned Family , Lived in, and That's Good, and Bad. It's Good, in the way that, The House is still Occupied By Learned's, and I Have all of the Sights and sounds of my Parents, and other family there, in my Memory, And the other Side of the coin, is That it's a Bit Sad, at times, especially Holidays, and I can't Have them There, as They were. But you know Randy, I Feel like , It's Better than nothing, and I Accept it that way. I Remember The Bottle Cap Inn, on N. W. 119th Street, and about 12th avenue, My parents used to Get Pizza there, when I was a Little Kid, in The 50's, and it was Real Good. I Saw the closed Building, many Times, Riding By. Don Boyd, Has A Picture of The Bottle Cap Inn, on one of His Sites, I Saw it. Life was Better Back Then, no Question about that, The Times were Better, we were Kids, with Lots Of Games to play, only, and we Had our Family. Best Regards, Randy, and Happy Holidays !!!!! Robbin.
Randy 15-Dec-2008 05:46
I am truly awed that there are enough of us gathered here and left to witness for the good times that have but all disappeared. And Don Boyd, many thanks for this site. We do need to capture much about our childhood before those memories are lost. I really regret that all my family is now gone and that being the last and youngest, I have trouble remembering much before the late fifties. But I remember their stories. Like the best pizza in the 1940s was found at the Bottle Cap Inn (a bar in Miami that had tens of thousands of bottle caps nailed to the walls). Or that there were large casinos that once operated in Miami, some that were large enough to rival today's Vegas. I recently acquired all of the family photos and will be looking for some candidates to post here.
Robbin P. Learned 15-Dec-2008 04:40
Dave Bruce, It's Sunday Night, at 11: 12 P. M. Here, in Hialeah, and I wanted to Let you Know, that I went To Virginia Gardens, This afternoon, and I Took Pictures, of all 4 Houses, 2 on N. W 38th Terrace, and 2 on N. W. 39th Terrace, and All 4 Houses, are on The Terraces, But The sides of all 4, face N. W. 63rd Terrace. And earlier Tonight, I went To Walgreen's, and using The Machine, I Developed Them, in 1 Hour, and I Have them, and They Are Digital, and Came Out real Good !!!!!! My E- Mail Address, is E-Mail Me ASAP, and Tell Me, where to send them, and I'll mail them, to you !!!!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 15-Dec-2008 00:08
Thanks, Fran, I will give that a try right now.....I appreciate it
Fran 14-Dec-2008 21:46
Dave, go to www. Just type in the address and you see a picture of that address. You might find what you want. Good luck!
Dave Bruce 14-Dec-2008 19:04
Thanks Robbin, for the comments and the photos, I appreciate it tremendously. I am too far away to just drive by and take the photos. Besides, I would have to leave the 33 degree temp right now on mid-Cape Cod, and who would want to do that? :)
Robbin P. Learned 14-Dec-2008 18:47
To; Dave Bruce, Randy, And Don Boyd, I Say ; BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Enjoyed your Posts, and I Must Agree, with Every word, that all 3 Of you Gentlemen Wrote !!!!!! History, We Know, Does Repeat Itself, So as Dave Bruce Says; There is Hope , For Us Yet, But We Must Be Patient, Because Like The weather, and Mother Nature, Things Changing, Can Take Time, and Most Of all; Keep The Faith, as Dave Said. And Dave Bruce, Thank You , Very Much, For Your Praise, I Appreciate it !!!!!!!! Oh, and Dave, I'm Going Today, To Photograph, Those 4 Houses, and very soon,-- ASAP, I will Contact you, about The Shipping them to you !!!!! Best Regards, To The 3 Of You !!!!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays !!!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce/Davis C Bruce 14-Dec-2008 17:12
I guess we could sum it all up in four words. A Loss of Innocence.
Dave Bruce/Davis C Bruce 14-Dec-2008 16:46
And to everyone, also: If you want to see someone who remembers this older stuff better than some of us did AT THE TIME WE EXPERIENCED IT!!!, read Robbin's helpful and amazing posts here. I have never seen someone with such a total recall memory. Thanks, Robbin, for making the past come alive here.
Dave Bruce/Davis C Bruce 14-Dec-2008 16:44
Plus, anyone at anytime, feel free to email me at I am a criminal trial attorney in the inner-city courts of Boston but I don't mind giving out my email address.
To Don Boyd: Thank you again for this site. This is a veritable time machine. We feel like we are GOING back into time to see the old sites again, not just talking about them here. It is one of the best sites I have ever come across, so thanks to Don Boyd for providing this for us. I wish we could repay him somehow. I would be interested in contributing to the upkeep of this site, if it is deemed something he wants or needs to do at some point.
Dave Bruce/Davis C Bruce 14-Dec-2008 16:39
Hi Randy: Good post. I have said similar things. I guess things go in cycles. I am 62. My dad's generation was the one Tom Brokaw referred to as The Greatest Generation, they didn't have much but they had VALUES, now, their children did not pass on those values AS effectively, and now our children pass them on even less. This is the key to it all, or one of the keys. I was just reading Cicero, as I do once in awhile, and I am struck by how little human nature has changed. Back then, they had the same problems we have now, then they got better, then they got worse, then they improved, then they disappeared, then came back again, so there is this constant cycle from bad to good to better and back again, depending on what age we live in. But this decline has happened before and society bounced back from it, and that is our hope.
As I have stated many times, this began with the 1960s and today we live in a world where "do your own thing" has led to people doing exactly that, after having been told over and over again all their lives that it is all about them. So this is "do your own thing" pushed to its logical conclusion.
Most people are not bad, though. But the numbers of misfits and criminal types etc is at an all time high, numbers-wise. This is the result of poor or nonexistent parenting, as well as a dismal failure to transmit values to the next generation. These values are not passed on by themselves with no aid from humans. They must be taught. And they have not been for quite some time, as kids struggle to raise themselves in one parent households amid a climate of drug availability, the glorification of violence, etc. But this is in part our own fault. Look at movies and TV, where it is nine tenths violence and we pay to see this. We shake our heads sadly at the thought of 50,000 Romans cheering as people are killed inside the Colosseum, which was open seven days a week and was packed with people all the time, cheering wildly. We deplore that, then we switch on the TV and cheer as the bullets fly and the violence is shown. Every single TV program and movie, virtually every one, has a gun in it somewhere. So we do love violence and we tolerate it on our streets. Nowadays many times it is violence that is first turned to to resolve a minor dispute. No more fisticuffs or wrestling matches in the dust with onlookers in a circle. Now their very first impulse is to whip out a gun and settle it that way. This is something new, too, this readiness for violence. This is unprecedented.
So, Randy, everything you said is exactly what I believe and have talked about here earlier, in one form or another. It is always sad when a "golden age" passes and an "age of senselessness" takes its place. But the good news is two things, that these come in cycles over the ages, and a better time is coming. And the second thing is, at least for me and others, our faith in God sees us through and beyond it all.
Don Boyd14-Dec-2008 16:18
Thanks for a great post, Randy. My buddies and I always picked up empty soda bottles to cash in at 7-11 or U-Tote'M so we could buy a cold RC cola or go to Royal Castle for a burger and birch beer. Most of my old comics have 10 cents on them and I remember when they raised the price to 12 cents which was another bottle to collect to make up the price difference.

As mentioned a few times either in this or other galleries, back in the late 50's and through the 60's we'd leave our homes in the morning and not be back until the street lights came on because we were playing everywhere or exploring undeveloped areas and tree forests and rock pits being dug all over northwest Hialeah or fishing in canals full of water moccasins with rattlesnakes on surrounding lands.

In large urban areas like today's Miami, it's unsafe for kids to be out by themselves, especially without any means of contacting home like us. Just about everything is paved over down here with few wilderness areas to explore and those that exist will have their property owners calling the police to complain about trespassers. I ate like a pig as a kid but I wore it off by physical exertion and never weighed more than 130 pounds until I went off to boot camp at 18. Today's kids stay inside their homes on their PC's and electronic games and skinny kids are few and far between. Life for kids, especially for kids growing up in a large urban area, has changed forever and not necessarily for the better. They'll undoubtedly have lower incidences of skin cancer from being ensconced indoors out of sunlight all the time but what memories and learning experiences will they have of exploring wilderness areas or going to the beach several days a week during the summer or riding the bus system all over the county all by themselves?

As I've stated on this site, we all grew up at a great time in a great place and it will never be duplicated again.

Our paradise down here was discovered by way too many people and they have managed to pave it over with endless miles of housing developments, warehouses, strip shopping centers, big box stores and visual blight everywhere. Miami-Dade county now has one of the lowest levels of shaded tree canopy in the country thanks to all the tree-haters who have moved in and chopped down every species of shade tree that we had and they replace those huge old trees with all kinds of palm trees that provide very little shade or habitat for birds. The state came in and eradicated all the numerous shady citrus trees because of the blight and now there's talk of losing all our avocado trees because of some bug that is head our way. Even the state DOT and the county plant palms all over our roadways and it's expensive to contract out to landscape companies to keep the dying fronds frequently trimmed, all at considerable taxpayer expense.

Good luck on providing memorable learning experiences to your son and daughter. I admire your initiative regarding that. At least you're in a far more rural area which is far better for them in my opinion.

Randy 14-Dec-2008 12:09
I find it very difficult to not be sad about our present society. Not so much for me but for my children. I married later and had children still later in life. My daughter is 10 and my son 5. It's for them that I try to make their life as good and decent as I remember mine. My parents sacrificed a lot to see that my brother and I were happy and well adjusted citizens. And I know things can't be the same for my children. The mall is a poor substitute on a Saturday morning with my boy versus one with my father stopping in to Brady's Mercantile for a few spare fuses and then on to Royal Castle for a hamburger and birch beer. I try to find acceptable substitutes for my children and I think I do a good job but it's so hard to build the same memories from a time that was better. For instance, I do tell my children about those Saturday forays in the empty fields near my house searching for pop bottles to turn in to the 7-11 for cash which was quickly used to buy cold RCs for .15c and comic books for .12c. An adult can't hardly even buy a comic today for less than $3.95. So how can my children have that same experience of finding treasure on the side of the road? I have noticed that a lot of our memories as South Floridians revolve around commercial establishments. I now live in North Florida where at least the outdoors is open like it once was to me as a child but how can you possibly find another Shell's City or Miami Drive Inn? And several people have discussed crime here. It was the 1980 riots that convinced me to leave the Miami area for somewhere else in Florida like it's past. Those places were few back then and fewer even now. I keep trying but it's hard to recapture the past when so many of our fellow citizens are hell bent on destroying it.
Dave Bruce 09-Dec-2008 17:58
Thanks again, Robbin......
Robbin P. Learned 09-Dec-2008 05:37
Dave Bruce, You Got It !!!!!! I Will Take A Picture, of All 4 Houses, and Hopefully One Of Them Will Pop out at you. It Has Been a Long Time, and The Houses May Have Been Remodeled, and Look Different Now, So I Hope that isn't A Factor !!!! We'll Give it a Shot !!!!! I'll Try To Snap The 4 Pictures ASAP, and I'll Go to Walgreen's, and They Develop Digital Pictures , in 1 Hour, and when I Get all of the Pictures Ready, we can Coordinate A Mail Delivery, to You. Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 08-Dec-2008 21:58
You sent me the same shots I sent you, without our knowing it was the same, the same pool photos from some site. I sent them to you and you sent me yours and they were identical, but I would still like to see the other shots of where the trailers were etc etc
Pokey 08-Dec-2008 21:40
Dave Bruce
There are no lots, or roads, just weeds. If you pull up Google Earth and type in 3200 N.W. 79th St, Miami, Fla, you will see the empty lot, but you can make out some of the lines where the roads were.
I don't know if I sent you any shots of the pool and some of the old trailers or not. If I didn't, put your email address down and I will try and tranfer them to you.

take care
Dave Bruce 08-Dec-2008 20:40
Robbin: re your post below, I did live in one of those four houses. But I don't have a street number, all I know is that it was definitely NW 63rd CT, VA GDNS which is only one block long and runs south from Nw 39th Terrace to NW 38th Terrace. But it is one of those four, the problem being, I have no idea whether, to get to our house on the corner, we were usually turning from 38th or 39th terr, no idea, so maybe all four houses if it is not too much trouble?
Dave Bruce 08-Dec-2008 19:45
Hi Pokey, I know, it is just weeds, etc but I wanted to see the old lots etc anyway and where things used to be.
Robbin: Let me get a map out and get back to you re Va Gdns
Pokey 08-Dec-2008 13:13
Dave Bruce
I saw you comment about what Bell Haven Looks like, it dosen't exist anymore, No Trees, No Wall, No Roads, No Pool, No Buildings. It is if there never was anything there. I took my son down there in 2003 and what a heart break. I lived there for 16 years and my parents were there for 27 years.

take care and Merry Christmas
Robbin P. Learned 08-Dec-2008 03:21
Dave Bruce, I Went To A One Block Long Street,-- And The Pole Street Sign Said, on The Soth End Of The Street; N. W. 63rd CT., and N. W. 38th Terrace, and at the North end of The street, it Said; N. W. 63rd CT., and N. W. 39th Street, and Like You Said; There were 4 Corner Houses, But 2 of them, were on N. W. 38th Terrace, and 2 of Them, were On; N. W. 39th Street. None Of The 4 Houses, were Front Facing N. W. 63rd Avenue. Did You Live in one Of Those 4 Houses ???? And if so, What was Your Address, Do you Remember The House # ????? It was Getting Too Dark, When I Got There, My Wife Worked Till 4:oo P. M., and I waited, for Her, and it Gets Dark so Early now, so I Didn't Have Much of a Chance, to Get The Pictures, I Wanted To. I Did Take A Picture Of The Virginia Gardens Shopping Strip Mall Shopping Center, on Curtiss Parkway, in Front Of Blessed Trinity School, and Church. I Will Be Going Back There ASAP, and If you can Remember Which Of the 4 Houses you Lived in, I Will Get A Good Picture Of That House, Expressly !!!!! The Street I Grew up on, in East Hialeah, Looked Almost Exactly The Same as Your old Street. I Went By, on My Way Home, and Anytime, I'm near there, I Always Ride Down My old Street. I Love That, just Looking, and Remembering !!!! I'll Get Back To You !!!!!! Later !!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 08-Dec-2008 01:45
Thanks, Robbin. NW 63rd Ct, you said first, then Ave, but you went to the short street, NW 63rd Ct, I hope. Thankfully it is one block long, so that leaves only four possible houses re corner lots. Thanks very much for doing that.
Robbin P. Learned 08-Dec-2008 00:49
Dave Bruce, As Promised, and Planned, I went To Miami Springs, and Virginia Gardens, this Afternoon, on a Little Sunday Drive, and I Took Pictures Of Your Old Street,; N. W. 63rd Ct., From N. W. 38th TR., to N. W. 39th Street, and I Didn't Know Which House Was Yours, Or The Exact Address, But I Found N. W. 63rd Ave. And I Took 2 Pictures Of Your Street, one From 39th Street, on The North, and one, From 38th Terrace. I'm Going To Try and Get Some More Digital Pictures , For you. I Took A Couple, of Pictures Of The Circle. Best Regards !!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 07-Dec-2008 17:11
Robbin, thanks so much. I really and truly appreciate it.
Robbin P. Learned 07-Dec-2008 06:13
Dave Bruce, I Took a Digital Picture, Today, - Saturday, Of The House at 267 East 63rd Street, Hialeah, But I Did not Get to Viginia Gardens, Something Else Came Up, But Tomorrow,--- Sunday, I'm Going There, to Take Pictures, on N. W. 63rd Court. I'll Contact you By E- Mail, when I Get The Pictures, Reference, Getting them to You. I Passed By Where Belle Haven was , a While Back, and All that was there, was Tall Weeds, nothing Else, all Trailers, are Long Gone, and all that Remains , is Weeds, and Memories. Best Regards !!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 06-Dec-2008 15:23
Robbin, you have the email address of re the photos. I wonder what the inside of Bell Haven looks like, besides being all covered in weeds. Still would be nice to have that, the Va Gardens one and the Hialeah one.
Dave Bruce 06-Dec-2008 14:38
Sounds good, Robbin. Those photos will be so great to see......and, I guess the key to it is happiness, after all. That is the single biggest difference between today and yesteryear.
Robbin P. Learned 06-Dec-2008 08:18
Dave Bruce, Well Said !!!!!!!!! Amen, Brother !!!!!!!! You Spoke Words Of Truth, and Wisdom, and I Agree Totally, with all you Said !!!!!!! There Is No Joy, in Life Now, Like There was Long ago, in The 50's !!!!!! It was 5 Million % Better Back Then !!!!!!!! People are Frazzled Today, in A Mad Merry Go Round Frenzy, and They Have The Long Faces, Because There is Little , or No Happiness, in Their Life !!!!!! We used to Be Happy, But Not Any More, But These Memories Do Help !!!!! Sometimes, That's All We Have !!!!!!!! I Love The Past, But I Don't Love The Present !!!!!! You And I, We Tell It Like It Is, And Was, No B. S., Just Fact !!!!! Hey, Take Care Dave, and Tomorrow, I Plan to Take The Pictures, of The Houses, And I'll Get Back, to You !!!!!!! Later !!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 05-Dec-2008 17:47
Another factor was the lack of entertainment inside the house, thank goodness. Our mother's used to say GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY, and we would get out of the house and build forts, explore, create fun for ourselves. We did what Robbin mentioned, for instance, a simple thing like putting a playing card onto the rear spokes of a bike, with a simple clothespin, to create that Harley sound! We played marbles, flipped and traded baseball cards, did this and that, we were constantly busy outside, not inside on a computer withdrawing into ourselves. We never withdrew inside of ourselves during our entire childhood. And maybe that is why we experienced the true joy of being a kid, as opposed to seeing that vacant look nowadays on so many people. You just did not see that back then. People were happy and joyful and they enjoyed life. In literature, music, everyday life, movies, theater, there was not yet that dark side to our culture, that pessimistic viewpoint, and of course all this was prior to Vietnam, to JFK's assassination, to Watergate, to other episodes in our history that caused public support of the government to begin to erode. Once the innocence was lost, it could not be recovered, as a whole.
And it was not the situation where, we were just kids and what did we know about the big outside world, of which there were a lot of evil things going on, as there have been since Adam. The times back then can be characterized by one word, for children and adults alike. Innocence. As a society, we lost that a long time ago and it has so far never been reclaimed. I think it can be, and will be, but in the meantime we can hope, and we can visit sites like this one, that show, without comment or evalation, what things were like fifty years ago. The events of those days, the anecdotes, the memories, they all speak for themselves. They speak of that innocence.
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 05-Dec-2008 17:26
Don't worry, I am not going to again bring up a discussion of today versus yesterday. But I will say that sites like this one not only bring back memories, known and unknown, but they continually reinforce what we already kind of know, that there really WAS a world long ago that was more sane, more decent, more innocent, more caring of others, less focused on mindlessness, there really WAS this kind of world, and the younger among us can read these posts and say hey I wonder what it was really like, because all they know is today's world. Just as in astronomy, Venus is a very different place from Earth, the Earth of 1955 cannot even be imagined unless one lived during that time. The monumental changes since the mid-1950s are unimaginable to those who did not live through those years, to see the changes for themselves. So for those of you who wonder, hey, these guys who are 62 or so, they are always talking as if it was so much better back then, just because they are getting old, that is not true. Not true at all. We are talking about this stuff because the world was saner then. And the loss we all feel at its change, is tremendous. So our way of coping with it is to talk about those days, not idly and to no purpose but for a very legitimate purpose, to remember how it used to be when the amount of nonsense was reduced by approximately 95%.
Dave Bruce 05-Dec-2008 17:19
Thanks, Don. I knew I blew it, so I just typed out the link anyway. Thanks for making it a true link! I am low tech------those top 40 lists, by the time I got interested, I was out in Bakersfield and ventura Calif 1967-61 so that was not part of my own Miami-Va Gardens experience. But it was the same everywhere, we went to record stores on our bikes every Saturday morning, saw the big stack of free top 40 lists on the counter and you would have thought they were made of gold, to us kids. We stored them at home religiously, although what were they but pieces of paper? But they were OUR songs on there, so those lists were as important as the 45 rpms we bought, again, I bought two every Saturday, 98c plus four cents Calif tax, I saved up my 1.02 every week for at least one record. Those songs are still very very powerful for me even today, and I have all of them, not the records of course, because somewhere there is a huge trash bin containing all of our records, top 40 lists, and baseball cards :) We sure never thought of saving all that stuff long term. We lived for the moment, I guess, at those ages, and no one said to himself or herself, gee this would be nice to have when I am 62.
Don Boyd05-Dec-2008 16:28

Dave, you left out the "http://" in front of the and I can't tell if you put the "<" in front of the "http:" because it won't show up when posted. Anyhow the link is

Robbin P. Learned 05-Dec-2008 10:59
Dave Bruce, I Remember, those Welcome To Florida- Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Stands, Back in The 50's, when I was in Elementary School, and Before that, in the Early 50's. They Had A Big Orange , To Get Your Attention. I Personally Love Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, and I Buy it , all the Time, already Squeezed, in 1/2 Gallon Plastic Bottles, at Our Miami Lakes Publix Supermarket, in The Produce Section. They Make it Fresh, Every Day, and For Me, That's A Real Treat. I Drink That, Every Day !!!! And as For Oldies, I Love Them Too , Especially; 50's Do Wop, and 60's Stuff. I Remember, those WQAM Top Hits ' Lists, and I used to see them, and Get them, Back in those Days, But Sadly, Have none of them, now. Good Luck, in Finding them !!!! Best Regards !!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 04-Dec-2008 23:03
I see where you cannot click on it directly, as you said, but there it is, As I mentioned, those Billboard charts include not only the big big hits but songs that only got up to, say, number 80 that whole year, so it will jog a few memories.....
Dave Bruce 04-Dec-2008 23:02
For top 100 Billboard lists for a lot of years, go to
Dave Bruce 04-Dec-2008 23:00
Yep. These were roadside stands out in the countryside.
Don Boyd04-Dec-2008 22:55
Dave, you can do the link to the site you mentioned. You may have to put a "<" in front of the http:----- address to get it to show up as a hotlink.

Ah fresh squeezed orange juice - you'll pay through the nose for that now in a good restaurant or hotel room service, if you can find it at all.

I used to collect the weekly WQAM top 56 hit lists for at least a couple of years and I think they got tossed with my baseball cards. #$@#)$#$#$ again! : ) If you're lucky you might find someone on eBay selling them.

Dave Bruce 04-Dec-2008 22:31
Don, I don't want to run afoul of the rules here, so can you let me know if I can post a link here? It is one website that lists the billboard top 100 by each year, according to what year you click on. Thanks. I know a lot of oldies fans here would get a kick out of seeing those listings, especially as they are not even the top 40 but the top 100 of each entire year. Let me know, when you get a chance.
Dave B 04-Dec-2008 22:29
AND, I would give anything to get some old top 40 lists, the ones we used to get for free in record stores on Saturday mornings. If anyone knows where to get these, please let me know
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 04-Dec-2008 16:41
Don and Robbin and others: Remember in the mid-1950s there were numerous roadside stands where you could buy large cups of freshly squeezed orange juice? Now THAT is an oldie but goodie and those days are definitely gone. Even if we could recreate some of the old stuff nowadays, they would never have just a plain old orange juice stand. No, no, it would have to have 100 varieties, and everything from organic to freshly squeezed or decaf or plain or flavored etc in our mania for something different all the time :) If it is simple, don't do it, seems to be one of the many many mottos nowadays.
Dave Bruce 02-Dec-2008 14:02
Great, thanks very much, Robbin
Robbin P. Learned 02-Dec-2008 06:01
Dave Bruce, I'll See, What I Can Do, As Soon, as I Can !!!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 01-Dec-2008 18:11
But the street itself is only one block long, Robbin.
That would be great to get a photo of that and also the Hialeah address, as you mentioned. Thanks.
Dave Bruce 01-Dec-2008 18:10
Thanks, Robbin. Mine was a corner house, green in color? A big banyan tree in the back yard. But naturally I cannot remember WHICH corner it was; thank goodness there are only four corner houses in all, but I cannot tell you which end of NW 63rd Ct my house was on in Va Gdns. Has to be one of the four corner ones, though :)
Robbin P. Learned 01-Dec-2008 17:23
Dave B, You're Quite Welcome !!!!!!! I Am sure that I remember; a Drugstore, Hobby Shop, or Some store, similar, on Curtiss Parkway, next To Grace's Delicatessen, and there was a Hardware, and some other stores there, as well, and Then you Had a Bakery, and Then Food Fair Supermarket, and then Bryson's Tavern, and on The corner, was Ed Mark Em Down Lane's Auto Sales. And across the street, you had; The Green Mansions Motel, and Apartments, and then, on that side of the street, a ways down, started the East Side Part Of The Miami Springs Golf Course. The West side of the Street,-- Curtiss Parkway, Had The Miami Springs Country Club Pro Shop, Puttig Green, Restaurant, ect. I used to Play Golf There, with My Younger Brother Danny, Long ago. Nice Course, And a very Long one. If I Get a chance, on the weekend, ASAP, I will Go over that way, and take some Pictures of that shopping center, Blessed Trinity, N. W. 63rd Ct., and The Circle, ect. I Like taking Pictures, anyway. I have a New Digital Camera, and it takes Great Pictures, and you can get them Developed, in 1 Hour , at Walgreen's, which is very convenient, better than sending fim out, and waiting a while, fo the pictures to come in. Later !!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 01-Dec-2008 03:54
Thanks, Don.
Don Boyd01-Dec-2008 02:31
Dave B, I have one shot from Virginia Gardens and it's a recent one of some lady friends in front of Bryson's Irish Pub - it's been there since 1947. I used to drink beers in there in the 70's after getting off 3-11pm shifts at the airport and I recently started going back due to the good food and outstanding draft Heineken that tastes like what you get in Amsterdam. The photo is at

Dave Bruce 01-Dec-2008 01:47
Thanks Robbin, very much.....the stores i was talking about, I only know that they are possibly or were possibly at either of the three intersections I described, but beyond that vague description, that is all I remember. But that is where I bought the Classics Illustrated comic books and the Revell and Aurora model plane kits. I tried to put one of those together a couple of years ago and it looked like a five year old did it so in the trash it went. I think I was much better at it when I was eight or nine :)
Robbin P. Learned 01-Dec-2008 01:34
Dave B, I Honestly Don' Remember anything About A Little Fire Museum, and As Far As I Know, There's None There Now. I Remember On 79th Street, as a Kid, in My Parents Car, These Places; Funland Park, Earl's Market, Hoffman's Garden Supply, Fun Fair Drive In, Channel 7 , The Bonfire Restaurant, Northwest Hospital, J Bar J Trailer Park, Bell Haven Trailer Park, The Red Barn, Gable Tite, with The Water Tower, The Big Tall Welcome To Miami Water Tower, in Little River, Home Lumber, and At 37th Avenue, To The North, You Had The Seaboard Coast Line Railroad, Hialeah Yard, Now CSX. These Places, I Listed In No Certain Order, Some Were East Of Bell Haven, and Some Were West Of it. I Guess you Know, that all that Remains, on The Site Of Bell Haven, is High Grown Up Weeds. Thank you For The Compliment. I Think The Store, you were Talking about, By Curtiss Parkway, and Hunting Lodge Drive, Were the Stores, in Front Of Blessed Trinity Church And School, on Curtiss Parkway. We will Come Back to this anothe Time, as I Gotta Go now. See Ya !!!!! Robbin.
Dave Bruce 01-Dec-2008 00:10
ok, thanks
Don Boyd01-Dec-2008 00:06
The best two images of the Frank 'n Bun are in the restaurants, drive-in, etc. gallery since it was a restaurant. Go down to the 1960 time frame and you should see them. They are closer crops that originally had the entire Northside Shopping Center in the image.

Dave Bruce 30-Nov-2008 22:37
Don, which aerial view of Northside? I saw three or so but did not see enough ground detail.
Dave Bruce 30-Nov-2008 21:06
Thanks, Don. Now I remember Funland, with the Wild Mouse. I will check out the other info too, thank you.
Don Boyd30-Nov-2008 20:49
Dave B: in regards to the Royal Castle 1965 at 79th Street and 27th Avenue photo - as you suspected, it was not there in 1954-57 because a very popular drive-in restaurant with car hops was there and it was called the Frank 'n Bun. The Frank 'n Bun is visible in the 1960 aerial photo of the new Northside Shopping Center. Behind the Frank 'n Bun was the famous Funland Park, a great amusement park for its time with the scary Wild Mouse roller coaster. Both of them were on the same side (south) of 79th Street east of Bell Haven.

In addition to Google Earth, you should check out Microsoft Live View to check out addresses with higher resolution images.

Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 19:56
Don, I thought you mentioned one time that you lived near or your wife worked at the school near 267 E. 63rd St, Hialeah. I saw on Google Earth that indeed there is a school a couple of blocks or one block west of that specific address (where my aunt once lived). I wonder what that house looks like today. Anyone on the boards here drive that area at all recently?
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 19:54
Just looked at a map online, re Va Gardens, and wonder about three intersections in particular, whether there were small stores where I bought comic books etc in mid 1950s, if you happen to know, Robbin.
Curtiss Parkway and Hunting Lodge Drive
Curtiss Parkway and Nw 40th St
Nw 36th St and NW 62nd Ave.
All in Va Gardens, not too far from each other at all.
Dave Bruce 30-Nov-2008 19:42
Robbin, after crossing over into Miami Springs via the bridge, I remember that, continuing on Curtiss Parkway into Va Gardens, but let me get a map and get back on here with a very specific question about shops etc at 36th and ? in Va Gardens where I used to get comic books etc Be back in awhile.
Dave Bruce 30-Nov-2008 19:39
Robbin, anything on the right, after the rr tracks in the way of a little fire museum etc?
Dave Bruce 30-Nov-2008 19:38
Robbin, you are like a living Google Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 30-Nov-2008 19:22
Dave B, Once You Got on The Bus, on N. W. 79th Street, Headed West, Soon You Crossed Over The Railroad Tracks, and You Were Now, in Hialeah, on East 25th Street, and I'm Not sure What Route the Bus Took From there, to Miami Springs, there were Lots O Possible Ways you could of Got to Miami Springs, either By Lejeune Road, East 4th Avenue, Or the Bus May Have Taken East 25th Street, To East 4th Avenue, Then Turned Left, and went to East 21st Street, By Hialeah Park, Race Track, Turned Right at 21st Street, and Took East 21st Street, to Palm Avenue, Where it turned Left, and Continued, south on Palm Avenue, Past Hialeah City Hall, and Then it Went Over The Bridge, over The Canal,--- Miami River, into Miami Springs, and You were Now By The Circle, and it May Have Continued South From The Circle, on Curtiss Parkway, Towards 36 th Street , an Virginia Gardens. Back Then, There Were Royal Castle's All Over Hialeah. One at East 4th Avenue, and Hialeah Drive, Another at Palm Avenue , or East 1st Avenue, near Okeechobee Road, Another on East 25th Street, at Lejeune Road, Another By Flamingo Plaza, on East 9th and East 10th Avenue, and one on West 49th Street, Palm Springs Mile, at ^00 West 49th Street. I Don't Remember Any on The Circle, in Miami Springs, But I Think I Remember one On N. W. 36th Street, West Of Lejeune Road, Before East Drive. I Hope My Account, was Helpful, I Tried To Recreate Your Journey Long Ago !!!!! I Can always Add to it , or Try again , Another Time, Glad To Help !!!!!! Take Care, in The Meantime, Dave !!!!! We'll Continue Later !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 30-Nov-2008 18:55
Dave B, And Don Boyd, I Have always Thought of The Area North Of MIA,,, - Viginia Gardens, Miami Springs, Medley, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Miami Lakes, Palm Springs North, and Around Bell Haven, as All one Sorta Home News Reporting Zone, But I Know, That Each Town, City, Or Neighborhood Area, Has Their Own Name, and Identity, and that they are not connected, in any way. I Guess that maybe I Feel That Way, in Part, Because I Rode My Bicycle All around all of those areas, in my youth, and I Drive my car, all around those ares now, also, so for me, it's all; My Stomping Grounds !!!!!!! They all, have their own Unique Character, But My Personal Favorites, Of Those Ares, Are; Miami Springs, And Miami Lakes !!!!! Out Of The Area, I Love; Coral Gables, And The Island-- Town Of Palm Beach, Where The Rich Live, Worth Avenue, South County Road, Ect. And Like Don Said; There's A Lot Of Areas Here, that Used To Be Dade County Municialities Only, and Now, They are Their Own Towns, With Their Own Government, Mayor, Council, Police, Ect. Some Examples; PineCrest, Doral, Aventura, Miami Lakes, Westchester, Miami Gardens, and Key Biscayne. Miami Lakes, Still Has Police And Fire- Rescue, with Miami- Dade, as Does Most Of The Others, with Exception of; Key Biscayne, Who Has Their Own Fire- Rescue, Miami Gardens Has Their Own Police, And Aventura, and Westchester, Have their own Police Dept's. Basicly Though, Dave B, The Place you Left, a Long Time ago, is The Same, Just More Built Up, More People, More Traffic, and More Spread out. You Would Know Where You're Going, By Your Memories, if you Came Here Now, it's Really Not that Different !!!!!!! Best Regards, Gentlemen !!!!! Robbin.
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 18:21
Hi Robbin: When you get the chance, take me on the bus trip I described below. I remember walking across NW79th St from Bell Haven Trlr Pk, in order to catch the bus going to Miami Springs, and now I remember the Lum's. But the rest of the trip, other than what I posted below? Hazy at best. I remember a Van Til's service station way way down on the bus route.
The Royal Castle photo from 1965 elsewhere on this site. Do you know if that was there 1954-57? I think not. I thought there was a small one at the Circle in Miami Springs, either Royal Castle or White Castle?
Robbin P. Learned 30-Nov-2008 18:15
Don Boyd, and Dave B, Thanks A Lot, For Your Praise, I Appreciate it, you Guys are Great, in The Memory Dept., also !!!!!! Together, We Get It Done , and I'm Happy, and Proud, to Be A part of this !!!!!!! We Are Bringing Back Great Memories, Keeping them Alive, and Having Fun, A Win Win Positive Thing !!!!! And at the same time, We're Exercising Our Brain, and Keeping Ourselves Young !!!!!! This is Great, and Has Give Me Another Exciting Thing to Make Getting up in the Morning, For, and a Good Reason, to Stay up, until the Wee Hours Reading Posts, and Writing them !!!!!! I'm Lovin It !!!!!! Keep Up The Momentum, Gentlemen, and I Promise, I'll Try My Best, To Keep up, with you Guys !!!!!!!! Best Regards, To Both Of You, And Thanks , Don Boyd, For Your Genius, in Bringing Forth, all of your Wonderful Galleries, and Sites !!!!! Sincerely, Robbin.
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 18:07
I see just what you mean.......funny how things jog memories, as we said, with you and the baseball cards thrown near the wall, and me just this minute seeing a photo of Lum's, which was right down the street from Bell Haven Trailer Park on the same side of NW 79th St. Now, I had completely forgotten about that place until I just saw it on your site. I used to take the bus, driver John States, all the time from Bell Haven to Miami Springs, and I wish you or/and Robbin could give me a commentary on what I would see en route, in a brief way so as not to bore other viewers, but that Lum's photo made me think, well, what else do I NOT remember about that bus trip? I did it all the time and all I can remember is on the left, way down, the small zoo we spoke about,and on the right somewhere, a little fire equipment museum.
Don Boyd30-Nov-2008 17:47
Dave B, I'll just leave them where they are now because they don't look so good when I copy them to a new gallery. See this at for how it looks when I move existing comments to a new page. They're harder to read and then any newer comments are below them which screws up the order of them. On January 1st I'll have more comments galleries so that things are more organized - one for Hialeah, one for Miami Springs/Virginia Gardens, etc.

Dave Bruce 30-Nov-2008 17:32
In other words, will you take existing comments and move them, or leave them just where they are now?
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 17:31
So will you be able to separate the existing comments into those new areas too, or do you mean you will just start off fresh January 1st keeping everything where it is right this moment? or will you move comments around to more appropriate areas
Don Boyd30-Nov-2008 17:23
Dave B, there really are no rules but if people post in the appropriate galleries then more people will find what they're looking for when doing searches of the comments. I'm beginning to think that Virginia Gardens posts would be better off in the Miami Springs gallery since Miami Springs was immediately adjacent to Virginia Gardens and I'm sure that plenty of Springs folks patronized the businesses along Curtiss Parkway and NW 36th Street and some could offer more insight as to what was there a long time ago and what is there now. In fact, I'm going to add Virginia Gardens to the Miami Springs gallery title to minimize confusion.

Bell Haven was close to Hialeah and if the talk involves Hialeah businesses then Hialeah is fine. Talk of businesses and attraction outside of Hialeah should be in the main comments gallery I suppose. I never anticipated the amount of comments that would be coming in and should have created comments only galleries for Hialeah, Miami Springs/Virginia Gardens, etc. I can do that starting on January 1st and probably will because sometimes all the comments cause a gallery to become too large and slow to load. I won't delete old comments under any circumstances but they'll be separated better.

Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 16:44
Don, I forgot to ask-----when I talk about Va Gardens, that stays here ,right, no need to jump to the Hialeah part of it. I want to be sure I am following the rules re postings. And what about Robbin and I talking about Bell Haven, Miami, can we stay here or should we move to the Old Miami part??
Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 16:42
Thank you, Don.. I really have to make a trip down there again, just for old time's sake. But when the area across from Bell Haven Trailer Park at 3200 NW 79th St used to be a cow pasture, and now it probably holds some CD stores, that can be a bit disheartening. But "progress" must go on.
Don Boyd30-Nov-2008 16:29
Dave B, I chose PBase as my photo hosting site because of their photo hosting capabilities and the ability to add comments under the photos. If people write Hialeah stuff it should be in the Hialeah gallery or Hialeah commentary gallery, which are both getting pretty full and I'll add "new" comments galleries for both on January 1st.

Regarding Virginia Gardens, it is a separate municipality in Dade County and I'm pretty sure it goes way back. We had 26 or 27 municipalities for the longest time but have added Aventura, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Miami Lakes, Doral, and Miami Gardens in the past ten years or so. Virginia Gardens has its own town government and small police force but like many municipalities they rely on the county for fire protection. Miami Springs and Hialeah are totally separate municipalities.

Dave B/Dave Bruce/Davis C.Bruce 30-Nov-2008 16:21
Don/Robbin: Do you think some of my posts here would be better off in the Hialeah and Old Miami areas of the site? But the problem is, that scattered like that, they might, ironically, not get as much response as here. More folks seem to come here. I don't know, maybe you could give me your opinions, but most of my memories are from Bell Haven Trailer Park in Miami, so I stay here on this segment of the site.
I wish there was a mechanism whereby you could put in a keyword or words and all references to that would come up, but I am not sure that is feasible or possible here. I cannot thank Don enough for this site, and I certainly cannot thank Robbin enough for his posts. I cannot believe that anyone can remember that much detail, but Robbin does, it is like he is there now as an eyewitness. I can sort of do that re my later years in Bakersfield and Ventura Calif but re Florida I am limited to just 1954 to 1957 only, so for only three years of memories I don't do too badly, recall-wise, I guess. I sure wish I had spent more years there, though.
It must seem very strange to STILL be there and see all theses changes. I have not been back to Miami since 1957.
Dave B 30-Nov-2008 16:01
Robbin: You are right about affixing the baseball cards via clothespins to the rear bike wheel, you talk about COOL, revving the engine, etc we thought that was just magnificent, to us. To adults it was just another kid making noise :) To us, we were running in the Indy 500
Dave B 30-Nov-2008 15:59
Mrs Noakes was my teacher at St John the Apostle. Now this was mid-1950s but I have seen how it is a small world on other occasions, and the naming of names here rings bells sometimes. I have seen a lot of "coincidences" here and elsewhere where two or three people did know certain people in common fifty years ago, and while it is pretty amazing, it is after all a small world, in many respects.
Dave B 30-Nov-2008 15:58
I remember going to Blessed Trinity, where the teacher was Mrs Kuhlwind and a couple of the students were Joseph Riden, Paul Manning, Paulette Gergen. I also went to St John the Apostle school, where possibly Joseph Riden attended rather than Blessed Trinity, not sure.
Now, Virginia Gardens is not part of Hialeah or Miami or anything else, at least now, it looks to be an independent town. But in the mid 50s was it part of Hialeah or Miami i.e. just a neighborhood named Virginia Gardens, or was it separate even then like Miami Springs was and is?
Dave B 30-Nov-2008 15:35
I still haven't read all the posts since I posted, but I did go to Google Earth and saw that NW 63rd CT in Va Gdns is a very short street, but the trees completely blocked my view of the houses; since I lived in a corner house, that limits the possibilities, but I cannot see if there is a banyan tree in the backyard of any of the corner ones, and I don't even know if every house had that kind of tree or not.....back to reading Robbin's post and Don's post now.....
Don Boyd30-Nov-2008 06:52
Dave B, yep, parochial school was great for the gambling and I don't remember doing it at Palm Springs Jr. because it wasn't cool. Thanks for that memory, I had totally forgotten about it.

I don't recall the name of your Coastie uncle at all, sorry. Good on your USMC/USAF service, especially during the Viet Nam Era.

I don't remember the Classics Illustrated comics. Most of mine were Disney (Mickey, Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Hardy Boys, etc.), Superman and a few oddball others like Steve Canyon. I got most of mine at a drug store across from the Wishing Well restaurant (36th and Miami Avenue) and at the 5 & 10c stores in Palm Springs Shopping Center. Most of my models were bought from Schell's Hobby Store in the Catalina Shopping Center on Palm Avenue until Neisner's and G. C. Murphy's opened in Palm Springs, although I did get a few at Orange Blossom Hobbies on NW 36th Street in Miami.

I think Robbin answered your question about the Miami Springs Post Office - I don't know myself because we had one on Palm Springs Mile a few years after we moved in. We used to ride our bikes all over creation too with never a problem, including from northwest Hialeah through Miami Springs down to the airport where we'd chain them to poles in front and then walk all over the terminal and the ramps with aircraft parked.

I'm glad you like the site. It's a really good memory jogger for a lot of people, including me. Robbin really remembers a ton of stuff that I've forgotten about.

Robbin P. Learned 30-Nov-2008 06:01
Dave B, Like You, I Rode My Bike All Around, all the time. We Lived Off East 9th Street, just West of Lejeune Road, By Hialeah Lanes Bowling Alley, and I was always in Miami Springs, and Virginia Gardens. I used to Ride My Bike To; Grace's Delicatessen, in Virginia Gardens, to Get A Sub, and a Coke, and I Rode to Miami Springs Recreation Center's Pool, on Westward Drive, To Dive Off Their High Diving Board, and Swim, and I Rode to The Circle Theatre, to See Movies, and I Rode To Friends Houses, in Miami Springs. The Traffic was Dangerous, But That's About All, at That Time !!!!! Great Memories !!!!!!! Later, My Friend !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 30-Nov-2008 05:48
Dave B, I think the Miami Springs Post Office, was in Stadnick's Drugstore , on The Circle, along Time Ago, But Now It's On Westward Drive, near The City Hall, which is a Little west Of The Circle. When I Was A Kid, I used To Buy Comic Books, at The Drugstores, and Read Them, and Send away, for The Special Offers, Of Neat Things, But I Never Really Collected them, or Saved them. They Were Neat Though !!!!! The Stores you were Referring to, I Think Were Where There was a Food Fair Supermarket,--- Later On Pantry Pride, And A Hardware, Grace's Delicatessen, ect. That was in Front Of Blessed Trinity Church and School, On Curtiss Parkway, Just North Of 36th Street. I Built Revell and AMT Model Kits, Back Then, Cars, and Planes. Mostly, I Built Model Cars !!!!! Remember, Duncan Yo Yo's ????? They were The Rage, at one Time, in The 50's, when I was In Elementary School. Did You Ever Make Scooters, and Soap Box Derby Type Orange Crate Kid Cars??, We Did, in My Neighborhood. We Had Great Fun, in Those, Pushing each other around in them. And Did You Roller Skate, on The Sidewalk, with those Steel Wheel Clamp on your Shoes Skates ???????? Oh, and We used to Use Clothes Pins To Attach Baseball Cards, to The Bike Rear Fenders Holders And The Baseball Cards, would Make A Noise LikeA Motor, And We also Blew up a Balloon, and Tied it on the Back, And Turned it Under, and it would Sound Like A Motorcycle, until it Popped, in 2 or 3 seconds. And Remember, Cap Guns ??? I Would Buy Boxes Of Caps, And Pound Whole Rolls Of Them, with A Hammer. It would Sound Like A Loud Explosion, and My Ears would Ring, The Rest Of The Day, or Even Longer !!!! I Guess, When You're Young, Like that, All Kids, are Crazy Kids !!!!!I was, anyway !!!!! Miami Springs Is Nice, I Like It, But Believe Me, I Watch My Speed There. It Always Was, and Still is; A Speed Trap !!!!! The Miami Springs Police, Give Beaucoups Tickets !!!!!! Especially, on Curtiss Parkway, By The Golf Course. Great Topic, I'm A Kid Again, and I'm Lovin It !!!!!! Best Regards, Dave !!!!!! Later !!!! Robbin.
Dave B 30-Nov-2008 04:53
Don: Did you ever get into the collecting of those Classics Illustrated comic books I mentioned before? 15c each, I had all of them, and I absolutely loved those comic books. Bought them down by Curtiss Parkway, Miami Springs or Virginia Gardens, when I lived briefly on NW 63rd Ct, Va Gardens, I got on my bike and went down to Curtiss Parkway and right about there were some stores that also sold those Revell and Aurora model plane kits. Does anyone know those stores? I completely forget the names of them. Anyway, from there I made my way down to the Miami Springs post office which used to be or still is on the Circle there. I wonder if it is still there, the post office. In those days you could ride a bike anywhere, just anywhere. Sure there were weirdos around but mighty few and far between, but let us not go off on that tangent again. That has been brought up enough (by me) :) On to more pleasant things-----------dave b
Dave B 30-Nov-2008 04:48
Hi Don: Three things. At least you did not blame your mom for the loss of your cards :) Second, of all places to be gambling: A parochial school.....Third: Think of all the Mickey Mantle cards we had and did not think about the future of those particular cards, uncle retired from the USCG, Lt Cmdr or Cmdr John J Clayton, was in finance, etc. I myself spent seven years in, USMC Morse Code Intercept Operator 1963 to 1967, then after college and law school, USAF JAG legal officer at a big base in Texas.-----funny how someone's post here, like mine re flipping the baseball cards, jogged your memory. That happens all the time here on this site. Thanks for this site, Don. It is really unique.
Don Boyd30-Nov-2008 04:31
Dave B, oh just make me sick by talking baseball cards. I had two shoeboxes full of new babeball cards, mostly from the late 50's/early 60's, when I went off into the USCG in 1966 and I stashed them in the attic out of the way of everything. Our 70-something year old housekeeper somehow got up there and tossed them out, along with all my Revell, Monogram and Aurora model boxes, while I was away in the service. I'm still #$@#$#$#$@ over that.

After you mentioned it I now remember tossing them against the wall and the closest was the winner and scooped up all the cards. We used to do that a lot at parochial school. I remember trading a lot also - one time I had 1 good card and through numerous trades I ended up with 15 cards.

Dave B 29-Nov-2008 23:49
Topps baseball cards, with a stick of gum, for trading, flipping, collecting etc. We used to either flip them in the air, letting them fall either heads or tails, or throw them toward a wall, the one whose card landed closest to the wall, picked up all the cards and kept them. Anyone remember that? And of course, what kid did not have his mother throw out his baseball cards? No one takes the blame themselves, they always say their mom must have thrown them out :)
Dave B 29-Nov-2008 23:46
Hi Robbin: Yes, pogo sticks, miniature license plates in boxes of Wheaties, send money plus cereal box top for whole set, foreign coins in boxes of cereal, marbles, both collecting and trading and almost never playing---Revell model planes, and above all, Classics Illustrated, 15c each. For some reason I got into postage stamps for awhile and so at the age of 9 I was at the Miami Springs post office at or near the circle there (is it still there????) on 9-18-55 for the first issue of the 3c Fort Ticonderoga stamp. Yes, postage stamps were three cents then. And also, comic books, remember they were three or four times thicker than todays comics. And also, S&H green stamps, Gold Bond stamps etc etc
Robbin P. Learned 29-Nov-2008 20:54
Dave B, The Winky Dink Show, sounds a Little Bit Familiar, to Me, But Not Much. My Favorite, of anything Like that, was Etch A Sketch, I Amused myself, for Hours, with that, in the 50's, when I was a Kid. And Remember; The Pogo Stick ??? I Had one, in the 50's, and I would Bounce on it, all the way Across Our Short East Hialeah Side Street. I Had Fun, on That Thing. Our Childhood was Great, with Endless Fun, and Toys, and Even Without Toys, We Improvised Fun Games, Such As War Games, in The Field, where the 2 Teams Throw Rocks at Each Other, ect. Great Times !!!!!! Thanks Dave, For Bringing out the Kid in Me Again !!!!! Best Regards, My Friend !!!!! Robbin.
Dave B 28-Nov-2008 21:58
Hello all: Someone posted something about this somewhere on this site---remember Winky Dink, in the mid 50s, where you could buy the kit, including a special crayon, and a sheet of plastic that stuck to the TV screen, then as Winky needed help, the kids at home would help him out by drawing whatever he asked us to, a bridge, a rope, etc to help him escape a bad guy, or to get to where he was going, he might need a path etc. For kids to be able to participate in a TV show like that was unbelievable to us! Normally you would watch a program passively, but certainly as an eight or nine year old, you would play no part whatsoever in rescuing your cartoon character from trouble---except with Winky Dink. I looked it up on You Tube and sure enough there are a couple of video segments of the show. I know some of you remember all this, and as I mentioned, there was a post that mentioned this in passing, somewhere on these sites. Anyone else remember this? What a thrill for a kid.
Dave B 26-Nov-2008 21:19
So, talk does do a lot, an awful lot. It means that we acknowledge what is going on around us instead of turning a blind eye. To even recognize the shape we are in today, is an accomplishment in its own right.
Dave B 26-Nov-2008 21:18
Hi Robbin: I agree with you that God takes care of everything, sooner or later. And i can't say that the existence of crime leads me into depression. After all, people in ancient Rome could not even leave their city apartments without being robbed, no exaggeration, they just didn't go out after dark, so while we talk about it, it helps, because every single thing that has ever been accomplished has begun by 1) Thinking about it 2) talking about it, and 3) doing something about it.
Now, the fact is, that even by us talking, we are doing something about the times in which we live, by not turning a blind eye to it. So that is why I said that you and I are in agreement, and were from the very beginning.
Robbin P. Learned 26-Nov-2008 19:17
Eastsider, Happy Thanksgiving, Tomorrow, All The Best, My Friend !!!!!!! Sincerely, Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 26-Nov-2008 19:15
Don Boyd, I Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, with Your Family, And Enjoy Your Meal, and The Special Day !!!!!!!! And Thanks are Given, to you Sir, For all of the Joy, You've enabled me, to Realize, on your Many Sites. You Opened a New World For Me, and I Am Grateful !!!!!!!! Many Thanks !!!!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 26-Nov-2008 19:09
Dave B, Happy Thanksgiving, Tomorrow, and I Hope you enjoy Your Meal, and The Day !!!!!! Sincerely, Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 26-Nov-2008 18:58
Dave B, I Agree, with all your saying, and I've Been saying all of this, about There's Little Decency, Respect, and Manners around, anymore, and that things are not Like they used to Be, back in the 50's, and 60's, and that our Quality Of Life, has Gone away, and I Am all for Awareness, andSpeaking out against Crime, and Criminals, and Swift, and Severe Prosecution, of Repeat Offenders, and Especially, for those involving Violent Heinous Crimes, But you Know What, in my opinion, Sometimes, the more we talk about it, the more Depressed, and Angry, we Become, and Other Than Mass Protests, where we might be arrested ourselves, or writing our congressmen, Neighborhood Crime Watches, ect., What can We Really Do about All of this Decay, of Society ????? I Have Floodlights, A Security System, Double Deadbolts, ect., at my House, and I Am very Alert, and always aware of my surroundings, and I am very Paranoid, so I Am Protecting Myself, and My Home, as best I can, and I Vote, and Try to Vote For Good Representation, ect., So How can I Do Any more ????? I Really think God comes in, at some point, and if everyone asks for his Help, Miracles, can Happen. But Only Talk, Doesn't Do Much, as a Rule . You Have Made a Lot of Very Valid Points, and as I Said, I've Felt the Exact Same way, for years now, and I am not For Plea Bargaining, The Sunshine Law, Or any Coddling, of Criminals. And for the Hardenned Career Criminals, -- Child Molesters, Rapists, and Murderers, I think They should all Get The Electric Chair, and anything Less, is Too Easy, for these Inhumane Animals !!!!!! Enough Said. I Hope you Got My Drift !!!!! Later. Robbin.
Dave B 26-Nov-2008 18:08
Have a nice Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, one and all.....dave b.
Dave B 26-Nov-2008 16:15
One more thing, real quick-----what is not publicized, also, is not just the crime but the numbers of criminals that are locked up and held on bail or just plain sentenced to prison. We hear stories of overcrowding in jails and prisons and all that is very true, but the news media does not tell us that every single day, a lot of people are sent to serve time. I happen to know it is true, for a fact. But the public does not read about this. It would be very refreshing for all of us to know that every single workday, across this nation, judges are indeed dealing harshly with defendants, and they do not hesitate to send them to jail or prison, and yet what gets reported is the one case out of a thousand that results in someone being released when they weren't supposed to be. It is the old story of something being newsworthy or not. It is news when a man bites a dog, but not when a dog bites a man. So we never hear about it. But it is encouraging to know that across the country, criminals are sent to prison every day, and in large numbers. The jails are full of them. But we never read about how they got there.
Dave B 26-Nov-2008 16:07
And what is different nowadays from before re criminals is this. Nowadays THEY have no idea what they will be doing next, so that makes them more dangerous because they are not out to just steal and rob etc they are also out to hurt, and this is one aspect of criminality that is very different from that of yesteryear, this intent to hurt someone in addition to robbing them etc, and it is very disturbing.
We all remember that when we were kids, there was a certain joy in being a kid. Remember? And now, a lot of kids have a vacant look and a flat affect, and that is scary, too. They have no joy.
Anyway, it would seem that discussing these things is going rather far afield from a site like this one, but in actuality nothing could be more relevant. Because this talk about things the way they are now and the way they used to be, fit hand in hand with all the memories spoken about on this site.
Guest 26-Nov-2008 15:57
Don, you are correct and well meaning. Today, society has forgotten the rules for good behavior. Stand up, speak out let all know that you are tired of the crime, ill behavior and just plain crime. Tomorrow will be made on the backs of those who care. Don't shut yourself off and pretend that it's not happening. Start with your local schools, students want the best and they deserve better. Raise your standards to meet the needs of your citizens. Don't be afraid to help those who are in need. Set the bar high and stick to rules. The kids who grew up in Hialeah have been and will continue to be those who will work hard for the betterment of the group.
Don Boyd26-Nov-2008 14:43
Well said, Dave B, well said. You make many valid points about our society going downhill from when we grew up and I agree with you that the civilized folks should speak up about it to raise awareness of where we are going.

A lot of folks in Hialeah used to leave their doors unlocked at night and during the day and now the situation is that many folks have deadbolt locks, alarms systems and camera surveillance systems in place. Cars that used to be left unlocked and with the windows down are now sealed cocoons with alarm systems and Lojack tracking devices to deter thieves and that doesn't always work due to the sophistication of today's car thieves and chop shops. The Miami area is ranked #1 or close to it for the amount of rude drivers on the road and the Boston area is pretty high up there too. Our insurance rates down here are near the highest in the country due to all the fraud that goes on by crooks stealing from the rest of us with phony claims and lawsuits. Like posters have commented in other galleries and maybe in this one, back when we were growing up kids would leave their homes early in the day and go visit friends and play outside all day and not have to be back home until the streetlights came on and we didn't have cell phones and text messaging to stay in contact with anyone because we were almost always safe with no one preying on us. Kids can't do that today unless their parents want them to disappear forever.

Unless they work for a law enforcement agency, the judicial system or a jail bonding company, most members of the public are unaware of all the crimes going on in their areas, let alone the details of the savagery that is involved in many of the crimes. Violent crimes that used to make headlines in local papers are now buried in the back pages of the local section because they are so common place these days and in many cases don't even make the paper. Due to the nature of your job you're seeing all the dirt bags and the details of what they did against their fellow citizens and you are far more aware of what is actually going on in the area you live in, unlike the rest of us who are oblivious to what is going on unless we or our close neighbors have been victimized.

Dave B 26-Nov-2008 13:43
And, Robbin, you and I are not even disagreeing-----I am more vocal than you about saying the following:That this society is not half as civilized as it was fifty years ago. Therefore, we should feel sad about that, naturally continuing to live our lives and coping with that as best we can. But it is not true that the great memories balance that out. The great memories are a place we can "go" to for refreshment as often as we need to, because those memories are all that is left of the world we used to live in. Not that most people are bad, but the numbers of people who are uncivilized, is truly amazing. So we don't disagree, Robbin, we come at it differently, you say make the best of it and I agree with that, but I add to that, speak out against it once in awhile. That is the only point on which we differ. And one good thing is: you and I are both crazy about BBQ :)
Dave B 26-Nov-2008 13:35
I could sum it up like this: Yes, there are memories, and they are very good memories, and in fact this is one of the things that makes us human beings, or describes us as such, that we have these memories. I myself am as nostalgic as many folks. I look on those days with really really fond memories. That is why the present day ethics, not all but a sizeable number of people, dismay me. Simple simple respect for others, being happy, being cheerful. People are far less cheerful than they were when we were kids. Let's go to parenting. There used to be waterfalls of values transmitted to the kids by the parents, it is down to just a trickle these days. Now, of course we cope with "today". We have no choice. And it can even be said that we all make the best of it, and we actually use these memories to balance it all out, in a way.
But my view is this: That the changes in society are so horrific as to not warrant our agreement in any way. The world we lived in does not exist any more except physically. That is scary. Now, the sheer numbers of people compared to before, are one of the major factors. But also, not percentage of population but numbers of those who are uncivilized in a civilized society, those numbers are staggering, and they just were not there fifty years ago. This is not merely sad but it is tragic. The uncivilized among us are not a huge percentage, but their numbers are bigger than ever before in history. This loss of innocence, of self respect, of respect toward others, of basic human decency, this is what I lament. This is why I say that although we are not going to turn back the clock, we are bound, in a way, to acknowledge out loud that our society is not half as civilized as it used to be in the 1950s. This is a fact, and we must talk about it or at least say, yeah, that is true. Then we can move on. But we have to understand how radically different it is today from yesterday and how horrific it is to see that MANY uncivilized people walking around in a supposed civilized society. All we have to do is turn on the news.
Having said all this, my point was and is that we should not remain silent about these horrific changes, but should once in awhile speak out against them, if only to soothe our own sensibilities, to be able to say "this is wrong, this is not right" is all I am doing.
In spite of all that, the memories themselves remain unchanged. I grew up mainly in Bakersfield and Ventura California, after having lived in Miami and Hialeah around 1954 to 1957. I quit high school, joined the Marine Corps, got a GED, went to college and law school, state and federal prosecutor, and I see firsthand, in the inner-city courts of Boston, that decline I just talked about in this post. It is sad, it is tragic, even horrific. And it is not just that things are a little different from the 1950s---the problem is that there is an utter lack of decency now as compared to then. True, the majority of people are great. The numbers of uncivilized souls has increased to a point, just numbers-wise, that is unparalleled in the last fifty years.
I am climbing down off my soap box now, and there is no test, and the bell has rung so class is dismissed. But perhaps it is just BECAUSE things are so bad now, that the memorie we talk about here are more precious than they would otherwise be. They are like oases in the Sahara, to us.
Robbin P. Learned 26-Nov-2008 13:23
Dave B, I Am Glad that we all Have our own individual Beliefs, and Philosophies, Tastes, ect., Because Every Human Being, is Unique, as is our Body Chemistry, Looks, ect., and that's Good, Because, could you imagine, if we were all Completely, the same, in every way, it would Be Boring, and Confusing, also. So , You Have a Right to Your Beliefs, and Philosophies, as Do I, After all, it is our Life, and Who Has the Right to tell us How we should Think ?????? No One !!!!!!!! I Am Me, You are You, Why Not !!!!!!!!! We can all Co- Exist, with our Unique, and Different Philosophies !!!!!!!!! Have A Nice Day !!!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 26-Nov-2008 13:10
Dave B, I Know, I Am Very Opinionated, and I Talk a Lot, about Everything, But One Good thing about Me, is I Respect Everyone's Opinion, and I never Say that What I Say, is always Right, and the only way. It's Great when People can Differ, in opinion, on Topics, and Respect the Other People enough to Give them a chance to Voice their Opinion, or opposition, without Causing an Uproar, and Fighting. There's always 2 sides, to every story, and Many Possible answers, to Most every Question. There May Be only one Correct answer, on A Written test, But on The Street, in our Everyday Life, There are many a nswers, and Conclusions, to Everything. You See it your way, I see it my way, Both of us May Be Correct, But We Prefer, a Certain Different Style, or way. Would You Agree, with me, on that, Sir ?????? Later !!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Guest 26-Nov-2008 09:40
Dave B, I agree with you. True Robbin, life is hard no doubt about it. Although not everyone shares your opinion.
Dave B 25-Nov-2008 12:26
Our philosophy of life differs :)
Robbin P. Learned 25-Nov-2008 07:59
Dave B, The Name of the Place, was The Red Barn, I Remember Positively, No Mistake !!!!!!! And As For Coping, with Our Surroundings these Days, what choice Do we Have???? None, Because if we Get out Of Line, someone will come, and Take Us Away !!!! We can; Like it, or Lump it !!!!!! Life These Days, is Cruel, and Most People Don't Care about Anyone But Themselves, and You Must Take Care Of Yourself, cause if you Don't, No one Else Will !!!!!!!! That's The Reality !!!!!
Dave B 20-Nov-2008 14:09
To Don: Thank you for your welcome message to me re this site. Looks like I am a new addict, I mean reader, to the site :)
Dave B 20-Nov-2008 13:57
I always thought of trying to locate the Home News and maybe get a copy of that photo they had in there of me, but that would be like looking for a particular dollar bill serial number in Manhattan, I guess.
On Google Earth, I saw a school to the west of that 267 E. 63rd St, so that must be Palm Springs, as you said, Don.
And Robbin, I don't want to sound any more cynical than I already am, but it is true that we have to cope with what is going on today. Nevertheless, what is going on today is so utterly foreign to what went on then, or did not go on, to be more accurate, that I think it is worthwhile contrasting then to now if only to let younger folks know that things were a lot different then. Every generation says that, but our generation means it even more than usual. The changes are pretty horrific, and we cope with it but we don't want to give it our tacit approval by making the changes seem like they are small and transient. It is a big big deal, the difference in people between 1955 and 2005. In actuality I think it is our duty to speak out against it in some way even though we are helpless to turn back the clock in any meaningful way.
Anyway, these posts bring back a lot of recollections, but the name Red Barn itself does not sound familiar at all. The place does.
Robbin P. Learned 20-Nov-2008 09:07
Pokey and Dave B, That Place, on N. W. 79th Street, Near N. W. 37th Avenue, Was The Red Barn, and I Remember, it well. When I was a Student, at Hialeah Elementary School, I went To The Red Barn, on Class Field Trips, and it was a Real Neat Attraction !!!!!!!!! That was probably, around 1959, when I went there, and I was 8 years old, and in The 3rd Grade. There was a Grassy Meadow, of Field, there, and I Remember; We Had A Snack, of Small Cups, Of Velda Farms Vanilla Ice Cream, in That Grassy Field, and ate it, with those little wooden flat spoons. Best Regards, Fellows !!!!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 20-Nov-2008 08:53
Don Boyd, You are Absolutely Correct, and I enjoyed The Home News, Back in it's Day, But Even though The Miami Laker, is Not the Home News, I Enjoy it , just The same, as we now Have no Home News. It was just a Reference to a Small Town Paper. My Late Father, Harry M. Learned, used to Help The Original Editor, of The Miami Laker, Major Basil B. Blanchard, Who was a Longtime Sengra Employee, and My Dad's Best Friend, For Years, and Years. Back when Major Blanchard, was The Editor, it Had More, of Everything, But Granted, it never Had as Much as The Home News. ps--, The Graham's wanted an Optimist Club, and In 1965, My Dad Founded, and was The First President, and Coach, of The Miami Lakes Optimist Club. As Always, Best Regards !!!!!!!! Robbin.
Don Boyd20-Nov-2008 08:40

The Home News was far more comprehensive than The Miami Laker, which doesn't print "bad news" such as crimes committed in the area. It is published by the Graham Companies and doesn't even cover politics anymore since a councilwoman got her feathers in an uproar over article about her being involved in real estate without a valid license and that WSVN Channel 7 had done an investigative segment repeatedly on her dealings. We desperately need a real hometown newspaper like the Home News was many years ago.

Many years ago we just couldn't wait to read for a new Miami Laker issue to come out with yet another article describing which Graham daughter, son-in-law or niece got promoted to a new VP of whatever within the company, which seemed to occur every other month but probably less frequently. : )

The Home News had most of the crimes committed weekly along with names of the perpetrators and victims if known. They did a decent job of reporting crooked zoning changes by the Hialeah city council, along with other actions taken by the city fathers. They also had a complete wedding section with photos of the babes getting married off with a decent amount of text describing the wedding, who was involved, what they did for a living, etc. They also had a military section so you could see where your buddies were being shipped off to or when they were promoted. The Home News was a great hometown newspaper and it is sorely missed.

Robbin P. Learned 20-Nov-2008 08:38
Jon Anderson, Hi, I've enjoyed, your Writings, and I Must Hand it to you, you Recall a Lot of Places, and Things, and when I Read it all, I was Nodding my Head Yes, that I Remembered them Too. Great Memories, We Both Have !!!!!!! The Place you were Talking about, where they Raced Hydroplanes, ect., was The Miami Marine Stadium, and it was Across The Street, From The Miami Seaquarium, on Crandon Blvd. Best Regards !!!!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 20-Nov-2008 08:24
Dave B, The Dividing Line, Between Dade County, and Hialeah, on 79th Street, is N. W. 37th Avenue, which is East 12th Avenue, in Hialeah, and that is a little bit west of where Bell Haven Trailer Park was. If you were in Hialeah, By Hialeah Hospital, on East 25th Street, and you Drove East, over the Railroad Tracks, The 1st Traffic Light, would Be; N. W. 37th Avenue, and N. W. 79th Street, and at that intersection, you would no longer Be in Hialeah, But Rather, in Dade County Jurisdiction, Miami Dade County Police, and Fire Rescue's area. And as I'm sure you well know, Bell Haven, and Miami Heights, and Broadmoor, areas, were all in Dade County Jurisdiction, near Hialeah, But not in Hialeah. I Hope that Helps, your understanding. Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 20-Nov-2008 08:10
Dave B, I Loved the Home News, it was a Great Little Hometown Newspaper. I Remember The Editor, was Jay Morton, and The Home News Bldg., was on East 1st Avenue, across the street, from The Main Hialeah Post Office. We always Got, and enjoyed The Home News. I Live near Miami Lakes, and Miami Lakes, Has a Local Paper, similar, to The Home News, called; The Miami Laker, and I always Enjoy it. Take Care !!!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 20-Nov-2008 08:01
Dave B, Hi, I read your note to me, and you're Right, Everywhere, Has Changed, and A Lot of things, for the worse, But We Do Have our Memories, of Better Days, and as you Said; There are still lots of nice people, and nice places, and we must enjoy the positives, and try to ignore the negatives, and cope with them. I've Been Reading, and enjoying, The Writings of you, Pokey, and Jon Anderson. Best Regards !!!! Later !!!!! Robbin.
Don Boyd20-Nov-2008 05:48

Dave B: I would first like to welcome you to the site, and second, thank you for the memories you have posted.

You would probably have a better response on the Home News if you posted the question in the Hialeah gallery since it was only distributed in Hialeah, Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens. I loved that little paper and my dad mailed me every edition weekly during the four years I was off in the service so I could keep up with the goings on in Hialeah.

Virginia Gardens is still there and still a nice quiet residential area just north of Miami Int'l Airport. My favorite bar (Bryson's Irish Pub) is still there - it's been there since 1947. That Hialeah address is a block away from Palm Springs Elementary where my wife taught and counseled for the majority of her 32-year career with the school system.

Dave B 19-Nov-2008 22:31
In Virginia Gardens I delivered The Home News and had my photo in the paper for selling so many subscriptions. But it started out with me going door to door saying oh hi, you don't want to subscribe to a newspaper do you? and of course they would say no, since I set them up for it. Then my father counseled me to approach it differently. Would you LIKE to subscribe? Then the answer was yes a lot more often than before. But this is the way we learn :) Anyone remember that little local newspaper?
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 22:22
Besides Bell Haven Trailer Park, I did, as I mentioned before, live for a short time at NW 63rd Ct in Virginia Gardens. Does anyone remember much about that particular area?
My aunt and uncle lived, all this time, at 267 E. 63rd St, I guess that would be Hialeah, if anyone knows anything about that location. I think I remember a school being down the street.
By the way, where was/is the dividing line between Miami and Hialeah re Bell Haven Trailer Park at 3200 NW 79th St. My understanding is that the trailer park is or used to be, til the Fall of 2000, in Miami.
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 22:19
I have posted this before, but again, if anyone wants to email directly as well as here on the boards, it is Dave Bruce
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 22:11
Thanks, Jon. Great post! What is too bad, and thankfully I recognize it :), is that in my capacity as a criminal trial lawyer in the inner-city Boston courts, I never MEET any nice, squared away young folks. The ones I see are the ones who either already took the wrong path or are about to choose it as a way of life etc And that really is too bad, for me, to be exposed to that all the time, like a cop on a beat in a big city. And it makes me sound a lot more cynical than I really am.
These posts are so interesting. There is no keyword search mechanism, is there, to look up specific things in older posts? I guess not. But keep the memories coming, Jon and Pokey and others!
Jon Anderson 19-Nov-2008 22:04
Dave, I wasn't referring to any of your posts when I said "Hey, Guys, it isn't all gone..." I had just read some older negative rants and wanted to add my two cents of positive. Even though Miami has certainly changed (a lot) I still love the place and its memories. And I agree with you, society sure has changed. Some for the better, some for what I think is the worse. I live in a college town now, and I interact with a lot of young people... who were socialized mostly in South Florida... and I have to tell you, there are a lot of good, solid, well behaved and mannered... and deeply caring... American youth out there. And there is a lot of crime, poverty and degradation as well. But I think I am going to be very proud of this new generation. Crandon Park is on Key Biscayne, east of Downtown Miami between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. You have to cross Rickenbacher Causeway to get there... as a Key is really an island... which you enter off of US 1 just a short distance south of downtown Miami. The toll in the late 50's early 60's was I think a quarter. Rickenbacher Causeway had (and still has) a lot of entertainment opportunity... "beaches" on the bay, boat ramps, great fishing spots, marinas, picnic areas, the Seaquarium, etc. Seems to me there was a racing facility for hydroplanes as well. Don't know if it's still there or not, but I think I remember watching Miss Budweiser race there a few times. Key Biscayne is where then President Nixon had one of his retreats. That's where Crandon Park is located. It's a really huge beach park. I remember on Sundays a lot of Miami companies would hold their annual company picnics in the pavillions there. Being less than affluent, we would sometimes "crash" them for lunch! There was (and still is, I think) a small amusement park with a merry-go-'round. On the south end of the park was the site of the Crandon Park Zoo, which I remember going to as a small child with my Mom and Dad and three brothers... and I remember taking my son there when he was small as well. Lots of good memories there! They closed it down and opened Metro Zoo, and the Crandon park Zoo grounds subsequently deteriorated and wasted away over the years. It has now been restored to a truly beautiful tropical park and is well worth the time to visit. Further south on Key Biscayne is Cape Florida, which was back in the day a bunch of vacant state land with a network of sandy trails and that were blocked off from public access by felled palm trees. There is an old light house right out on the edge of the ocean. It was attacked by the Seminoles back in the 1800's. As teenagers we would of course defeat the state government's attempt to keep us out of there by deflating our tires (which won't work these days, because tires do not have tubes anymore and deflating them would cause them to pop off the rim) so we could drive the sand trails without getting stuck, and a bunch of us guys would simply pick up the downed coconut palm trunks that blocked the entrances and move them aside. The light house area was one of our many our hang-out destinations. Today that area is Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and is a great destination for a day trip... I am not aware of a tourist attraction turning left out of Belle Haven. There was a great little amusement park -- Funland -- not very far down if you turned right leaving the park on 79th Street. It had a miniature roller coaster called the Wild Mouse and a number of carnival games... it is mentioned a lot in these blogs, perhaps that is what you are remembering. I spent many, many hours there over the years. Regards, Jon
Pokey 19-Nov-2008 21:33
Dave B
I also wanted to mention, that on 79th street past the park was a circus of some kind, and we would have monkeys and parots running loose in the park (in the trees) alot of times . Robbin would remember this place alot better then I do.
Pokey 19-Nov-2008 21:29
Dave B
Crandon Park was on Key Biscayne, on Rickenbacker Causeway, just past the Seaquarium and the Miami Marine Stadium ( built after you left the area), at the end of the road was the Lighthouse, as Jon mentioned. I spent alot of time there on the beach riding motorcycles before it was a state park, or at least no one bothered you.
As you entered Rickenbacker Causeway, there was a large mechanical shark that spun around on a pole.
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 20:43
Hi Jon: I guess what I meant by "gone" has more to do with morality, basic respect toward others etc. That part of life has most assuredly declined in the last fifty years.
Where is/was Crandon Park? I recall it but not its exact location. That convenience store was a big deal for us to visit.
Also, as you left the trailer park (Bell Haven) and took a left on NW 79th st, there was some kind of small tourist attraction a mile or two down on the left, with animals etc I don't think it was "the" Parrot Jungle" but does anyone remember what it was? Funny how these memories come back, slowly at first, then one at a time, maybe one every few days as we think about them. I remember a lot but as I said, lived there maybe 1954 to part of 1957 at the very most, so my recollection is not as good as yours or Pokey's, but as you folks talk, you jog other memories I forgot I had.
Jon Anderson 19-Nov-2008 20:15
Hey, it isn't ALL gone, guys... I was born in Georgia and migrated to Miami in 1951at the ripe old age of six. Attended Auburndale, Kensington Park and then Edison Elementary schools. Edison Jr High (anyone remember Essie Bilton?) and then on to trade school (printing, Mr. Harris was the teacher) Central High. Went to senior year back at Edison. Anyone out there at the riot in Edison Center following the first time Edison beat Miami High in YEARS? Larry Libertore was our quarterback, right? I live in Gainesville, now. A couple of years ago I serendipitously met a lady that was in my 2nd grade Auburndale Elementary class, and last December we did a nostalgia tour of Miami and environs... it was GREAT. Went swimming at Venetian, Crandon Park Zoo still exists (but now it is a strolling park). Got pictures of myself in the gorilla cage... Went to the Cape Florida Lighthouse Park... when we were teenagers we used to let enough air out of our tires to enable us to drive on sand... then we would go back to the light house and build bonfires, play guitars and sing, make out, what have you... the cops didn't know how to get back to us, so they generally left us alone... we really weren't doing any harm, why not? sure, some places have been torn down... yes, there are some really really scary neighborhoods... but hey, I grew up in the projects of Edison Center, what could scare me? Lots and lots of my old memories are still in the Miami area... get out there and ENJOY them. Yes, society has changed a bit. Yes, with this new generation, everything is going to hell in a hand basket. But you know what? I have heard that each and every year I've been alive. And it ain't happened yet! (by the way, Dave B, I remember Belle Haven and the LARGE convenience store across the street... my group of friends knew one family that lived there, and we spent a lot of time just hanging out 1962-ish. What a great place to just be.) THANKS DON, FOR SUCH A GREAT SITE!!!
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 20:13
Does anyone remember a bus driver, John States, who used to drive the route that took him past Bell Haven Trailer Park, 3200 NW 79th St, towards the racetrack? I used to ride the bus from the trailer park to Miami Springs and get stamps at the post office there, collectibles, or future collectibles. On the way, there was a little fire equipment museum etc does anyone remember that?
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 19:09
Pokey, I left him a msg just now, will get back to you when i hear back.....
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 18:52
Pokey, I will give him a call right now and get back to you right away.
Pokey 19-Nov-2008 17:44
Dave B
Ya, the area across from the park was a pasture, way back when, I use to walk through it on my way to Broadmoor Ele. school. Broadmoor was a bunch of mobile classrooms when it started, I was in one, then when they finished the new building, my First Grade class was the first to get a room in the new building.
I remember, way back then, that the farmer would block off 32nd ave because of his cows.
I took my son down there in 2003 and he (nor I ) was NOT very impressed with the way it changed. The trailer park is just an empthy field, nothing in it, not even any of the roads or palm trees, there is no sign that there was ever anything there except weeds.
I would like to find some pictures of the old Rec. Hall, and other items in the park.
Did you ever find Chuck , I checked my old address book, and Davie is where he was living about 8 years ago when I talked to him and his dad.
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 16:16
Hi Robbin: Life was a LOT better back then, and not just in the Miami area but worldwide. There are a lot of reasons for the changes in the past fifty years but mostly it has to do with the me me me mentality we see nowadays in unprecedented ways. And parenting. But anyway, I remember Crandon Park also and another place, Greynolds Park. At least we can return to all the places you mentioned, in memories!
Robbin 19-Nov-2008 08:07
I Was Born In Morningside, in The City Of Miami, In 1951, And Grew Up, in Hialeah, and some of My Special Memories, along the way, are; Going Places, with My Dad, Such as; Shell's City, RoseDale Deli, Falcone & Sons Deli, Army Salvage, Venetian Pool, BBQ Barn BBQ Restaurant, In My Dad's Boat Fishing, To Northside Shopping Center, To Funland Park, Dressel's Dairy, To Dairy Queen, To Crandon Park, and other places. And also, some Special Places, I Had Fun, going to, on my own, growing up; Rustic Roller Rink, Hialeah Roller Rink, Hialeah Lanes Bowling Alley, Hialeah Speedway, Driving My Go Karts I Had, in Parking Lots, Eating at Royal Castle, Racing Slot Cars, at Hobby Mart, Going To School, At Palm Springs JR. High, Building Model Car Kits, and Winning Trophies, and Ribbons, at Woolworth's 5 & 10 in Flamingo Plaza Hialeah, Going to See My Main Love Interest, when in Elementary School,--- Linda Jenkins, Going to the Movies, at The Essex, and The Circle Theatres, Riding My Bicycles, all over Hialeah, when I was Real Young, Going To Kindergarten, at Faith Lutheran Church, in East Hialeah, Playing T-- League, [ T- Ball], Baseball, at Babcock Park, Hialeah, when I was 5 years old, Going To Our Hialeah Elementary School Carnivals, in The 50's, Going To 7th Grade, at Miami Springs JR. High, and lots of other places, and events, that I can't recall, Right now. Life, was Better, Back Then . It would Be Nice, To Read Others Stories.
Dave B 19-Nov-2008 02:54
I never thought of the cottages before today. And that lion fountain on the edge of the pool, when I saw that in a photo I remembered it immediately but would never have thought of it on my sure do remember a lot about Belle Haven or Bell Haven as it was also spelled. Of course I was there just ages 7 to 9 only, by the time I was 10 we were in Bakersfield, California, never to return to Miami even for a visit. When I was in the Marine Corps I went to Naval Communications Training Center Pensacola but never got the chance to go all the way down to Miami. I would sort of like to see it now, but after hearing here and elsewhere how it has changed----
That reminds me, Pokey, the area across the street from Bell Haven was only a pasture then, complete with cows, wasn't it? And now on Google Earth I see it is anything but a pasture.
Pokey 18-Nov-2008 19:29
Dave B
There were alot of cottages in the park, all were Pink in color, ( the same color that all the buildings were and also the cement wall around the fromt of the park ), and located up near the pool area or on H street. There were three wooden (small) cottages that were located on I street near the laundry yard, one was the barber shop run by Pat Oliver.
Dave B 18-Nov-2008 18:08
Pokey, I got the photos via my email, thank you. Two of the photos are the same ones I sent to you. Those other names do not ring a bell. I just thought of something, Weren' there, way in the back of the trailer park, either apartments or small houses, too? We lived in one of those for a short time, as I recall, right in the trailer park itself. Cottages, I guess?
Pokey 18-Nov-2008 17:50
Dave B.
Go to Google and enter Florida Memories, then pick the second one titled Historic Florida Photographs from State Archives of Florida, then put Belle Haven Trailer Park in the search area and hit enter, you should get 7 old pictures. be sure and spell Belle with an e at the end. I sent you a copy of each to your email address yesterday, let me know if you got them.

Yes, Chucks dad was a jockey, an as I thought about it last night, I also remember the name Foritano, but don't really remember the people.
I lived at H841 which was next to the maint shop and laundry area, then moved to W2229 which was on W street, and that was the street that went to the back gate of the park, we had the old Pump Building in our yard, that the park used before they got city water. My dad worked in the maint dept for a few years and I use to help him with the clorine mixture that was put in the tanks, every Sat morning.
Do you remember a Dickey Marino or Edward (Eddie) Marino, or Tom Dorsett, or Diane Hunt ?????
Dave B 17-Nov-2008 22:33
Pokey, can you give me the exact address of that florida memories website? I found one similar to it but cannot find the photos within it that deal with Bell Haven, if I have the right site....also, those two pool photos I found are on a trailer park locator website, and I can send you the two photos if you email me at
Dave B 17-Nov-2008 22:29
Do you think your friend Chuck's dad was a jockey back then; can you ask him if you are still in touch? Also, at J-25 we had a much smaller trailer, but after getting the bigger one, that is when we had to move to the last row of the park.
Pokey 17-Nov-2008 21:47
The only name I know is Chuck Chalfin, we were good friends in the middle 60's, He worked for the miami police dept, fixing their radios. I talked to him a couple of years ago, and he moved just north of Miami, still fixing police radios. I am very familiar with the little store you are talking about, I don't remember the names of the people that owned it, but they had two stores, one at the corner of 32 ave and 79th st, then they sold it a built a new store on 32 ave just outside of the side gate to the park, the park gave them most of their business, boy I use to collect all the soda bottels in the park and take over to the store for 2 cents each, then load up on candy. Yes the park was large and modern for its time, ------- 63 foot New Moon-------wow that was a large trailer for the day, we had a 8x27, masonite trailer, that my dad pulled from PA to Miami in 1953. In 1958 we got an 8x36, put a florida room on it and lived in it till I left in 69 and my parents left in 80. Ya, we use to play on the tracks alot, and Burdines Warehouse was just on the other side of the tracks, my mother worked their for many years and got me and two of my friends in there in 66 to work after school. The pool was the main hang out back in them days. The pictures that you are talking about, I would like to see. there is a site called Florida Memories and it has about seven pictures of the pool, Mrs Dill (Troy) the lifeguard and a few shots of the Miami Heights trailer park next door the Bell Haven. I went to Broadmoor elementary, and Madison Jr High
Good Memories
Dave B. 17-Nov-2008 19:13
Pokey, Mike Nesbitt was another guy I knew, and my parents knew Joe and Ora Forgitano. Of course, as I said, it was a big park, 356 spaces in the year 2000, I don't know how many spaces back when we lived there, but it was pretty big. Trying to think of more names.
Dave B. 17-Nov-2008 19:06
P.S. Those two photos of the pool at Bell Haven were taken Jan 1953. I found them on a trailer park website, if anyone wants them contact and I will send them to you.
Dave B. 17-Nov-2008 18:59
Hi Pokey: Did not know any of them. Knew Gard Harness, Charles Chaffin, whose father was a jockey at Hialeah. I remember the swimming pool and have a couple of photos of it from another website re trailer parks. I lived at J-25 and then way back on U row, I believe, we had a 63 ft New Moon trailer. I remember a store across the street like a convenience store, and rode my bike up to Madison Jr High, there were RR tracks out in back of Bell Haven if I remember right. Again, the closest I can come to estimate when I lived there is about 1954-1957 but also lived in Va Gardens for a short time. I remember that trailer park as being huge, and sure enough I see where it had 356 spaces before it closed down in the Fall of 2000. Back in those days, a lot of people lived in trailer parks; it was the new thing, and the parks were clean and fun and kids had a great time, as you know. I have not been back since, as we moved to Southern Calif after this, in 1957, Bakersfield and Ventura. How can I get you those two good photos of the Bell Haven pool? Dave B.
Guest 17-Nov-2008 12:58
Dave B.

No problem on the name, as long as that is the worst I am called.
I grew up in Bell Haven from 53 - 69, from the year you were born, you would be about 4 years older then me. Did you know Butch Criger, Tom Worth, Dave and Jack Hunter, Butch and Little John Palmeri, Ricky Byrd, Jill and Bernice Battlebury, Ray and Claude Brown ?????
Dave B. 17-Nov-2008 01:31
What a way to start off on a board, saying Porky instead of Pokey. I sure hope he or she understands that it was a typo :)
Dave B. 17-Nov-2008 01:20
Also lived in Virginia Gardens on NW 63rd Ct and briefly on NW 63rd St Hialeah, in addition to living most of the time there in Florida (1955-57) at Bell Haven Trailer Park, 3200 NW 79th St. Lived at two locations in that mobile home park, J-25 and way back on U row. Rode my bike down to near the racetrack all the time, took buses to Miami Springs and John States was the bus driver, also used to stop at a very small fire dept museum en route. Went to Blessed Trinity School in Miami Springs and St John the Apostle School too. Great great memories. Born in 1946, Boston, grew up in Southern California but the two years in Miami area were great. This was way before all the nonsense that we see today.
Dave B. 17-Nov-2008 01:16
Lived in Bell Haven Trailer Park from about 1955 to 1957. Saw Porky's question about Bell Haven. How do I contact other message-posters?
steve 12-Nov-2008 20:12
This is for James Hadden... Yes, I remember that swirling sky thing! I was in boy scouts at First Methodist Church of South Miami, across US1 from the Riviera Theater.. we met on Thursdays, so it was thursday night. It was astonishing; especially that it went on and on... it would change form, but it covered the entire night sky. Bizarre. Never was anything like it since. I've always tried to tell people about it and they look at me like I'm some kind of nut. Thanks for wasn't just my imagination after all
Pokey 23-Oct-2008 20:51
Belle Haven Trailer Park---------Looking for anyone that grew up in the old park at 3200 nw 79th st. or graduated in 68 from Miami Central High.
Robbin 19-Oct-2008 05:48
Miami-Dade County, Has A Lot To Offer; Pretty Beaches, Coconut Grove, Crandon, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, and Lots of Points Of Interest, and in General, it is a Beautiful Place, and Has a Great Climate, and It could Be Paradise, But you why it isn't ?????? The People, That's why !!!!!!!!!!! Not all of the People, But A Good Part of Them, are Selfish, Bad Drivers, Crazy Idiot Drivers, Impatient, They Don't Respect, and Obey The Laws, They Have Attitudes, Have Bad Tempers, Throw Trash Everywhere, Use Profanity In Public Places, Play Loud Music, all the time, Have Illegal Loud Train Horns on Cars and Pickup Trucks, and Bully, and Scare people to Death Blowing them, Ruin Neighborhoods with 25 people Renting a House and Living there, with 25 cars in front, Run Red Lights To Cause Accidents, Never Stop at Stop Signs, Ride around In the Dark with no Lights on, Driving With Bright Lights on Blinding You, Speeding Down Neighborhood Side Streets, at a very High Rate Of Speed, To Run Over Children, Pets, and Elderly, Ugly Graffiti, Gangs, Cowardly Purse Snatchers, And Burglars, and Thieves, Armed Robbers, These Things all Plaque, and Ruin our Way of Life, Here in Miami-- Dade County . And Sadly, I Don't see Much Being Done, To Change , any of This !!!!!!!!!
Robbin 19-Oct-2008 05:19
I was Born in the Morningside Area, Of The City Of Miami, in 1951, and I would Agree with Many other people; That Life Here, in Dade County, was Much Better, in the 50's, and 60's, and maybe Even the 70's, But Later on, The Quality, Of Life Here, Went Down, Drasticly, and Presently, Life Here, is ; Hell On Earth !!!!!! There's Still A Lot Of Nice People Here, and Exceptions, But By And Large, Our Paradise, Turned into A Rat Race Nightmare, With Heavy Traffic Jams, Every Day, Reckless, Uncaring Drivers, Causing Unnecessary Accidents, Road Rage Galore, Lack Of Courtesy, and Manners, and Respect, Ect. It used to Be A Pleasure, To Live Here, But not any More. It's My Home, and I'm Not Leaving, But I'm Not Very Happy Here Anymore. What a Sad Day, to see it this way .
Mark W 30-Sep-2008 05:38
I went to Biscayne Gardens Elementary finishing in 1966. All my friends went over to Thomas Jefferson Junior High. Most of us drove bikes with sissy bars and polo seats, but if you gor your restricted in 9th grade you could drive a small motorcycle (honda '90 ) or a couple guys even drove cherry cushman mailcarts that were way popular back then. Those were the cool rides of the times for us in the late 60's.
marlene 29-Sep-2008 01:51
i was raised in Coconut Grove , wow so many fun places there (used to be) peacock park, going to Virginia key beach , crandon park, miami museum, and planetarium, vizcaya, seminole dock the auditorium where jimmy hendrix first played and the monkies, riding bikes down old cutler road ,the fairis wheel on top of the sears building downtown,,,and eating 5 cent hamburgers at royal castle, those were the days...
Guest 19-Sep-2008 02:16
We moved to Miami from NY in 47. I was 2. Lived at the Fronton Trailer park off 36th street for 2 yrs. before moving to our new family home in a new subdivision called Harwood Village, 74th Ave. and 16th St. SW Miami. Our 3 bdrm. home cost $8000.00 in 1950. We had a wonderful neighborhood of young kids like myself, whose fathers had served in WW 2. I'm still in touch with a few of my old neighbors. We attended Flagami Elem., then West Miami Jr., then Southwest Sr. I can remember all the nostalgic places you have posted thruout this site. Loved seeing everyone of them!! My dad owned the Home Appliance Service(then Maytag) business on Ludlam(67th Ave) near Coral Way. I remember going to the Coral Way Drive In or Tropicare Drive In many, many times before we got our first TV. It had one channel, 4, for several yrs.
Sat. mornings were filled with westerns (Johnny Mack Brown and Bob Steele) also the Lone Ranger, Howdy Doody, Sky King, Tarzan, Buster Brown and Tye the dog. Also Winky Dink with the plastic TV screen you sent away for, and was able to draw on. Remember Pop Beads???? We took Sunday afternoon drives all over and usually ended up at Shorty's for supper. Beef or Pork sandwichs (with cole slaw and fries) were around 50 cents back then. Went back last Oct. for a visit. Prices have gone up, but the taste was still the same. Took a gallon of the sauce back to Iowa with me, Yum!!! Does anyone remember the Rib Place out the Trail in the Everglades? It was great. I still have an old worn newspaper clipping of my first grade classroom at Flagami, where Alice Osceola and her brother attended along with the rest of us kids. I could go on and on and on.......
Roy Ellis18-Sep-2008 21:27
I was born in Victoria hospital in 1944. The family lived in Earlington Heights on N.W. 21st Court at 41st Street. My grandfather bought the property in 1921. When I was four we moved to Grapeland Heights, 3441 N.W. 17th Street. Went to Citrus Grove School and Kinloch Park. As a teen we moved to S.E. 5th Street and 5th Avenue in Hialeah. I went to Jackson High. Hung out at the soda fountain at the drugstore across 17th Avenue in the mornings. Never ate in the cafeteria it was often Ross's (Mugge's), Royal Castle, Royal Burger, Alice's Restaurant or the little burger place right out the back door of the school. I remember the worn wooden floors in the Live and Let Live drug store. Went to Miami-Dade the first year it was on 27th Ave in the abandonned air base in 1962. Mostly ate lunch at the A&W Rootbeer stand across the street. Miami was paradise to me when growing up. Rode my bicycle all over. Later hitch-hiked everywhere. Bad things could have happened but never did. My first car when in high school was a 1954 Plymouth Savoy that I paid $100 for. Gasolene was 17 cents a gallon. After school and Saturdays I had a job cutting paper at Miami Engraving Company. It was hard work. I got minumum wage; $1.05 an hour. Before I got that job I worked in the shoe department at Grand Way on N.W. 54th St. and 12th Ave. When in college I worked behind the mutuals counter
at Flagler Dog Track making change for the ticket sellers. Later I worked for Southern Bell.
Missy 10-Sep-2008 01:24
Oh WOW, what a blast from the past! My dad was bron in Opa Locka in 45 (It was a naval base at the time) and I was born in 71 at South Miami Hospital. I remember Crandon Zoo, Venetian Pool, The Serpentarium....Grew up visiting my dad at the firestation in Coconut Grove and graduated from Miami Killian in '89. I miss Miami so much (the OLD Miami!) I remember swimming in the Snapper Creek Canal off Sunset and 107 AVE, drinking out of hoses, and attending Cypress Elementary. We would ride our bikes without parents to and from school and we were never scared!

Man, I wish Miami was how it was when I was a little girl....I hate visiting it now, it breaks my heart! I point out all the places that USED to be ther to my husband when we visit and he just doesnt see what was so great about Miami....Bummer.
Peter Tyson 28-Aug-2008 14:00
Besides the 79th street lanes mentioned below, there was Congress Lanes on NE 127th Street just west of Biscayne Blvd - bowled in a league there and also Cloverleaf Lanes on 41 north of present Golden Glades interchange. You could get three games and your shoes there for $1.09 !!
blademan3724-Aug-2008 14:18
I am looking for a list of bowling alleys in dade county still operating in the 70s
laurajj27-Jul-2008 22:54
WOW the memories! Being a "Ridge Rat (Dominican Drive), attended Palmetto High(Class of 76), Worked at Sunniland Pharmacy, Dadeland Mall, Flynn's Dixie Ribs, Sunniland Park, Hung out Cutler Ridge Shopping Center(Josie's, Liggett's, the movies) Snowdens Bridge, Old Cutler Road at dark after the rains, covered in crabs and BIG frogs, Coconut palms........ life seemed so simple then!
Wilson Wright, Tallahassee 17-Jul-2008 00:57
Wow! Talk about reliving your mispent youth. I went to Miami as a one year old in 1930 with parents. We lived in a stucko and probably tar paper house on N.E. 81st St and fith ave. We had to go to the Drug store on 79th and the N.E. 6th Ave to make a phone call. In 1935 we built a house at 940 N.E. 72nd St. Still pesants. We couldn't afford to live with the rich kids in the "Shores". Went to Morningside Elementary. Sailed Moths off the Legion home docks at 69th and the Bay. Was a Scout mentor for Mrs. Flipse's cub scout troop that met at her house on N.E. 70th and the Bay...Connie Dinkler of Atlanta later bought the place and made it into the Palm Bay Club. We thought she had ruined the neighborhood so she gave us all lifetime memberships. Think it is a condo now. Let's see the Playboy Club was on the Boulevard at the River. My Dad had a key. I think I still have it somewhere. Elsasers Gulf station was on the Boulevard around 77th St. Son Russel played trumpet in The Edison Band. There was a movie theater on the Boulevard at 77th or 78thSt. More modern than the Rosetta in Little River. Movies were a dime until 1948 when Governor Fuller Warren got the legislature to pass a one cent sales tax and then it was 11cents. Down around N,.E 75 th and the Boulvard was The Grill operated by Bill Grefe's parents. And then at 71st the build the Sir William Hotel. It was big. four or five stories. and George LaFluer's Cities Service station was down at 69th and the Boulevard....and then at 62nd the Coconuts Drive in. A great place or all us Edisonites. I could go on down the Boulevard to the Sears building and the Daily News Tower but not now. Old #11 Bus went all the way...and we could get on it and go to the Olympia on Flagler St. for the Saturday movies. Great old times

Went to Edison Jr. and Senior Hi. Delivered the Herald while in high school and worked one winter sailing Moths at Gulfsteam track in Hollywood. I remember before the war my dad could trade Chevrolet's with Rex Judy at Judy Hollywood Motors for his old car and $100. After the war it was $500 or $600 and my Dad thought Rex was out of his mind.
Jess H. 08-Jul-2008 14:06
Born at Miami Jackson Hospital 1951. Lived in the area of 23 Avenue and 21st Terrace. Attended Comstock, Robert E. Lee, Miami Jackson, Miami Central and later, Miami-Dade and Florida Atlantic. Great website to enjoy all the wonderful memories of growing up in Miami. I remember the wooden fence on 27th Avenue that advertised "Alligator Wrestling" but never went in. My Mother and Father met while working at the Howard Johnson's on Biscayne Blvd. Had an Uncle that ran the pony ring on N.W. 7th Avenue and my Aunt worked at the 5 and 10 in Allapattah. Hung out at the Orange Blossum Hobby Shop, Royal Castle, The Place, Jumbos Restaurant, and the magazine store at the front of Shells Store. I remember my Aunt taking me to the malt shop across from Jackson High and watching all the teenagers dancing to the juke box. My dad and I would go down to Pier 5 and buy fresh fish from the fishing boats for dinner. I was one of the winners that help pick the nickname "Dolphins" for the new AFL franchise and attended the first ever game with my cousin. Anyway, it was a great time in Miami, and glad that I experienced that moment in time.
James Hadden 13-Jun-2008 23:01
James A Hadden
Born Aug. 23rd 1965 in South Miami. Raised in Kendal. Lived in 'Pine Acres'. Ate at Shorty's Bar-B-Que on Dixie.Went to 'Pirates World', 'The Miami Serpentarium', Parot Jungle (old Location) The Miami Serpentarium, Viscaya, Micheles Cartway (Go-carts). Our neighborhood consisted of some pretty noteable people; 'Casey and the Sunshine Band' rented the house across the street were I lived off 115 st. and 104 ave. (era @ 1971-1973) Which is off Killian. Some of the '72 Dolphins lived in our neighborhood. The owner of Green Thumb Nursery lived next door and the owner of 'Gamble Plumbing and irigation 'lived on the other side of me. The Owner of Allied Glass co. lived behind me.I was on The Skipper Chuck show @ 5 times. We watched " Weaver the weatherman" on Channel 4 WTVJ. We shopped at 'The Gold Triangle' and 'Lindsey Lumber' near Dadeland. We ate at 'Grants? Cafeteria (correct if I'm wrong with the name) We also shopped at 'Jefferson Ward', 'Quik Check' (now Winn Dixie) . Remember the "Snow" we had in January 19, 1977? I still have the front page from the Miami Herald!
For those of you that are a little older, I remember being 4 y/o and seeing a " U.F.O." of some sort that made big news in South Miami. I hold neighborhood (Carol City at the time) Was looking up at the sky in Fright. people were crying and freekin' out. I remember some sort of colorful, maybe orange-green cloud of swirling gas in the night sky.Does anyone have an article on this?
Ralph H. Houghton 13-Jun-2008 14:17
Can anyone on this blog tell me anything about Mike Smith who played at The Flick Coffeehouse in the Grove? He and Sam Cancilla formed a folk duo called The Talismen. He and Sam were our (The New Coachmen) mentors getting started in the South Florida folk circuit in the early 1960s.
Don Boyd09-Jun-2008 03:51
Peggy, thank you for writing and sharing your memories. I'm glad you enjoy the site. Hopefully there will be many more photos added in the future because people are sending them in to me almost daily and now I'm really backlogged in adding them.

PeggyC 08-Jun-2008 23:54
WOW, What a fantastic site.  Born and raised in Hialeah (1953).  This site makes me cry everytime I read it.  All of the above that was said is so true, we never had to worry about anything!  I remember all of these places and have went to many. Hialeah Elem, Hialeah Jr High, Miami Springs Senior, teen dances at Municipal auditorium, attended concerts at Hollywood Sportorium, Pirates World, Power 96 on the beach.  Attended plenty of cruises with WAXY - GO COMBUSTIBLES!! I have moved to north Florida where it is my home now and visit on rare occasions down South, I will never forget my home town.  KUDOS to everyone who is responsible for this site.  BORN AND RAISED IN HIALEAH
Guest 06-Jun-2008 02:53
Clark, my late husband was on that team at Gables but graduated in 67. I'm not from Miami (Jax girl here) but I've sent every one in his family this web site.

It's fantastic.
Steve Gibson 05-Jun-2008 19:18
Lived in Miami Shores from 1950 to 1965. Paperboy job in front of the locally owned Food Palace store owned by Joel Whittice. Played drums in a local teenage rock band "The Galaxies" at local birthday parties and National Guard armories. Moved to Gables by the Sea (only had approx. 25 houses and no seawalls when we moved in) in 1965, went to Miami Palmetto graduated in 1968. Then drumming for a local band known as the "Washington Helicopter "(a spoof name to the Jefferson Airplane), we played a lot of pool parties, University of Miami gigs, and some guard armories. Ate frequently at Shorty's bar-b-q on South Dixie Hwy. Hung out at Hot Shoppes drive in, where guys could show off their muscle cars. Loved going to The FLICK Coffeehouse to hear Mike Smith, Ron Kickasola and the late Jon Vandiver do their Folk music thing.
Those were the days, we just didn't realize it then, DID WE?????
My God how the our world has changed..... God bless you all !!!!!
Steve Gibson - a survivor of Hurricane Katrina (was in New Orl during the storm, a serious mistake).
Susie John nee Marshburn 25-May-2008 17:08
One of my high school friends sent me this site - I've been here for three hours and I could probably stay for way more than that!! My brother and I turn 60 in June...and this site has really dredge up lots of memories I hadn't thought of in years.

We moved to Miami from Tallahassee in 1950, the rest of my siblings were all born in Miami. The two oldest and the first set of twins were born in Gadsden County [Quincy] and then four more in Miami including a second set of twins! I don't remember where we first lived, but I remember living in Edison Center [projects] and going to Edison Elementary, then we moved to West Little River. I can remember seeing the Ten Commandments at the theater on 79th street...Mom walked us there and then came back and walked us back home. There was a "joint" on the corner of 79th and Biscayne Blvd. that featured dancing girls. The sign on the wall of the building was two Vegas-style dancing girls, one slender and one heavy, the sign said "What does she have that I don't have more of?" I don't remember which Hurricane it was, but the summer between 5th and 6th grades it blew through and destroyed a theater in the round [under a tent] - our class got to go to a matinee of Pajama Game with Ray Bolger - after the Hurricane we went to where it had been and played in the Orchestra pit which was filled with water [and God only knows what else], mom caught us and back then spankings were definitely "in"!

We moved to Cutler Ridge a couple of months before the end of 6th grade [1960] and went to Cutler Ridge Elementary - all the girls wanted to be my friend so they could meet my twin brother. I thought, "Why?!?" At the end of that summer Hurricane Donna ripped through and Cutler Ridge Junior High opened late - it was brand new and we were the first class to complete our three-year junior high experience there. Cutler Ridge had been built up from wetlands, the houses were set on ground two or three feet above the street, Donna was a very wet Hurricane and Cutler Ridge looked like Venice.

It was a very, very innocent time. At Palmetto High we were called "Ridge Rats" now we call ourselves that, but back then it wasn't a very nice thing to be called. The class of 1966 had the very first black person to attend Palmetto, a girl - I can't imagine she has any good memory of Palmetto - not only black, but the tallest girl in school [about 5'11"] and maybe 280-300 lbs. I can only imagine what it was like for her, but she made it through and graduated - had to take a really special strength to do that.

There is so much more to remember, but since most of the posters here seem to have been posting at lunch time, let me add Shivers almost to Homestead on U.S. 1 - Barbeque to die for. I dated an Air Force guy stationed at Homestead AFB and he loved to go there, his name was Bob Shiverdecker [from Ohio] and they had a sandwich name - you guessed it - the Shiverdecker!!

Take care all, I've enjoyed myself today and I'll be back!
Don Boyd25-May-2008 03:29
Great memories, Ms. Smith! Thanks very much for posting them. I have some Coliseum photos to post on here one of these days - as I recall it was under construction in the photos.

Guest 25-May-2008 00:46
Ah, it takes me back! Great childhood memories of growing up in the 40's and 50's as a Smith (they
were "pioneers" of the 1900's too. Sure, we too rode our bikes from the Shenandoah neighborhoods
from s.w. 16th street through the Gables Arch on Douglas, past the Gables horse corral across from
the Firestation and into Venetian Pool, with nothing but a quarter and a peanut-butter-jelly sandwich.
Learn to swim by the island, then under the Lifeguard Bridge, and into the "Caves", then prove you
could swim all the way to the Tower ladder, without making the Lifeguard leave his seat! No place
like it to learn...But do you remember the Coliseum on Douglas? Used for big prize fights and even
opera in the 30's (I heard) Holiday on Ice would perform there. One Summer "Twinkletoes" and other
stars, came back to teach kids to skate, produce a big show, costumes, music and big stars! I was
one of the lucky young girls; what a gift that was for me. Remember the Roller Rink on s.w. 27th &
Dixie Hwy?....Wood floors and organ music, contests and great hotdogs. My brother had a dinghy at
the bottom of 27th avenue and Dinner Key and we could while away a day fishing in the bay then
riding our beat-up bikes home in time for dinner.....just slam the screen door when you go in so Mom knows you're home! Oh, yes, and we weren't born in a hospital.....all six of us Smiths were
born at home with good ole Dr. McCall presiding. Life was so simple then. Thanks for listening.
John 06-May-2008 03:42
Yes, I remember Tom Thumb convenience stores as well as U-Tote-M. I recall Marsella's Italian restaurants in two locations. One on NW 183rd Street going toward Carol City and the other, which I often ate at, on W. Dixie Highway and about 132nd (not sure of the street) street. They had the most incredibly delicious garlic rolls!! There also used to be a chain called Dobbs House and another called Lattas which featured a mirror suspended from the ceiling reflecting the short-order cooks so that you could watch them cook your lunch! I always though that was an interesting idea. Their slogan was "Cooked in sight, must be right". And who could forget Wolfie's on NE 163rd Street across from the 163rd Street shopping center. I think they also has one in Miami Beach. It's a long-gone era and I so much miss it.
Clark 16-Apr-2008 21:11
I was born in Miami in 1948 and grew up in the Gables on Palermo Ave, two blocks from the Venetian Pool and three blocks from the Biltmore (VA Hospital). Attended Coral Gables Elementary, Ponce de Leon Jr and Coral Gables Sr High graduating in 1966. Learned to swim at the age of 4 yrs at the Venetian Pool and later worked there taking tickets and eventually lifeguarding after graduating. What great memories you have captured of our unforgetable youth in South Florida. I remember learning to play football at the Coral Gables Youth Center at the age of 12 and playing all thru Jr High and then playing at Gables on the 63, 64 & 65 teams. Those were some heady times State Champions in 63 & 64 and National Champs for the 64 season. We played Miami High in the Orange Bowl for what eventaully was the National Championship, they won 14-7. The game was a complete sellout and was featured in Sports Illustrated the following week. I had two good friends from the Youth Center days on the Miami High squad - Joey Fernandez and Gene Woods, both figured prominately in the game. Gene was their 1st string inside linebacker and Joey was their featured wide receiver. Joey made an unbelievable catch off a deflected pass interception by our Safety Skip Albury, on his back in the end zone. I started at Right Guard and was matched up against their other inside linebacker who was also their field goal kicker (Ricigliano). I learned later after leaving the Miami area that that game was always referred to as "The Game" in the Miami area. Gables recently had the reunion for the Class of '66 and the turnout was great, I think there were over 350 alumni from a class of 1,111 pretty impressive for a bunch of 60 yr olds. The one restaurant that I really was hoping to see was Black Caesar's Forge. It was originally a speak easy back in the 20's and was dug out of the Coral Rock down near Matheson Hamock area. I heard that it burned in the mid to late 70's they had a special way of preparing their baked potatoes. They boiled them in resin and then cracked them open. I've never seen this done anywhere else in all my travels accross this country. Keep up the great work, we need to remember our roots.
Leighton14-Apr-2008 19:08
Farm Stores!! I forgot about that chain...we had one on Flagler, east of 826. That, and a Tom Thumb. And a U-Totem.
John 10-Apr-2008 21:05
I wasn't born in Miami but lived there from 1970 until 1973 and then again from 1976 to 1977. Seeing these pictures really brings back fond memories. I used to work in a Lindsley Lumber store located at NW 183rd St. and NW 27th Ave. It was a long time before Home Depot and the like. The stores were open air and had no real climate control except for some fans. I also recall Farm Stores along with Royal Castle, the Ranch House at NW 199th St. and US 441. There was another Ranch House in North Miame on NE 125th St. I've been to both. I worked at Richard's and JC Penny's at the old 163rd St. shopping center. When I go back for a visit, I really notice just how much the area has been built up and still recognize some landmarks. One is the Krispy Kreme donut store at NE 6th Ave. and NE 167th St. That time was a whole different era.
essjay 09-Apr-2008 14:54
Excellent web site. Although I was not born in Miami, I had the pleasure of living there from late 1974 to early 1977. Lived across US 1 from Dadeland Mall (on Kendall Drive) in 1975, then moved to a condo. near the intersection of SW 8th Street and 107th Avenue. Used to be able to see the FIU campus from my third story bedroon window. I worked downtown, and we used to eat at an open-air sandwich shop run by a group of Cuban brothers. Anybody remember that place? I still remember the lack of chain restaurants in Miami. Of course there were the usual Burger Kings and McDonalds, but about the only chain I remember was the Ranch House (I believe that was the name of it). Anyway, I enjoyed my two+ years in Miami. Haven't been back too many times since then, but do enjoy my visit whenever I get a chance.
Dave07-Apr-2008 02:03
I was born at North Shore hospital in 1955 and grew up in southwest Miami near Bird Road. Richard wrote about Skipper Chuck etc. Remember Scrubby? And of course Banjo Billy had his sidekick Captain Jack, and who can forget Charlie Baxter playing M.T. Graves? And I remember the White Baron (with the theme song - "Look out, it's the White Baron ...") Wasn't there a sci-fi show called Commander Bolt? I don't know if it was local but I do remember the title.
Don, these photos you have here are priceless. Thank you! I can't get enough!
Becky Randolph 17-Mar-2008 23:58
I lived on Alhambra Circle in the 40s and 50s. John Gazley's horses from the Coral Gables Riding Academy came by the house all day, sometimes without riders. I learned to ride there and continued when they had to move to make room for the bus station. They went way out on Sunset and then and later, young John (not so young now), moved again to another location that I think had been called Dawsons Stables. For the past 45 years, I've tried to locate Frankie Philips who was a few years older than me but was very kind to a 12-year-old and she was also a councelor at a camp I went to. She knew all of those horse people and I believe was a good friend of Dawson. If anyone knows of her or her whereabouts please let me know. I also spent a lot of time at the Venetian Pool and the Coral movie theater where you could spend all day on Saturday for 25 cents. It was safe to ride your bike or the bus just about anywhere and we did. I remember some people 3 or 4 blocks from my house that had a high iron fence around their property and they had two deer that I fed hibiscus. They loved them. I thought that was normal to have a couple of deer. Just like I thought the Venetian Pool was just a normal pool. It was all I knew. My mother played a lot of golf at the Coral Gables Country Club and my father was a captain with Eastern Airlines. Life was good. My name is Becky at
Richard 07-Mar-2008 15:37
Born in '62 at North Shore Hospital. Lived in Carol City back when it was a nice place. Moved north to Pennsylvania in 1970. The note about the Skipper Chuck TV show brings back memories. Anyone remember Banjo Billy or the White Baron (I can still remember part of the White Baron song)?
Guest 06-Mar-2008 17:13
I was born at St. Francis hospital in 1955. How many people can say they were born on an island on an island! I thought it was a very cool hospital. I have several old postcards showing it in it's hey day. I went to St. Patrick's school in Miami Beach till they closed it and then went to Miami Beach High. I grew up on Miami Beach and it wasn't easy with the average age being 104 back then. Trick or treating was a nightmare because nobody would open the door to give us candy. That was before the crime. I know how fortunate I was to be able to WALK to one of the best beaches in the world. We would very often just get in the water with our clothes when we were hot and continue playing letting our clothes just dry. I also was incredibly fortunate to have lived close to Flamingo park. In the summer we went to "summer camp" there. I got my Jr. lifeguard certification, learned archery, shuffleboard, tennis, crafts etc.... all for a very low price. I have very fond memories of south beach and wish there were more postings about it. I have enjoyed all the others though immensly.
Don, if you need any postcards scanned , I have several good ones.
my email is
Parks 02-Mar-2008 03:18
There was an article in the Herald on 2/28/08 about a Royal Castle. It is located at 27 avenue and NW 79th Street. It is owned by a former employee of Royal Castle. He still serves the little burgers but has changed the menu in other ways
Don Boyd27-Feb-2008 17:39
Thank you for posting your memories, Anita. I too loved Royal Castle and went there all the time. I could go to any restaurant in town for my birthday dinner and I picked RC for a few of them, much to my dad's chagrin. It's a shame that they died or I'd still be going there.

Anita 27-Feb-2008 14:12
Thank you for a walk down memorie lane. It is so long ago now. We were very lucky to have grown up at that time and place. I remember Fun Land Park but don't know when it was built. As a matter of fact do you remember the ride - The Wild Mouse - I was just telling someone about it the other day. When I turned 16 in 1959 that is were 3 of my friends and I went the first time I took the car out by myself. Remember how everyone in the car would chip in .50 and with 2.00 you could buy enough gas for the night. I went to Southwest Miami High. I was in the 3rd graduating class. I do remember the burch beer drinks at Royal Castle. I lived just short of a mile from West Miami Jr. Hight and there was a Royal Castle on the way to school on Coral Way. We would stop there after school almost everyday. We thought nothing of walking or riding our bikes to the Royal Castle during the summer. That was a treat. I remember stoping at that same Royal Castle after Church and would get a whole cherry cheese pie for $1.00. There are so many good memories. I really feel lucky to have grown up in Miami during the 40's and 50's and early 60's. Thank all of you who have brought these memories back. Everyone is so busy now that you forget to take a minute and think of all the good times we had. Yes, I remember before cell phones, computers and all the new gadgets. I started taking pictures with a box camera in 6th Grade. I moved to 35mm and now have a great digital camera. Again thanks for all the memories. Anita
norm boyd 25-Feb-2008 20:41
Wow, here I go again. First, let me say that I am a native Miamian, born in 1940. Secondly, my father and mother were both native Miamians from 1911 and 1913. Third, my grandparents were - nah, don't be silly, but two of them were natives of Florida, one from Key West and one from Penile, in Putnam County. I don't think I'm related to Don but we seem to share a ton of memories. Lived in Holloman Park District, also known as the "roads", where Coral Way is SW 3rd Ave, and the cross streets are all designated as "Roads". Went to St Peter and Paul 1st and 2nd grade. Moved to "South Kendall" on SW 77th Ave. and went to St. Theresa in the Gables. I knew Mike Tobin when I worked for various attorneys in the 70's. I remember Shorty's Barbecue better than most, because my parents owned the Southern Belle Barbecue at S. Dixie and 124th St. Did a real good business until Shorty's came along. Remember the Dixie Belle Inn? How about the "Flame"? I met my future wife at a party at the old Fowler's Trailer Park just off U S 1 on 124th st. and my sister married Mrs. Fowler's older son. Next door was the Overseas Trailer Park, owned by the Huffmanns. I remember Art Kraft's store, which he had cleverly named Kraft's. I bought bread there for 11 cents a loaf, and could have bought cigarettes for 20 cents, except that Mr. Kraft wouldn't sell them to me and would call my parents if I tried. To echo many others. Miami was the greatest city/town in the world to grow up in. Every weekend it was a bike trip to Crandon Park ot Matheson's Hammock. Tahiti Beach was nice, but who had the fifty cents to get in? Later Homestead Bayfront Park became a favorite. My girlfriend (now wife) lived behind the A&W on S. Dixie around Mitchell Drive. Iris MaElroy was their first carhop, but no one made passes, because Jimmy and Freddie were her brothers and they were bad! Later there was a royal Castle at 124th and US 1 and I worked there one summer. Damn that birch beer was good! But, the memories are even better.
Don Boyd25-Feb-2008 17:52
I'll take your word for it Louis but I just can't see where it (Funland Park) was in those aerial shots of Northside Shopping Center when it opened. It should have been directly behind the Frank 'n Bun but the land looks vacant. I started going there around 1953/1954 as I recall but don't have any idea of when it opened. Thanks for posting your comments.

Louis 25-Feb-2008 11:40

Funland Park was alive and well when the Northside Shopping Center opened. The park was closed down around the time when Woolco opened on 32nd & 79th Street. The park was replaced by a giant slide, the type you slid down with a burlap sack. I am not sure what year Funland Park was built, however I can tell you that it was there after the shopping center opened. I remember going to Funland Park while my parents shopped at Northside.

I wonder if anyone knows what year Funland Park opened. I have to assume it was there when I was born in 57.

Best Regards,
Mark Emden 14-Feb-2008 00:42
When I graduated from Gables High in 1955, my father said he owuld buy me a car. We went shopping down 36th St. At the back of one lot, I saw a streamlinbed car with three headlights. I got in the driver's seat and was going throuigh the motions when my dad walked up. He said "You don't want that one, son. They don't make them any more." So we didn't buy the Tucker. Maybe that's the one that got away.
Don Boyd01-Feb-2008 01:06
Welcome Fred! We need old-timers like you to fill us in on the many wonderful memories like you described. However, you need to check out ALL the photos, especially in the earlier year galleries because I have photos on the site with the Prins Valdemar, Pier 5, the train station, Pan American Clipper seaplanes at Dinner Key, Musa Isle indian village and a host of comments in different galleries about some of the things you mentioned. Spend some time going through all the galleries and reading the comments under the photos that are displayed and I think you'll agree that I've done a decent job so far, with a lot more to add in the future.

Fred Click 31-Jan-2008 20:21
Where are all the old timers? I was born in 1934 in a house in Miami. I remember all the stuff that I don't see mentioned here. I haven't read all but I don't see anything about the streetcars, Prins Valdemar, Balconies overlooking Flagler downtown, angle parking on Flagler,New years parades, Pier 5 where we all went to see the boats come in and unload their catch, the train station where the orange blossom special came in, the police station across from the court house, rodeos in the orange bowl with wood bleachers, swimming in the Miami river, camping on Crandon Park before they built the Rickenbacker causeway, Olympia theatre where you could see vaudeville between picture showings, slot machines in gas stations, watching Pan American Clipper seaplanes come in at Dinner Key which was their original terminal, not being able to go to Miami Beach because the military was using it during the war, watching boats burn on the horizon off the beach during the war, Musa Isle indian village and a lot more that I can';t remember the names of. Miami started to dissapear in the late fifties so if you came after that you really don't know what Miami was like at it's greatest times. Miami is like a woman and she was in her prime during the fifties and now she is old and wrinkled even though she has had a face lift and is dressed in fabulous clothes, she has many wonderful memories but those of us that knew her when she was young and beautiful were the lucky ones.
Guest 23-Jan-2008 04:51
Jeff wrote:
The zoo that Mary Metzger was referring to was on NE 131st Street and NE 7th Avenue - currently the site of North Miami Middle School. Capt. Roman Proske purchased the zoo (which was originally located in Opa-Locka) and moved it to North Miami after the war. It was the winter home of Clyde Beatty's tigers...

Jeff, the zoo in North Miami became the site for North Miami Junior High before it became North Miami Middle School. The North Miami Junior High yearbook was called The Tiger’s Tale (spelled just that way) in honor of the zoo that was previously on the property.
Dave the Guest
Richie C 18-Jan-2008 17:47
Concerning the bowling alley on the N side of 79th street at NE 2nd ave.....It was called Bowl-Mor, originally it was a open air building with concrete lanes. A good friend of mine Mike P (a lefty) one of the best in the Miami area bowled there in the early fifties and related stories to me...............Richie C
Guest 09-Jan-2008 03:26
Born Jackson Memorial 1949,sold newspapers at Master Dept store,skated at Skateland,swan in Venetian pool,later spent many weekend nights at The Place and later The World and a few at The Cloverleaf,not to mention many a Sunday at Greynolds Park,and a few concerts on the Seminole Hollywood Reservation property way before the casinos. Funland,Pirates World,Seaquarium,Crandon Park Zoo,South Fla was an incredible place to grow up in and it offered so many things to do,we were rarely bored.Lattas Restaurants ("cooked in sight,must be right". I'll save the rest for another post.
Guest 07-Jan-2008 02:00
Hi Bernie, My dad worked at WTVJ from 1950 'til 1971 when he retired. He used to take me down to the station with him every now and then to give my mom a break. It was great! I had the run of the place. I used to enjoy watching Ralph Renick, Alec Gibson, Weaver The Weatherman, Skipper Chuck, doing their shows in the studio live. Skipper Chuck had a permanent set up in the tiny "B" studio. My dad was in the engineering dept. He actually built the tv camera in one of Don's photos of "Jumpin' Jack O'Brian's" used car ads for Municipal Auto Sales. Who was your dad, I may have known him. I'm a few years older than you, born in '44. Rob Bean
Richard 26-Dec-2007 00:38
TO: Bernie and Joe Biandola

this is a bit of an update regarding the places where you two were born. dont konw if you two still live here in Miami but....I currently work as a pharmacy tech at Mt. Sinai Hospital...I originally started at Miami Heart Institute about of my assignments was to go over to St. Francis to deliver narcotic medications for the few patients that were there (psychiatric patients). It turns out the place was slowly going down hill and there decided to relocate those patients to St. Francis. It as spooky to ge there at night. They closed it down a few years later and then demolished it and now there is a nice looking condo in it's place. As for Mt. Sinai, it took over and pretty much liquidated Miami Heart Institute and is experiencing some finanacial hardships. Sinai is currently in the news here in Miami because it wants to sell Miami Heart but no one wants to buy and residents dont want some sort of monstrosity built in it's place. I lived in miami beach right behind the Bass Museum of Art on 21st street during the 80's. Some weird memories of miami beach during that was not anything like what was portrayed in Miami Vice tv series.
Bernie18-Dec-2007 01:29
Born in St Francis Hospital on Miami Beach in 1955. My dad worked for WTVJ and WCIX from the early 50's up until he retired from WFOR in the early 90's. I graduated from Norland High School in 1973, Go Vikings!!!

Joe Biandola 29-Nov-2007 03:22
Born at Mount Sinai Hosp. in 1955. Lived at 51 E 41st, Hialeah for 18 years. Anybody remember Grables Bakery on 41 & Palm? How about the flat top shop or the PM Bar? Saw lots of wrestling matches at Milander Auditorium. Spent lots of time at the pool and the park also. We used to ride our bikes west on 49 st to US 27 cross the bridge and fish the canals at Lehigh Cement Co. Watched them build the turnpike extension and took joyrides on it before it was opened. Went to Immaculate Conception school and church, Filer Jr. High and Hialeah senior high class of 73.
Don Boyd28-Nov-2007 16:23
It's good to hear from you Barry. Are you still in the ATL area? I'll send you a private e-mail regarding the photos. There's a photo of Terry Boskey at Both he and his brother were up in Broward somewhere the last time I heard (20+ years ago). Don
Joe Richards 01-Nov-2007 12:14
I lived in Kendall from 1961 to about 1970. My dad was Network Program Director for Storz, Broadcasting,who owned WQAM. He was largely responsible for Tiger Radio's huge market sheare. Behind us lived the Renuarts from the lumberyard. They had a son may age and he's now a four star general in the Air Force. I went to Palmetto Jr. High when I was there but not to any high school. I was back once since in the mid 70s but never again. A lot of what I remember is reflected on this site, it's great! How about the huge CMA store, like a Wal-Mart? How about Coast Cities Coaches, a small independent bus line? Sunset Drugs (Freeland Drugs) at Red Road and Sunset Drive? The Dobbs House restaurant, about a block away? FEC locomotives painted Red and Yellow? Sunniland Shopping Center as a strip mall? And on and on...
Teekeela Robertson Williams 25-Oct-2007 03:29
I am a tad late in replying to Dave's Sept. inquiry below..... the name of the open air theatre south of Little River business district was "Edison Theatre".

Dave 06-Sep-2007 15:07
Was the open air theater on NE 2nd Av. and around 75th called the Patio??
Keith in Los Angeles 18-Oct-2007 02:36
Great site. Fantastic memories. I skated at Polar Palace a few times.
I was born at Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute...oh, North Miami
General Hospital, I mean. Look forward to checking back in soon for more
fun South Florida memories...

bob C 17-Oct-2007 23:57
Anyone remember "Polar Palace" on NW 36 st and Lejune...
I tell people today there was ice skating in Miami and they think im crazy.. great times.
Dave 11-Oct-2007 18:26
Don, Wasn't there an accident at Funland, somewhere around the late 50's or early 60's, where a ride had lost a capsule of some sort which had broken loose and landed on top of the roof where the bumper cars were?? I was away at school/service during those years but I recall receiving pics and news articles on this....... Could that accident have been the beginning of the end for our beloved Funland??
Don Boyd06-Oct-2007 22:22
Louis, thank you for your comments and memories. However, you lament that there are photos of Northside Shopping Center but no mention of Funland Park. This sentence is in the description of the two aerial shots of Northside where the Frank 'n Bun is visible in the background: "No traces of Funland Amusement Park which was next to it deeper on the corner can be seen." What more can I say? It was gone before Northside opened for business and gone before the Frank 'n Bun disappeared and a Royal Castle was built on the corner. I loved Funland Park as much as anyone, especially the scary Wild Mouse roller coaster but no one has contributed a photo of it (yet). Don
Guest 06-Oct-2007 21:33
I was born in December 1957, in the wonderful City of Miami. Grew up in the Allapatah area, later moved to the Westchester Area, then to the Virgin Islands for 3 years, coming back to Florida and settling in the Fort Lauderdale Pompano Beach area.

I have a lot of fond memories of Miami. There are some pics that I would love to see posted here if anyone has any:

Orange Blossom Hobby Shop, slot car track, original store on the South Side of NW 36th Street (the one where you put your hand on the glass and the model train started to run!) and the latter location across the street. The original store is a mystery to many, most remember the larger store built later across the street. This was sometime in the early 60s.

Strand Theatre on NW 7th Avenue. This theatre and the skating rink that was next to it was a very important fixture in the Wynwood neighborhood. The Miami tax records claim the building to have been built in 1926, seems a tad early, but probably accurate. The Strand Theatre served as a church for several years before the Corpus Christi church and school were built. The skating rink next to it served as a classroom teaching bible studies on Sunday mornings. Across the street was a 5&10 Store, next to it was Ocean's of Notions, a craft store that my Mom frequented, very often. The 5&10 I am referring to is not the Allpatah 5&10 which was next door to Jackson Byron's on NW 36th Street.

Funland Park. This was Miami's only true amusement park that I am aware of. There were many travelling shows that came to the different shopping center, including the Central Shopping Plaza where Master's Department Store used to be, which later became Zayre's. Master's was the original store in that space. Funland Park was a fixture there for many years. I find it interesting that there are so many pictures of the Northside Shopping Center, yet Funland Park isn't even mentioned.

Miami Public Library. A beautiful building that was very short lived. The demolition of that library was a mistake and a total shocker when I heard about it.

Old theatres: Miami Theatre, Paramount, Rio, Florida, The Strand, Carver, State, Flagler, etc. Miami had sooo many theatres at one point, many were great works of art. I think of the Carib, Beach, and Miami Theatres as perfect examples of movie houses of long ago that were simply beautiful. Anyone remember these? Now all of these theatres are small malls that go into the bowels of the buildings where the theatres once were. I believe the Carib is a night club now.

Rick Shaw, great pictures of Rick! This brings back many memories. Anyone have an orange Tiger Antenna Ball? These were very popular in Miami, at one point there were not too many cars that didn't have one. There was a place on Eisenhower Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale, Joe's Diner. In the back they had a WQAM souvenir exhibit, in that mix was one of those antenna balls.

This is a great website. I am enjoying all the pictures and history. I just wish at the time I would have had the inspiration to take pictures of all the places I loved when I was a kid. I know I would have been able to contribute greatly, but sadly I took it for granted that these places would be there forever.

Best Regards to all the Natives!
Jon P 04-Oct-2007 11:40
I was born at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, and raised off and on at Dade county Childrens Home between 1954 thru 1962. My cottage parents were mom & pop Stone, Dr & Mrs Swenson, Ms Gertz, Ms Richardson, and many others. I would like to hear from for mer dependents & deliquents children to share old memories & experiences at Kendall childrens home.My e-mail is
Adam Weiss 24-Sep-2007 03:33
The best ribs were at Roy's (later Goergia's) Ribs in the Grove. He had a couple of picnic tables outside but most folks took away. He would chop ribs with a big clever and never look at what he was chopping....and he had all his digits.
Geust 18-Sep-2007 16:43
I remember a small Bowling Alley on 79th street in Little River in the late 40's and early 50's. It was open in the front and you could stand our front on the sidewalk and watch the bowlers.
Jeff 09-Sep-2007 01:27
You know, come to think of it... there WAS another bowling alley on 79th Street... around NE 10th Avenue on the Southwest side of the Street... I remember it being there in the 70's, and it later became a roller disco rink... I used to catch a bus there when I went over from the Beach to Little River to shop...

It was East of Flora's Pizza [previously know as either the T&D or Steak King Drive In] and West of the Burger King (that later became the Twin Dixie Convenience Store)...
Jeff 08-Sep-2007 22:58
The zoo that Mary Metzger was referring to was on NE 131st Street and NE 7th Avenue - currently the site of North Miami Middle School. Capt. Roman Proske purchased the zoo (which was originally located in Opa-Locka) and moved it to North Miami after the war. It was the winter home of Clyde Beatty's tigers...

In 1955, as Edward L. Constance Jr./Sr. High School (built as a high school in 1951) became overcrowded, the school borad purchased the zoo property from Proske to build North Miami Junior High (Middle School). Upon the completion of the junior high, the residents of North Miami petitioned to rename E. L. Constance to North Miami Senior High. With the blessing of Constance's widow, the school board did such.

Sadly, I've never been able to locate photos of the zoo...

By the way, LOVE your name Teekeela Robertson Williams ... it reminds me of one of the first 45 RPM records I ever owned... "Tequila" by The Champs...

Michael M. Tobin: What a WONDERFUL array of memories you've shared with us... Sadly, Fu Manchu (71st Street on Miami BEach) just closed this year. The 163rd Street Shopping was originally planned for construction in 1955 on NE 125th Street and NE 9th Ave. by Zegarra Construction... but North Miami, in it's ever-present (even 'way back then) "head-up-your-ass" wisdom, put a stop to that plan (and another one as well...
Dave 06-Sep-2007 15:07
Was the open air theater on NE 2nd Av. and around 75th called the Patio?? My memory of that place was that it was insect and rat infested... Guess they liked spilt popcorn, candy or whatever.. Their solution to the rats were to bring in cats and once in awhile you'd see one chasing a rat crossing the stage area.. Once a/c became more available, that place was doomed!!
Dave 06-Sep-2007 14:44
Bowlerama was built "after" the one I remember earlier being east of NE2nd Av on the north side of 79th... We're talkin late 40's early 50's here.. It was a little west, same side of the st., of the pool hall that always looked like it was on fire with all the smoke pouring out the windows.. It was open air, no a/c and like I said before, you set your own pins and no wooden alleys!! Someone must remember this place as it was always crowded and was my first experience of this new game called bowling...
Par Russ 02-Sep-2007 22:06
What do you know about The Uncle Martin Country Music radio program, sponsored by Dixie Lily Products in the 1940s? I'd appreciate your response!
Mary Metzger 25-Aug-2007 02:01
Love your website. Love Old Miami. Many great memories there. I was in fifth grade when my family moved to my grandmothers house in North Miami. It had been built in 1923. It was on 121st Street & NE 8th Ave. and I went to W.J. Bryan Elementary, rode my bike or walked the 2 miles. High school was at Miami Edison; graduating in 1951. N. Miami was a great place to grow up, all of Miami was. We wouldn't think of locking a door. I roamed all over on my bike. Can you believe that in 1942 there was actually a small zoo in N. Miami. Up around 146 NE 7 or 8 Ave.
One day when riding my bike up near there, a big bear was meandering down the road, just snooping around in the bushes. It had gotten loose somehow. I got out of there fast. Not long after the small zoo was closed. It was a pretty sorry place. I have really enjoyed reading everyones comments and thinking back on all of the places mentioned. Miami Edison was a great school at the time, I remember well when Edison beat Miami High. What a time. Thanks for the memories.
Mary M. (was Frances H. in school)
Guest 23-Aug-2007 05:02
Was visiting back "home" this past Saturday. Lived until I was 15 in Edison Center.
Used to catch the bus in front of the Bowlarama to the beach and across the street the bus to Northside Shopping Center and parts of East Hialeah, so had to drive by as part of our visit down memory lane. Bowlarama is no longer there. It is now a public storage facility. Fredrich's no longer at it's location in Edison Center. It became a Winn-Dixie but even that is gone as is the pharmacy that used to be across the street. One of the first businesses in the area to display a "Come in We Are Air Conditioned" sign. And of course Shell's City was torn down years ago. Used to think that had to be the biggest grocery store anywhere.
By the way when did they decide to plant all the palm trees? Hadn't seen that many in years. Enjoying reading all the comments and the memory jogs.
Teekeela Robertson Williams 20-Aug-2007 20:59
O.K...... Got myself TOTALLY confused in reply to Don's location of Bowlerama..... Don and I agree that Bowlerama was on the SW corner of NW 79th St. and 2nd Ave.
As far as I know, there were no other bowling lanes in that area. I do recall one being located between NE 79th and 71st St on east side of NE 2nd Ave near that open air theatre in the Little River area.
Teekeela Robertson Williams 20-Aug-2007 20:52
OOOOpppps! forgot to put my name on the comment prior to this one..... in reference to Don Boyd's location of Bowlerama.
Guest 20-Aug-2007 20:49
Don Boyd 20-Aug-2007 18:32 WROTE:
Bowlerama was on the southwest corner of 79th Street and NW 2nd Avenue, down the street from St. Mary's on 2nd and 71st.

Don, you are a few blocks too south.......Bowlerama was on the S.W. corner of NW 2nd Ave and 79th Street. I am very familiar with that area as my late husband's family lived just off NW 2nd Ave and 68th Terr (to the east of NW 2nd Ave), There was a bar on the SE corner of of NW 71st St. and 2nd Ave that my father-in-law visited regularly until he was mugged walking home one night. He then started going to the bar at Bowlerama until again he was mugged in the parking lot as he got into his car...... after that he moved down to the Keys next door to us in the early 1960s.
Don Boyd20-Aug-2007 18:32
Bowlerama was on the southwest corner of 79th Street and NW 2nd Avenue, down the street from St. Mary's on 2nd and 71st. My dad was in a couple of leagues there in the mid-50's and I got dragged along to watch them because I was too young to stay home by myself. I'm not aware of another bowling alley nearby though one could have existed. Don
Teekeela Robertson Williams 20-Aug-2007 17:12
Dave MESH60 17-Jul-2007 23:50 WROTE:
OK, Last try!! I keep forgetting the 79th st..........................
Does anyone remember the bowling place on the N. side of 79th st. between NE 2nd Av. and the FEC rr tracks, around the early to mid 50s??

Dave, that was Bowlerama and it was on the south side of N.W. 79th Street. The Miami Edison Sr. High Bowling Teams practiced and played there. The sign out front on the top of the building was a hugh bowling pin with the name on it. I found a photo of it in the 1971 Edison year book.
Carol Harris 19-Jul-2007 01:15
Hi..How well I remember the Three Jays. I went to Kinloch Jr. High and You all would perform...You were just great. Carol Vinocur
guest 19-Jul-2007 01:01
North Miami: Dances Sunday night at North Miami Armory. Saw Leslie Gore and Cassius Clay (!) there. Many 60's bands. That armory now torn down, as is Gribble Pool. New North Miami High School being built--and old one will be torn down. Starting in 1953, 13 members of my family attended North Miami High. Great sadness to see it go. Skateland on 7th Avenue was fantasitc. Mary's Italian Restaurant across the street. Was there a "Bunny"s Drugstore" next to the old Food Fair at about 142nd Street and 7th Ave.?
guest 19-Jul-2007 00:50
Restaurant at NW 119th St and 7th Avenue: Lattis(?) Unsure of spelling, though!
Dave MESH60 17-Jul-2007 23:50
OK, Last try!! I keep forgetting the 79th st..........................
Does anyone remember the bowling place on the N. side of 79th st. between NE 2nd Av. and the FEC rr tracks, around the early to mid 50s?? I remember having to bring a buddy as you had to set each others pins. Also the alleys were not wooden. My faint memory was that the alley surfaces' were more lika a terrazo or a polished concrete. May have been the first bowling place in Miami at the time.........
Diane 16-Jul-2007 21:28
Wow! Thanks for the memories! I was born in Miami in 1950 and lived in North Miami until the late '80's, when I moved to Broward. My Mother, sister and I all lived within a 5 block radius of each other. We married and raised our kids there. They played at the local parks as she and I did when we were kids. They went to the same swimming pool day after day as we did. A few other things I remember that were special to me were the roller rink on n.w. 7th avenue and about 140th street. Spent many a Saturday night there. Also there was an Italian restuarant across the street that was for family special occasions. Our first BK was on 128th street and n.w. 7th avenue in the 60's. My boyfriend and I used to walk there from my house on the nights my parents went bowling and grab a hamburger. Lindsey Lumber, the local hardware store was across the street. There was Bar-B-Que Barn on the corner of 119th and n.w. 7th avenue. Best ribs ever! Only closed in the past recent years. I was a grad of Miami Central High, Westview Jr High and Ben Franklin Elementary schools. Both of my sons attended Ben Franklin. My Mother just recently passed away or she would still be there. It was home. And I miss it. All of it. Phillips 66 gas stations, Royal Castle, bus rides anywhere, summer jobs, birthday parties where friends got together and played, A&W Root Beer, the 79th street & 27th avenue fair where my boyfriend used to win me stuffed animals, the billards hall across the street from Miami Dade Jr., Golden Glades drive-in theatres, Grand-Way shopping, the afternoon ice cream trucks! And there's plenty more. So what that we didn't have what kids have today. I think we had it better. And no matter how much better we try to make it better for them, they will never be able to understand the richness of our lives. But they should become better with all the available information access they have. So that gives me a lot of hope for the future. But I still wouldn't trade my past!
Rhonda 12-Jul-2007 14:48
We came to Miami in 1953 (I was just 1 year old)....Miami was a WONDERFUL place to grow up back then....we rode our bikes all over town...took the city bus to the beach (had to transfer downtown) and spent the whole day there....anyone remember "pool hopping", thats where you would sneak into a Miami Beach hotel pool and swim until they kicked you out. While I moved away many years ago, I still have to go back a couple of times a year.....
Ronman 27-Jun-2007 19:36
What a great web site! I have noticed a lack of representation from North Dade County! We were Miami too! So, here I am! I was born at North Shore Hospital in 1963. In '67, my family moved to North Dade County, where I stayed until '82. Lived in South Broward until '85. I attended all 3 of the Miami Norland schools. It was a great place to grow up in the 70's. Sadly, my old neighborhood today is no place to be hanging around. I have very fond memories of my home town. It is true what they say, you can never go home again. I haven't been to Miami in years.
Laura 26-Jun-2007 23:41
I was born in Miami in 1980, and lived just a couple blocks from Bird Road. We moved to Ohio in 1988 because my parents wanted to get us away from the big city. I go back every couple years to visit family and the first thing we always do is get Frankie's pizza. It's still there, and as good as ever.
Guest 24-Jun-2007 11:20
Oh gosh, I did not get further than the first comment when I had to stop and wipe drool off my face. Do I ever remember Shorty's Deep Pit Bar B Que! How about Frankie's Pizza on Bird Road (if I remember right). Ah yes, Miami was paradise and the food proved it. I miss my 34 years there but I wanted my children to be raised in a more traditionally American community, or at leat an English speaking one so we hit the road. I salute all of you that created this site.
John 22-Jun-2007 09:53
John in Perth again,does anyone recall Wuvs fried Chicken on S Dixie inthe Grove?I remember meeting the owner at the Taurus one evening where he told me how his young son told him,"Daddy I just Wuv youre chicken"hence the curious name.I also remember a Middle aged Jamaican gentleman who ran a walk-up hoagie stand on the beach side of Hallandale beach blvd and I-95 (a pretty desolate area as I remember in those days).His subs were so good I would drive from south dade just to get one!Shortys ribs down on S Dixie were excellent in those days also.The Hungry Sailor in the grove was great for chowder and a cold one back then.I can recall being downtown one day with a friend back in the early 80s and wittnessing a TV crew filming only to put on the evening news and discover that it was the very first day of filming a new drama show titled "Miami Vice"It really is a fabulous place and I consider myself very lucky as a young Australian to have lived there in the 80s.O,by the way,im still looking for the elusive and beautiful Kate Fleming mentioned in my previous posting!
John Bullard 22-Jun-2007 03:15
Hi everyone,John in Perth Western Australia here.I was fortunate enough to live in beautifull Miami in the eighties,(La-Playa blvd inthe grove).I believe that Miami is one of the most exciting places on earth!Have been searching for a long lost love by the name of Kate Fleming,she resided on Rivo Alto island on Venetian causeway and later,Key Biscayne.Hoping someone can put me in touch with her.She would be in her 60s by now.My hangout was the Taurus in the grove,(what atmosphere)!I know the 80s is a little out of your time frame but Id love to find her,(closure needed)!By the way,is the Taurus still around?How about the Forge Miami Beach?the abovementioned Ms Fleming was a regular there.
Dave 11-Jun-2007 15:40
Sorry bout that Don... I guess I'll have to blame it on a senior moment????
Tom Poppino 11-Jun-2007 13:41
Has anyone ever seen the 1962 documnetary called "MOONEY VS FOWLE"? it is one hour. It is about the Miami High vs Edison football game that year played in the Orange Bowl......many shots of Miami, homes, the two schools (Miami High is on the list of Historic Protected Landmarks). pep rallys, the game, cars etc....Otis Mooney and hayood Fowle were the two head coaches.....I have the video and maybe some it could be posted on this site? Tom P
Don Boyd11-Jun-2007 03:45
Dave, you scared me because I thought the pic disappeared. It's still there on the main memories of Dade County gallery page. Don
Dave MESH 1960 11-Jun-2007 02:42
Don, what happened to the pic of Kellys, later Billys, a true classic drive-inn for the all the teens of NE Miami? Seems NE Miami and Miami Beach is slowly being left out on your web site. Remember Lemon City ?? Still spending tons of time on your site and can't thank you enough for all you do to keep it going............Please, Don't forget us!!
Ed Japhe 07-Jun-2007 15:49
Just read Michael M. Tobin comments, and really admire his incredible memory of so many things that I loved and have forgotten about. I believe that he and his wife are old friends, and also knew his brother, David.
Don Boyd05-Jun-2007 05:05
Great memories everyone and thanks for writing. Paul - what did they train you to fly at Bartow? What was the name of the AFB? You presented some great memories for us to think about. Don
Paul Rodriguez 05-Jun-2007 03:30
Great site. This site was sent to me by a friend I tracked down after 40-something years, and it truly brought back memories. We moved to Miami in 1949. We lived at 1450 SW 4th St. and I went to Ada Merrit Jr High. Across from the playground/park was Sunshine's, who made the most incredible ham-and-cheese on a hard kaiser roll. We moved to Hialeah, lived 4 blocks East of the track, and attended Miami Edison, where, during my Senior year, Edison beat Miami High for the first time in approx 30 years. I remember helping tear down the goalposts, and the foot parade from the Orange Bowl to downtown. In recognition of the event, the Courthouse building was bathed in red floods, and the next morning's Miami Herald had the headlkine, "EDI-SUN!". Those goal posts were eventually planted in the patio at MEHS. There were several small lunch stand cum soda shops across the street, my favorite of which was Land O'Sun, on the North side od 62nd St. My friends and I had great times swimming at Venetian Pool, and working as ushers at the Essex Theater in Hialeah. In those days, if you worked for Wometco Theaters, your pay stub would get you into any Wometco theater. I remember the U of M as it was back then, 53 - 57, just emerging from Cardboard College into the big time. Victor's was the place to go. San Sab was the North Campus back then. The night shift at various Food Fair produce departments paid my tuition, and I left Hialeah in January '58 to see what the Air Force had to offer. After San Antonio. while expecting to see the world, they first sent me to pilot training at Bartow, 210.3 miles from my parents' driveway! Back in those days, Wolfies was the place for food, and the Rockin' MB at the Shoreham(?) Hotel was for drinkin'. Finally got carded there on my 21st birthday. After getting over his consternation, the bartender gave me my first legal drink on the house. I visited some of the old haunts once in a while between overseas tours, and, in 1967, I think, I somehow got lost and wound up on a freeway that didn't used to exist, heading for Homestead. I went back once more during the Republican convention in Miami Beach, but just did what I was there for, and got back on the plane. So many of the places had changed, or weren't there anymore, I realized Tom Wolfe was right: you can't go home again. When I retired from the Air Force I filed Miami and its environs under N for nostalgia.
Guest 05-Jun-2007 00:16
What a blast from the past! Grew up in the Grove and South Miami in the early 50s... remember taking my first solo bike ride with instructions from my parents to keep the old Holsum Bakery water tower in sight so I'd know I was headed in the right direction! Sunset Elementary, Ponce Junior High and Gables High ('67) - the BEST of times! Movies at the Riviera Theatre and spending all my money at Spec's Music or University Bowl!
B. Szumila 04-Jun-2007 15:59
Born at Mt. Sinai in 1948, I grew up in South Miami. When I was young we went hunting where dadeland is now, US 1 was single lane and Sunset drive was a dirt road after 87th Ave. There was no Palmetto xway and no one locked there doors unless they left for a long time. Friends helped each other and watched out for each other. What a great time to grow up. I really don't like what's happened to Miami in the lasts 20 years. Everyone too worried about money, spanking the kids or even teaching them right from wrong.
Guest 03-Jun-2007 04:48
Thanks for this site. Enjoying very much. I was born in Miami in 1955 at North Shore Hospital. Remember when people were surprised to meet someone actually born in Miami? Guest, I lived a few blocks from Edison so I do remember Janelles. I think it might also have been called Ingram's at some time. The hangout across from Edison was called the Patio. It was open only during school months. In 1970 I would buy my lunch there. It consisted of a hugh chocolate shake and order of fries, each 25 cents. Miss those prices. Does Edison still have the Cadettes? Transfered that year to Hialeah High. Does anyone remember the double shifts and classes in the hallways? I think the first shift started at 7. Hated that. Suzanne, my sister & I were at the Hialeah Race Track Sonny & Cher concert also. It might have been around '66 or '67 and was a benefit for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I also remember the Wild Hog Barbeque and the swanp buggy rides. Does anyone remember the great pizza at Navarro's in Opa-Locka? Moved from Miami Lakes in '95 to Douglasville, Ga. Have run into other Miami natives here. Miss the good times from those days but not the present traffic. Thanks for the great memories.
Michael M. Tobin 31-May-2007 22:33
Michael M. Tobin. Born 1931 at Jackson Memorial. A true Son of the Beach. Beach High 1948.
First first grade at North Beach Elementary in 1936 with Mabel Tucker the long time principal. Taught to swim at Bernar MacFadden's Deauville pool by Ralph "Smitty" Smith. Taken to lessons with Frankie and Louis Wolfson (Col Wolfson's of WTVJ and Wometco) fame. Tourists children brought monthly tuition to pay for public school. Fiches with cane pole under wooden 41st street wood plank bridge. Drank water from Firestone Estate hose. Took grapefruit, oranges and mangos from Lynch Estate on 41st & Pinetree.
Art LaTour's father was groundskeeper. Sheridan Theater won awards in 1939. Worked as usher weekends for 35 cents an hour. Lums was hole in wall on 41st street selling sherry sourkraut and hot dogs steamed in beer. Stunk so bad you had to hold your nose walking by. Next to Eddie's News and Stuff, Dobbs Pure Oil Station, and Mr. Sneeds Barber Shop.
Emmetts Ice Cream Shop was heaven for us. Fu Manchu was only Chinese restaurant opened in 1938? by Mr. Goldman with giant red Budha against black wall. Travelled by bus, trolley car and bus to Miami Music Conservatory for hatefull violin lessons on mainland. Saturday horseback riding at North Miami Riding Academy over 79th street Causeway. First boy girl party at Charlotte Mannings house in Surfside. Couldn't hear the music over the sound of dredges pumping out the bay. Summer mosquitoes drove my dog wild.
High school car let me go to Red Barn, Colonel Jims on 79th street causeway, Mr. Jordan's, Red Coach Inn, Pig and Sax, Wagon Wheel, Smith Brothers, Kelleys Drive Inn,
Leonards LaPena, Black Caesars Forge, Latin Quarter, Beachcomber, Esquire Club, and Copa Cabana to lounge where Barry Gray had his late night call in show (you creep).
Great place to grow up.
Dadeland Mall was definitely designed open air by my friend architect Herb Johnson who also designed 163rds street mall for Meyerhoff. I recall Food Fair was the supermarket. Meyerhoff and Sam Friedland were old friends. Friedland family owned the ground at 163rd street in Hasam Corp. Charlie Trumball managed both malls. New roof leaked like a sieve where they joined.
Kendall and 87th was site for South Miami Riding Academy with Snow White Egg Ranch about 2 miles south. If you could brave the smell they had day old and double yolk eggs.
Arthur Vining Davis owned from US 1 to Krome Ave and got the county to replace the pitted narrow road with his grand Road to Nowhere. He donated the land for Baptist Hospital. Gables merchants dubbed Dadeland as Deadland.
My law school lif was spent between Fox's (still open with pitchers of beer) on US 1, Mothers on LeJuene Road where she would allow drunks to sing on microphone, Tylers on Ponce de Leon for strawberry, key lime or chocolate cream pie for 25 cents. Roy's in Coconut Grove or Big Al's on Grand Ave sold the greatest ribs with sweet potato pie. Best food in Florida was Mack & Maries on Key Largo for soft shell crabs in garlic oil and yellowtail flamed in brandy. If you asked for ketchup Mack would attack with cleaver in hand. Poured your own coffee.
Get your fruit on corner of 8th and Lejuene from Floyds Groves. Oranges right from the trees. Only soft ice cream at Moffats on Flagler in Townley Bldg ( now Ainsley) with Oyster Raw Bar around the corner. Olympia had stage shows with Saturday Matinee and Capitol Theater with Ghost of the Black Pirate Serial. "Lucky Monday" at Walgreens could win you a free treat. Astrologer Dr Seward held forth in a tent on the Boulevard. Next block was Mayflower Coffee Shoppe with slogan you can live by:
As you travel on thru life
Whatever be your goal
Keep your eye upon the donut,
An not upon the hole!
Guest 11-May-2007 03:57
Wow these memories get me to thinking..WHAT THE F!@#$ is wrong with most parents (especially down here) these days. For one, can anyone for the life of Christ keep their kids from jumping up and down in their seats like madmen and running around just short of (my) arm's legnth? The kids will SHOVE their parents and/or shout back at them.

I really dislike the parts of Miami that got overcrowded and/or glossed over with can't even get a trace of a sense of what existed there before....I might sound a bit outspoken here but my ex across the street neighbors were WASPS and as soon as they move....the trees come down and the swail is chock full of refuse. Next door they decide to put rocks (found near some artificial lakebed) marking the property line. This stands at a blindingly stark contrast from the old thing I remember distinctly is being able to walk down my neighbors property line as a shortcut to walking around the block...on both sides...and smelling tree bark early in the morning when I used to take my bike out. Another thing I hate is when people decide to build more houses on every last piece of land in already existing neighborhoods. I had to make a stop around your old neck of the woods..somewhere on w 11 ln and 68 st and it looks like they built a bonus house on the lot on the corner as the road bends.. I see this a great deal in Kendall...really frosts me. Anyone civic minded still live there?

Can you imagine trying to take your kids down W 12 ave riding shotgun on the bed of a pick-up..most people these days don't know how to cart objects on it securely, much less their kids or a dog. Incidentally, I was in and around that area and that old church where the fights took place (Friendship Baptist) is fixin to get condemned..there's a big master fence around it.
Joe Leet 09-May-2007 21:47
I moved to Hialeah in 1945 and went to Hialeah Elementary. I lived at 340 Hialeah Dr. and used to play softball at Benny Babcock Park and boxed many times there on Friday nights. Used to go get hamburgers (greasy ones) at Hubbards Kubbard on Hialeah Dr. Married June Harvey who used to live on the corner of W. 9th St. and Okechobee Rd. There used to be a little house there sitting categorned there. Had a boxing scholarship to the U. of Miam in 1950 and then went into the AF during the Korean War. When I got out I lived in the SunDeck homes on 14th and East of 8th Ave. Not sure how I found this site but it sure does bring back some memories. Good job Don
Guest 02-May-2007 01:47
"My uncle Frankie Watts had a foreigh car lot on Flagler St across from a tire company"

hey gurlie, i used to lust after the jags and austin healeys there!
I lived near there, and that was where i waited for the bus for school.

thanks for the memory jog!

gabe pena

thanks for the memory jog1
gabe pe
Katie Knable McGuirl 29-Apr-2007 02:04
I grew up in Coral Gables and spent much of my time at Venitian Pool, and Salvador Park. I remember taking the bus to the bus station and walking to the Mile. We went to the Miracle theater or the Coral or the Trail. I remember seeing Elvis in Love Me Tender. Also went to Tahiti Beach to swim and Matheson Park. Cutler Ridge had a Richards depart. store but it was way south of us. My uncle Frankie Watts had a foreigh car lot on Flagler St across from a tire company. Cotillion, sock hops, crinalins, hoop skirts, shirtwaist dresses and Capiezo shoes. Growing up in the Gables was great in the 50's. Katie at
carlos chang 24-Apr-2007 12:42
My mom and I arrived from Cuba on Jan 7th 1960. We landed at MIA on a Cubana Airlines DC-7 with $50.00 in our pocket. Two days later I had two newspaper route. Early morning with the Herald and The Miami News in the afternoon. Remember the "pink sheet" stock market report? With the little time I had left I went fishing. "Ye Ole Fishin Hole" at the foot of the old McArthur Causeway next to the Belcher oil tanks. I believe the owners name was Mario Pujol. Used to fish for big trout by the seaway of the Venetian Rambler dealership and also by the wooden dock of Jordan Marsh. Pier 5.....South Beach Pier.....Miami Drive-in movie (first air condition drive in)....drag races at Masters Field....midnite races at Krome favorite snack..Royal Castle cheeseburger (0.15cents) and a frosted mug of birch beer (.07 cts)....Paramount theatre downtown...wakamba chinese restaurant also in downtown...Sweden house, all you can eat.....gosh I am getting hungry already....
Jeff Greene 17-Apr-2007 18:47
I remember those football games too. I graduated from Miami High in 64 and spent 2 years at Miami-Dade Jr College before joining the Air Force. Kids today have no idea how to enjoy life or just have fun. What a great time it was with NOONE being shot.
Guest 17-Apr-2007 11:25